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Saturday night turn up at the gym! Got my 16 cups KLIPSE 5 GINNABOOTS
4/16/17 11:02 A
Im at my all time low right now. Gained 30lbs in a few months, been none stop eating and sleeping. I RAYOFSUN01 4 MEWHENRYSMAMA
4/16/17 1:36 A
Having ups and downs lately, hard getting this last 13 lbs gone, so tired and hard to exercise, I d MISSLADYXO1 9 MISSLADYXO1
4/16/17 12:04 P
I walked for half an hour just back and forth in front of my house. This little guy joined me. I don CHIMESOFTLY 74 YMWONG22
4/16/17 4:17 A
Cut down on my intake about two months ago...recently discovered SparkPeople and am enjoying using t LORITACASTILLO 3 LORITACASTILLO
4/16/17 10:13 A
60lbs lost since August. HHHGAME1 6 MEWHENRYSMAMA
4/16/17 1:28 A
Posted a photo GOODFELINE 35 YMWONG22
4/16/17 4:16 A
Posted a goal MPLSKEN 3 TCANNO
4/16/17 7:46 A
Since my family couldn't get together tomorrow for dinner we had one tonight. I had ham with no glaz KTERHUNE09 5 CTYONIT
4/16/17 3:37 A
So y'all were right... When I weighed in yesterday it was around 185-188 and today I got curious and KTERHUNE09 4 PRAIRIECROCUS
4/16/17 2:39 A
10 weeks until vacation! I want lose 20 pounds! I need some help! Got any stragagies or suggestions? HOLKAY2017 7 EURIDISE
4/16/17 2:54 A
4/24/17 6:55 P
So I've probably fell of the wagon for about a week. Nothing terrible. I wasn't as strict with my ea AMBERR_77 8 SUSANSKI
4/16/17 2:51 A
Last week's weigh in vs this week's...this feels much better than what I've been doing for the last AMYJO1967 14 SSMITH017
4/17/17 1:57 P
Name an old television show SWEETSILVER 74349 MJKSINGS
2/23/18 10:08 A
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 71827 HEDSTS58
2/23/18 9:51 P
Zucchini noodles,1/2 cup tomato basil sauce, 1/3 cup freshly grated parmesan and topped with 30 mozz BEULAH45 15 -POOKIE-
4/15/17 3:23 A
I just wanted to share a fantastic picture I managed to get at the zoo, even with just my crappy cel MERGERRRN 6 MEWHENRYSMAMA
4/15/17 12:46 A
4/15/17 12:45 A
This turtle at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium doesn't let his disability stop him from living a full, MERGERRRN 12 NASFKAB
4/15/17 1:03 A
I'm 50 years old and 100 lbs over weight. My adrenal glands stopped working and I had to take steroi MZCAPRICSE 7 MZCAPRICSE
4/20/17 12:55 P
Motivating moment RHOOK20047 25 JUDITH316
4/15/17 1:18 P
Made shrimp tacos for dinner tonight. Pretty tasty! RHOOK20047 27 SLIMMINGVE
4/15/17 9:22 P
3 mile hike in warm sunny weather, but now cold and rainy so hoping that will bring back the long aw _LINDA 16 KSNANA2
4/15/17 10:06 A
Today is day one. I weigh 248 pounds and that's far too much for my 5'2 frame. My feet hurt and I ca HGGETSSKINNY 230 J38850
4/15/17 8:30 A
Name something in the room with you A-Z. GOODBYEHORSES 1013 RAYNAC3
12/21/17 10:08 P
What is the last thing you watched on Tv? GLDNLPRD 7200 PMORENA
2/22/18 2:51 P
Please!! Someone! Help me get my head out of my large a$$ and convince me to get back on the healthy LOSERLADY73 10 GOODGETNBETR
4/14/17 1:11 A
Yesterday was awesome! Went out with my best friend, ate some healthy chinese (not the crappy fast f LARENTA 5 LARENTA
6/3/17 12:47 A
Worked on one of my smaller gardening projects today. This will not only provide us with amazing Zuc BETTYWEST824 12 SNOWYOGA
4/14/17 1:23 A
Started back boot camp after having back surgery in Sept. I feel great and I'm looking so forward to BECKYG12 7 PRAIRIECROCUS
4/14/17 1:49 A
Victory Garden update: Yesterday I worked in my Victory Garden. By the end of the 3 hours spent out BETTYWEST824 15 BETTYWEST824
4/14/17 10:31 A
It took a terrible shopping trip target and crying in the dressing room for me to get to this point. MISSKAYLAKAT 64 STEFFZ
4/30/17 9:17 P
I am no longer obese according to the bmi chart for my height 5'3"-- I am now just overweight. I nee NEVERQUITGETFIT 95 STEFFZ
4/30/17 9:17 P
I bought a scale of my own today and i can finally say I have lost 3lbs!!! I have been really strugg WIMMERFAN 111 QSHEPP
4/14/17 9:02 A
I don't care if I'm out of style, I'm celebrating the fact that I am able to wear the bling jeans my DREAMGIRLCITYC 165 PLCHAPPELL
4/14/17 5:39 A
Famous Persons A to Z FUN4ME30 16122 RAYNAC3
12/11/17 9:25 A
This is the last picture of those tulips I promise. The granddaughter is bonus! NEEDBU66 7 MEWHENRYSMAMA
4/13/17 11:36 A
Posted a photo LMS050902 18 MOONGLOWSNANA
4/13/17 11:58 A
Morning view from the deck..the walk will wait. LRJUSTUS1 16 MWARNER211
4/13/17 8:17 P
Food for thought. #cleaneating WHOIAM3 9 NIKIPAM111
12/21/17 3:09 P
Posted a photo BBLUNDON 10 PICKIE98
4/13/17 4:24 P
We can do this!! J63662 21 CJS1MOMMY
4/13/17 11:53 A
Posted a photo CLFULLER99 17 MEAGOP
4/13/17 12:34 P
Someone got tired halfway thru our run. Stopped at the park and had a nice rest 😁 J63662 14 MEAGOP
4/13/17 12:34 P
Spiced chicken breast, garden peas, parmesan cheese and blackberries. 275 calories ALEATHIER 14 JONIBUSHELL
4/13/17 1:06 P
4/13/17 1:20 P
Yay! 50 lbs lost as of today! Still have at least 20 to go but I'm feeling great! Gotta lose that HSBESA 258 ALOHRASMOM
4/14/17 4:11 A
TV Charactors A-Z BILLY4225 6138 MJKSINGS
2/23/18 10:10 A
Name a TV Show You Watch BEACHBRIDE09 13221 RAYNAC3
12/24/17 8:45 A
Post something blue! MINDYJ1 7967 MINDYJ1
2/23/18 9:55 A
Would you rather have? MEWHENRYSMAMA 2511 KHUFSTETLER
2/23/18 12:10 P
It seems like I have been on this calorie counting foreva!!! But I still weight the same. True I ov RIVERAZZ 10 LIVINGCREATIVE
4/9/17 5:11 A
Long, busy day running around with my mom. Now it's 'Me' time. Time to lift heavy weights. LOSTNSPACE4NOW 5 VANILLASKY15
4/9/17 2:33 A
Isn't it "funny" - the bigger you are, the less you matter. That's pretty much it. ANESSAVEE 12 LIVINGCREATIVE
4/9/17 5:05 A
Posted a photo S3UD46HEH 19 TIME4ME2017
4/9/17 9:38 A
#motivate DIVAGLOW 15 LIS193
4/9/17 12:44 P
Kids and I went on a nice hike today! Beautiful day in Iowa. FFXMOMMY 11 FFXMOMMY
4/10/17 11:04 A
Bands or Singers A-Z JENJEN1004 50130 WANAKA
2/23/18 6:53 P
Does anyone use a salt alternative? I need to stop adding salt but would like something similar but JEREPHANIE 10 BANANASLOUIE7
4/8/17 6:26 A
Posted a goal EIXCHEL 4 EIXCHEL
4/8/17 4:06 A
Leslie Sansone 1 Mile, 100 day Challenge - April 5 to July 13. Day 3: 2.50 miles during walk/aerob PAMBROWN62 6 HIKINGSD
4/8/17 4:17 A
I love the spring with all the showers that bring the flowers but don't like the wind. It took down EBLOOMING 5 CBASS30
4/8/17 3:04 A
Blowing off some anxiety biking through another episode of Better Call Saul. BONNIEMARGAY 8 MLR_00
4/8/17 6:52 A
#motivate #motivated #goals DIVAGLOW 19 MMEQUEEN
4/10/17 3:45 P
Tomorrow my journey starts again MAREKING51 19 MAREKING51
4/8/17 12:58 P
2/21/18 10:27 A
What color is your shirt today? WOLFSPIRITS 48131 ANGELMPR2
2/21/18 6:55 P
I started this a mo. Ago going to the gym eating much better, found out today it's all worth it I lo LEZAFLOYD11 26 TIME4ME2017
4/7/17 7:50 A
8 weeks in and 14 lbs down. Yay! 👣 LORILARES 49 WHITEANGEL4
4/10/17 10:14 A
2 months ago i was 270 and now down to 230 working my butt off !!!!!if u dont belive u can do it YOU KERRIMWILLI 28 KERRIMWILLI
4/7/17 7:46 P
Ready for camp to open! MEMENANCY 5 DJ4HEALTH
4/7/17 2:11 A
Walked 3 miles !!!! MIZZKITKA 7 DANCINCAJUN1
4/7/17 2:24 A
Interview went very well, I am the new lab technician working on cancer research and in charge of 4 PINKIGLOO 126 THOMS1
9/20/17 10:41 A
What's in the room you're in A to Z? MEWHENRYSMAMA 48 MNLEONA
10/6/17 9:31 P