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Almost lost 73lb HENNYFLOW29 35 GZELLEFRO
7/25/17 2:28 P
Cats love my husband. I really have no idea why.:) But if he finds himself in a cat household, sitti ALEXA707 4 JVANAM
7/25/17 2:02 P
Good morning!! Hope you all have a blessed and fantastic day! Today is my 2 week mark of walking eve JIM4HER 10 CIERAPOET
7/25/17 12:34 P
Another 20+ in the books before the heat and wind SOUTHTXXRNNR 9 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
7/25/17 1:06 P
Day one of my journey MOXIE 85 GORDONED
7/25/17 4:12 P
40 pounds down and counting KCGREEN82 184 RAPUNZEL53
7/25/17 4:52 P
7/25/17 4:36 P
Finally heading south to MY beach! MEADSBAY 112 CJSTANBACK
7/25/17 4:19 P
7/25/17 4:19 P
Goodmorning, I haven't been on here as much lately JUSTSTICKWITHIT 236 REGINA663
7/25/17 4:09 P
I never have enough time on the weekends to catch... DSHONEYC 5 GABY1948
7/24/17 12:15 P
Smiling to Prince on my run MSKIZ69 8 YMWONG22
7/24/17 11:36 A
I am 3 days in and I have loss 5 lbs already! # ⬇5lbs & 90lbs to go! VCARIKER 11 VCARIKER
7/24/17 5:30 P
In a little over a years worth of time, I've lost the equivalent to this guy in weight, and had a ba DEEYORE486 34 LIVELYGIRL2
7/24/17 12:47 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 85 GODS-PRINCESS
7/25/17 8:55 A
Heading to THIS beach tomorrow! MEADSBAY 120 FLASUN
7/25/17 5:52 A
A bowl of fresh fruit salad for breakfast with a drizzle of honey DOINITNOTGONNAS 108 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 7:21 P
Guys, I just wanted to share this in case someone is feeling down about their progress today. I was PURZHINKITTI 108 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 7:22 P
This is what I woke up to this morning! LOVELY1978 230 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 6:40 P
Clothes are all starting to be way too big HRODGERS4 302 JAREJIL
7/24/17 8:05 P
17 lbs down today but I don't see much of a difference...I do feel better and more energetic though MRSDCSUSEY 209 JANELLESMOM1
7/24/17 8:55 P
7/25/17 4:13 P
2/3 Goals met and it's not even noon! #crushingit #AppleWatch SOCONFUSIFIED 3 LALATIDAH
7/23/17 12:29 P
One hour of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training! My arms feel like rubber but I feel amazing! MARYBETHJACKSON 8 LALATIDAH
7/23/17 12:29 P
This was my all time best!! Last week Wednesday was very busy at work.πŸŽ‰ BMCKERLIE5 13 KMPREKOP13
7/23/17 12:50 P
I made it to Onederland today! Such an incredible journey, thank you for all of the support along th SARAOMG13 23 GINNIEGIRLTWO
7/24/17 11:55 P
Got a 5 month old kitten yesterday, she is DEFINITELY keeping my fiancΓ© and I on our toes! She's out BRIDETOBE2018 8 BRIDETOBE2018
7/23/17 2:25 P
I go for morning walks with a friend 6 days a week. Today I went to our meeting spot and waited for MEG92 11 DLJONES50
7/23/17 3:19 P
Down 76lbs since October 2nd!! Size 22 to size 8/10 and the best part by far is how I feel! Never sa A04867 207 CHERRYZMB60
7/23/17 9:35 P
BAM ... another 1 1/2 pounds kicked to the curb for a total of 96 pounds GONE FOREVER. MTN_KITTEN 98 _RAMONA
7/24/17 2:29 P
#deliciousdailymoment It took a year and a half, but I have made progress. Never give up!!! DEBRAJ61 47 CHEETARA79
7/24/17 8:24 A
FINALLY! Out of the 290's! Yay! SUNSPOT_BABY 76 SNOWYOGA
7/23/17 3:09 P
We had a crazy storm here last night, so what's a girl to do when that happens?!?! Grab the DSLR & t TMOODY84 61 SUNQUEE
7/23/17 3:45 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 158 REGILIEH
7/23/17 10:19 P
When you get out of your own way, you'll see that it isn't as hard as you think it is. If I can do i GAILIEBEE69 158 REDROBIN47
7/24/17 8:37 A
So excited about this! Can't believe how close I am to losing 30 pounds or to reaching my first goal C97281 135 UNITEDLOFTS
7/24/17 10:35 A
Woohoo we got this my Friend's πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ 74NANA 7 DEARONE3
7/22/17 12:27 P
7/22/17 2:55 P
Didn't want to but I did! I wanted to go and eat but I didn't what did I do....I went to the gym eve NATASHA_D1 21 KATHYJO56
7/23/17 12:20 A
Yes 2 more pounds πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… way to go. YACKYURIAS 27 WALKITOFF101
7/22/17 1:45 P
7/22/17 12:18 P
Another pound down!!! Slow going but I'll take it!!! DAWNZI71 35 OMAJ1953
7/22/17 1:37 P
Another hot one today folks! Stay cool and super hydrated! Happy Saturday! FITSISTA79 102 ROBINFITZWATER_
7/22/17 2:11 P
OMG i did my first 10 min walk today and heaven help me 😭πŸ˜₯ i hurt so bad but im doing 3. 10 min wa DOINITNOTGONNAS 308 BELLACUDDLES
7/23/17 9:14 A
I stepped on and off the scale about 20 times because I couldn't believe my eyes. I went to my frien MADDIEBSMAMA 197 SPARKLE-IT
7/22/17 4:44 P
Loved my second dance fitness class!!! Really starting to see downward movement on the scale. Workin USPS669 2 LALATIDAH
7/21/17 12:17 P
#deliciousdailymoment CORKSCREW70 4 MANDIETERRIER1
7/21/17 12:48 P
Happy Friday Sparkers! Celebrating 24.5 pounds down today in two months. About to hit 25#, which was PINKMUSTARD21 26 LALATIDAH
7/21/17 12:15 P
Posted a photo ADUKE6 9 CLOCKWORK1290
7/21/17 12:23 P
From 380 to 310 as of this morning. :) 70 lbs and counting. Cant wait to be below 300. SPARKE77 23 LORINTY
7/25/17 4:38 P
Lost some more weight. I love my zumba, my walking and swimming. Especially, when I see the scale go MKPARKE77 6 KAMAHULME
7/21/17 12:53 P
FINALLY! I've reached my first milestone. I'm under 250 lbs. TLDENNIS5 31 FISHGUT3
7/21/17 1:40 P
187lbs today means I lost 100lbs in 65weeks. 2-4 weeks at a time I would have no losses, but eventu MISSDORKNESS 71 SHAPEUPCHELLE
7/23/17 6:03 A
Whoo hoo! 40 lb down - about the weight of a 5 gallon water jug! MAGLITE7 145 MIRAGE727
7/21/17 4:32 P
7/21/17 2:59 P
Sometimes the scale isn't the only thing that counts, these pants use to fit me like a glove. #losin MOUCHE 105 KBOUGHE1
7/21/17 6:04 P
After trying and trying and trying to get to the 100s I finally made it I am so excited this was the JENNIFERRVALDEZ 301 QSHEPP
7/21/17 8:08 P
Good morning everyone!!!! I FINALLY MADE IT INTO T THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 NIKKI1263
7/25/17 10:12 A
Still missing my runs, but feeling energized. SOUTHTXXRNNR 17 BUFFCOAT1445
7/20/17 11:54 A
Good morning and happy Thursday Sparkers! PINKMUSTARD21 14 DINZEL
7/20/17 11:23 A
One day at a time!! TJJAGUARS2000 10 SMCMAHON8
7/20/17 3:38 P
Good morning fam I lose 6 more pounds in 30 day total lose 28 pounds in 1 month may glory be to God LTRISHANN76 14 ROBINFITZWATER_
7/20/17 1:40 P
Believe it! GLORYB83 33 JAMER123
7/21/17 10:35 P
Starting week 4 and decided to join this community.. Im down 22 pounds so far just changing eating h BIGGIRLFEDUP 10 BIGGIRLFEDUP
7/20/17 11:36 A
Have really struggled to stay on track the last few months. Feeling ready to work hard and reach som EIRAMMARIE 21 ALICIA214
7/20/17 12:06 P
Got a fresh hairstyle yesterday! Cut off 7 inches. My hubby was flabbergasted and said I was soooo PHOXYM 236 NIQUE50
7/21/17 1:19 A
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 20 MNGLORY1
7/20/17 12:00 P
Good morning day four for me going throu some emotional changes body really sore but Im still pushin STACEYDME36 90 SASHASMOM1122
7/20/17 2:37 P
lost 10.1 pounds since I decided to look "less" for son#3's wedding LEANJEAN6 144 RAINBOWMF
7/21/17 9:18 A
Down below 260lb for the first time in years!!! AMANDADWYERLUSE 172 BOGUSANNIE
7/20/17 4:25 P
Side by side .....u can do this!!! 120lbs downπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ DIANEPAG 260 LONGLEANNLANKY
7/21/17 3:35 P
Well, the pic on the right was after losing a bit and feeling good. The left was a few weeks ago, an OOFELIXOO 251 OOFELIXOO
7/21/17 6:58 A
Opposites A - Z LIGHTHOUSE0403 21405 KWOOD1955
7/25/17 11:24 A
I've never been one to run/jog I would run for a minute and feel like passing out, but for the last THEJACKIEDEAN12 10 LALATIDAH
7/19/17 11:37 A
As I said this is a picture from a kick start thru diet bet taken in either April or May (on the lef ROLOVER132 8 LALATIDAH
7/19/17 11:36 A

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