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Pretty disappointed in myself that I can't get into the grove of things right now 😢 feeling like a MAMARIAH 75 LILY326PAD
7/22/17 6:53 P
7/20/2017 Ran three miles at the gym then went to a power yoga class. Feel GREAT. It's been a long STINAPAG 23 RBVRE565
7/21/17 5:27 A
For breakfast I had Strawberries and watermelon. Lunch was pork chops and broccoli and for dinner I CBRAMWELL 12 SLEEPWATCHER
7/21/17 5:31 A
Struggling like hell to keep on top of my weight loss right now. Losing all motivation. CMARIE497 11 SLEEPWATCHER
7/21/17 5:27 A
I have lost my first 5 pound in only 3 days using the calorie counter and 30 day workout challenge a HJONES16 134 HJONES16
7/23/17 12:21 A
7/21/17 6:13 A
Well what do y'all think to beard or not to have a beard? GPALMER29 23 CAJUNGAL328
7/21/17 12:57 A
I lost 6 pounds last week! Even with the uti issue i had i lost! Even with cake and ice cream for my L25833 9 L25833
7/19/17 8:01 P
Helping my mom with physical therapy. Not one of our best days, but we had fun. COURTENAYE 6 SKANTRA
7/19/17 7:39 P
Bought a foreman grill cooking my food on it maybe that will help. HWILLIAMS17 5 9CRYSTALEE21
7/19/17 7:05 P
Just trying to survive today SCDIGI 18 CALICOAN
7/19/17 7:00 P
Here is how my special girl looked during my workout this morning.. so envious... but isn't she the JENNKHB 9 SOFLOKITTY
7/20/17 9:52 A
Cure for a grumpy mood? A beach bike ride. 73 minu GRATTECIELLA 12 LIVEDAILY
7/20/17 5:10 P
Hi my name is hazel going to try and use this to lose about 35 pounds.. Wish me luck LETMEBUREBOOMYN 48 PARISGRL7
7/19/17 9:10 P
It's always a blast to go check out the drum circle....they meet up on Sundays @ our park downtown. LUCYSMOM14 9 CANDYLIND
7/19/17 7:56 P
Okay side by side a year ago and now!! Well we've made it halfway through the week are you still on GPALMER29 20 GEORGE815
7/19/17 8:21 P
Second day you all have already given me courage and motivation thank you. I can count on one hand h LGIBSON433 41 AULAURUS
7/19/17 10:56 P
Feeling good! 29 lbs down this morning. I'm finally in the 60's. 270 wouldn't go away and then I wei SKINNYAMIRAH 124 QSHEPP
7/20/17 12:13 A
Salad bar for dinner tonight 😊 KSTEVERSON 155 FLUFFYGIRL101
7/20/17 5:48 P
Moment motivation RHOOK20047 5 STARLITNIGHT
7/16/17 10:55 A
Just got back from a week in Costa Rica. Lots of swimming and walking while relaxing. JACRBUNCH 18 HOTPINKCAMARO49
7/15/17 10:57 P
I enjoyed a nice long walk at the beach today! ANGELINAJOLI 48 MSGO72
7/16/17 12:07 A
#DinnerTime #KitchenExperiments #WhoActuallyFollowsTheExactRecipeAnyway PSYCHMASTER 21 CFITZ1
7/16/17 12:00 A
I got my new Polar M400 fitness tracker watch going today. It was nice to be able to "see" my workou JDCRAWFORD73 38 MELISSAMOONEY5
7/16/17 1:38 P
Sometimes I use my kids plates to help me portion and make sure I'm hitting my food groups. #momtips PPARKER2214 104 MRIVERA309
7/16/17 5:04 A
Have a great day CBULLIS1 14 CGARR442
7/14/17 11:13 P
Got in 2.5 miles so far,barefoot even lol....Went out for dinner,Mexican...Had a Fajita salad,had th LLR630 19 LLR630
7/14/17 9:04 P
I absolutely love eating fruit in the summer! What's your fav summer fruit? FITSISTA79 251 ADORENE
7/17/17 5:26 P
My sign of the day... RHOOK20047 21 PICKIE98
7/13/17 8:21 A
7/13/17 8:47 A
This is a Before and After picture of my Mom. She AERIONUSZ592 187 ANNEMARIE30
7/13/17 5:31 A
This is my first day here , got to start somewhere I guess . I need some healthy meal and snack reci TIFFANY158 41 MNGLORY1
7/13/17 1:43 A
Maybe not the right place for this but this community is like family. My sweet girl Spawt passed awa LADYTARLTON 216 KSTEVERSON
7/13/17 8:53 P
Posted a photo MYAN1959 5 MICKEYMAX
7/11/17 10:02 P
Yay! Got back in da club to work on my fitness! #cardio #elliptical #ouchsogood CHRISTAH79 15 TCANNO
7/11/17 11:20 P
Posted a photo CLOUD1985 8 WHITEANGEL4
7/11/17 10:29 P
After a full day with the kids (and a very hot day too) I'm completely wrung out! But will try to do GRATTECIELLA 10 LIVEDAILY
7/12/17 4:40 P
Tracking to make my goal of 2500 fitness minutes for the first time ever this month!! JULIEA7201 7 WESAPHILLIPS
7/11/17 10:28 P
7/11/17 10:39 P
Posted a photo MRSTHOMAS8314 19 STE0415
7/12/17 11:53 A
Something all of us need to do. Peace and Blessings to everyone. xxoo CYNDI2017 21 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/11/17 10:37 P
It's hard for me to see the difference in these two pictures, but I need to share this 'before & dur BETTEROCKR 115 PLCHAPPELL
7/12/17 5:26 A
Pan-searing fresh salmon and yellow squash. Le yum GRATTECIELLA 14 LIVEDAILY
7/12/17 4:39 P
Purposely chose an outfit that shows my lumps and bumps for this "before" picture. I want my future LAURAES90 82 SWALLIS7
7/12/17 8:05 A
Proud of every drop of sweat. Circuit training trying to kill me today. #feeltheburn KELLYRIESE1 12 WESAPHILLIPS
7/11/17 10:26 P
Turns out Luna has advanced cancer. Currently at the vet while they perform the necessary procedure SSMITH762 293 MARINEMAMA
7/12/17 7:53 A
Trying out the muffin tin method. Sauted spinach and onions this round. #deliciousdailymoment KKRAVIG1975 9 KKRAVIG1975
7/11/17 1:36 P
I haven't met my step goal in a long time. #astepintherightdirection ALFORD204 8 TBRYAN-LU
7/10/17 11:51 P
Posted a photo MAURISSA182 6 DEE107
7/11/17 12:13 A
A small difference. Taking it on day at a time! KITATHAMES 68 ALFORD204
7/11/17 10:20 A
Got a new ID at work today. What a difference fifteen months can make! PCODDENS 229 KRISYTAL34
7/11/17 8:14 A
11 more lbs to go until I reach my goal weight THEPIX 74 TARA4-73
7/11/17 3:52 A
140 pounds in 10.5 months. I'm close to 299 which I haven't seen since (?) my 30s? Happy dances for ABINATHRA 171 CATS_MEOW_0911
7/11/17 12:17 P
#deliciousdailymoment Ground turkey lean 2 and 1/2 servings on great fiber and oats bread medium che ERUSSELL9 4 MICKEYMAX
7/10/17 10:54 P
Was felling a little down. Invited my mother in law for a walk and was telling her how excited I was JHONNMIDWAY 45 CZECH102
7/11/17 5:40 A
Another face to face!! 524 to 220!! Can not stress how important weight loss is and doing it at your GPALMER29 108 CUIS1NE
7/11/17 9:06 A
#deliciousdailymoment In the morning on the go🌞 MIAPAVON3 4 SASHASMOM1122
7/11/17 3:44 P
Went swimming for an hour but diet consisted of 4 grilled ranch snackwraps,4 chicken tenderloins and JUSTSTICKWITHIT 7 JULIENSMITH
7/11/17 9:51 A
Stuck steady at 209. Hoping to be under 200 by August. With work, moving, and the heat... I'm pretty GLYKON 2 MICKEYMAX
7/10/17 10:50 P
My 10 minute goal of stationary bike riding is almost always 20 minutes. Today it was 30 minutes! Y MJZHERE 2 MICKEYMAX
7/10/17 10:49 P
I completed 25 mins of low impact cardio exercises with weights! WEIGHTDICIPLINE 3 COMEBACKKID12
7/11/17 1:32 P
I have lost 8lbs. Went from 338 to 330. I feel amazing. AMBERCOOK2 12 MELISSA2018
7/11/17 12:04 A
Omg...I woke with this headache, took my migraine ROBINWASLEY 5 ROBINWASLEY
7/11/17 1:09 A
A 3-mile run is in the books. I feel great, from a fitness and healthy living point of view. Tomorro JDCRAWFORD73 30 MELISSAMOONEY5
7/16/17 1:39 P
Just started today. I gave up on weight watchers...I never made my goals and was miserable. Hopefull L_ROSE 11 FITWITHIN
7/11/17 1:02 A
Beautiful hike yesterday at the Chimney Bluffs! ZIGGYSTARSHAY 7 AMYISSUCCEEDING
7/10/17 10:59 P
#deliciousdailymoment ROCKYCPA 4 WALLAHALLA
7/11/17 4:06 P
Posted a photo SDWILK257 6 SDWILK257
7/11/17 8:45 A
7/10/17 10:45 P
Sea food #deliciousdailymoment VINA506 3 MICKEYMAX
7/10/17 10:45 P
Great walk this morning. These morning walks are getting earlier and earlier to beat the heat. It is TIPTOETO50 10 MOREALIVEBY55
7/11/17 4:14 P
Red lobster #deliciousdailymoment VINA506 3 VINA506
7/10/17 10:47 P
Busy day today. Circuit and Yoga and then worked on my deck refinishing project before cooking a he NATOBEN 4 -POOKIE-
7/11/17 2:43 A
Sushi #deliciousdailymoment VINA506 7 SASHASMOM1122
7/11/17 3:41 P
Before and after so far still long way to go KAYLA691322 8 INPRAYER
7/10/17 11:17 P

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