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Did you walk today? RICK1947 119685 AMAZINGAPRIL
11/20/17 4:08 P
Do you have a cheat day? BANDIIIT 3479 BUBBLYGEEK
11/20/17 2:25 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 142950 QUAIL75
11/20/17 2:58 P
Do You weigh everyday? LOSEWEIGHT1212 1588 BUBBLYGEEK
11/20/17 2:23 P
I spent 90 minutes cleaning out the chicken barn, moved chicks outside and then washed all the sheer MSLZZY 8 IAMAGEMLOVER
11/20/17 8:54 A
Decided to work out, this evening. Going to take tomorrow off, instead. Nothing like putting on the W2GFIT 6 CIERAPOET
11/19/17 9:52 P
I started strength training over the past two week. The scale is not moving, but the husband says he CREATING_ME1 10 EMIG96
11/20/17 7:20 A
11/20/17 9:33 A
I'm back at it, again. I've heard many people fail multiple times before quitting smoking. Maybe cra NIFERANDERSON 13 LINGOD2010
11/19/17 9:57 P
I've come too far to turn back RAJYABO 14 FLUTTERFLI
11/19/17 9:39 P
What a wonderful day. We moved furniture around and cleaned. Hubby was given an opportunity to make CASTALLCARES1 6 COMEBACKKID12
11/19/17 11:18 P
My goal is to work out at least three days this week, which might be hard with the holidays. I need OOBLIETTE 12 OOBLIETTE
11/20/17 12:38 P
NEED A BOOST This is not easy for me as I'm generally an outgoing, selfconfedent person bit of lat BIGFLABEAR 33 PEARADUX67
11/18/17 11:03 P
Day 1: I have been off and on with my eating and exercising. I'm determined to have a healthy lifest STEPHMANZANO 9 LKEITHO
11/18/17 4:05 P
Going strong - feel healthier, can move faster, look a little smaller, clothes feeling a little loos LAZYBONES07 14 MOGLO
11/18/17 11:58 P
Posted a photo JEMUNROE 12 SMSUZIEQ36
11/18/17 4:34 P
Day 1- first 10 min workout complete. Focusing on tiny goals and big consistency. MISSFAE 7 HLKING74
11/18/17 8:53 P
It's time to wake up my husband & sweet talk him to take me to the park to go walking, use my 8 lb. SONYA2575 5 LKEITHO
11/18/17 3:58 P
Happy Thnksgiving to all members SKYBLUE51 6 MSROZZIE
11/18/17 6:42 P
Posted a photo ERINALEX193 5 ADRIENALINE
11/18/17 4:48 P
Bought new pants went from a 26 to a 24 im sooooooo happy. LINGOD2010 23 CFITZ1
11/19/17 1:07 A
Here is my old pants that kept falling off. LINGOD2010 65 GREEN99EYEZ
11/19/17 3:17 P
Lol... ST3PH 19 MOGLO
11/18/17 11:56 P
Hate the scale even more than ever!! I have been within calories, drank my water. Exercising. Rea MRSBKM 29 EVENICMAT
11/18/17 6:35 P
Walked 15 min with utube video and stepson.We were both tired hot and sweating, laughing at each oth SCHRADER5 14 SCHRADER5
11/19/17 2:47 P
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 65195 LWLAR7
11/19/17 11:40 P
How often do you weigh yourself? AV_MOM2 19998 HAPPYCPA1965
11/20/17 11:53 A
momrockz 738473 6 PLATINUM755
11/19/17 7:36 P
11/18/17 6:38 A
11/17/17 11:10 P
Started my weekend the way I plan to continue - a long walk on the beach with the dogs and burned ov WANDERLUST88 19 TCANNO
11/18/17 3:35 A
I did it!!! I started 04/24/17 everyday at 5:00 am. I did 2 rounds of Alpha, 2 rounds of Beta and th DAXXDAY 7 52114ME
11/17/17 10:08 P
Almost 21,000 steps today. Will make for a good night of sleep. HWEEBS 9 KAYDE53
11/17/17 9:31 P
Tired but pushed through and did my treadmill tonight. HWEEBS 5 XNANNY
11/17/17 9:06 P
I am sick with bronchitis. The only muscles that have been getting a workout this week are my abs fr HANNAHTHEGR8 13 STAR135000
11/17/17 9:19 P
I didn’t feeling like walking tonight, but I managed to get my ass up & walk 3.3 miles “is what it i LISA1273 13 SMSUZIEQ36
11/17/17 11:19 P
11/19/17 7:37 P
11/18/17 6:22 P
Hello I Am New Too JMJOY777 7 FERRETLOVER1
11/18/17 6:36 A
11/18/17 6:23 P
2.07 mi run/jog intervals. Total 2.07 mi. No walk breaks. Booya! GRATTECIELLA 23 WHYTEBROWN
11/18/17 8:11 A
11/16/17 10:19 P
Said no to coworkers ordering fast food for lunch BEAUTIFULSHER 6 INSPIRED26
11/17/17 10:34 A
I try yoga n meditation PUTRI79 6 TCANNO
11/16/17 9:20 P
What is everybody's go to food for Thanksgiving? What do y'all have for Thanksgiving dinner besides ALEXANDRABRA5 10 ENGINEERMOM
11/17/17 1:33 P
11/16/17 9:19 P
Been sick lately. Lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks. Still feel sick but I just danced for about 30 minutes b MDYSARD 8 INSPIRED26
11/17/17 10:32 A
11/16/17 9:19 P
My upper stomach is getting really flat. My lower stomach is unfortunately still there lol and my pa L25833 14 INSPIRED26
11/17/17 10:31 A
Leg day was yesterday. Need I say more? I enjoy this kinda pain 😏 ATUITT 6 DAIZYSTARLITE
11/16/17 9:11 P
My favorite healthy night time snack. Read my blog to find out what I just made. Along with some oth COOLEY135 12 NOCALORIES
11/16/17 10:00 P
I ate a salad from Wal-Mart for lunch. I have had them before but today it SUCKED. So gross but I at BROKEN89 20 INSPIRED26
11/17/17 10:24 A
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 8667 KOFFEENUT
11/20/17 12:32 P
Do you mind when people ask your age? BARBZUMBA 671 DRLMAZ
11/19/17 5:13 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 30065 NASFKAB
11/20/17 10:28 A
Took puppy Sam to the park again LOISLEL 4 KATHYJO56
11/16/17 12:28 A
I feel so good about myself when I resist the temptation to eat something bad for me and come home t MARY1964 3 SCHECK5
11/15/17 8:53 P
Today's workout was a bit more demanding on my body: a 5x5 on barbell rows at 130, a 5x5 on barbell B88895 3 SCHECK5
11/15/17 8:53 P
Some days you just need to take a night off and have a glass of wine or 3 to wash away the stress of SUMWITCH 8 MIRAGE727
11/16/17 6:22 P
It's been a year since I've seen my doctor until tomorrow. It will be interesting to see his face, w F5-FURY 17 TATTOOMOMMA1974
11/16/17 7:59 A
Next year having a bookstore roadtrip with my family! We will be buying books and staying at a hote HWEEBS 5 JOYLARK
11/16/17 12:36 A
Please be in prayer for my sister (Sara). She had knee replacement Monday and now they think she has MISSPEACHES3 26 TUBLADY
11/16/17 8:25 A
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 7256 FISHGUT3
11/20/17 11:26 A
Looking forward to the holidays? LISALOOPNER 30 VHAYES04
11/20/17 9:21 A
Posted a photo MSTERRIP 79 HIKINGSD
11/15/17 12:03 A
Hello! I'm Katie, age 33 from WI and just started today on my journey! My goal is to lose 50 lbs by KATERDPHER51 89 PRAIRIECROCUS
11/15/17 1:02 A
What faced me as I entered the gym this morning... BOOHOOBEAR 15 IAMAGEMLOVER
11/15/17 7:17 A
Goodevening friends, hit step goal but wasn't able to do weigh in again. Not sure what's up w scale, JUSTSTICKWITHIT 28 VIRGINIAGIRL
11/15/17 10:34 A
Had my best run so far! Dare I say I actually enjoyed myself? I've come so far already! #celebratepr TH3PH03NIX 11 ELSCO55
11/14/17 10:09 P
Done ✅ KEENA47 10 QSHEPP
11/15/17 6:11 A
I Had a terrible day today and just blew my diet away :(. I have however, entered everything I ate i IRISHPEPPER 6 MARYLOTUS
11/14/17 8:34 P
Great exercise day! Hope everyone had an awesome day! KENNYBARBIE12 17 MDCALIFORNIA
11/14/17 9:48 P
Really wasn’t in the mood, but still got my “all in” day workout in. These are the days that really DLVASSALLO 3 LOISLEL
11/14/17 8:26 P
Got school pictures back today and just had to compare to last year's. Oh, my! #BeforeAndAfter LKMANNING7 136 CONNIET88
11/15/17 4:44 P
We got this! Don't ever stop or give up on yourself. One day at a time! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 22 HOLLYM48
11/15/17 10:40 A