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Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 10 MIRAGE727
8/20/17 10:04 P
Im glad im loosing weight. But I get so discouraged when I see pictures of me or look in the mirror AMYMBUNCH 11 KIMBER196848
8/21/17 3:08 P
40 DOWN! I'm going strong 5 months in! I've had lots of food battles this month, but I'm not ready t TML267 165 MIRAGE727
8/20/17 9:57 P
Dinner- Summer squash croquettes! So yummy and under 80 calories each. I ate three for dinner, along AUGUSTAGLOOP 16 MCJULIEO
8/21/17 10:31 A
Made some garlic mesquite bb kale chips! Everyone in the house likes them! SAMMEB17 9 MIRAGE727
8/20/17 9:52 P
Supper tonight! #deliciousdailymoment All that's missing is coffee, but I had 32 oz this morning at GET2BEFIT 4 GET2BEFIT
8/20/17 9:55 P
So today I officially start..."Trying to". Trying to make better choices, trying to get healthier an MDLB777 5 TEAGIRL49
8/21/17 12:46 A
Getting serious about hydration and hoping for clearer skin with this smoothie. Blueberries, waterme SMURFS 4 MIRAGE727
8/20/17 9:47 P
#deliciousdailymoment I hope these taste as good as they look. Parmesan eggplant slices. KNITTINGKITTY 15 PILLARPOINT
8/20/17 10:44 P
My journey so far...13 months. Top left now, bottom bottom right start. RAYMOSSISTER 6 MIRAGE727
8/20/17 9:42 P
for a sitting exercise the 11 minute cardio is hard. i have done it twice to day and i am feeling it MCATLEDGE 4 KKRAVIG1975
8/21/17 3:39 A
Ran my first ever 5k race today!!! What an amazing experience to smash a goal I never dreamt I'd re FREEANGEL3 63 LASTDIET2017
8/21/17 2:01 A
I have worked very hard since starting with my first tracker ! Look how far I've come ! Woo Hoo SILVAS7 17 SILVAS7
8/21/17 9:37 A
Rid of 40 lbs. And not stopping there CKEENER33 19 KEEPITSIMPLE_
8/21/17 10:30 A
Tonight's 🍽Dinner: Eggplant🍆 and Artichoke sauce, Green beans, Gralic bread🥖.. simple but good SHANAF2001 14 IJRYAN
8/20/17 9:55 P
Sculpt yoga kicked my butt CDS427 10 SRIVERS1
8/20/17 10:14 P
Ready for the work week :) breakfast sandwiches an B13852 43 PRAIRIECROCUS
8/21/17 12:05 A
Did not look like this at all after my 16 Mile Training Run! The Sun & Humidity came hard in those l MIRAGE727 12 MADEINBRITAIN
8/21/17 7:04 A
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 247 08/19 - 08/27/2017 MIRAGE727 6 CHRISBRYAN
8/19/17 11:25 P
Our Virtual Water Station! (Daily Venting!) MIRAGE727 1958 MIRAGE727
8/19/17 3:06 P
Make It Cout💪💯 1 hour cardio and 45 min weight t GYMLYF_RJONES 13 GYMLYF_RJONES
8/19/17 3:24 P
That moment you realize that you dropped 6 pant sizes in 6 weeks. Go Me! My #deliciousdailymoment 172042 6 CFITZ1
8/19/17 9:12 P
Alright , dang you guys have me feeling guilty . You people are Looking good and losing. Fine ,I'll BLACKLEATHER45 3 MIRAGE727
8/19/17 2:24 P
Newby: Been through a lot these past few years an CHERRYBLOSSOMOM 15 TWEETYBIRD43
8/19/17 4:12 P
Been living my new low Carb lifestyle for almost 2 weeks and I'm down 11 pounds so far. Sure hope it JAEHAWK0318 5 SPARTANJAI
8/19/17 2:32 P
I have never posted pics of me like this. The thought of them being out there makes me cringe. But I DARLING73 15 PWILLOW1
8/19/17 6:49 P
It takes time but determination helps. DARLING73 21 KINDGIRL56
8/19/17 2:53 P
The view on my 10 mile run this morning. I am glad I found this group for encouragement. Keep it up LORIE 55 SPALOMO49
8/19/17 2:28 P
Warming up after my morning swim. Winter will be harder than usual this year! MARTINURSE 3 MIRAGE727
8/19/17 2:12 P
What songs get you motivated? I need some new playlist music! Here is a favorite of mine #adiffrentk ECOLLINS117 4 ADRIENALINE
8/19/17 2:13 P
Posted a photo DERRICK1971 13 AK19611
8/19/17 2:34 P
Lentil soup, braised catfish, cherries -- happy tastebuds, happy waistline! LKMANNING7 17 CONSTANCE067
8/19/17 3:04 P
Sweating it away today, with my daughter. 1mile, 20 minutes, during lunch hour in Florida. Enjoying RCANDEEYUM79 6 BRIARGAL
8/19/17 2:15 P
Came back from the doc yesterday and it seems I was in worst shape then I thought. My scale is off b N42542 198 SKANTRA
8/19/17 5:56 P
Just joined this today, I've never been this over weight in my life, but after a terrible first marr GROOMGIRL2780 62 MYBABYDOLLY
8/19/17 8:55 P
WOO! At my lowest weight ever on Sparkpeople. I joined in 2007 at 184 and got down to 181 before com MISSDORKNESS 189 BJAEGER307
8/20/17 6:31 P
Time to wake up that mojo!! RACING4ME 355 CSTREAM
8/19/17 11:01 A
Pumpkin season has arrived!! LWADE1963 20 JULIEA7201
8/19/17 7:44 A
Enjoyed nice brisk walk on a beautiful path ... while the weather is so nice .....:)   2BDYNAMIC 57 FAITHP44
8/20/17 3:44 P
Interesting what losing 20% of your body weight (44 lb) does to your face. My eyes look so much bigg MAGLITE7 17 MIRAGE727
8/18/17 11:18 A
Ready to blend 💪🏻 CHIO01267 9 JANTHEBLONDE
8/18/17 12:16 P
Posted a photo ALMALIBRE93 14 4METHISTYME
8/18/17 1:31 P
Posted a photo KISSITCAKE 56 MIRAGE727
8/18/17 11:15 A
Looks like my workout buddy needed a break. SOUTHTXXRNNR 7 CHRISTINEBWD
8/18/17 11:52 A
Veggie omlete and hot sauce DOINITNOTGONNAS 12 4METHISTYME
8/18/17 1:31 P
I am 27 and weigh 160 pounds. I am 5,5. I have gained 30 pounds within a few years that is putting a K55834 15 K55834
8/18/17 10:56 P
TODAY is the day I start counting calories again! OUTSIDEJOJO 94 _LINDA
8/18/17 2:12 P
Was going to go for a walk with my dog yesterday and had a visitor trying to get to my bird feeder � NISSANGIRL 118 MARINEMAMA
8/19/17 6:34 P
Yesterday's discouragement is defeated by today's surprise: broke a decade mark that has eluded me f LKMANNING7 166 DANICONNOLLY
8/18/17 8:24 P
SparkWheel GOLF-BOWL Round 246 08/10 - 08/18/2017 MIRAGE727 6 MIRAGE727
8/18/17 10:49 A
#SmileToday Just talked to my grandson visiting his Father's side of the family in FL, he said he " PROVING_IT 6 I-AM-TITANIUM
8/18/17 6:38 A
Plateau busted! 31 lbs gone and counting... YAY!! ANDREWMOM 13 ROBINFITZWATER_
8/17/17 12:04 P
Its 57 degrees headed to 89 NEPTUNE1939 4 MIRAGE727
8/17/17 11:34 A
I am back on sparkpeople after a few years. Since JENN090513 10 MIRAGE727
8/17/17 11:31 A
I had to learn to quit standing in my own way. It was and continues to be a tough thing to do. TIFFANYCH12 17 MIRAGE727
8/17/17 11:29 A
Posted a photo KINDGIRL56 16 MIRAGE727
8/17/17 11:28 A
Good Morning! ☀️ ☕️ 💗 SARASMILING 13 MIRAGE727
8/17/17 11:27 A
Choice: Maintaining WINTERFLOWER 17 MIRAGE727
8/17/17 11:26 A
Food for thought.... RHOOK20047 11 MBPP50
8/18/17 6:43 A
Ton of spinach, freshly ground flax seed, strawberry, blueberry & banana... is what's for breakfast! HERNEENEE 19 MIRAGE727
8/17/17 11:23 A
Wow! I shrunk! DIANEPAG 162 ROCKRS
8/17/17 3:54 P
Good morning, I am somewhat new to sparkpeople. I have struggled with weight for the last 15 years. CHRISENDRAROSS 261 CHRISENDRAROSS
8/17/17 5:52 P
Vegan turkey sandwich carrots and blueberries lunchtime DOINITNOTGONNAS 15 SASHASMOM1122
8/16/17 3:44 P
"If you are trying to push a rock down a path, the hardest part is getting it to move. After it star BLESSED2BEME 11 EJOY-EVELYN
8/19/17 12:12 A
32 pounds gone and feeling more motivated than ever to keep it up and reach my next goal! PINKMUSTARD21 55 MIGHTYMAGSTER1
8/16/17 1:38 P
I got this for my office door. A few times a day I DANICONNOLLY 20 JOANNEJI
8/17/17 8:37 A
#bestmedicine CAROLINAGIRL69 7 MIRAGE727
8/16/17 1:12 P
Daily reminder ... to stretch and get out in the fresh Air .... have a good day all ...:) 2BDYNAMIC 27 AQUAGIRL08
8/19/17 8:25 A
Phew! What a day I've had. My community center is now giving the pickleballers 3 hours in the gymnas DRINKALOTH2O 15 AQUAGIRL08
8/19/17 8:24 A
Swimming early at the beach #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 19 GRACED777
8/17/17 5:06 A
Ready for my swim! #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 25 GRACED777
8/17/17 5:05 A
This photo is from last year when I was at my lowest weight since 1980 (high school). Over the past DRAGYN5 22 DRAGYN5
8/17/17 11:54 A
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 5 MIRAGE727
8/15/17 9:49 A
8/16/17 5:31 A
My breakfast this morning consists of a mug of hot tea and a peanut butter sandwich on white bread. AUNTRENEE 3 MIRAGE727
8/15/17 9:40 A