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12/12/17 1:27 P
New Members... .Introduce Here HOMEBODY4EVER 331 DEBSZOO74
12/10/17 2:46 A
So I was trying out new vitamins to help me sleep better. Have had no nap after dialysis today. (I DIALYSISCHIC1 12 DIALYSISCHIC1
12/8/17 9:43 A
A positive thought for today MISSPEACHES3 35 SPEDED2
12/8/17 10:19 P
12/12/17 10:46 A
Chair dancing to music that puts a smile on my face. George Benson -"Lady Love Me (One More Time)" G MISSPEACHES3 5 SPEDED2
12/1/17 9:35 P
I ate almost a whole bag of hot fries today -_- Gosh. KZLENKA93 4 LASTDIET2017
11/27/17 1:47 A
I haven't been doing well at all. I haven't been tracking my food. I've been making wrong choices BJKISAMORE 7 BANEWLAND
11/27/17 4:36 A
Some encouragement for us. MISSPEACHES3 19 SPEDED2
11/27/17 11:22 P
I have been chair dancing to music from You Tube. Music cheers me up. MISSPEACHES3 9 SPEDED2
11/25/17 10:25 P
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 21 LOISLEL
11/26/17 1:18 P
My blessing for today was being able to talk to my sister on the phone. She is out of ICU. Her speec MISSPEACHES3 7 SPEDED2
11/24/17 7:20 P
Especially on a cold and rainy day! SISSYFEB48 12 KATHYJO56
11/22/17 12:16 A
11/23/17 6:34 P
Lunch with my brother today and a school friend that took this picture. Sent this to my sister's hus MISSPEACHES3 8 SPEDED2
11/21/17 7:51 P
11/18/17 11:56 P
11/18/17 11:55 P
Please continue to pray for my sister (Sara). She had knee replacement Monday, a stroke on Wednesday MISSPEACHES3 32 SPEDED2
11/19/17 10:05 P
I cant find my motivation :( FROGFACE7 3 MISSPEACHES3
11/15/17 1:06 P
Please be in prayer for my sister (Sara). She had knee replacement Monday and now they think she has MISSPEACHES3 26 TUBLADY
11/16/17 8:25 A
This is a big deal for me. I have not put up any kind of Christmas decorations in at least 5+ years. MISSPEACHES3 18 SPEDED2
11/15/17 8:38 P
Good morning... anyone else having Achilles tendon problems or possible pain as a result of microdis APUCHUCHU2 4 GOODFELINE
11/13/17 12:05 P
Hello! I just joined this weekend and I am starting today. I’m going to the gym this morning for the ASHLEYW2323 5 GOODFELINE
11/13/17 12:03 P
Good morning all. Spent the night sick with diarrhea and throwing up. 🤢Feeling better now but afrai FLUDDERBYE 3 MISSPEACHES3
11/13/17 8:28 A
Week #1 down 3 lbs. #progressmade BRITTNY818HAIR 101 AMING4ACES
11/13/17 2:34 P
Pulled a little muscle in my inner thigh during my leg workout this morning. A few modifications we NANCYANNE55 4 EO4WELLNESS
11/13/17 2:57 P
I am not a patient person. I am always hoping this weight (that I want gone) would just jump off. I MISSPEACHES3 6 ZOOMTHOM
11/15/17 1:25 A
I didn’t start my journey until July but here is a picture from last Christmas and a picture from to JMSKREDE 252 PWILLOW1
11/13/17 8:44 P
A month ago I embarked on a road trip with my Yorkie , Titan , a few things packed in my van on a 40 TUBLADY 23 JAMER123
11/12/17 11:35 P
A little humor for our Friday MISSPEACHES3 14 SPEDED2
11/10/17 11:25 P
Posted a photo BOOHOOBEAR 5 XME501
11/7/17 11:23 A
On a recent visit with a friend (she had stomach stapled years back) she confessed she had gained a MISSPEACHES3 4 SPEDED2
11/7/17 9:36 P
Feeling very encouraged. I normally am so busy that time set aside to exercise is usually not a pri ELEE76 18 CONSISTENTFAITH
11/3/17 5:42 P
Stayed the same again this week. The steroids are making losing very difficult. I am however encou PAMBROWN62 34 JANCARD
11/9/17 8:47 A
Anyone else? LAZYBONES07 19 COOLEY135
11/3/17 10:50 P
My good friend and I at breakfast this morning, I miss her so much since she moved away. I am on the MISSPEACHES3 11 ZRIE014
11/3/17 10:15 P
Stagnant. ....stuck..... PAMELA811 7 FRISKYCRITTER
10/30/17 7:30 A
Now that I have a taste of victory, [ 2.4 lbs] since last Monday, I want this to be in fast lose mod MISSPEACHES3 6 SPEDED2
10/28/17 12:29 P
Old habits never die. Darn it..... Even though I have problems with my stomach lately (taking med), MISSPEACHES3 6 SPEDED2
10/27/17 8:55 P
On a positive note :o)) MISSPEACHES3 11 4CONNIESHEALTH
10/12/17 11:48 A
Some motivation for all of us. MISSPEACHES3 6 4CONNIESHEALTH
10/5/17 2:35 P
New razor back shirt, completely out of my comfort zone arms exposed 4x tshirt RISEUPMARY30 30 QSHEPP
10/3/17 7:25 A
Hi y'all! This is my first time posting so I'm little nervous... I'm super unmotivated to work out a EMILLY0920 13 STAR135000
10/2/17 11:37 P
These are my 2 wonderful boys! I am happy to be their mom they keep me on my toes for sure. Any advi DARKANGEL963 10 WORKOUTWITHPAM
10/2/17 11:37 P
I'm in New Jersey, USA How far reaching is this post?❔☺ POGIRL17 245 CAJUNBUCKEYE59
10/3/17 7:11 P
I have been eating a lot lately. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. I am going to try again to be th CCVERMONT 125 PBVHCCVH
10/1/17 5:18 P
Oh no I bent over to pick something up and pulled my back out. I'm in pain. Been trading hard for th DEBSANKS 20 QSHEPP
10/1/17 5:59 P
How I am feeling lately. DGIGGLES3 14 ITSAPROCESS
10/1/17 9:08 A
New fitbit, new shirt, new month and new goals. Let's make the last 3 months great 😃🏃‍♀️💪! ANGFAR 18 ANGFAR
10/2/17 5:25 P
Posted a photo SOFLOKITTY 7 INSPIRED26
10/1/17 11:18 A
After several months of stress and emotional eating, I bit the bullet and got on the scale this morn RUNNINGGRRL 17 INSPIRED26
10/1/17 11:13 A
Some encouragement for us. MISSPEACHES3 14 4CONNIESHEALTH
9/30/17 9:22 P
I really need to buy a scale.... SHESACOUNTRYSWE 7 KILLINGIT1
9/30/17 10:39 A
Today I am starting. Today is the day I make this a permanent lifestyle..I had to readjust from the MGRANT584 76 AIYANASMAMA
9/28/17 12:24 P
It has been a busy week for my was in hospital with heart problems. One si MISSPEACHES3 6 SPEDED2
9/28/17 7:54 P
Being on a tight budget for me means no fresh fruit or veggies by the end of the month. MRSBKM 8 SYLBA61
9/26/17 10:54 A
I had a bad yesterday! I had my first behind the w KINYA4571 6 STR458II
9/26/17 10:57 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 NASFKAB
9/18/17 12:57 A
Stress eating Saturday. I WAS (past tense) making progress, then the hurricane came and my second bi MISSPEACHES3 6 SPEDED2
9/17/17 7:17 P
I had another biopsy Friday (09/15/2017) This time it is on my left arm. Suppose to keep arm elevate MISSPEACHES3 13 4CONNIESHEALTH
9/16/17 11:00 P
Dinner ❤️ PPARKER2214 24 REEDSKI
9/13/17 5:26 A
These storms have gotten me way off track with my food. Hope to be back on track tomorrow. Sad that MISSPEACHES3 5 4CONNIESHEALTH
9/13/17 11:27 A
My efforts have paid off, my weight has dropped a little. I will take any loss. The weather here is MISSPEACHES3 5 SPEDED2
9/11/17 7:32 P
Today I have started my journey to a newer me. I suppose one day at a time . Any personal motivation TANYACLARKE87 3 PHOUSE99
9/11/17 8:42 A
9/11/17 8:56 A
Anxiously awaiting this hurricane to pass through. Nerves shot. Praying a lot. I am in Georgia. MISSPEACHES3 7 4CONNIESHEALTH
9/11/17 11:24 A
I'm the little dot on the West coast with all the traffic back ups on the roads. We are staying put! PATTI7177 96 COWLEEN1
9/8/17 5:58 A
Could not sleep, awake till 4 am. Did laundry. Just in case I have to evacuate. Hope not. Praying fo MISSPEACHES3 8 SPEDED2
9/8/17 11:55 A
Comment where you're from and the state you live in now. I was born and raised in California, and ha ALLYLIZZY 37 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
9/17/17 12:51 A
I didn't get overweight overnight and I won't get to my goals overnight either. BILL986489 5 CONNIET88
9/6/17 8:25 A
I had a little faux pas={mistake, blunder} today. To the tune of +370 not so good calories. I am not MISSPEACHES3 13 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
9/6/17 5:15 P
Last word for the day... RHOOK20047 12 GOULDSGRANITE
9/5/17 5:24 P
I don't get it... I have cut out sweets and junk food... I am not snacking between meals and I am ea MISSPEACHES3 9 TUBLADY
9/5/17 11:35 A
Wow, this is much harder than I thought.....No junk food in the house. I went to the store today.... MISSPEACHES3 14 WENDYM29
9/2/17 4:31 A
My brother stopped by today as I was starting to fix my lunch. We ate one packet of tuna mixed with MISSPEACHES3 4 LKEITHO
8/31/17 9:33 P