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11/23/17 8:19 A
Omg I am so excited 220 like whaaaaaat! 21 pounds and I am in ONEderland!!! Have a wonderful day Spa SOTEIRA75 87 SOTEIRA75
11/23/17 6:49 A
A Sesame Street Thanksgiving...Ha! MIAMI_LILLY 12 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/23/17 8:26 A
Thanksgiving humor MIAMI_LILLY 16 BERRY4
11/23/17 2:28 A
Cut my hair to donate today! CARINA640 28 PENDILA
11/20/17 11:42 P
Been on a roll today. Next goal is 15,000 steps. STEPHMANZANO 14 KCCAMERONCAM1
11/20/17 9:49 P
#BeforeAndAfter HENNYFLOW29 122 LORINTY
11/21/17 12:19 P
Having one of those days when I’m constantly hungry. When’s dinner? KATONTHEMAT 23 UMUCGRAD
11/20/17 5:02 P
Left side 368 lb 6 months later on the right side weighed in at 316 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ DOINITNOTGONNAS 132 ELSCO55
11/20/17 10:56 P
Posted a photo DINKER0798 17 MISSDAISY23
11/20/17 3:52 P
Posted a goal ANGELICTORI 6 LINGOD2010
11/20/17 2:51 P
***edit*** this is why I love spark people you gu TEXASHSMOMOF3 172 NOCALORIES
11/20/17 8:38 P
newest photo, lowest weight in more than 25 years at 195 lbs. REESEK65 154 EO4WELLNESS
11/20/17 3:15 P
#BeforeAndAfter not seeing scale move much but bmi NENGELL 40 TWEETY287
11/22/17 2:41 P
Thankful for my windbreaker and a beautiful place to walk my 5 miles today. DJJSTONE 17 NOCALORIES
11/19/17 9:29 P
Sunday night Game/Appetizer Night! I altered the Pioneer Woman Hot Corn Dip to bring the dairy fat d ENGINEERMOM 19 ENGINEERMOM
11/20/17 9:08 A
Trusting God through the process!!!! MANONAMISSION73 11 CONSTANCE067
11/21/17 9:58 A
Woo hoo 😊 goodbye size 22 hello size 16 hip hip hurrah. I definitely feel the difference now I can TMP0418 115 MANONAMISSION73
11/23/17 6:44 P
Chicken salad with fried green tomatoes. Hash -A-Go-Go in Orlando, FL. Oh my ! Best I've ever tas KIMLADYBUG 17 1CRAZYDOG
11/19/17 8:40 P
Bug is sending a good morning to all. ROVONEYE 86 PWILLOW1
11/19/17 4:29 P
My highest weight and my current weight. I started losing weight seriously a year after that photo w GOODFELINE 165 LORINTY
11/21/17 12:21 P
So proud of myself I went to the gym and got my steps in 25minutes on the treadmill slow and steady DEVONSCOTT3525 3 KITT52
11/18/17 2:26 P
This is what gets chosen when a non-drinker like me gets a 3 year old to choose wine by whats on the -POOKIE- 13 CANNINGNANNY
11/19/17 5:46 A
What an awesome feeling it is to wake up, grab a pair of jeans you haven't been able to fit in for a ERRKORN 7 52114ME
11/18/17 5:14 P
Weighed in today at 298.4 (down 11.6lbs/happily out of the 300's) I'm beyond happy with a big start. DEGREATOUTDOORS 24 BROKEN89
11/19/17 9:41 P
Went a bit crazy yesterday, but will be back on track for today. Have a turkey breast in the oven ba SISTER0614 15 52114ME
11/18/17 5:26 P
Watching me while I'm working out on my stair stepper! KENNYBARBIE12 16 GETULLY
11/16/17 11:18 P
I wasn't going to post this cause it's not much but this is huge for me and I'm proud. I thank you TMP0418 97 INSPIRED26
11/17/17 10:05 A
Here is the start of one of my small goals... 1. drink a gallon of water by the en CRAFTYGIRL80 157 TWIN412
11/16/17 8:19 P
It's been awhile since I have updated! Since I started using sparkpeople, I've lost and maintained KATBRUNNER 302 FISHGUT3
11/15/17 6:09 P
You can do it! LITTLEREDHEN8 41 MOCHWR
11/15/17 8:31 A
Up and back by twilight. Beautiful crescent moon, wish my camera could have captured it. Have a grea OUTSIDEJOJO 34 RONDAJO56
11/15/17 8:49 A
11/15/2017 FRESNOBOB 10 CDS427
11/15/17 9:36 A
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 15 --CHERYL--
11/15/17 9:25 A
Out for walk in the town I grew up in. Helping my parents through some medical issues. My family h OOKLATHEMOK 23 MADEINBRITAIN
11/16/17 3:47 A
Jogged for an hour straight at 4 mph. Can't remember the last time I ran 4 miles, if ever... MEGANMACKENZIE2 7 RETAT60
11/14/17 7:50 P
I went to a Christian concert of a group called Stars Go Dim and more recently one with Phil Wickam. REEDSKI 16 SYLBA61
11/17/17 12:14 A
Packed my lunch and snacks. Packed carrots, an orange, some grapes and almonds. BEAUTIFULSHER 2 MIAMI_LILLY
11/13/17 10:56 A
W3D1 of Couch to 10k βœ” #fitness DENISEA495 19 FISHGUT3
11/13/17 2:21 P
I am new to Spark and I am starting my weight loss journey today.. RWEASNER1962 126 PEGGY-BEE
11/13/17 5:53 P
I have been away for a while due to this journey through breast cancer. I am slowly coming back as m LISALGB 9 MIAMI_LILLY
11/12/17 7:54 P
I went out to dinner and even though dessert was included I didn't eat any. I'm going home now to ea LIVETOEAT70 6 INSPIRED26
11/12/17 8:02 P
Dinner tonight! Stir fry- gonna add a sesame ginger sauce at the end and serve over rice! Yum! KENNYBARBIE12 16 EDWARDS1411
11/12/17 11:24 P
45 pound difference πŸ˜ƒ SWEETEPIPHANY 41 SRIVERS1
11/12/17 11:05 P
Pizza night! Thin crust with mashed roasted butternut squash, thinly sliced onion, chicken breast, g ENGINEERMOM 13 ZRIE014
11/11/17 1:46 A
Getting the steps in but diet is not that great. 2 arbys salted caramel cookies and a huge handful o JUSTSTICKWITHIT 25 VIRGINIAGIRL
11/11/17 7:16 P
Seated leg press 190!!!! 3 reps 12 Woohoo NATASHA_D1 12 LOSER05
11/9/17 8:38 P
I have never posted anything before but here I go. I started in April at 247. Now I am at 195! NIXONANG25 161 LOSER05
11/9/17 8:36 P
I am so proud of how far I have come. 101lbs lost and not looking back. I am now back to the gym too MIZ-FENTON 187 LOSER05
11/9/17 8:35 P
Posted a photo KPROULX1 218 LOSER05
11/9/17 8:34 P
Posted a photo MSCAPI2017 129 MERLECHRIS
11/6/17 1:49 P
Feeling pretty down on myself today. Last night I overheard my ex discussing with his family how muc ASHWOO32 309 BOOTSIE15
11/4/17 11:04 P
Thankfulness Day 2. I am thankful for electricity! I promise not to take it for granted ever again! WALKIN4JEANIE 13 GARDENCHRIS
11/3/17 7:34 A
So question to those people who have been on the weight loss journey for awhile now... How long FUN4ALL 8 ALLYLIZZY
11/2/17 1:27 P
UGGGGH. Another day, more problems. DEVORA54 7 I-AM-TITANIUM
11/2/17 9:56 A
My wife is nervous, she thinks I am losing too much weight! It's sad when my accomplishments can't b WIMJIM19 5 TULLIS12
11/2/17 9:50 A
Its been 6 weeks and I am down 12 pounds! Normally I would be jumping for joy, but of course, I am p LEAN_LISSA 65 XXFINE01
11/7/17 7:14 P
I'm finally in the one hundreds! 38 down, 49.6 to go! AIMZY72 218 _LINDA
11/2/17 7:59 P
This is me standing at 235 just last year I was 210 I feel off now I'm have to jump back in BROWNAYESHIA 7 ZRIE014
11/2/17 1:41 A
It's 720pm and I'm only on 2400 steps, emotional e JUSTSTICKWITHIT 110 LGSCARRIE
11/2/17 10:00 P
#BeforeAndAfter I tried to get the poses as close to one another as possible. :) MEMIGEN85 152 XXFINE01
11/7/17 7:15 P
I've decided to share a rather shallow goal with all of you. When I hit my goal weight in 8kg from WANNATHIN 59 MYTIMEAW8Z
11/1/17 2:33 P
Great-grandson Theo as Raggedy Andy! Just one of my many blessings and definitely one of my reasons LIVINTODAY 148 EDLEAR
11/2/17 6:01 P
Traded candy for these sweet treats. Whole bag is COUNTRYNETTERS 14 FROSTY99
10/31/17 10:42 P
Posted a photo BLUECAFE 16 ALOFA0509
11/1/17 1:54 A
Starting a new puzzle. Shhhh....I'm focused. BJK1961 22 PJPEGG
11/1/17 5:20 P
Can you relate? DINK254 122 ZRIE014
10/31/17 5:29 P
Good morning everyone have a bless day. My home for the next few days 😊 TMP0418 167 MBLANKFORD
11/4/17 3:55 P
10/30/17 11:08 P
When a 70 yo man repeatedly tells me it's all about my lips...Spark People and I got t MARIAN326 10 EO4WELLNESS
10/31/17 1:37 A
It is finally time to get back on the program after giving birth to little Miss ChloΓ« Marie on Augus MRSBADWOLF 58 PWILLOW1
10/30/17 9:13 P
NSV: I was able to climb all the way up to the top of the pyramid and hike all day long without trou DANNY_LCF 22 MADEINBRITAIN
10/31/17 4:42 A
Had fun carving and harvesting our yummy pumpkin seeds with my son. Roasted the seeds to perfection. SADIEMYERS 29 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/1/17 9:01 A
Last year, I would not have felt comfortable at all in a dress like this. Feeling cute and awesome t MAGLITE7 211 LKMANNING7
10/30/17 10:28 P
Sauteed cabbage with red bell peppers, onion and corn. Lunch was delicious!! ANOJAG 16 ZRIE014
10/29/17 8:11 P