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So proud of myself. Instead of grabbing the usual ice cream or chocolate for that late evening snack REIDA36 8 LALATIDAH
7/19/17 11:31 A
I'm finally starting to see some results. Notice no picture from January/February. The dress, which MELATREE45 90 FRUITSANDVEG
7/19/17 2:33 P
Week 2 Weigh In: I'm down another 6lbs! That's 12 pounds total in 2 weeks from 275 to 263 😄 I love SLKIRK487 30 LINDASOUTHER
7/19/17 1:14 P
I've officially lost 12 pounds!!! EBICKLEY5 50 IAN2409
7/20/17 9:14 A
I'm happy happy happy I'm in the 70s. I lost 25 pounds. I went from305 to 279.6. I'm exercising twic MBROUSSAR2 153 SHUNIKAP
7/19/17 4:55 P
a little 5 minute zen moment before I hit the trails this morning. Have an amazing day!! N42542 196 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:13 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 141 BLISSFULMOMENTS
7/19/17 8:40 P
Goodbye 6X shirts and hello 4X shirts...this shirt is from 2014 when I did a heart walk...never did CHERYL4846 303 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:14 P
Week 1 down. Lost 1.6 pounds. It's a start. D87331 269 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:14 P
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 126309 ALFBUNDY
7/20/17 9:49 A
Name an old television show SWEETSILVER 73677 ALFBUNDY
7/20/17 9:55 A
Name a spice or herb? KAEDE... 12988 NASFKAB
7/19/17 11:18 A
Last Vegetable(s) Eaten? GODSCHILD2_2011 339 COURTENAYE
7/19/17 2:56 A
7/20/17 1:38 A
any food , or fitness emoticon SKEETER45 1036 NASFKAB
7/19/17 11:19 A
Had such a great workout today! Did the treadmill at home and some arms strength training then went MRSROBERSON09 5 MCFITZ2
7/18/17 6:06 P
Kids weren't excited about the usual lunch choices GRATTECIELLA 15 LIVEDAILY
7/19/17 3:46 P
Posted a photo R14025 14 HOTPINKCAMARO49
7/18/17 6:41 P
#deliciousdailymoment a new favorite ...madras curry chickpeas with rice and steamed carrots...and BELLONDA 5 MCFITZ2
7/18/17 6:03 P
I have not lost a lot of weight but I'm proud of what I have lost. 15 pounds in 3 months. 216 pounds CHRENA 16 SUCHADIVA215
7/19/17 9:43 A
My Simply Filling lunch: 1. Chili with FF Shredded Cheese from last night 2. Fresh veggies: carr MRSTRUCKER58 7 KMKGIRLIE0528
7/18/17 9:08 P
I started this gym/healthy eating life the end of CHERISHSYLVIS 46 SHARON97124
7/18/17 7:58 P
Me at 330+ pounds, and me at 200 pounds LOFTUSFAMILYOF5 81 MKC2792
7/18/17 9:21 P
Happy Tuesday peeps 😎😎. Forgot to share my work coat picture from yesterday so here goes!! The pi PHOXYM 306 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:51 P
Okay today instead of doing a side by side I'm doing an inside, one side of my pants legs of my old GPALMER29 177 MKC2792
7/18/17 9:23 P
7/18/17 9:42 A
So, yesterday was an awesome day at the beach and on the boat with the family! BUT, I got a wicked 4BABYWABYS 11 COOKIES450
7/17/17 1:08 P
Posted a photo MIRANDAMASON603 8 MKPARKE77
7/17/17 12:19 P
#deliciousdailymoment NANASUEH 4 JUDY1676
7/18/17 12:11 A
7/17/17 5:24 P
Loaded up on veggies. The lettuce mix is from my garden. 😊 CIDALIA_M73 36 GEORGE815
7/17/17 12:45 P
Under 300 lbs! First goal acheived- such a nice start to the week. Happy Monday! SEYTON84 274 NUTTYGIRL2105
7/17/17 7:04 P
Saw sandhill cranes on our morning walk. AALLEY2 7 EJOY-EVELYN
7/16/17 11:52 P
Please remember. GERMANPICKLE 3 DEEBREF52
7/15/17 11:07 P
7/16/17 8:14 A
I got a four day weekend from work, basically, and I've been enjoying having the time off from work. LADYSTEPI 2 MCFITZ2
7/15/17 8:35 P
I would like to share that I love the Spark-People app. It make it so easier to track what I eat, e ANAFMOM 6 ANAFMOM
7/15/17 10:33 P
Wanted to have options at work for my lunch hour when I can't walk when it is raining and when the n JHONNMIDWAY 9 GOTHIKA911
7/15/17 11:24 P
Was tired of making excuses about avoiding exercise (don't have an active gym membership/It's too ho DANCEMOM1970 14 EATINRIGHT2017
7/16/17 12:46 A
7/17/17 8:18 A
Posted a photo TRAILWALKERJO54 14 GLORYB83
7/16/17 7:11 A
When you're at Walgreens and they're having a 2 fo FITSISTA79 18 QSHEPP
7/16/17 8:01 P
I think i need to go shopping! GDFOOD 23 MDOWER1
7/15/17 4:05 P
You must master a new way of thinking ..before you can master a new way to live..Got my 10 minute w SIMPLY_JAE 9 MAYIE53
7/17/17 1:16 A
Snacking at night is always hard for me. Last night, nothing passed my lips after dinner except wat PARISGRL7 150 RAYMOSSISTER
7/15/17 4:16 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 220 REGILIEH
7/15/17 10:26 P
7/17/17 6:16 P
Need some encouragement this morning. Our 10 year old Corgi mix passed away last night. LJBOWSER1 303 OVERWEIGHT
7/15/17 3:05 P
Down 1.6 this week! Only 5 more lbs to my goal of 130 by August! TECHERNO 171 MCFITZ2
7/10/17 2:26 P
Now at 238lbs DOUGHBOY53 9 RAERAERAE62
7/10/17 6:26 P
I can't believe it. I lost some more weight. Started at 384, down to 370 and now the scale went down MKPARKE77 70 UPONATIME
7/17/17 11:47 P
Me starting at 389lbs DOUGHBOY53 8 RAERAERAE62
7/10/17 6:24 P
Can't stop won't stop! 56 lbs difference between these pictures (left is November 2016, right is tod WHOVIANGIRL23 103 MOUNTAINGIRL15
7/10/17 6:30 P
Humbled by these pictures! The left is Easter 2017 (down 20lbs) and just a few short months later th PHOXYM 288 KARENWILL2
7/11/17 1:13 A
I DID IT!!!!!!! it has literally been a week today from last weeks weigh in and i lost 2 more pound STRENGTH_HOPE 305 DLROBINETTE
7/10/17 8:25 P
Tried something new today. Slow cooked chicken and then shredded it with a fork. Tossed 5 oz of sh MMURRAY1277 9 TOMATOCAFEGAL
7/9/17 8:13 P
Posted a photo MSULLIVAN77 5 KBOUGHE1
7/9/17 8:10 P
#recipes Happy Sunday! Homemade chicken noodles and cornbread . Happy Sparking ppl SHAKARIA3 8 LIONESS39
7/16/17 1:20 A
Biking & hiking in Acadia, ME... SO beautiful! JANCARD 16 BEVCANDOIT
7/9/17 9:01 P
I have been dietingsince jan1 2017 i am down 30 lbsi feel better and will continue i amstarting a wa CINDYROSE52 13 FROSTY99
7/9/17 8:13 P
When I started my weight loss journey back in January I was wearing size 4x workout pants and tops. SHANAHALL82 131 MDOWER1
7/10/17 6:48 A
Goal accomplished!!! ST3PH 9 ST3PH
7/9/17 8:33 P
10th in my age group, 39th overall (of 500 participants) at today's triathlon! That equates to top 2 SKEMERICH 32 PICKLEFISH7
7/10/17 12:49 P
Much better view than the one from the hospital bed: Here's to getting and staying healthy! PJPEGG 15 JOYCEHARRIS3
7/10/17 6:46 A
Now this is a healthy birthday cake!! 😅❤👍🎂 DIANEPAG 301 KEEPITUP4LIFE
7/20/17 9:36 A
Climbing the clouds at the children's museum yesterday CBULLIS1 9 CGARR442
7/9/17 10:27 P
Finally got close to the right numbers!!! Sometimes its hard FELICIA2017 9 97MONTY
7/9/17 7:46 P
Amazing what one can achieve in a year! Motivational story you can check out on Youtube: 70 lbs of GOODGETNBETR 305 JEANKNEE
7/10/17 4:24 P
I went to the gym this morning Alone & I pushed myself more than I normally would and ended up beati LISA1273 20 YMWONG22
7/9/17 9:24 A
A Great Breakfast & then I am off to the gym getting done early today 😜 LISA1273 16 WFTGATL
7/8/17 11:24 A
I couldn't go much faster than I did yesterday without jogging, so I did! It wasn't much of my three LKMANNING7 54 LKMANNING7
7/8/17 11:54 A
Time in the garden today has resulted in harvest! Zucchini the size of boats, cucumbers, peppers, a SKEMERICH 128 BOSSYBELLY
7/13/17 12:56 P
Posted a photo MIRANDAMASON603 137 JO88BAKO
7/8/17 3:09 P
I learned on this journey that this is MY Journey. DAPHNE192003 241 MRSFANCYLADY
7/8/17 3:57 P
Seeking balance ITHILDRIEL 10 MCFITZ2
7/3/17 6:59 P

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