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#justforlaughs STARGAZER838 8 TBRYAN-LU
2/23/18 4:24 P
Not happy at 202 lbs; Let the journey begin....... MIKESWIFEDEBRA 17 MDOWER1
2/23/18 3:04 P
Power went out decided to walk to the store for cat litter just to be active. Made it there and carr STARGAZER838 31 FROSTY99
2/23/18 7:35 P
What a difference a year and a day makes! Consistency is key. Just put your mind to it. #BeforeAndA LORI_LIFTS 57 TIGERSEYEHEART
2/23/18 7:15 P
Day 2 of getting back on track! I got this! Weight this AM. 201.2. It's going to go down!!!! Drank KAYBRITMOODY 30 TIGERSEYEHEART
2/23/18 7:14 P
Posted a photo JSIELKE1944 37 ANDYLATG4
2/23/18 12:26 P
Went to the Olive Garden tonight, and I am proud to say, I WAS NOT A SLAVE TO THE BREADSTICK! (I hea MIAMI_LILLY 15 MUSTANGMOM6
2/22/18 9:09 P
Birthday cake today! I love the sprinkles in them! BRANDICOOK 5 BRANDICOOK
2/22/18 3:19 P
Before and after thank the Lord and a lot of hard work and exercise and eating right and not giving GPALMER29 52 TIGERSEYEHEART
2/23/18 3:19 A
My highest weight was 187 and today I am 166.. 21 pounds lost! I feel so much better and I can't sto DANYALE_29 107 NUTTYGIRL2105
2/22/18 7:36 P
My 10th month and progress so far even though I’d plateau for almost 2 month, that won’t hold me bac AMERICALDS 187 SCGRAVER
2/23/18 11:47 A
2/22/18 3:42 P
I finally made it to onederland. 199 pounds so excited. Now if I can only get my nutrition and food SEXESHARONJONES 85 QSHEPP
2/22/18 10:01 P
2/23/18 11:22 A
I don’t mean to complain, but what is the secret to decreasing foot pain? My feet ache it feels like QUESTIAL 8 QUESTIAL
2/22/18 5:50 A
Doesn't look it, but have lost 20 lbs so far, no choice in the matter, I have been diagnosed with t MKMPB463 78 LEAHLED
2/22/18 12:54 A
Paella stuffed pepper 😋 JULZ09 14 TMP0418
2/22/18 7:39 A
Kitty kisses. Love them! MIAMI_LILLY 7 MISTRESSOHORROR
2/22/18 10:15 A
2/21/18 3:51 P
Okay y'all, this is really hard for me to post, but SP is always so supportive, I'm being brave! I p SHRINKINGLULU 110 COMMUTERRAIL
2/22/18 10:41 A
The difference 36 pounds makes! #BeforeAndAfter MS1VILLEGAS 132 CSROBERTSON621
2/21/18 9:44 P
#BeforeAndAfter I see a huge difference. but I have a long way to go.. I am so happy it's been 18 ye DOINITNOTGONNAS 307 JACQUELYNUNIS77
2/22/18 9:25 P
My little Orchid is blooming It hasn't bloomed in over a year! If it is blooming now .... So can I CINDY247 50 IAMAGEMLOVER
2/21/18 4:26 P
Lunch was really yummy DOINITNOTGONNAS 17 LAH1222
2/20/18 11:49 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? Remember that small goals lead to big breakthroughs in life! My highlig SPARKGUY 53 ALFREDIA
2/23/18 11:13 A
Not the normal progress photo on here, but thought I'd share my pictures from recovering from an eat LITTLEEMI2 245 RAMONA1885
2/21/18 11:56 A
This is awesome! GBENITEZSITA 10 BARCLE
2/20/18 6:36 P
I'm very sad today I have to put my cat to sleep today which is very hard to do. He's 18 years old & SASHASMOM1122 14 CANNINGNANNY
2/21/18 7:58 A
Did you ever notice on bonus spins--you get 1, 1, 3, 5 2 one day and 20, 20, 20, 50, 5 another? NEVE DIANNEMT 6 ILOVEROSES
2/21/18 8:35 A
Feeling GREAT for a 63 Year Old Lady Today! Come Celebrate my Years with ME SparkFriends!!!! FLASUN 311 JAMER123
2/20/18 10:54 P
Here I go again. 7 years ago I lost 130 pounds with Spark People. Ran a marathon, completed a triath KITHKINCAID 190 QUAIL75
2/20/18 2:45 P
Stayed on point at the restaurant! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 46 KENNYBARBIE12
2/20/18 6:17 A
Don’t know how many of your are PEP users, but the app has not worked for me ALL DAY! Got me feeling MIAMI_LILLY 10 LAH1222
2/19/18 11:46 P
Get ready for some skin y'all. I wish I had a shot from my true start (212) but this is what I got. MAMMAVEG 91 TDEKOTER
2/22/18 12:40 A
This is me at a party I’m so embarrassed look at my stomach by next month I’m hoping I’ll loose wei SEJDAJLAURA 9 JOC36BROWN
2/19/18 6:06 P
Found out two things about my Fitbit knockoff.....1) sewing a stitch counted as a step. I “walked” NEEDBU66 10 WLHOPE
2/19/18 8:44 P
My bf got me new runners so I can continue working out in the gym and not get any more cuts on my he LANSELMI 28 JOC36BROWN
2/19/18 6:04 P
#keto lunch: buffalo chicken, blue cheese, avocado, romaine with bacon and olive oil dressing. PIPPAMOUSE 15 BLESSOME
2/21/18 7:47 P
The first picture is what got me to actuallydo the work. This was posted by the yoga company and I w MAMAPHOTOG 110 MISSYCAMERON
2/19/18 1:37 P
That's right!!! CROD1830 5 LINDASOUTHER
2/18/18 11:49 A
Spring is coming STARMONICA 74 SPARKLINGME176
2/18/18 7:24 P
Going to see the Black Panther this evening. I wanna see what everyone else is talking about. ANDYLATG4 7 JHADZHIA
2/18/18 10:55 A
2/18/18 12:44 P
What I had to tell myself when I was walkimg past the cookie aisle in the grocery store. ;) Keep on COCOAGOAL 17 ZUZUPETALS10
2/18/18 3:30 P
I made a mushroom spinach quishe for dinner. It's one of our favorites. Tryi g to get back on track. BEVERLY1501 24 ALABAMASUSAN17
2/17/18 9:28 P
Finished 5K in 43 1/2 minutes, which is a good tome for me. DRSKATER 41 EDDIEBEAR71
2/17/18 9:36 P
2/18/18 10:44 A
Greek-style chicken and green beans with tzatziki sauce yum! It looks like a lot of food but I had a LR237787 6 MIAMI_LILLY
2/17/18 7:30 P
Took this old pup for a 7.5 mile run today! SARALK0514 10 MIAMI_LILLY
2/17/18 7:29 P
Goodmorning friends. The number says it all!! Last time I see the 260s. Have a great weekend, never JUSTSTICKWITHIT 89 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/17/18 9:43 P
#BeforeAndAfter A month apart. Someone at work told me I am really losing but I honestly don't see i NAOMIRUNS 82 LSMITH2017
2/18/18 3:35 P
I hit a milestone this morning (down 30lbs! wahoo!!) so I decided to do a side-by-side comparison. N COURTPHX 75 MUSTANGMOM6
2/16/18 11:50 P
Lunch 278 cals: cantelope, red seedless grapes, black forest ham, blueberry swirl bread, fig preserv SYLBA61 14 LIL1IAN
2/16/18 7:51 P
Bean salad again. Lol but I added beets and subtracted a bean this time. 😋 So yummy and pretty to l ORIGINALGDP 26 ZUZUPETALS10
2/16/18 4:08 P
Happy birthday to me!! 🎂🎈🎊 Ready to get this baby moving downward!! ⬇️ JUDYBEAR216 9 NIKKINIKKI136
2/16/18 6:55 P
I thanked my husband for continuing to love me when I was fat. He said "you were never fat. You were MUSICLADY923 167 LSMITH2017
2/18/18 3:17 P
Completed almost 7 miles today over 13,000 steps KEENA47 10 CHEIVOUS
2/16/18 4:25 P
Finish 👏👏👏👏 KEENA47 3 KWOOD1955
2/16/18 11:26 A
My day yesterday. Tried my best to not stop moving. MIAMI_LILLY 12 MISTRESSOHORROR
2/16/18 7:54 A
I have never really been a fan of fish, other than a little bit of smoked salmon. It is a texture th STATSCAT 15 JEWELRYLOVER
2/15/18 5:54 P
Your winter forecast in a nutshell KILTORE 28 MORTICIAADDAMS
2/16/18 9:23 A
What the what!?!?!?! I'm searching for advice. Yesterday I weighed in at 197 down 3 pounds from last LAUREN_CARRELL 25 ANDYLATG4
2/15/18 6:52 P
It’s now been 2 years and I’m ready to get the rest of this off!!! CADDYSRX1 100 TMP0418
2/15/18 7:46 P
Actually, I couldn't move enough to even take a picture after starting to work out again... it's a GADGETCC 21 BEBAUGH1
2/15/18 12:24 P
Some bad habits are about to change. Today. MISTRESSOHORROR 79 FELICIA1963
2/15/18 4:45 P
I'm posting this side by side Then and Now photo to motivate me. I weighed this morning and I'm up KIMBERAKA 120 M_AYALA92
2/15/18 2:35 P
My treat to myself for today... calories tracked and still within range. All things in moderation! � KERRIBERRI86 29 JUDYBEAR216
2/14/18 4:22 P
My youngest munchkin (stepson) SWEETPAGANBABY 7 SUSANYOUNGER
2/14/18 11:19 A
#BeforeAndAfter It's official!! Today I am now 101.2 pounds lighter! Finally lost over 100 pounds! S ORIGINALGDP 259 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
2/14/18 8:14 A
Why o why couldn’t it have been a basket of fruit??? Now the question is do I want to waste 100 calo HOLLYLPRINCE 15 APRIL7832
2/13/18 9:51 P
430 calories 30 shrimp, onion and mixed greens with lemon garlic avocado oil TMP0418 27 -POOKIE-
2/14/18 6:16 A
This is what 380 calories can look like 😋 (buffal JULZ09 16 LOTUS737
2/14/18 7:20 A
Just had to share! At my heaviest I was 243 pounds, today I am 218.4! Slow and steady still wins! MILLYMAE1 93 SLINKYREDDRESS
2/13/18 3:16 P
Going to the Dreadmill right now LEANJEAN6 59 JUDY1676
2/13/18 11:59 P
2/13/18 4:11 P