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As of this morning, I'm smaller (@ 249.2 lbs. ) than I've been since Aug. 2012. IAMVICKIB 112 EARTHAKITT
5/30/17 8:40 P
Today's lunch HNK00 17 LETTIE2691
5/5/17 6:10 P
My first attempt at a healthy salad!! BOSSHULK 14 HOOSIERMOM33
5/5/17 6:08 P
5 grain 🌾 with jerk chicken 🍗 . Side Salad 🥗 wi ANNAROCKS79 9 FITME2017
5/5/17 6:01 P
Currently at 238 pounds. The heaviest I've ever been. Hopefully I can change that. EUDORRA 15 TIBURONA
5/5/17 7:12 P
New glasses...down 6 lbs n was able to zip up this hoodie that was not able to do last fall. See lo LILYSMAM2017 26 LILYSMAM2017
5/5/17 6:44 P
May not look good but this is a sweet potato salad I made for dinner prep and its giving me life! It FITSISTA79 12 PRYTANIAS
5/4/17 9:52 P
Too busy to cook. Dont wanna cook! Not a totally u MMWUSA 11 EVILCECIL
5/5/17 7:14 A
Want to save articles from my challenges, don't do pinterest to pin it is,, I think? Don't know how MMWUSA 4 MMWUSA
5/4/17 3:27 P
I'm looking for a new music app to listen to on treadmill. Was using Spotify but recent changes are CATERPILLAR-JEN 8 MMWUSA
5/4/17 9:11 A
What are you looking forward to? GBOOMER 9002 SISTERPRETTY
7/24/17 1:56 P
What are your "must have" grocery items! PDLSTMPR1 115 KRYS210
6/1/17 3:16 P
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 92990 FISHGUT3
7/24/17 3:00 P
Lunch: 1 can of tuna, 2 tbsp of mayo, 2 small campari tomatoes, 1 big romaine lettuce leave SUPERJESS1 6 MMWUSA
5/3/17 12:36 P
I like posting food pics. Here is today's lunch. 450 cals. HOOSIERMOM33 8 MMWUSA
5/3/17 12:35 P
Text my hubby I didnt want to go for a walk or eat healthy cause I'm all in my feeling but he just t ITSTARTSNOW82 18 MZB2U190
5/3/17 1:58 P
I lost my first 5lbs! HUNTINGTHEGAME 102 SPARTANJAI
5/4/17 8:09 P
Today and every day. SPARKPEOPLE 11 EO4WELLNESS
5/3/17 4:48 P
Wonderful Wednesday! Happy breakfasting! Apple and cinnamon oatmeal with fruit and greek yogurt. 280 HOOSIERMOM33 10 JOHNMARTINMILES
5/3/17 9:19 A
Not thrilled with weather forecast chance of rain everyday. Not going to complain though after seei LJBOWSER1 3 MMWUSA
5/3/17 9:03 A
Aack! Poison ivy in my backyard and I'm supposed to host a slip n slide party for my Neices birthday SSMITH762 9 SSMITH762
5/3/17 10:21 A
Still on track. Day 1 of week 3. Million plus time! Something is different this time. I feel very ce KJONES966 2 MMWUSA
5/3/17 9:01 A
Good morning! It's day 2 for me and so far I'm really liking this app! Just wanted to say hi and goo RIVERRAT79 4 STRONGERLEANER
5/3/17 9:19 A
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 8388 SWIMANDWALK
7/24/17 12:47 P
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 64411 SWIMANDWALK
7/24/17 12:50 P
Wrist circumference and body frame size? MELISSAFTS 489 JAPIOW
7/24/17 3:49 P
Do you mind when people ask your age? BARBZUMBA 312 HAWKTHREE
7/24/17 3:33 P
What is the last thing you ate? ELAINOVA 11531 FISHGUT3
7/24/17 3:01 P
Finally nice enough for a 4 mile walk! Have to take them while we can in ND! LDYBUG76 10 WHITEANGEL4
5/2/17 10:00 P
Just trying to become bite at a time! AMANDABOND0113 14 AMANDABOND0113
5/6/17 7:59 P
Really need help on This weightloss journey . I'm. DONNA4117 2 MMWUSA
5/2/17 9:41 P
Rainy day. Paperwork for business workday. Shopped local CSA for veggies this weekend to buy what we MMWUSA 12 COMEBACKKID12
5/2/17 11:40 P
259.8 was the weight i posted 4 days ago. This morning's weigh in!!!!! I'm loving this app and th MISHKA1212 139 I_ROBOT
5/2/17 3:31 P
I'm feeling very hurt and disappointed right now. The only thing I want to do is hide and eat someth TIMEBANDETGIRL 3 MMWUSA
5/1/17 8:15 P
Best fitness news update for me: I was able to do the "ropes" in class at the gym where before this CWALKER216 2 MMWUSA
5/1/17 8:13 P
So tonight's dinner was supposed to be a chili cov SEAOFCARNAGE 7 SEAOFCARNAGE
5/1/17 9:21 P
Home made, low carb, butter chicken with riced cauliflower. It was great and I didn't miss the rice MARZBARZ1 20 BOLEBRON
5/1/17 8:48 P
120 lbs down in 16 months last 30 are killing me. Still loosing size, not wieght. Crazy. BCIMBAT- 145 CHANGINGEMMY
5/2/17 6:59 A
Feeling fantastic today. I went to try on dresses for a wedding this weekend. And I found out I'm a DOLLIPS 99 TCANNO
5/2/17 3:56 A
21 pounds down but I still have a ways to go! Feeling motivated! ZENYAW 306 I-AM-TITANIUM
5/2/17 11:53 P
did you exercise today??...if yes..WHAT did you do BIGPOPPAPUFF 22812 CMRKSU12
7/24/17 4:20 P
What do you do with your grey hairs? EOWYN2424 1159 MIZKAREN
6/23/17 9:54 A
Did you walk today? RICK1947 116962 EABL81
7/24/17 2:52 P
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 17650 SWIMANDWALK
7/24/17 12:46 P
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 6371 BOB5148
7/24/17 1:27 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 138444 GORDONED
7/24/17 3:01 P
Poll: Today I feel.. LIANNALIANNA 51922 GORDONED
7/24/17 3:55 P
I need to up my workouts Mon through Thursday and walk on the days I don't do a workout I can and wi CHRISTINA332017 7 BABY_GIRL69
5/1/17 12:19 P
After 8 weeks of strict dieting, 1 cheat day, 3 weeks of being stuck at a plateau.... I have offici JENNAE93 11 DOWNVIRGINIA8
4/30/17 10:49 A
Posted a photo SCHECK5 9 MMWUSA
4/30/17 10:45 A
A Beautiful Day XGEMINIX 10 MMWUSA
4/30/17 10:44 A
That moment when you finally fit into l/xl clothes instead of just plus sizes. It's like a whole new CAITIEHALL94 4 MARZBARZ1
4/30/17 11:15 A
1@ 1/2 cup of liquid eggwhites 6 chips hint of lime chips 380 calories TOMBENAVIDEZ 10 LEEWORD
4/30/17 11:47 A
Good Sunday morning!!! Jessica Smith video on you tube for 21 mins 255 cals burned 2400 steps... wor MIMIGEE2 42 I_ROBOT
4/30/17 2:16 P
Woke up this morning and decided enough was enough! Pushing the reset button, I can do this. HEAVYSUGARDROPS 237 SQUEEGEE
5/1/17 11:28 A
I have lost 73 1/2 pounds … the most I have ever, ever lost. I moved into a new temporary neighborho MTN_KITTEN 220 JEANKNEE
5/1/17 11:15 P
Last Vegetable(s) Eaten? GODSCHILD2_2011 352 HOTPINKCAMARO49
7/21/17 12:07 A
7/24/17 3:57 P
3 Letter Words RAYNAC3 20746 RAYNAC3
7/24/17 8:24 A
Frustrated and ready to give up. I worked my butt off this week and the scale moved the wrong way. MISSCNJ 51 WHOIAM3
4/30/17 11:31 P
A nice glass of water and fresh mint after a long walk. KYOCAT 8 BANANASLOUIE7
4/29/17 12:58 P
Breakfast = kale, ham, egg, sprinkle of mozzarella cheese. MISSCNJ 9 DCWILLIAMS831
4/29/17 1:42 P
Went shopping in my closet for something to wear to a banquet tonight. Size 14 skirt that I could n SUESMITH73 48 NVRGIVINGUP
7/13/17 11:53 A
I made carrot salad: shredded carrots, crushed pineapple, raisins, and Hellman's Mayo. Really good GREEN-EYED-LADY 13 KATHYJO56
4/30/17 12:19 A
Today, I reached my weight loss goal 🙌🏻 I starte ECONNELL14 124 I_ROBOT
4/29/17 6:36 P
Woohoo! Scale finally budged for the first time in weeks. I KNOW that if I keep measuring and loggin MISSDORKNESS 166 THISISFORME143
4/30/17 9:06 P
Five weeks ago I began my journey. I haven't lost much in pounds but I feel better. These photos are I34121 303 I34121
4/29/17 8:14 P
I have always been the "chubby" girl , and I have a hard time seeing what everyone else sees. But I' LISACERON 191 RANDOM00B
4/28/17 9:55 P
After 4 weeks of consistent losing, I've hit what I call the pause point. I know it's not the end o ANGIEMCMOMMY 4 MMWUSA
4/28/17 8:18 A
Happy friday! Hope everyone has a great and healthy day! SARAHNRICKY1 3 MMWUSA
4/28/17 8:18 A
Was 311 pounds in January now im 261 MICHELLET8828 10 BJMS502RUTH
4/28/17 8:58 A
I logged less than 1000 steps yesterday. But I have 37 miles to run over the next 3 days...that mak ZORBS13 4 WANNACANHAVEIT
4/29/17 12:33 P
Can u access groups from this app? RAWN13 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
4/28/17 8:27 A
Yesterday I started training for my backpacking trip on Isle Royale by strapping 36 pounds of water QUETZALGIRL 3 RAINYN2004
4/28/17 8:36 A
So glad I reach my last and final scale goal of 125. Now to continue the journey of staying fit and BECCA_62283 8 MRSBKM
4/28/17 8:43 A

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