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#BeforeAndAfterhit 50 lbs down this week- feeling great but nervous to let bad habits creep back in MICHW4 114 GRACEFULJOURNEY
12/9/17 8:08 P
New headshots I did myself today! #lovinglife #lovingmyself #lettingmysparkshine NATASHA_D1 16 JAMER123
12/10/17 12:07 A
Winter wonderland in Virginia.. finally 💫 MBLANKFORD 27 MWARNER211
12/9/17 9:56 P
Today vs. A year ago! Not at goal yet but I will g NAOMIRUNS 189 SYLBA61
12/9/17 10:09 P
Posted a photo LGSCARRIE 14 SYLBA61
12/9/17 10:08 P
Posted a photo AUDREYGNSC 10 SYLBA61
12/9/17 10:08 P
Posted a photo MISSYCAMERON 16 -POOKIE-
12/10/17 3:30 A
#BeforeAndAfter It's my birthday today! KITTYLOVERAJA 191 PWILLOW1
12/10/17 2:50 P
Road Runners - General Discussion Topics JERIBERI1 1267 BECKYANNE1
12/10/17 8:22 A
You've got to have faith in God's ability to help you! JSTETSER 17 WOMANOFLOVE
12/8/17 12:07 P
I've gained a few pounds back lately. Time to buckle (back) down. MUFFIY831 12 MIRAGE727
12/8/17 9:21 A
What can I do today to make tomorrow GREAT!? JSTETSER 17 HAPPYSOUL91
12/8/17 12:17 P
#BeforeAndAfter This is a scary thing to do, but I'm tired of hiding my problem with food. I'm tired SQUIXYSINGS 20 NOTASTATISTIC
12/10/17 11:21 A
Prayers for my granddaughter Cara please. She is back in the hospital in Saginaw with pneumonia and KELLY48647 178 CANNINGNANNY
12/9/17 6:23 A
Haven’t been losing any pounds so I tried another way to track progress. I will put this dress on ev SBREWER1021 92 GABIRUSZCZAK
12/8/17 9:59 P
I still have a few pounds to go, but my before photo showed up today and reminded me how far I’ve co MOMMALGT 199 GABIRUSZCZAK
12/8/17 9:49 P
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 14 MIRAGE727
12/7/17 10:36 A
Wonderful Wednesday! JSTETSER 23 MIRAGE727
12/7/17 10:34 A
10 ways to reduce body fat CAROLINAGIRL69 9 MIRAGE727
12/7/17 10:33 A
One day at a time! HDM05 7 MIRAGE727
12/7/17 10:32 A
If you can see it in your mind, you can be it! JSTETSER 12 LIS193
12/8/17 11:38 A
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 12 YELLOW09RED
12/7/17 12:57 P
Keeps me going. OKIE728 23 JAZZPUPPY
12/7/17 12:58 P
38 miles to go until I have reached my 2017 goal of 1000 running miles! Any guesses of when I will c SKEMERICH 30 AIYANASMAMA
12/7/17 3:48 P
Posted a photo DRAMAQUEEN926 51 MARYM1962
12/7/17 11:03 A
341->300, and size 52->42 jeans, since mid-May. 24 days early to the 300lb. goal. Now I buy a bike DASH__LOM 111 CHRISTOPHER63
12/7/17 6:38 P
Tracking my meal at a time, one step at a time. I will get there! MARIE_MCINTOSH 11 MPLSKEN
12/6/17 1:54 P
Negative 1 degree outside and feels like 200 degrees in this cardio workout. Not letting the cold ke SADIEMYERS 22 F5-FURY
12/9/17 7:46 P
I had a great annual gyn appointment this morning! Despite still being very overweight, my doctor i ERICAANN44 4 JAZZPUPPY
12/7/17 12:34 A
30 Days of Yoga - Day 9 - Full Potential Detox Practice LIS193 2 MIRAGE727
12/6/17 12:06 P
Yesterday, I tracked all my calories and got my 6 water bottles of water in. It was the 1st time in CATERPILLAR-JEN 7 MIRAGE727
12/6/17 12:06 P
Coworkers invited me to go to Golden Corral at lunch for a little Christmas get-together. Eek! My SUGIRL06 6 NANCYANNE55
12/6/17 5:45 P
Though this weekend we have a huge event (party) and up until then my life will be chaos, I am looki CAH-RD 3 MIRAGE727
12/6/17 12:01 P
I have a new gym that I joined, well it's not really new but I haven't gone in the past year so yeah DANYGIRL40 15 DANYGIRL40
12/6/17 2:54 P
9th day of fighting the beast and today was tricky. We had a birthday invitation. I managed to avoid IREMIA 4 MIRAGE727
12/6/17 11:57 A
Having a good day today! Feeling positive that I can do this. I'm not gonna lie I've had those tho ZUMBAENTHUSIAST 4 ROBINVOTAW
12/6/17 12:55 P
12/7/17 12:28 A
Walking a runway doesn't do anything for me but anyone running or working out... #truth MIRAGE727 3 MADEINBRITAIN
12/7/17 3:45 A
Yeah! Strength Training...aka Lifting weights, will make you bulky!!! Tell my client "Little Debbi TRAINERTRISH 15 BUTTERFLY59
12/6/17 1:20 P
Proud of myself for finding the fitness room and putting in 20 min of running before today's session GRATTECIELLA 29 BEACHTIME9
12/8/17 11:54 A
Hit my goal today!! 68 lbs! Dropped my last rock i MOMS3KIDS 287 NOCALORIES
12/6/17 10:21 P
Christmas shopping Sat AM, annual cousin Christmas party in the PM, 3 hours of sleep, a 5K in 35ish- KELLIEBEAN 18 MIRAGE727
12/5/17 11:14 A
After a 2 month plateau, the scale finally budged today. I won't count it official until it's 2 week MAGLITE7 4 MIRAGE727
12/5/17 11:12 A
Last warm weather probably for the year. Took advantage of a balmy evening for a short Christmas run KELLIEBEAN 3 MIRAGE727
12/5/17 11:11 A
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 11 MIRAGE727
12/5/17 11:11 A
nice run out along the coast path this morning #metmygoal RAWCOOKIE 5 BETRHO48
12/6/17 9:38 P
12/5/17 11:43 A
#shred10 day 2 of the 10 day shred off to a good start ELLENGRAY54 16 CHRISTOPHER63
12/5/17 7:54 P
Trying not to lose sight of my goals during this holiday season! JPATENAUDE1215 24 RODRIGUEZ41508
12/5/17 12:38 P
Pool is closed for maintenance, guess what I ended up doing? ENGINEERMOM 15 BLONDWUNN
12/5/17 12:31 P
Oatmeal in a cup this morning along with two boile TXSUNSHINE512 7 BLONDWUNN
12/5/17 12:30 P
I'm below my 5% for the weight loss challenges as of this morning, in 2 teams I'm in. Needed to lose IAMVICKIB 42 BETRHO48
12/6/17 9:37 P
Down another 3.2 lbs. So happy! Total since October 10th is 18.5. Goal right now is to be under 220 APUCHUCHU2 133 APUCHUCHU2
12/5/17 10:15 P
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 259 12/05 - 12/13/2017 MIRAGE727 5 KERRYG155
12/6/17 8:23 P
Daily Check In LIVE2RUN4LIFE 15514 SEABREEZE68
12/9/17 10:10 A
I am proud of how much I have achieved and hope to keep going with my progress. I can do it and ever DHARRIS200 25 MAGGIEMAY2013
12/4/17 11:27 A
I set two new goals today. My first is to do the 28 day swimsuit boot camp. I will have it completed STATSCAT 7 POSEY440
12/4/17 9:49 A
To new beginnings 🎉 CAROLINAGIRL69 45 ALLYLIZZY
12/4/17 3:43 P
Been in a major slump. Continued to make good food choices and to walk 4 to 5 miles a day in spite o TDUPLESIS1 22 TDUPLESIS1
12/4/17 1:59 P
New to SparkPeople! Trying to break the 200's by New Years! Wish me luck! 2018NEWME 47 SYLBA61
12/4/17 10:55 A
Finally reached my goal weight! 15lbs down! Now the hardest part... Maintaining it! #Kickingplateaub LALAP1012 90 SPARKLINGME176
12/4/17 8:05 P
putting on a push to get 5 lbs off by Xmas! LEANJEAN6 154 MCJULIEO
12/5/17 10:15 P
My son decided to decorate my cat. Lol!!! And my cat seems like he doesn't mind at all...Lol!!! AMYMBUNCH 10 BLONDWUNN
12/3/17 8:04 P
Twenty-first wedding anniversary flow with my man, my husband, the love of my life, and dad to my ch SUMMARAH 161 JBLESSER
12/4/17 11:36 A
I need to do better. Had a binge all week-end. I will pay for it all week. Just one of those things. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 15 PATRICIA-CR
12/4/17 8:42 P
FINALLY hit 80 lbs lost. 245 lbs down to 165 so far. 😊 GOLDIEFOXX 229 SOLEMAN10
12/4/17 9:01 P
Down over 20 lbs and several inches. Still more training to do, but thankful for a changed mindset! TEACHYKEEN08 28 AGEE1944
12/3/17 10:58 P
Happy Advent DLR 6 NIKKINIKKI136
12/3/17 9:25 P
I didn’t realize the difference until I did this post. I still have a way to go but I love how I fee MBW822 142 MRSJEFFL
12/8/17 9:55 P
My weight is making me depressed. I’ve worked so hard to lose 50 lbs. but now I’ve gained almost 10 KATIEJADIE16 6 FRISKYCRITTER
12/3/17 7:11 A
Rainy day + 4 hours of wrapping! Now I need the tree! Im focusing on holiday activities this year, n KMCGR3 10 MYTIMEOK
12/2/17 10:03 P
Posted a photo ELF41978 69 SKCASON
12/3/17 11:41 A
My nutrition coach has these blobs of simulated fat all around the office like ornaments. 4.8 lbs e LORINADANCER 18 LORINADANCER
12/3/17 11:45 A
Hope everyone is doing well!! So no "planned " exercise today- but between cleaning the house, swe KENNYBARBIE12 9 SHARON97124
12/2/17 11:01 P
Now that I know this works, I'm sharing. Here is the best (and last) exercise equipment I have ever LORINADANCER 9 LORINADANCER
12/3/17 11:40 A