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Hello, I just started this thing yesterday and man I did not realize how much I eat in a day! I didn LIZARD2319 3 KOFFEENUT
3/24/17 11:39 A
3/24/17 3:59 P
It's a long road but I like walking. SCAMPBELL57 19 TIME4ME2017
3/24/17 12:16 P
Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 1SANDRA2BFIT 3 IAMAGEMLOVER
3/24/17 3:20 P
Morning peoples! I am new to this site. Got to get the lbs off, it's almost summer time; ) CASEELLIS1 6 CASEELLIS1
3/24/17 11:01 A
Made it through dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse (all you can eat) with out overeating! I ate everyt BJK1961 9 JAMIEHTR
3/24/17 1:03 P
Hi everyone! First time user here. I'm hoping this will help me keep up with my weight loss and keep JAZZMEISTER 14 JULIENSMITH
3/24/17 11:25 A
Lol,so that explains the weight gain......Mom!! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 8 GIGI800
3/24/17 11:17 A
I'm new. Looking to loose weight! 👍 downloaded this app and am looking to be healthy. RAEEPOTATO 14 PAULAJEAN59
3/24/17 12:54 P
The first week is always the hardest. Here's to day 4, self-control, dedication, and positivity. RHONDADAWES 43 MEFATAGAIN
3/24/17 4:01 P
First week, and have seen great progress!! TNTSMOMIE 16 SUNBLISSITY80
3/24/17 12:17 P
A strong positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug. ~Patricia Neal BLOGILATES_GIRL 2 MNABOY
3/24/17 10:32 A
I am looking forward to the Spring showers this weekend - I hope everyone else enjoys their weekend! GOODFELINE 3 RAPUNZEL53
3/24/17 10:37 A
~What's Cookin' Tonight?~ STACYH73 948 MNABOY
3/24/17 12:15 A
How did I do on tracking my food yesterday? MNABOY 192 MNABOY
3/24/17 12:14 A
Come on, let's chat! NUTNFANCY3 1760 MNABOY
3/24/17 12:13 A
Log in points + bonus spin NUTINFANCY 1783 MNABOY
3/24/17 12:13 A
1 - Information & Exercise Plan CERIUSLY 50 TIPHI1228
3/24/17 2:47 P
Got new Fitbit charge 2 to get healthy SONYAM1978 13 LUKEFUNDERBURK
3/23/17 11:49 A
I went to the gym again last night after work. I jogged for 10 minutes straight! I've never done t DESIRAELUTTRULL 4 MAGLITE7
3/23/17 12:14 P
Posted a goal NANASUEH 2 MNABOY
3/23/17 11:23 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 4 JUDY1676
3/23/17 1:09 P
I'm dog sitting and just gained 5 pounds...of dog hair! Wouldn't change a thing This dog is a an an BJK1961 11 SPARTANJAI
3/23/17 12:41 P
Hoping to loose another 5 pounds by next month! C41931 3 MNABOY
3/23/17 11:21 A
Posted a photo KOOKI140 10 MRSBODIFORD
3/23/17 12:22 P
Thursday news: 30 push ups and 9 minutes of planks! Plus 45 minutes of cardio...always do your cardi BGOEBEL2 7 SMILE4M3
3/23/17 11:33 A
jumped on the treadmill put on the noticer by andy andrews and when i looked down i already burned 3 JIFFYPOP413 4 LUKEFUNDERBURK
3/23/17 11:54 A
3/23/17 11:18 A
My list of no's for the day... RHOOK20047 12 CHRIS3874
3/23/17 7:16 P
30 minute big burn - leslie sansone walk this way SWEDE_SU 5 DS9KIE
3/23/17 9:50 P
3/23/17 11:13 A
Let's Celebrate!! Birthdays & Anniversaries FRANCIE-N-BELLA 7 MNABOY
3/23/17 11:10 A
Third morning in a row for coffee squats WALKIN4JEANIE 7 MNABOY
3/22/17 10:56 P
Good -- but not great -- sleep last night (got home late from an event). Should be good enough for SPARKGUY 20 QSHEPP
3/24/17 8:02 A
Weather chat NUTNFANCY 1359 MNABOY
3/22/17 10:53 P
What were your FREGGIES (Fruits/ Veggies) Today? FRANCIE-N-BELLA 589 MNABOY
3/22/17 10:53 P
Daily chit chat SLIMDENNIS 3276 JACK714
3/24/17 6:32 A
3/22/17 10:49 P
Quick exercise in the sunshine this morning -- balance board and pushups. SPARKGUY 11 JUNETTA2002
3/24/17 8:36 A
I have to say that yoga on the porch after a long faculty meeting is the perfect end to a stressful WALKIN4JEANIE 5 TIGERSPEECH
3/23/17 6:58 A
Glad it is warmer so that I can get my walking outside. RHOOK20047 4 CHRIS3874
3/23/17 7:19 P
My lenten message of the day: RHOOK20047 10 CHRIS3874
3/23/17 7:17 P
Any Team is Great! KALISWALKER 19 SONIA8338
3/23/17 10:09 P
Share North East Arkansas EGRAMMY 229 MNABOY
3/22/17 12:38 A
okay I just started this site today. my weight is currently 274 lbs. I need to lose 124 lbs by may 2 COOPER2323 267 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/22/17 5:53 A
I was running late today, but I went down and did my cycling workout until time to make dinner. Tha WALKIN4JEANIE 4 MNABOY
3/21/17 10:56 A
My dinner. 2 oz. Barilla spaghetti, grape tomatoes, onion, zucchini and seasonings, with Kraft parme TWEDEE777 12 MNABOY
3/21/17 10:55 A
Passed up on the donuts at work this mroning. RHOOK20047 10 CHRIS3874
3/21/17 10:03 P
I needed to hear this today, as I have had a day wondering why I am putting myself through this... RHOOK20047 17 DREAMERMS
3/22/17 2:45 P
Lenten message of the day... RHOOK20047 5 DREAMERMS
3/22/17 2:46 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a short hike. How about you? -- chris/sparkguy SPARKGUY 107 HICKOK-HALEY
3/21/17 5:27 P
Some food for thoght.... RHOOK20047 15 CHRIS3874
3/21/17 10:04 P
Did you have a good Sunday? My highlight today was exercise bike, then sprints, then stretching. H SPARKGUY 40 FITFORLIFE4EVER
3/20/17 5:33 P
But remember we are not on a DIET we are on a Lifestyle change! RHOOK20047 4 CHRIS3874
3/19/17 7:49 P
Lenten message of the day! RHOOK20047 7 MNABOY
3/19/17 12:19 P
My goal this week is to get at least 90 minutes of exercise. Hopefully, that means I will get to do WALKIN4JEANIE 2 MNABOY
3/19/17 12:19 P
Posted a photo WALKIN4JEANIE 21 GRLTAZ
3/20/17 10:06 A
slept LATE - until 4 a.m.; not much time for the morning workout but still took 20 min for leslie sa SWEDE_SU 5 DS9KIE
3/20/17 7:42 P
Good sleep last night. Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you both have fun and reach your goals toda SPARKGUY 14 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/19/17 4:48 A
Good sleep last night. Have a great Friday reaching goals, everyone! SPARKGUY 17 MNABOY
3/18/17 6:59 P
Love being able to work out in the morning! How long until school is out for the summer? WALKIN4JEANIE 6 MNABOY
3/18/17 6:59 P
I need to remember this more often. RHOOK20047 11 CHRIS3874
3/19/17 7:50 P
I posted this on my locker at work and I now have 4 walking lunch buddies! RHOOK20047 16 CHRIS3874
3/19/17 7:50 P
Today's motivation RHOOK20047 8 CHRIS3874
3/19/17 7:50 P
Good sleep last night means energy to get a bunch accomplished today. How about you? SPARKGUY 19 MNABOY
3/17/17 11:27 A
Basketball with my son -- he won again 20-17 this time. SPARKGUY 8 MNABOY
3/17/17 11:26 A
My message for today! RHOOK20047 7 MNABOY
3/17/17 11:26 A
I really miss the Team Bonus Points MONAKIN314 6 PATADI
3/18/17 4:37 P
Free energy -- listened to motivational song in the morning. Have a great day reaching goals, every SPARKGUY 12 RAINBOWMF
3/18/17 8:30 P
Just did a Facebook live video about the reasons behind tracking goals to this feed if you'd like to SPARKGUY 23 JEANKNEE
3/19/17 5:57 P
My inspiration for today! RHOOK20047 13 MNABOY
3/16/17 12:32 A
wondering how this is different from the friend feed... at least figured out that people i follow ca SWEDE_SU 9 DMILLER33
3/18/17 10:12 A
Wednesday of the 2nd week of Lent RHOOK20047 5 MNABOY
3/16/17 12:30 A
Stuck inside yesterday with blizzard and still got over 15,000 steps dancing around the house and do MARTHA324 10 ARRO-YO
3/16/17 2:12 P
Posted a photo HELEN_BRU 6 MNABOY
3/16/17 12:29 A

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