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Megan has an upper respiratory infection. Better than the flu I guess JCOLEMAN15 10 BJK1961
2/22/18 9:57 P
OH. I JUST missed the 10 pound mark at Weight Watchers this am. Only 2 ounces!!! I should've peed ag DRINKALOTH2O 6 MIRAGE727
2/22/18 11:31 A
slicing big cabbage paper thin ( filling quart sized freezer bags) for quick seafood ramen meals *I STR458II 22 LIS193
2/22/18 12:39 P
I had a great day today! Got over 8,000 steps AND ate well. WooHoo!! NOLAHORSERIDER 13 MIRAGE727
2/22/18 11:25 A
Jackie's Roasted Veggies! JSTETSER 20 LIVEDAILY
2/22/18 2:54 P
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 7 MIRAGE727
2/22/18 11:23 A
I put veggies leftover from supper into my morning omelet! #eattherainbow SLENDERELLA61 14 BILLTHOMSON
2/23/18 6:06 A
Today is a great day to show some kindness. JSTETSER 10 I-AM-TITANIUM
2/22/18 10:45 P
2/22/18 3:42 P
Been eating 1200 a day for 5 weeks now. It's going CARARICCI2 7 _LINDA
2/22/18 12:54 P
Over four mile speed walk. Getting in done DEBSANKS 7 SLYDE-GLYDER
2/22/18 7:29 P
Starting this challenge again! It really helps! #h2whoa ROSALIE28 4 SUNQUEE
2/22/18 10:19 A
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 13 MUSTANGMOM6
2/22/18 9:41 A
Posted a photo DRAMAQUEEN926 10 MUSTANGMOM6
2/22/18 9:41 A
Yesterday’s walk then i got rained on lol KEENA47 14 LINDASOUTHER
2/22/18 1:15 P
Just made a chart instead of my little notebook lol.. I have lost 9" since Jan 22nd. Woohoo! WHITEGREMLIN252 18 HEYPUDDIN
2/22/18 9:15 P
Posted a photo NISSANGIRL 44 LIS193
2/22/18 12:39 P
Good morning everyone have a wonderful day 😊 time to push this butt to the gym TMP0418 93 RDCAGAIN10
2/22/18 1:13 P
Posted a photo NINA74 109 DREAMWARRIOR723
2/22/18 1:23 P
We all have our reasons why we want a healthier lifestyle beside ourselves of course! These are my r KNAGREEN 8 MIRAGE727
2/21/18 1:31 P
2/22/18 9:27 A
My new go to breakfast! I’m not the best at making eggs but it still tastes delicious! Avocado, egg SHOPGIRL422 10 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/21/18 8:35 P
I’m working on all of these things 💪🏼 keep up the good work SP family SWOODALL14 9 ORDNER03
2/21/18 1:35 P
37 years ago I gave birth to my first child. I am finally close to my prepregnancy weight... #better MARIAN326 18 CIROHIO
2/21/18 10:16 P
So ladies. What are some "rules" you follow? How many cals you stay between... Not eating past a JPAPUGA27 130 PEGJW111
2/21/18 1:58 P
Exactly 11 years ago today I was supposed to have a scopal surgery on my uterus, to find out why I w AMYMBUNCH 13 PWILLOW1
2/21/18 2:55 P
Okay y'all, this is really hard for me to post, but SP is always so supportive, I'm being brave! I p SHRINKINGLULU 110 COMMUTERRAIL
2/22/18 10:41 A
It all starts with what I put in my fridge!😘 FITSISTA79 80 SILKYSLIM48
2/22/18 9:10 A
The difference 36 pounds makes! #BeforeAndAfter MS1VILLEGAS 132 CSROBERTSON621
2/21/18 9:44 P
#BeforeAndAfter I see a huge difference. but I have a long way to go.. I am so happy it's been 18 ye DOINITNOTGONNAS 307 JACQUELYNUNIS77
2/22/18 9:25 P
This is my first day - I really struggle with drinking water so I am aiming for 4 glasses for the ne STATSCAT 15 STATSCAT
2/20/18 3:44 P
Well, my birthday has passed and I am now in the final year of my 60's. Does not seem possible. ORTATK 9 MIRAGE727
2/20/18 8:27 A
Next...good warm up JAP7566 4 MIRAGE727
2/20/18 8:23 A
2/20/18 8:18 A
25 pounds gone! Happy birthday to me!!! CGH-ARTYPANTS 15 LOTUS737
2/20/18 8:54 A
This is so much harder than it used to be! I am trying not to get discouraged. Working out in 5 😊 PGREEN8121 5 MIRAGE727
2/20/18 8:15 A
So not feeling it today - hubby is sick, my 9yr old has something and I’m starting to feel blah! Try JULZ09 5 AMYINTHEWILD
2/20/18 9:21 A
Great way to think about it. We can do this!!!! Hope everyone has a great day :) SHELLLEY2 14 MIRAGE727
2/20/18 8:12 A
I’ve been using the same workout program for years now and I think it’s finally time to switch t up, KRAMIR04 5 KRAMIR04
2/20/18 10:07 A
Posted a photo NISSANGIRL 13 LIS193
2/20/18 12:00 P
feel good that I am taking the stairs more often, out of breath but I am doing it..... MCHONEYBEE 2 MIRAGE727
2/20/18 7:59 A
Foggy morning, but getting it done. Happy Tuesday Sparklers🌺 #morningrun #chattingwmybestie📞 OUTSIDEJOJO 15 2018CHANGES
2/20/18 8:31 A
Posted a photo TFOSTER1978 23 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
2/20/18 8:12 A
Presenting on President Pierce JSTETSER 9 MIRAGE727
2/19/18 10:10 P
I did grit strength. By the sweat I would say I did my very best. Hope everyone had a great Monday PLUMBO42 5 NOCALORIES
2/19/18 10:50 P
Tried on everything in my closet. Donated 6 items and placed 3 in the if I loose just more 15lbs the LADYTARLTON 4 MIRAGE727
2/19/18 10:04 P
2/20/18 10:21 A
OMGOMGOMG. I was a size 12 by the time I was 12, and maxed out at a size 22 in my mid-20s. Today, th MUFFIY831 178 MUFFIY831
2/21/18 10:57 A
Here I go again. 7 years ago I lost 130 pounds with Spark People. Ran a marathon, completed a triath KITHKINCAID 190 QUAIL75
2/20/18 2:45 P
did a glorious, muddy, 5k trail run this morning - I'm feeling good :) RAWCOOKIE 9 MIRAGE727
2/18/18 7:54 A
I got out for a 10-minute, 30 sec jog/1 min walk for my PT homework. It was hard to stop there but I KELLIEBEAN 4 MIRAGE727
2/18/18 7:51 A
Just did day one of Country Heat! I think I am going to like it even if I could only do 20 min. I CLSYLADY 3 MIRAGE727
2/18/18 7:48 A
GOOD MORNING!! 🙏✨☀️ ☕️ 💗✨🙏 #nomoreexcuses SARASMILING 12 SPEDED2
2/18/18 9:22 P
Woo -hoo!! Made it to my gym early! Time to streak some fitness this week! #moveit VISUALLYRICS 12 JAMER123
2/18/18 11:39 P
Walking in Kronberg, Germany today OOKLATHEMOK 17 WLHOPE
2/18/18 8:56 A
We just received 6 inches of fresh snow, and my workout will be to remove it from the driveway! Hav JSTETSER 36 GOODLUCKCHARLIE
2/18/18 10:40 P
Very filling breakfast total 391 calories overnight oats 1 cup of oats, 1 cup almond milk, 1 oz crus TMP0418 28 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/18/18 1:09 P
Going into my second week. My goal is to drop a dress size. 🖤 BLACKRAVEN60 17 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/18/18 1:07 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 27 PATRICIA-CR
2/18/18 2:28 P
40 push-ups today. In early January, I could barely do 12! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 25 DARLENE474
2/17/18 9:48 P
22 pounds lost since Jan. 1..yet i fight through moments of doubt .as i have at 10# to my first go ELISAGAL1 5 LAURAFOOTE
2/17/18 9:15 A
Posted a photo DRAMAQUEEN926 12 LAURAFOOTE
2/17/18 9:17 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 25 ALLYLIZZY
2/17/18 3:52 P
Today I'm going out for a hike! JSTETSER 24 4CONNIESHEALTH
2/17/18 5:47 P
Picture on the left I was 260. Picture on the right I'm 250. Not a big difference but still its prog NIKKIINEDLER 80 ALLYLIZZY
2/17/18 3:54 P
My strawberries and cream breakfast. Under 300 cal 😊 BONNIE_M_PEREZ 7 ROSALIE28
2/17/18 9:05 A
Posted a photo NISSANGIRL 23 LIS193
2/17/18 12:51 P
Getting ready for a healthy Saturday! CALORY4 27 MIZKAREN
2/17/18 9:42 A
I got the all clear to start slowly getting back to running... 30sec run/1 min walk but I'll take it KELLIEBEAN 7 MIRAGE727
2/16/18 9:35 P
Plz excuse my feet. I’ve been through a lot yet, I NEVER gave up!! At 288 I was morbidly obese. Ju DIANEDOESSMILES 218 SKCASON
2/17/18 12:51 P
Just because you're trying to loose weight doesn't mean you can't go out and enjoy yourself. Just ha JESSFJOHNSTON 11 GETULLY
2/16/18 3:28 P
Bean salad again. Lol but I added beets and subtracted a bean this time. 😋 So yummy and pretty to l ORIGINALGDP 26 ZUZUPETALS10
2/16/18 4:08 P
I thanked my husband for continuing to love me when I was fat. He said "you were never fat. You were MUSICLADY923 167 LSMITH2017
2/18/18 3:17 P
I am down 2 pounds in 2 weeks not much but it's a start SHAMIKAC2 224 CHRISTOPHER63
2/16/18 9:07 P
I prolly post a lot too much but just soo excited to see how many changes I have made and realizing DHARRIS200 165 CANUCKSEW1
2/17/18 12:20 A