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I am trying to gain weight not lose it. At the mom BATHUBER 2 LOVSSUGAR
11/25/15 4:40 P
Here is my routine for a whole week - 1st three da JAFRINA 18 MARY68763
11/25/15 11:13 A
How can I increase my exercise I walk at least 2 TRISTANNE 12 OKGOATGAL
11/25/15 8:38 A
Does anyone consider yoga to be a good workout? I RENNELL115 10 LOVSSUGAR
11/24/15 7:55 A
So I tried yoga,sheezz how do u people move like t LEGGSMALON 19 DIZZYBRITCHES
11/24/15 10:14 A
First spark meal recommended breakfast: cottage ch KIWI-MUNCHES 58 THERAWISHVEGAN
11/25/15 6:08 P
Any good stretches for a stiff lower back? ARVAN5 6 DKCORDERO
11/24/15 2:31 P
I tried Jillian Michaels 30 day shred tonight OMG! SASSYLADY2016 31 GEEKGIRL67
11/24/15 8:04 A
Good morning! It's gym time! What's your exercise DYANNE4293 16 RO2BENT
11/24/15 9:36 A
Stress sucks how do you deal with it? AMCELROY4 17 MIRRORBALLMOON
11/24/15 8:25 A
Any diabetics? I would like to know what you eat. LOSINGLIZZY 9 LOVSSUGAR
11/23/15 4:27 P
? So guys and gals how many pieces of meat or fish LEGGSMALON 15 LOVSSUGAR
11/23/15 4:22 P
I've starting exercising everyday instead of 4 or CRISTA0318 8 CRISTA0318
11/23/15 5:36 P
Is there any way to see a full chart of your progr SKENNYW 4 GSABASS
11/23/15 9:11 P
Let's hear everyone's myths. Things that were "fac DAVIDRAMSHAW 16 GSABASS
11/22/15 12:31 P
Pets? Enjoying my pets helps me forget about food. AOKDIET21 9 AOKDIET21
11/19/15 7:28 A
Do I count my green tea towards my water? LILWOLFMAMA74 13 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
11/18/15 8:30 A
Soreness finally went away ... And I do a HIIT Jes CARENNON 3 SHUMIJI
11/18/15 7:36 A
41 yr old mom of 2 boys. I have over 100 pounds to LILWOLFMAMA74 9 RETURNTOTHIN
11/18/15 7:31 A
Looking for good crock pot winter meals that are l SHANTAY13 8 SPARTANJAI
11/16/15 6:26 P
11/16/15 5:55 P
Anyone doing a ketogenic diet? CARLA_ROHM 4 LOVSSUGAR
11/16/15 7:45 A
I just watched a 30 day juice fast documentary and SALI1993 9 TINA86BINA
11/16/15 7:44 A
Got my butt out of bed for a spin class yesterday. LOVSSUGAR 10 KEERAKYRAM
11/16/15 8:17 A
I walk to work daily (5km total) and run about 3.5 ARVAN5 6 KANAVEL
11/14/15 12:52 P
I feel like a new lady. I got new glasses on Wedne DESERTHAVEN91 7 LOVSSUGAR
11/14/15 12:36 P
11/13 was my first day tracking for real on here, JAZZYBOOTY 5 LOVSSUGAR
11/14/15 12:32 P
Home workouts: Anyone have a favorite video to fol DIANA_MOSS 20 DIANA_MOSS
11/20/15 1:11 A
I have been tracking my calories intake for a week THANTHANAUNG72 12 TWINMOMMYTRISH
11/13/15 8:54 A
I got inspired by a friend and created my own work JAYCEEBOYDGARCI 4 JAYCEEBOYDGARCI
11/12/15 9:21 P
How I reduce weight,? JASHMIN 4 HIMESAMAMARIAH
11/12/15 4:51 P
I am really hoping for some weight loss this week. NEELNEE 2 LOVSSUGAR
11/12/15 4:43 P
I was doing really well and I am starting to slip PAMULDROW2007 6 OUTAT2019
11/12/15 5:37 P
I guess I am just stuck where I am at. I measure ABCDOPEY 59 MLEHTO
11/13/15 3:58 A
does drinking hot green tea count as drinking wate NIMONP 8 KLENTINI89
11/12/15 2:41 P
I'm Vic, I'm a power lifter, MMA fighter, and some VFRIEND2000 5 KAHANGI
11/12/15 1:20 A
So I've been dieting (watching my protions, eating JASSETTE 68 JASSETTE
11/12/15 7:54 A
how did someone on here stop drinking soda? NEHELIJAH07 50 GSABASS
11/11/15 9:54 P
How many of you have meatless meals? And how many HOLKAY8593 21 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
11/11/15 1:31 P
Hi there! I'm new to this app and would like an ac ORLYBAYU 7 AMMY3RS
11/11/15 8:06 A
Hi everyone. I'm new to the group. I am trying to SONIAE33 12 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
11/11/15 8:14 A
Stayed within my calories yesterday! I did not wo BOJO1517 8 RUNMOREMILE
11/11/15 9:08 A
I'm confused, do you first bake then grill the Sou MSFIGGY 8 MSFIGGY
11/11/15 10:37 A
So thankful for the walking workouts that have bee KIRALY31 6 KIRALY31
11/11/15 8:08 A
Need help please. I am trying to get back on trac MISSESD1 20 CHRISTINA1IS
11/11/15 10:40 P
Had a decent day but the cold weather makes me wan CMACANDERSON 17 BOOMERSROCK
11/12/15 12:56 P
What calories did I burn if I did the Jessica smit BIGGYRL76 8 LOVSSUGAR
11/10/15 4:43 P
I'm a sugar addict. I would like to lose 10' and m SUCROSELOVER1 9 GSABASS
11/11/15 9:59 P
Need simple low or no carb recipies CFG31940 10 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
11/10/15 7:28 P
I feel terrible :( I haven't had the motivation to REFUSETOSINK146 11 JOYCESHUBERT
11/10/15 6:01 P
I can't go without food while studying, and my stu ZEESTESHAH 12 MSFIGGY
11/10/15 7:41 A
Blood Gluecose- anyone know where I can track this LINDSYSHIFFER 6 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
11/9/15 8:25 A
I can't even run 2 blocks without being out of sha CAROLINETURN 12 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
11/9/15 8:17 A
Fed up is a must see Netflix documentary! SPARKLEBUNNY05 3 LOVSSUGAR
11/8/15 9:39 P
Hi- I've started doing more jogging and cardio. MANDIPANDI1984 31 FITNFABMOMMY
11/9/15 7:49 A
I'm slowly losing motivation!! Any good ideas for BLEMON001 7 LOVSSUGAR
11/8/15 2:16 P
Sigh.... Starting over, again. The way I see it I GIRLGETTINGFIT 14 JOEY-93
11/8/15 2:27 P
HELP!! Day 6 of no added sugar or processed food, DIBSIBJKD 9 MUSICMA
11/8/15 2:27 P
I want to do a 5k run next year! I don't run but FALLFITNESS 12 DESILOVEY
11/7/15 4:02 P
So my body fat percentage says Im "obese" even tho JOEY-93 16 JOEY-93
11/7/15 10:58 A
Plain, lightly salted rice cakes are not food. Dri 2GEESMOM 24 MSCHERYL10
11/6/15 7:41 P
Can anyone recommend a good beginner yoga video? GINGER4EVER777 7 GSABASS
11/6/15 9:13 P
Watching Dr. Oz right for stopping crav TWINMOMMYTRISH 10 STRETCHYGIRL83
11/6/15 3:56 P
How many out there reached there goal weight, and MAMALOULOU23 7 GSABASS
11/6/15 9:34 P
Just wanted to share my first 20 lbs are gone! I b LCDEVORE 15 GSABASS
11/7/15 6:46 A
what's a good routine to start when over weight an CASELEE 35 CHRISCANN
11/22/15 5:18 P
I did it! Walk/Jog intervals to complete a 5km in LOVSSUGAR 26 VANILLASKY15
11/6/15 12:48 P
Rebellious mood - I am in a really "screw this" mo PMCCALL4495 12 KFSTAAB
11/6/15 8:51 A
I keep gaining weight. I'm 10 pounds up from my lo EMMAYBEE 11 LOVSSUGAR
11/6/15 7:40 A
i have platued in my weight lose. i have been stuc SMASON6 11 EZDUZIT_1-2-3
11/6/15 9:23 P
Hey all just came from my doctor's visit and I hav MRSO2015 4 LOVSSUGAR
11/5/15 4:27 P
I'm eating healthy and exercising, but it's not fo GABERELLA 4 VANILLASKY15
11/5/15 4:30 P
ok so day 2, yes i know its soon. But...i ate less MARIE8506 7 MOTIVATE42
11/6/15 9:29 A
I have anxiety and depression, maybe even bipolar MICHIGAN28 12 MTTRAVELS
11/5/15 9:38 A
Just invented an amazing pasta sauce! Fancied past ANNETJE 5 ANNETJE
11/4/15 4:39 P

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