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Share North East Arkansas EGRAMMY 233 MNABOY
5/26/17 12:03 A
Get a 0 give a Goodie MNABOY 156 MNABOY
5/25/17 11:19 P
What were your FREGGIES (Fruits/ Veggies) Today? FRANCIE-N-BELLA 626 MNABOY
5/25/17 11:17 P
Log in points + bonus spin NUTINFANCY 1824 MNABOY
5/25/17 11:16 P
~What's Cookin' Tonight?~ STACYH73 990 MNABOY
5/25/17 11:15 P
How did I do on tracking my food yesterday? MNABOY 231 MNABOY
5/25/17 11:15 P
Come on, let's chat! NUTNFANCY3 1809 MNABOY
5/25/17 11:14 P
Weather chat NUTNFANCY 1387 MNABOY
5/25/17 11:14 P
Daily chit chat SLIMDENNIS 3384 JACK714
5/26/17 7:07 A
This is how I feel about doing planks! RSCHWARTZ2 17 WINTERFLOWER
5/26/17 6:53 A
I'm down 24.4 lbs since April 10th. I didn't think I looked any different until I compared before an BREASH491 31 LALATIDAH
5/25/17 1:34 P
Good Morning! Today's breakfast fruit smoothie, PB&J Sandwich and green tea πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰ KARLIITA13 6 CHRISTINEBWD
5/25/17 11:49 A
Awesome thing happened at the gym today. This woma MAGLITE7 32 COLLEGEMOM23
5/25/17 3:03 P
After bringing my husband home from physical therapy, I took advantage of the first sunshine in days WALKIN4JEANIE 41 GARDENCHRIS
5/26/17 7:27 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 107 REGILIEH
5/25/17 4:48 P
Omg I'm out of the 230's (barely) but thank God!! I started out weighing 254 March 7th!! I said good SHARA03 136 GORDONED
5/25/17 11:18 P
2 weeks ago I could only tie a bow on the side of my right shoe. Today I noticed that I was able to TRACY1168 115 FISHGUT3
5/25/17 3:54 P
5/25/17 2:11 P
I hit my 40lbs down milestone today!!! Feeling AMAZING!!! :D :D :D MADMANSMAMA87 171 STARGAZ3R
5/25/17 6:05 P
First time in a long time under 200. Yay!πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ🏻 SYDNEYBREW 302 PROVERBS4SEVEN
5/25/17 6:01 P
The perfect pie chart! I ❀️ the SP nutrition tracker and nutrition report. It helps me plan the per KEATON753 14 PAULAJEAN59
5/24/17 3:56 P
5/24/17 10:07 P
...I'm 2lbs away from hitting my 40lb weight loss milestone!! I'm so glad that I decided to reset my MADMANSMAMA87 34 MADMANSMAMA87
5/24/17 7:26 P
Posted a photo LALAP1012 30 IAN2409
5/25/17 7:15 A
Good Mornig Everyone!!!! Starting this day with a little bit of humor πŸ˜‚ hope everyone has a blessed LIZZ0902 115 DELFEL129
5/24/17 1:02 P
5/24/17 3:19 P
This is my visual of showing how many pounds to lose. I haven't lost any today since I'm starting my NEWME1025 218 RENEEHUG
5/24/17 6:32 P
Down 53lbs in 3 months. WOOHOO! Finally feeling like I'm accomplishing something. SPARKE77 266 GORDONED
5/24/17 6:04 P
Woo-hoo!! First goal met of 15 pds. Starting the next. Thanks everyone for sharing and caringπŸ˜„ KINDGIRL56 187 SCOTTDEAN
5/24/17 2:25 P
So I've been on the search for good simple soup, the only store around me is Wal-Mart so of course t BEXTERS1 24 BEXTERS1
5/23/17 1:39 P
253 cal breakfast 😁 SHALEESUN 7 LCM797
5/23/17 12:07 P
It feels good to see the difference I have made in THEJACKIEDEAN12 90 FITWITHIN
5/25/17 5:49 A
Weigh in day!! Woo!! Lost exactly 30 pounds in 9 w DOLLIPS 112 AURORA91
5/23/17 5:59 P
For the first time ever, I jogged the entire trail 4 times around with only very few stops. Im impro ERIKAM1027 67 MERRILYLIFE
5/23/17 4:12 P
Got fitted for a bridesmaid dress and felt discouraged, everyone else was a size 4 and size 6. And h BEXTERS1 136 BEXTERS1
5/24/17 8:02 A
Good morning Ya'll! ANGELIADEANNE 153 GRACED777
5/23/17 6:07 P
Ahh! I haven't seen the 180s in over eight years!! Almost 30 lb down! MAGLITE7 251 MIRAGE727
5/25/17 6:34 A
I did not want to put a photo of myself online......i have been ashamed. yesterday was week one of MOHNEY2 301 JANMA17
5/23/17 8:32 P
Say it in five words MNABOY 41 KATIE3908
5/25/17 9:55 A
Words for the Team MNABOY 703 KATIE3908
5/25/17 9:54 A
Have a great, motivational Monday! MIRANDAMASON603 10 MIRANDAMASON603
5/22/17 1:57 P
I only lost 1lb but hey I'll take it 😁 KARLIITA13 16 JHEATH2054
5/22/17 12:23 P
Still a little thicker than I'd like to be, but I'm gettin' somewhere! (Please forgive the sideways NANCYANNE55 16 MDOWER1
5/22/17 4:18 P
Fresh from our greenhouse LUCKYCRIM1231 13 KAGE5209
5/22/17 12:49 P
March 27 and today May 22 8 weeks difference and in the first picture I was a month into the new lif PHOXYM 306 GOLFGMA
5/23/17 7:06 A
Almost 2 months. Proper water intake. Healthy foods and a 30 min workout a day. I should be at my go I34121 60 GORDONED
5/22/17 4:37 P
Happy Monday everyone! Got this week started with a great workout with my hubby at 5am! Wooohoo! MISCH42 104 MSLOUIE3
5/22/17 2:35 P
Happy Monday indeed!!!! SUMWITCH 185 TIBURONA
5/22/17 4:37 P
5/22/17 11:46 A
Posted a photo MISHKA1212 5 MUSICNUT
5/22/17 12:16 A
Killing it again today.... kinda proud of myself. SARAH_ARAUJO 11 LWLAR7
5/22/17 1:03 A
Dinner tonight: zoodles with cauliflower 'alfredo' sauce, chicken, and broccoli :) I had reservation GIRL*IN*MOTION 28 EO4WELLNESS
5/24/17 6:26 A
Preparing my day for tomorrow! Failing to plan is planning to fail! I am ready to get shiz done! LUCKEE40 8 RUSSELLFORD
5/22/17 12:58 A
End of January I was at 260 lbs. I decided I need CAPTAIN1503 166 YMWONG22
5/22/17 6:00 A
I graduated today! Got my associates degree! I'm so proud of myself taking care of my health and edu SHERILEEJOHNSON 93 SHERILEEJOHNSON
5/22/17 5:14 P
5/22/17 2:22 A
Hello Sparkers, I'm new to the group and hoping to lose quite a bit of weight. I currently weigh 2 LBARROW05 263 MARYJOANNA
5/22/17 5:10 A
Changes in my life I noticed today. MNABOY 1 MNABOY
5/21/17 11:25 P
Vegetable I ate today MNABOY 222 MNABOY
5/21/17 11:16 P
I am feeling very discourages after getting on the scale this morning. All the medications I have be KACEYSW 5 EO4WELLNESS
5/21/17 11:03 A
Tonight was pool night with my best friend. Him and I had such a good time...unfortunately 880 of th ANNIM80 5 MNABOY
5/20/17 10:44 P
I'm proud of myself, we went out to eat and I had a skillet dinner at Denny's that was only around 7 KRISKAY1962 3 CJS1MOMMY
5/20/17 10:46 P
This is day 26. I wish I had done a picture at day 1. I'm a work in progress and I deserve it. AKUSHNIROFF 41 F39834
5/21/17 2:45 A
It was down pouring by the end and I had to walk a fair bit due to post gall bladder removal pain, b TIFFA409 41 LORINTY
5/20/17 11:06 P
Started on tuesday and have dropped 10 lbs!!!... Its hard but I'm pushing!!! SHEZSDOPE 10 CJS1MOMMY
5/20/17 10:45 P
My fish tank in my bedroom. Super calming and makes for the best sleeping.. MBLANKFORD 9 MNABOY
5/20/17 10:41 P
Posted a photo LAURENPAYNE1978 8 WHITEANGEL4
5/20/17 11:22 P
Posted a photo SPEDED2 18 4CONNIESHEALTH
5/21/17 6:41 P
A delicious curry of leftovers to end the day! #butterchicken #workedoutextrahardforthis METAGODDESS 5 METAGODDESS
5/21/17 11:14 A
Hoping to drop a few pounds and get healthy in the process. Day 1 EMMY_E 23 KOHINOOR2
5/20/17 11:12 P
Long day at work. Still made myself finish the day off with a short walk to get my steps in. MISHKA1212 11 KOHINOOR2
5/20/17 11:09 P
I stayed under my calories today! Proud of myself. Sweet! MOMOF2B1G2 24 NASFKAB
5/21/17 12:17 A
Mental reminder RHOOK20047 11 MBPP50
5/21/17 4:01 A
Motivation moment RHOOK20047 18 TIME4ME2017
5/21/17 7:52 A
The view on this morning's walk in Malaga, Spain, where I live. This is taken from the center of to TIGERSEYEHEART 57 CFITZ1
5/19/17 9:09 P

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