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Perfect spring hike on a sunny day with my love! Pure peace. SARAKATHRYN76 7 KNUTSONJP
4/23/17 5:30 P
Enchanted forest hike SARAKATHRYN76 22 ACRAZYCRAFTER
4/23/17 7:10 P
#motivated #pushthru BUGZYBEAR 13 RETAT60
4/23/17 6:33 P
Making Tomatillo Chicken Soup SISSYFEB48 9 LAAMONICA
4/23/17 5:28 P
Almost 100lbs down YOUGOTTHISJESS 132 MISS_STELLA1
4/23/17 7:36 P
Posted a photo TALIA-1982 6 JERZRN
4/23/17 10:17 A
Now then... Let's get started, shall we? VERISIM 15 CHKCHNC
4/23/17 11:53 A
Apple trees in the back yard blooming 🍎 LTRINH9 24 EVILCECIL
4/23/17 8:18 A
I always feel great after, but.... BLUECAFE 13 WESAPHILLIPS
4/22/17 10:50 P
I found these little guys hanging out downstairs. No matter what mood I'm in these little dudes mak JUSTSTICKWITHIT 20 LADYSUISEI
4/23/17 12:26 P
I've been on here 3 days and I've lost 1lb! Woot! I have been reading a lot of articles and it's bee DANIG5 2 MIAMI_LILLY
4/22/17 3:36 P
Today is day one. I need to start somewhere after BCSAMIJ 19 MIAMI_LILLY
4/22/17 3:14 P
28 months and 58 pounds! CHOLA82 227 _LINDA
4/23/17 12:59 A
Feeling pretty awesome about my progress!!! LEEANNPW85 89 MORTONDH
4/22/17 9:27 P
I didn't eat the last little sausage slice, even if it looks reaaally lonely and sad & is screaming STARGAZ3R 6 COMEBACKKID12
4/21/17 11:05 P
#harrypotter Any Harry Potter fans know why! -POOKIE- 18 MMEZEPHIRINE
4/22/17 3:03 P
Breakfast stuffed peppers, filled with eggs and feta cheese...both only 310 calories, 22 grams of pr MIAMI_LILLY 25 HOOSIERMOM33
4/21/17 3:57 P
I'm half way through my goal. My goal was to lose 40lbs from Jan til July. I lost 20lbs so far. It's L13165 11 MISS-WILLOW
4/21/17 5:28 P
Question: Does anyone have suggestions on a good cereal ? I like the crunch factor, and put some on IAMME_ 11 JUDY1260
4/21/17 3:10 P
Anyone up for an afternoon java? BOOHOOBEAR 7 JAJABEE1717
4/21/17 4:19 P
Bought these bad boys so i can work out and listen to my workout playlist without the limitations, o DHARRIS200 4 MIAMI_LILLY
4/20/17 9:14 P
When I am at the gym I try and go put of my comfort zone and try things I may not have before. WELL. STAYSTRONG86 12 STAYSTRONG86
4/20/17 9:14 P
How I feel when the scale just sits there without moving . But on the bright side, it didn't go up e PUCCASHELL 17 WEARINGTHIN
4/21/17 6:13 A
12 day progress! Just 30 more to go KCHEREVKO 19 KCHEREVKO
4/21/17 6:45 A
July 2016 April 2017. Down 125 lbs JATOMIC 187 WEARINGTHIN
4/21/17 6:04 A
I don't know about you but cute, new workout gear makes me want to workout more and feel amazing whi FITSISTA79 10 JONIBUSHELL
4/21/17 8:18 A
Picture on the left I was approximately 260 and this current picture of me on the right is me weighi CBIGHAM07 68 RUTHSJOURNEY
4/20/17 9:02 P
Was out driving the boyfriend around, and absolutely had to stop somewhere to eat (was no "healthy" JSIGMON0313 3 LKEITHO
4/19/17 9:41 P
I'm getting married in October so I need to loose 25 pounds by then I hope I can accomplish it VERO281 18 CHERIRIDDELL
4/20/17 12:47 A
Day one will start tomorrow!! Need help, suggestions and support during this journey. I think I can' AJ_TIA 83 HIKINGSD
4/20/17 3:07 A
My reasons for wanting to eat and live healthier.. my babies. BRITTINEYCHEA 39 KSTEVERSON
4/20/17 6:32 A
Great time at the pond with hubby. MOM3GRAN654 9 MIAMI_LILLY
4/19/17 9:12 P
Anyone try this?? D44932 6 GRATTECIELLA
4/20/17 4:27 P
Ok, I'm back, weight today is 245.7, I was 243.3 on 4/10 so that's 2.4lbs in 10 days. Gotta get seri JUSTSTICKWITHIT 24 VIRGINIAGIRL
4/20/17 6:28 P
My mom posted a video from my birthday a couple years back. I couldn't resist taking a screenshot fo MISSDORKNESS 115 JULIEA7201
4/22/17 12:44 A
Well day 1 of chemo round #6..,exhaustion from the meds and light leg cramps. my 30 min i MISS-WILLOW 222 ROBINANN101
4/20/17 8:44 P
I started my journey in October of 2016. I am now KEW2006 145 SLIMMINGVE
4/18/17 10:09 P
Kiwi, banana, clementine, candied walnuts, and dried cranberry fruit salad with lemon tea for breakf WIGGLYSKITTLE 18 MIAMI_LILLY
4/18/17 11:18 A
I hate clowns. This clown is going to be posted on my work out wall for motivation.... I hope it wor A67831 27 COMEBACKKID12
4/19/17 1:54 P
OMG! I deadlifted 200lbs last night! I never thought I could get this strong! (P.S. I have worked SKEMERICH 115 MSLZZY
4/18/17 10:41 P
I am down 22 lbs current picture from 247 to 225 MILKATRENA 134 MILKATRENA
4/18/17 5:41 A
It was a really tough run today to get this. #running MOBYCARP 106 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/18/17 1:36 P
Well I need to lose ALOT of weight. I just found this app and hopefully with all your support I will S11740 235 CINDHOLM
4/18/17 4:57 A
How much is normal to lose per month on average? I'm losing about 7 pounds per month, which i am gla DCRIST73 12 DCRIST73
4/18/17 8:26 P
4/17/17 10:56 P
Morning everyone. LITTLEREDHEN8 27 MELODIE6353
4/17/17 8:08 A
My Easter dinner. Spagetti squash spagetti, fresh corn on the cob, garden salad with fat free Italia TEACHNIKKI 9 AKROXIE
4/16/17 9:37 P
Has anyone ever tried apple cider vinegar to loose weight ? JASMINECOLE95 6 LISAMARIE2015
4/16/17 6:48 P
4/16/17 11:03 A
Hoppy Easter from our 2 girls Nora and Eevee :) BECKY_US 15 JMELVIN4
4/16/17 11:26 A
Hi all, I am happy to say that I lost 6.7lbs my 1st week. My 1st goal was to track everything I ate, SETTINGMEFREE 111 SETTINGMEFREE
4/23/17 12:24 P
Happy Easter. He is risen DEBSANKS 3 MUSICNUT
4/16/17 9:07 A
The incredible melting woman! That's my hope at least. Today was my first day back to the gym. I'm o THEMAMALION 15 GLENWICK
4/15/17 3:51 P
I was in the mood for something different and I came up with this for a snack... lentils in a sodium AKELLY45 7 SLIMMINGVE
4/15/17 9:21 P
Has anyone who suffered from pain from being too heavy lose weight? Did this help make the pains get D4281BBW 9 D4281BBW
4/15/17 6:47 P
Question.. how so I update my weight? AMTHALL 2 MIAMI_LILLY
4/15/17 2:40 P
Starting my eliminate diabetes journey Today I start my journey of eliminating type 2 diabetes in my POGOOGOP109 118 SPARKGUY
4/15/17 7:22 P
Starting again and again and again. I am miserable and hurt everywhere. I am tired all the time and TLONDON68 6 TLONDON68
4/15/17 8:58 A
4/15/17 11:09 A
Last day of spring break, yikes! HEALTHYNEWPAIGE 7 HEALTHYNEWPAIGE
4/15/17 10:26 A
#keto, #lowcarb Fresh gourmet has baked parmesan cheese crisps! Like cheesy crackers but no carbs! O 2SPORTSBOYS 7 ESTACEY2011
4/21/17 5:00 P
Beat the heat with mangoes ! Helps to fight heat stroke , improves digestion , alkalizes the whole b UDDZZY 6 UDDZZY
4/14/17 1:12 P
3 day streak of meeting my 10k steps. Let's try for 4! GRATTECIELLA 10 TCANNO
4/15/17 3:52 A
Just a little Friday motivation never think it is JESSE_RENEWED 173 SMFORD
4/15/17 1:12 P
Good morning everyone today is weigh in day and I THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 FULLERFARMS
4/23/17 5:30 P
Had a Owl in the front of the house this evening BOOBERRY 18 KOHLRABIGIRL
4/14/17 2:17 A
Walked 1.2 miles to the Dollar Store. I was going to run home, but I bought scissors. BJK1961 14 JOHNSON22AMY
4/13/17 11:25 P
New to this, see how it goes. I have an enormous journey! I'm ready! ERICAARELLANO 30 SLIMMERJESSE
4/14/17 12:53 A
Lose the 20lbs I gained back during my horrible re BELLASM0M 6 BELLASM0M
4/16/17 9:43 A
I bought a scale of my own today and i can finally say I have lost 3lbs!!! I have been really strugg WIMMERFAN 111 QSHEPP
4/14/17 9:02 A
Made a fun pasta salad today, i made a single serving with an asian salad starter mix by fresh expre DANCINGOTTER89 5 NDCAROL
4/15/17 12:15 P
I'm proud to say I beat my own running time by five minutes! NILLABEAN22 4 NILLABEAN22
4/13/17 4:03 P
Treated myself for losing 8 lbs in three weeks.. Feeling good J72248 18 SDTOHIO
4/13/17 6:35 P
Dinner tonight is a stuffed sweet potato! It's fil FITSISTA79 14 MISSCNJ
4/12/17 8:44 P
Was time for a fresh up. THINNOW777 16 97MONTY
4/12/17 10:41 P

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