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Juar wondering how often you guys weigh in? I need ABYERS2013 59 SMONTI
8/2/15 1:49 P
I'm open to suggestions on good exercises for some MELINDAGRASS79 4 LOVSSUGAR
7/27/15 3:38 P
I overate today and am a little upset at myself bu BRUISEME 12 REDPEPPERQUEEN
7/23/15 10:30 P
Today was a great day! Another day of insanity dow KAMMIKELLY 5 LOVSSUGAR
7/23/15 8:12 A
Any tips for sneaking in a few minutes exercise he SWEETMARYMAY 10 SOUTHERNCHEF01
7/23/15 8:56 A
Not sure what I weigh, but I've been doing a vegan KRISTIDOVE 4 KRISTIDOVE
7/21/15 7:42 P
Does app have a way to tell you how many calories MAKEMETHIN01 3 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
7/16/15 8:36 A
Ladies I believe in you always with that said it i KIERAP2 44 KIERAP2
7/15/15 10:19 P
I walk/jogged 5km in 37 minutes today! I started o LOVSSUGAR 10 LOVSSUGAR
7/13/15 8:39 P
Today is Sunday, May 31st This is day 1 of my diet JACKSPRATTLOVES 474 JACKSPRATTLOVES
8/2/15 1:03 P
Anyone have any good ideas for food low in fat, hi ROYADEDEAUX 20 CHIQUITAR
7/14/15 1:54 A
I've made a vow to give up the scale until July 31 GRUFFIN12 8 REDPEPPERQUEEN
7/13/15 3:08 A
How do I get back on track?.. I try and succeed fo 0508EDWARD 11 0508EDWARD
7/10/15 1:45 P
Any gluten free and/or vegan dieters here for help MORI414 8 BOOBIETRAPPD
7/10/15 8:14 A
Grr! Always overdoing it on ice cream intake. It MISHLZIN1 32 CITYBLUESGIRL
7/9/15 10:44 P
I have been tracking and exercising for over 6 mon LOVSSUGAR 5 LOVSSUGAR
7/8/15 2:04 P
Hi I just started with SparkPeople can someone exp SMERLING1960 11 SMERLING1960
7/8/15 10:27 A
Anyone know of a great vegetarian cookbook? I'm e PJZIELIN 7 JMWEINER1
7/8/15 11:08 P
So I am trying to understand calories consumed and MIKANORI 5 LOVSSUGAR
7/6/15 8:29 P
Wonder if anyone has any advice on resources for d DUGGIT 13 SJMC1973
7/6/15 7:29 P
I just got a new IUD 10 months ago.I had 1 before DWPURPLE 15 BLONDY01
7/7/15 2:24 P
I was hoping/expecting to be in my friends wedding MELANIECMAHAN 16 RITZY78
6/29/15 10:45 P
Starting over..I'm struggling..I start my morning NAKITTAMOON47 19 BLOOMPA93
7/9/15 8:52 A
New to Spark people. Looking for friends and motiv AKGROWN5 12 GSABASS
6/30/15 7:34 A
Vegan Protein powder- Just bought a powder but ca TDELMONTE57 4 KELLBELL86
6/29/15 7:40 A
Just finished day one of juillian michels 30 day s CLGCRAZY26 3 LOVSSUGAR
6/27/15 5:52 P
I want to eat all natural unprocessed foods. I am POOHPHOTO 7 LOVSSUGAR
6/27/15 5:50 P it there are bunch of picnics coming up TJJAGUARS2000 6 LOVSSUGAR
6/26/15 9:10 A
I think I'm at that point where I start losing slo LOVECORGIS 18 LOVECORGIS
6/27/15 8:34 A
Question: anyone using the meal plan? And if so, GARIBALDI89 11 MUSICMA
6/27/15 9:20 P
Any healthy breakfast ideas? I am getting tired of NESSIE1610 20 NESSIE1610
6/27/15 8:43 A
is it possible to stop eating bread,pasta and milk LOVEHEART6 89 VIRGOGIRL0920
6/30/15 6:01 P
I made cauliflower "rice" last night to go with ou BLUE_SKIES11 7 AERO_NERDETTE
6/26/15 2:52 P
I bought my first pack of tofu today. Is it really ASKI739 19 MARTHA324
6/29/15 7:52 P
Lately any time I eat banana or pineapple I get ho OVERCOMER15 10 LOVSSUGAR
6/25/15 8:29 A
I do C25K Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and Jillia KRISTIBELLA88 7 KRISTIBELLA88
6/25/15 8:55 A
My current weight is 176 size 11 jeans. My goal is JERRIDAWN1014 33 MELINDAAM1982
6/24/15 10:27 A
Running shoes part 2: I made a post yesterday look BRANDIE374 9 SUSIESPARK4444
7/6/15 7:34 A
Teen girl just graduated highschool recently looki DAYSHAHALL 7 LOVSSUGAR
6/23/15 9:18 A
I live in a small town without any vegan options b ERINM10 7 REDPEPPERQUEEN
6/23/15 9:33 A
Looking for a recipe idea...I have some frozen til GSABASS 12 JEMMSIE
6/23/15 10:07 A
At my 50lb loss I am rewarding myself with some ne BRANDIE374 14 HOL213
6/23/15 12:49 P
Anyone doing a body cleanse and gotten results fro BUFFCOAT1445 10 ALISKA
6/22/15 10:24 P
I've lost 11lbs since I started my goal tuis year. RUBYTUESDAY26 13 JESSICA-EVA-MAY
6/22/15 4:22 P
Best choices at subway? TERIMONT 4 LOVSSUGAR
6/22/15 2:21 P
Finally out of the 150's! 149lbs today!! 15 more t PICKLEFISH7 32 THELOVELYKENNE
6/22/15 10:04 A
Trying to get the courage to attend a class at the MUSICMA 10 LOVSSUGAR
6/22/15 9:57 A
sore sore sore!! What do you do to help with muscl MRSBEDWELL 10 JAYEELAINE
6/22/15 10:01 A
I rarely eat out by the way, usually only when I p REALLYMOMMY 4 PURPLEGIRL22
6/17/15 2:12 P
How many of you have tried spinning? I started wit GETFITORDIELAZY 14 GETFITORDIELAZY
6/17/15 10:48 A
Almost 2 months into eating completely clean and I _GIANNA 13 _GIANNA
6/17/15 2:49 P
So I did body pump for the first time (followed by LITERARYSALSA 5 FREETHINKING
6/17/15 12:13 A
im able to get my cardio in but I have such a hard CIN3DEE2 2 LOVSSUGAR
6/16/15 3:24 P
Any advice on ridding belly fat?? I'm already doin AMBERKEITH771 5 KEL_BEL_FX3
6/16/15 10:40 A
I'm 154lbs and in my 30s. I know slow and steady i LOLA32FL 4 LOLA32FL
6/16/15 12:25 P
Excercise ideas? I sprained my ankle and am on cru MELLOW0612 6 LOVSSUGAR
6/13/15 4:21 P
Any ideas how I could exercise more as I can't wa KBUG74 2 LOVSSUGAR
6/12/15 2:50 P
This has probably been asked a gazillion times, an ASH201012 13 SSPACERR
6/12/15 4:50 P
i just did my first 5 Kms in 43 mins. I still had SAGE86 21 ALISKA
6/12/15 10:46 A
Any tips for dealing with awful gym soundtrack? Go ALINACORREIA92 9 ALINACORREIA92
6/11/15 3:13 P
I'm really curious and wanna know, if i eat rice i MSFIGGY 31 MSFIGGY
6/12/15 7:53 A
My problem that I'm finding is that this heat here SHEDEVIL1879 4 SHEDEVIL1879
6/16/15 5:34 P
What some good workout videos preferably on YouTub JLNICHOLS07 6 PROFBOB
6/10/15 4:46 P
Would yoga poses go under cardio or strength? I'm PICKLEFISH7 2 LOVSSUGAR
6/10/15 1:46 P
6/11/15 11:33 P
Doing my excerises in yhe house today. Its raining SMASON6 7 MITCHSTA1232
6/10/15 2:52 P
how would you track commuting by bicycle? I have a LOVSSUGAR 4 SMASON6
6/9/15 3:17 P
I was so busy at work the weekend didn't have time GWENDOLYN80 4 GWENDOLYN80
6/9/15 5:20 P
I finally found a solution to squeezing workouts i LOOPINGLOUIE 8 BMCC488
6/9/15 1:37 P
Anyone have any meal or snack ideas for someone wh ASHLEYKLINGLER 6 GOTALOTAPETS
6/9/15 11:32 A
i did spin again!! I was sore all week from last M LADYJGUZMAN 11 LADYJGUZMAN
6/10/15 10:55 P
I think I need to up my calories. I've been eating CIN3DEE2 11 VEG_GIRL04
6/7/15 1:02 P
What's your favorite at home workouts RACHELLEC89 4 PDN829
6/7/15 12:49 P
Has anyone made/had a watermelon birthday cake ? M LORI44444 4 PDN829
6/7/15 9:59 A
First time posting...but feeling proud. Ran the eq TDESJAR 15 BIKEGIRL10
6/7/15 6:31 A

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