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Just did a one mile walk (Leslie Sansone) 😥 It LALAJ84 32 RUBYTUESDAY06
12/4/16 8:09 A
Saw a dietician Monday on tips to lose weight. I will do good, and fall right back into my bad behav KINYA4571 11 J26814
12/3/16 11:11 P
I been sick for the few days, worked out 2 days ag DAPHINIJIMENEZ 5 LADYVOLSFAN1954
12/3/16 10:29 P
How do I link up nutrition lookup with my SP account? I have the app and was able to correctly scan YISKAMIRYAM 10 TINALOUCHIC
12/3/16 10:49 P
#woohoo In the past week, I have treadmilled at le HELLOMOTO2013 9 CYBILL3
12/3/16 11:21 P
So my Fitbit says I am burning 2,500 calories a day! Is that including like basal metabolic rate? 2, AUNTIE_AM 9 MOM0F2_DANNIE
12/2/16 6:11 P
Well not going to make calories or water today , h COLORADOBUMKIN 11 MAO-MIAOWS
12/1/16 6:21 P
My weight is acting so crazy gained 4pounds in a d D17444 8 LADYVOLSFAN1954
11/30/16 9:11 P
I'm getting so discouraged. Started out great. Los KANDERSON515 13 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
11/30/16 9:11 P
12/4/16 8:04 A
Hi #parenting people. Just found out I'm pregnant, WEYRCAT 8 ARTH3736
11/29/16 5:39 P
Weight loss is a bit like crossing a river on step PRESTORJON 20 1000TIMESOVER
11/29/16 10:49 A
Dinner tonight was 4 oz lean ground beef in a low carb wrap with Swiss cheese, mustard and red onion BEACHTIME9 22 LAURAMURPHY108
12/1/16 7:33 A
Anybody else sensitive to decaf coffee? I acciden YISKAMIRYAM 4 YISKAMIRYAM
11/28/16 9:17 P
Anyone suffer from chronic back pain LYD1990 15 LADYVOLSFAN1954
11/27/16 3:07 P
I am returning to Spark, love it. I have Multiple JMREED08 5 JMREED08
11/27/16 3:14 P
I have horrible self esteem right now. I've never LYD1990 35 VIVI65
11/27/16 4:17 P
Help. Insulin pump user and I'm crashing! Cutting JOLOSERJO 10 JOLOSERJO
12/6/16 9:42 P
Opinions please! Would owning a Fitbit change my l SHAPEUPCHELLE 28 TSHAWGER
11/28/16 8:12 A
Just had my gallbladder removed a few days ago. A KATS11735 7 LADYVOLSFAN1954
11/25/16 9:32 P
Any tips on how to stop emotional eating? #needadv HMCSWEENE 13 ADORKABLE-ME
11/28/16 6:44 P
Still watching BBC America Star Trek TOS marathon. DIZZYBRITCHES 20 BYGEM68
11/26/16 6:41 P
Celebrating our 49th wedding anniversary today! Go LJKSHD 46 LJKSHD
11/26/16 2:51 P
I found these Fiber One chocolate chip cookies 120 J38850 15 SPARKLE1908
11/25/16 10:26 P
#panicbutton I need to figure this or..eating is i BECKYRUNS 5 BAMBILIONSS
11/25/16 8:34 P
Anyone not doing Thanksgiving with family or frien CORALINE01 23 ADORKABLE-ME
11/23/16 9:32 P
#workitwednesday Tomorrow is Thanksgiving a litt J71587 8 LADYVOLSFAN1954
11/23/16 9:08 P
Has everyone got a plan for tomorrow? We will be f DEJALABE1 20 SEAMUNKI
11/24/16 9:13 A
Anyone heard of or tried adipex? I'm contemplating LYD1990 19 JENNIFERRVALDEZ
11/24/16 6:50 A
Got weighed at dr office today. I am finally below P7058PGA 102 MEYE3SUNS3
12/3/16 9:18 A
HELP!! I keep hearing so much about this Ketogenic JAIMEWAIMEY21 40 CHRISTINAW1017
11/23/16 9:57 P
So sore but must push through and workout! CATINACOT 8 LADYVOLSFAN1954
11/22/16 10:27 P
I've been sick all day with I think the fli, haven't ate much all day today besides 2 protein shakes THEJACKIEDEAN12 9 FLOUNDER1323
11/23/16 12:30 A
#balance I see posts about keeping goals or making JOANNEELIDRISSI 4 LADYVOLSFAN1954
11/22/16 10:20 P
A little lonely this afternoon but tomorrow should A58421 7 JULIENSMITH
11/22/16 11:00 P
End of a long day!! I am tired, but a good kind of MARISSA1978 5 MARISSA1978
11/22/16 10:38 P
Have felt rundown last couple of days and today wo VANILLASKY15 6 LRJUSTUS1
11/20/16 12:57 P
Family: I hope we have a white Christmas! Me: *ma ADORKABLE-ME 13 JAYISOLDEM2
11/27/16 1:48 A
I lost .2 pounds this week. Hey, it's something, r ELAINE856 12 TINALOUCHIC
11/20/16 2:06 P
Red Flag points for the team! RAYLINSTEPHENS 62 LADYVOLSFAN1954
11/19/16 9:04 P
I may not be losing #s right now, but I think putt BECCAJ98 15 LADYVOLSFAN1954
11/19/16 3:28 P
Tired of the weight...YoYo dieter, new to spark. A Z88716 16 JOANHAGEMIER
11/19/16 3:12 P
Well, I have reached an all time high. Checked int FREEDOMATLAST2 3 CLARADAY
11/19/16 2:03 P
Should i worry about fat or carbs more? #needadvic ALEXIAGENE123 8 ALEXIAGENE123
11/19/16 2:08 P
My 21 year old nephew drowned last Saturday. Today DYANNE4293 34 JTHOMPSON421
11/20/16 11:15 A
I have a question. Why does my weight go up and down. This morning, the scales said 223, now it said K48483 14 K48483
11/17/16 4:45 P
Can anyone suggest a walking app that would track CORALINE01 19 TINALOUCHIC
11/16/16 9:07 P
Does anyone take metformin? Wonder i g how they m LEGGSMALON 25 LIZ4112
12/5/16 1:09 P
I have been so dizzy lately and I'm not sure why. MOM0F2_DANNIE 25 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
11/18/16 11:58 A
I just wanted to say 'hi' and at least get one pos KATGULB 23 SWILKINS8
11/16/16 8:48 P
Losing weight is hard. Being overweight is hard. C GOLDIRIS 22 GOLDIRIS
11/16/16 7:24 P
Birthday party at work today.... Crap... Ignore th KINTZ006 17 7STIGGYMT
11/16/16 11:38 P
There are items where the nutritional information C72846 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
11/16/16 2:46 P
Why isn't the McAllister's nutritional information CHOKIT 5 SP_COACH_DENISE
11/16/16 10:56 P
So after the gym I get home around 745 and don't eat dinner at 8pm.. is that bad? I can't really wor KEVINAANDREA 12 BTINCHER2001
11/15/16 10:32 P
So what time does everybody stop eating at night? ALEXIAGENE123 14 P63626
11/14/16 10:58 P
Emoticon....Say Hi to Your Team Mates HOMEBODY67 219 GARDENSFORLIFE
12/1/16 10:22 P
Bonus Points For Our Team How Many Did You Get... HOMEBODY67 150 LADYVOLSFAN1954
11/14/16 9:44 P
Just burned 450 cals on the tread in an hour and hardcore cleaned for 120 mins after. Woo! Lets get ALEXIAGENE123 3 BABYGURL45
11/14/16 8:37 P
Down another 6 pounds... Now total 21 pounds in two months BUENO24 18 TC197342
11/14/16 9:36 P
Good morning!!! Is anyone using any diet helpers ( like slim fast ) to help lose weight?? Any recomm H62324 30 JOCELYNH711
11/18/16 8:28 A
Had a rough two weeks. First Halloween, then the e REBECCAKAT1983 9 KENK667
11/14/16 8:21 P
Whether I'm a good witch or a bad witch depends on MEL9960 10 MEL9960
11/14/16 9:41 P
This has not been a week I have kept to my diet for Counting calories. Exercise is a problem becaus A47184 11 7STIGGYMT
11/14/16 5:43 P
I'm scared of failing again! I don't want to tell CAP218 54 T35057
11/14/16 4:58 P
Ok so does anyone have any ideas how to avoid the BOLOLOBO 4 VIVI65
11/14/16 5:15 P
I just joined in yesterday and am loving all the s STACJ10 13 NBIEVER
11/14/16 9:35 P
Is it bad when I don't even reach my low end calor KALES84 9 CRAFTYMRSG87
11/14/16 5:58 P
Sitting at the hospital waiting on mom's surgery t LOVEMYBABIES03 23 JULIENSMITH
11/14/16 6:59 P
Anyone else going to do Thanksgiving as usual? May K34628 22 ARTMICHELE
11/12/16 4:40 P
so, I just turned 18 last month, I'm starting my w KODI98 12 A32323
11/11/16 2:48 P
~FITNESS in MOTION~ daily Mileage, steps, minutes --DEBY-- 337 --DEBY--
12/4/16 2:53 P
11/11/16 7:10 P
Everyone Can Use A Hug...Pass It On... WHISPERINGPINE9 1970 MSLZZY
11/11/16 7:11 P
How Are You Feeling Today.... .Emoticon WHISPERINGPINE9 2307 MSLZZY
12/6/16 9:22 A

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