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I am NOT going to let ________ get me down today! ANDREWMOM 11660 JAYLANJACKIE
3/18/18 5:12 P
Login Points Today? HPOWENS 33829 ALFBUNDY
3/18/18 5:02 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 143541 JAYLANJACKIE
3/18/18 5:13 P
Did you walk today? RICK1947 121870 JAYLANJACKIE
3/18/18 5:16 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 145367 JAYLANJACKIE
3/18/18 5:19 P
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 71931 HEDSTS58
3/18/18 4:49 P
Sunny or cloudy today? TRISHZ 46979 HEDSTS58
3/18/18 4:49 P
Besides celebrating St. Patrick's Day with family tonight I'm celebrating getting my BMI under 40! I CCNT73 17 STAR135000
3/18/18 12:51 A
Great sunset on our walk tonight. 3.9 miles down 😊😊 JMEK1006 36 ZRIE014
3/18/18 1:03 A
Doing good on healthy choices. Trying to choose chicken over red meat when hubby and I have our date COUNTRYGIRLY 6 STAR135000
3/18/18 12:50 A
I need to do this all the time. KILTORE 32 GLORYB83
3/18/18 1:45 P
Pineapple chicken with tomatoes, broccoli, and caulirice! A delicious quick dinner! LOTUS737 26 MICHAELPACH
3/18/18 8:01 A
Posted a photo MACMILSA 6 ZRIE014
3/18/18 1:02 A
Posted a photo HIPPICHICK1 23 JOC36BROWN
3/18/18 4:01 A
10 weeks photo! So far so good! I have a long way to go. CHIDIVAONADIME 65 TCANNO
3/18/18 4:41 A
Here is my progress since last May. Going from left to right: starting weight, 20 pounds down, 40 PDLSTMPR1 103 MICHAELPACH
3/18/18 7:54 A
#BeforeAndAfter One year tracking on SparkPeople. (2 short lapses early on; haven't missed a day si FIDDLISH 123 CBAHAM1
3/18/18 10:53 A
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 14286 NYARAMULA
3/18/18 11:48 A
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 55085 DHBEST
3/18/18 1:40 P
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 37403 NYARAMULA
3/18/18 11:47 A
Are you at peace and grateful right now? IAMJOYFUL2 12409 NYARAMULA
3/18/18 11:46 A
What are you looking forward to? GBOOMER 9970 ZRIE014
3/18/18 1:39 A
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 55609 DHBEST
3/18/18 1:40 P
How many cups of water today (or yesterday)? SNARDEESNIFF 14188 NYARAMULA
3/18/18 11:53 A
I worked out with my daughter yesterday. The sore muscles just kicked in. GADGETCC 6 ZRIE014
3/17/18 1:16 A
Another day of success, ate healthy and went to the gym. One day at a time. WANTINABETTERME 5 ZRIE014
3/17/18 1:16 A
This Gurl is on "Fire" did treadmill again, did some weights ,and yoga High 5 to me. Thanks for like OLDSKOOL556 18 TOUGHLIKEOX
3/17/18 12:09 P
May you always have... Walls for the winds A roof for the rain Tea beside the fire Laughter to ch KURTZIE1998 24 JUDY1676
3/17/18 11:49 P
I took yet another minute off my 5k time tonight!! I feel like I sweated off every ounce of water I JESSICA_G23 27 CHEIVOUS
3/17/18 11:12 A
3/17/18 4:53 A
It's nearly midnight, i'm within 11 calories of my daily limit, i should be going to bed in the next DJAYBX 20 DJAYBX
3/17/18 12:39 P
Me at 243.3. I am ready for change... Day two no binge eating!!!!!!!!! I thought about eating my emo SWEET_SHAN2003 108 SHELLEYMCELROY6
3/17/18 2:11 A
Hit and surpassed my first major goal!!!! 53 pounds down since January 15. I picked up a 50 pound we LINZY7 203 PBVHCCVH
3/17/18 3:22 P
Don't forget to wear a life jacket and shark repellent when taking a swim! 2BDYNAMIC 19 WALLAHALLA
3/16/18 9:20 A
3/15/18 6:20 P
3/15/18 7:05 P
Another snow storm about a foot expected. More shoveling to come. SADIEMYERS 33 DIALYSISCHIC1
3/16/18 2:07 P
Working out at the gym really helped If I can do it you can too. Keep on sparking. EVENICMAT 25 LAURAB_143
3/15/18 12:58 P
3/15/18 3:41 P
Proud to say I am 47 and almost in the best shape ever. Spark really works. CATTY_GAL 115 MORNINGGLORY481
3/15/18 3:40 P
Goal 70 lbs down . Thanks for all the support spark friends. Keep on sparking KEN1237 170 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
3/15/18 3:43 P
This “before” photo is actually a “during” photo! It was taken three months into my weight loss jou JBLESSER 255 SKYLAR_NIXON
3/16/18 11:36 P
Found this pic of me summer of 2016. I know i have lost a bit but where u see #beforeandafter pics CRYSTALVT1983 203 TMASSI
3/18/18 10:05 A
3/13/18 1:13 P
Today is my 2 month changeaversary. There have been so many ups and downs. This journey has been ama PAMMIESUE81 117 KEERAKYRAM
3/16/18 9:27 A
It was a busy night last night. EVAOLIVER 12 GEORGE815
3/13/18 11:38 A
Had such a nice, relaxing day off yesterday for my 40th birthday. Started off with a treadmill 4km WANNATHIN 90 WANNATHIN
3/14/18 2:07 A
It's been a journey for sure and after a few months of low motivation I am back at it. On the road t MJAJ2017 163 MJ7DM33
3/13/18 9:21 P
#BeforeAndAfter No more rollercoasters. EVENICMAT 238 LVMS61516
3/16/18 12:43 A
#TransformationTuesday 1.4 pounds this week 😊 total 53.6 in 6 months. This app has helped me accomp TMP0418 226 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/14/18 5:51 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 7 JAMER123
3/13/18 10:50 P
3/13/18 5:14 A
I weigh in at 183. Im definitely not happy with my body and I'm doing what I can to lose the weight, ASHLEYMARIEE235 21 MSMITCHELL2696
3/13/18 8:49 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 7 JAMER123
3/13/18 10:50 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 13 JAMER123
3/13/18 10:50 P
Today’s bento: salmon fillet, asparagus, sesame broccoli, red peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and straw BENTOBANQUET 18 MIZKAREN
3/13/18 3:33 A
Down to 272! Only 8 pounds until I’ve reached my first goal of 20 pounds! JLEFEVERS24 143 RBVRE565
3/13/18 5:20 A
What Emoticon Are You Today? FIT4BRIT 39424 QUAIL75
3/18/18 11:56 A
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? TWININGS12 10612 ROCKRS
3/18/18 11:02 A
Very little sleep last night so I took a nap. KILTORE 21 MIYAMO
3/11/18 11:37 P
My daughter had a project due, she chose rice crispie treat as a molding clay... I managed to get th SCHMUNZELN 12 MRSJEFFL
3/14/18 9:40 A
That's good motivation, I've become quite the DEARDESTINIE 12 WHITEANGEL4
3/11/18 10:30 P
I found this sticker inside the lid of my husband's tobacco and adjusted it. I'm going to consider ANNIEANNYANNEE 12 BEBAUGH1
3/11/18 11:01 P
Posted a photo WINGSDREAMS 27 JAMER123
3/12/18 10:23 P
Dinner - air fryer pork chop. Oven roasted red potatoes (skin on), vegetable medley. 🤤 🤤 DCWILLIAMS831 31 PINOT05
3/12/18 12:17 A
Well I guess introductions are in order. Allow me to introduce @SLYDES-BRIDE, my wife. She just join SLYDE-GLYDER 112 ALOFA0509
3/12/18 5:01 P
#nsv I haven't lost any weight in 3 weeks and yeah, I'm getting a little frustrated, but wait! I rea BUTTERNUTTS 129 TCANNO
3/12/18 4:49 A
Are You Walking and/or Running Today? MJRVIC2000 29654 NYARAMULA
3/18/18 11:45 A
3/10/18 9:13 P
Have a great night!! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 16 TMP0418
3/11/18 8:17 A
After losing 100+ lbs with sparkpeope I say it to myself every day :) but my story won't end here, m JEMMSIE 13 TIGERSEYEHEART
3/11/18 6:06 A
Hey Sparks!! Another Saturday almost in the books, for some of y'all it already is and I hope everyb GPALMER29 13 TIGERSEYEHEART
3/11/18 6:04 A
Took some much needed me time and finished a painting. Great Blue Heron... So enchanting! VICKICHICKI123 104 TMP0418
3/11/18 8:39 A
I crushed the Sit To Stands this past week!!! BOOHOOBEAR 250 GODSCHILD2_2011
3/11/18 1:28 A
Hard work really pays off!!! AMYMBUNCH 158 EO4WELLNESS
3/11/18 7:50 P