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2/20/18 1:48 P
2/11/18 3:18 P
Got my first 'have you lost weight?' Question yesterday and I was so stoked!! Why yes!! Happy Sunday AKIMBRE1 115 APPLEVEE
2/11/18 3:48 P
Taste the Rainbow! BECSARAH 11 CINDEQUIZ
2/11/18 2:02 P
Well.. went ice skating with the kids ...daughter fell and broke her armπŸ˜•πŸ˜”πŸ˜’ not a fun day at all PRINCESSAMARIE1 13 ANNIEANNYANNEE
2/11/18 3:21 P
I love this quote! My journey won't always be easy, heck I don't know if it will ever be easy. Losin BUTERFLYMOMMA 11 APPLEVEE
2/11/18 3:47 P
Getting my colors in. HEALTHYME1961 9 SMOKESMOKE
2/11/18 2:13 P
The look on BabyGirl's face this am towards me. She must know I was BAD last night. Two small glasse DRINKALOTH2O 23 1958TMC
2/11/18 11:09 P
We are at about a foot and a half of snow here in Indiana. We still got our run in...with some frien LORIE 10 JUDYBEAR216
2/11/18 4:52 P
2/11/18 5:39 P
2/11/18 10:10 P
#BeforeAndAfter Started Keto on 1/8/2018. Lost just shy of 25lbs in one month! And the overall healt JPREKOPA32605 150 BELBINA123
2/13/18 4:05 A
Yayyyy for me .... I had to hit rock bottom! Losing it all family, friends and even my health!! I tu MANONAMISSION73 308 TMP0418
2/12/18 9:16 A
Seriously have to be strong this weekend. My gf went to the bank and came back with these. Omg. "Is WHITEGREMLIN252 11 HEYPUDDIN
2/12/18 8:42 A
Posted a goal BAT_CAT 8 MPLSKEN
2/11/18 12:00 A
I intended to weigh in Monday, but I was curious... 9lbs down!!!! What?! My goal is big goal is some FITLIZZE 11 KITTYF54
2/10/18 1:14 P
I finally managed to get 10,000 steps every day this week! Total steps in the 5 day challenge 53,810 BLUECAFE 14 MORTICIAADDAMS
2/11/18 8:25 P
Working out whenever and wherever I can... Lots of walks on my fifteen min breaks at work instead of BARISTAGIRL28 7 KITTYF54
2/10/18 1:13 P
Apple, Mango, Strawberry and Spinach Smoothie MRSTHOMAS8314 10 SCGRAVER
2/10/18 1:38 P
Date night with hubby and I fixed my hair and put on makeup... Oh and I had to pull out like 3 pair BARISTAGIRL28 16 ALALADY
2/10/18 2:55 P
Real Food, real good. What's for lunch? FROMNOWONFIT 10 ALALADY
2/10/18 2:56 P
I am so grateful for the new life habits SparkPeople taught me last year so that now, even when I do LKMANNING7 28 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/12/18 10:35 P
Ran a rainy 5K...not super fast, but at least I did it! πŸ˜¬β˜” SFRUSS13 67 ALALADY
2/10/18 2:47 P
These pants were tight on me at the beginning of the year! JAMIELYNNBOYD 142 CHRISTOPHER63
2/10/18 6:55 P
As of today, it's official! 195 to 170 #mylossismygain KATEHOLZBAUR 125 PROJECTMH2018
2/11/18 11:39 P
22lbs down, 78lbs to go! I can do this! KRYSTIN_ZELLER 216 JUNETTA2002
2/10/18 4:42 P
Happy Saturday Sparky's!! Well the Lord has given me another year!! And it's the last year of my 40s GPALMER29 152 MARBEALL
2/12/18 10:41 A
Post something yellow MINDYJ1 14166 BUTEAFULL
2/20/18 2:32 P
2/8/18 2:58 P
Lost 5lbs! May not be a lot but it's closer to my goal so thats a win in my book!😊 CSHORTLIDGE4 16 CARTOON3
2/8/18 5:07 P
Have plenty more pounds to go, but hey! I lost three pounds! LYNNEBB11 11 ALICIA214
2/8/18 3:02 P
I get to color today! 7pounds lost!! Can't wait to color in the 20th circle and move on to the ne SCGRAVER 60 SASSYBLONDE69
2/8/18 7:51 P
NSV.... yesterday my doctor cut my meds down by half.... so excited, I’ve been taking these for year MOMMALGT 19 MOMMALGT
2/8/18 10:05 P
Down 35 lbs as of today. While I enjoy the weight loss, lowering my A1C is the goal. One great bon CONCOOP74 44 CARTOON3
2/8/18 4:54 P
I am on my second week and doing quite well. However, I have been afraid to go anywhere because I do WIZZLEWOLF1 112 SASSYBLONDE69
2/8/18 7:45 P
Today is my birthday! LIVETOEAT70 305 SILVAS7
2/15/18 3:53 P
#BeforeAndAfter Almost at 100 pounds lost! Woohoo! I've lost almost 18 pounds in my first month of c ORIGINALGDP 124 CHRISTOPHER63
2/8/18 7:08 P
#BeforeAndAfter 8 Years makes a hell of a difference. Love yourself. EELS4PEELS 247 PROFRLJ8
2/9/18 3:53 A
Found some great Core work outs on Spark TV!! Core Fusion/Plank videos are Fantastic πŸ‘ Happy Wednes ALOFA0509 22 PELESJEWEL
2/7/18 4:04 P
Omelet-in-a-hole.... Piece of toast with the center cut out, red peppers, orange peppers, 1 small s HRCURFMAN 10 CHRISTOPHER63
2/7/18 6:58 P
Posted a photo KPERRINE851 11 WHYTEBROWN
2/7/18 3:31 P
I’m working to get this weight down!!!!! Start wei KOKO131 22 BIKE4HEALTH
2/7/18 2:41 P
Lunch-Quinoa Salad Bowl Hidden: spinach, pea shoots, 1 cup quinoa Visible: cauliflower, carrots, tom LOVIJO25 11 WHYTEBROWN
2/7/18 3:31 P
Lunch time 2πŸ’š, 2❀❀, 1πŸ’œ JLF2141 18 CHRISTOPHER63
2/7/18 6:56 P
Cannot wait until it warms up so I can take this little cutie on walks with me! Her poor little paws BEXLYNNLEE 33 BEXLYNNLEE
2/7/18 10:24 P
We've all been there..... MOONSHADOWE 161 JOHNMARTINMILES
2/7/18 4:32 P
My new workout shirt. Paid $1 for it on clearanceπŸ˜πŸ‘ SADIEMYERS 159 MEAGOP
2/17/18 10:41 P
Goodmorning, down 2lbs. Slow and steady. Have a great day spark friends! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 115 LILIWHEELER
2/7/18 7:38 P
I never have monitored my water intake, until the past 2 weeks and my energy level has increased. I JREINEKE01 6 JREINEKE01
2/6/18 2:17 P
Today I woke up with a new resolve not to give up . I’ve been working at this for years and consiste CARMEN213 2 LALATIDAH
2/6/18 1:59 P
Great way to start my day! I track on Fitbit and S BTINCHER2001 5 1958TMC
2/6/18 10:36 P
January goal was to get down to 238...SMASHED IT! Rewarded myself with a pedicure, which you'll see AMYJO1967 110 SPARKLINGME176
2/6/18 7:37 P
I love this!!❀❀ KARABELLA03 4 ACMEBODY
2/6/18 3:09 P
Birthday selfie. I think I’m rocking 47 MIAMI_LILLY 107 CHEIVOUS
2/7/18 11:05 A
My daily reminder 😊 TFOSTER1978 149 RDCAGAIN10
2/6/18 2:45 P
I'm not to proud of today's weigh in .8 but it's a loss and the weekend celebration in 🏈 Philly🏈 w TMP0418 270 SUZANNE_1967
2/10/18 8:15 A
I was thinking about my entries. They are actually for the day before, because how are we supposed t LALATIDAH 2 EO4WELLNESS
2/10/18 1:58 P
Ok, I have 5 months before I go to San Diego for a beach vacation. If the stars align and the uni MCASKEY6 8 KAKONOLADY
2/5/18 1:02 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 12 JPSCOV66
2/5/18 9:38 P
Finally made it into the 250's! Now I'm setting my sights on 249. I'm coming for you, baby! SUNSPOT_BABY 11 ALLYLIZZY
2/5/18 1:36 P
Loaded homemade steak wrap with a pickle. Happy lunching!!! HOOSIERMOM33 15 JANTHEBLONDE
2/5/18 1:50 P
Took the weekend off. Now to get back on track and stay positive! JESSER07 8 SHENZOSPEAKS
2/5/18 12:34 P
Took a vacation day to bring my Darling Wife to the Dr. for double ear infection. I don't like when F5-FURY 19 RAWN13
2/6/18 4:15 A
New Goal! To get fit enough to walk a half marathon. A 13 mile stretch/26,000 steps SWEETEMTB 23 PAKEANE543
2/5/18 11:26 P
Week 30 Weigh In: 60lbs down since July 5th!!!! From 275 to 215!! It's been exactly 7 months and I SLKIRK487 30 ALLYLIZZY
2/5/18 1:34 P
Down from 199 to 189.6! 10 lbs! So excited! E75646 93 JHADZHIA
2/5/18 7:51 P
First weigh in since I started on Jan 22nd!! 6 Pounds down my first 2 weeks!! CRAZYCATLADY17 93 CRAZYCATLADY17
2/5/18 8:04 P
Down 4 lbs this week, after last weeks gain. A total of 30 lbs lost since my restart! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ For t TEXASHSMOMOF3 99 CHRISTOPHER63
2/5/18 6:20 P
Posted a photo CHERRIEANN2 126 COVDAR9
2/5/18 5:29 P
2/5/18 3:41 P
Lots of snow going out to shovel! That should burn some calories ITALIANGAL44 118 FELICIA1963
2/5/18 3:41 P
#BeforeAndAfter I got a little discouraged this week until I found the picture on my timeline slow MSJOFUNNSEXY 219 MSJOFUNNSEXY
2/5/18 7:47 P
So far just my morning coffee β˜•οΈ. I was up till 2 RUNNERSWIFE116 2 LALATIDAH
2/4/18 1:51 P
Ran a 5 miler this morning. Cold and snowy but fel DUKES17JW 11 CHRISTOPHER63
2/4/18 5:34 P
Yesterday evening, I have to be honest that I really didn't feel like working out. I worked late and SB3872004 4 BILLTHOMSON
2/4/18 4:50 P