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How did I do on tracking my food yesterday? MNABOY 208 MNABOY
4/25/17 11:50 P
What were your FREGGIES (Fruits/ Veggies) Today? FRANCIE-N-BELLA 605 MNABOY
4/25/17 11:50 P
~What's Cookin' Tonight?~ STACYH73 964 MNABOY
4/25/17 11:49 P
Log in points + bonus spin NUTINFANCY 1799 MNABOY
4/25/17 11:49 P
Come on, let's chat! NUTNFANCY3 1782 MNABOY
4/25/17 11:48 P
Daily chit chat SLIMDENNIS 3330 JACK714
4/26/17 5:05 A
#motivation #truth MIRANDAMASON603 7 MMEQUEEN
4/25/17 10:28 A
My life. I've gain basically half of what I lost two years ago. I'm stressed. When I'm stressed, I e JENN53888 4 WEGENERCS
4/25/17 10:20 A
What a beautiful ending to a terrific run! Have a great day! 5 glorious miles and one minute of refl SOUTHTXXRNNR 13 TIME4ME2017
4/25/17 10:42 A
4/25/17 10:22 A
Ran the Atlantic City April Fool's 7K this weekend! SUGIRL06 10 MATTHEWP14
4/25/17 11:12 A
Deep....really made me think. We all have the power to change no matter what life throws at us!! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 12 RITA1956
4/25/17 10:25 P
I have been dancing to fitness Marshall if you like to dance and burn major calories check him out o C22435 8 BURGETT8
4/25/17 1:09 P
Yesterday, I hit the track and accomplished a mile walk. I intended to do more but wasn't able to br EPIDEMICDREAMS 12 EPIDEMICDREAMS
4/25/17 1:35 P
In 18 months I've gone from 180 lbs to 145 lbs! I walk better, feel better and look better! Love thi YKOEHLER 55 RLUNYOU
4/25/17 2:03 P
My visitor this cool morning here in Florida. Looks like it's going to be a lovely day. What are y GREEN-EYED-LADY 8 GADGETCC
4/25/17 10:29 A
25 down ..bye bye 200 club...Thank you Spark AY1790 129 GIGI5556
4/25/17 3:40 P
30 pounds down in 6 months. Slowly coming off. VBRATON 119 GIGI5556
4/25/17 3:35 P
Posted a photo XOAMANDADAWN 305 PDXLOR
4/25/17 9:10 P
Today is the mark of me using sparkpeople for 1 year and following all the way through. On this day LTRINH9 306 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
4/25/17 3:38 P
Express your day using an emoticon! FELKINS 768 KATIE3908
4/25/17 11:16 A
Say it in five words MNABOY 27 KATIE3908
4/25/17 11:13 A
vegetables, have you eaten any today? MNABOY 526 KATIE3908
4/25/17 11:14 A
Words for the Team MNABOY 689 KATIE3908
4/25/17 11:15 A
Happenings Around Town BRIDGIEEE 280 MNABOY
4/24/17 11:41 P
My current journey started in January, when I was even heavier than the pic from September. But I ju MAGLITE7 27 MECHONE
4/25/17 1:04 A
Results are in for last week's Fitbit tracking. Had a few lazy days but overall I did good. LASHARINK 16 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/25/17 9:53 A
Feeling good about the challenges faced today! PENNIEB42 12 RENATA144
4/24/17 8:57 P
Posted a photo MICHELE134 13 RAZZOOZLE
4/24/17 9:47 P
I've come a long way and have longer to go than I want to admit but I'm getting there! Every workout PURKEY01 18 DELHSI
4/24/17 11:11 P
A new hairdo always makes me feel more motivated and pretty! BRITTINEYCHEA 46 CHERIRIDDELL
4/25/17 12:57 A
I love finding funny post on Pinterest! MELTEA43 57 SUSANSKI
4/25/17 10:34 P
Did you have a good Monday? Let's all reach a bunch of goals this week together! My highlight today SPARKGUY 102 FOXBAY99
4/25/17 10:45 P
Lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks feel good. Yes we can!!! AMP102104 177 AV75241
4/25/17 1:32 A
My dinner...soup and salad, across the table hubby has hot wings and stuffed meat pizza. This makes CANDIGIRL029 25 APACHESTEVE
4/23/17 9:35 P
Weightloss tips for a foodie who loves sweets? (Also very out of shape.) SARAHANGELS 7 AUGUSTAGLOOP
4/24/17 6:07 A
4/23/17 9:27 P
I have a couple of things to share with you. I am now 22 pounds lighter as of January 9th of this ye SHASTA1991 36 MYTIMEOK
4/23/17 10:23 P
Dinner -300 calories...Lentil soup w/ham ,carrots ,celery ,onion & lots of garlic along w/12 grain b STARFISH1961 23 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/23/17 9:35 P
Starting reading bible today, praying and getting focused. Thankful for all God has given me! Gettin JUSTSTICKWITHIT 23 EVILCECIL
4/24/17 7:23 A
72lbs down! I still enjoy eating, I now love working out (through dancing mainly), and I'm more comf BORN2DANCE4GOD 103 LIVINGCREATIVE
4/24/17 5:14 A
Lost 18 pounds!!!! I can't believe it. I have a long way to go but I'm feeling more motivated ☺ KNORRIS_924 42 KNORRIS_924
4/24/17 6:29 P
Almost 100lbs down YOUGOTTHISJESS 259 EOWYN2424
4/24/17 1:17 A
Put on this outfit today after not wearing it for THEJACKIEDEAN12 214 MOUCHE
4/24/17 11:46 A
Get a 0 give a Goodie MNABOY 106 KATIE3908
4/24/17 12:04 P
Hubby's 70th birthday. I ate lots, but kept with my calories by stepping 12,000+ today! Yay! Good da GMAM48 6 1CRAZYDOG
4/22/17 10:33 A
β€œThe environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of NANHBH 11 ROCKYCPA
4/22/17 6:51 P
Funny sunny Saturday! KRISUA 2 MNABOY
4/22/17 3:28 A
Busy day POSEY440 4 JANET552
4/22/17 6:46 A
Getting there J86316 17 SUZIESWEAZEY
4/22/17 5:24 A
Hi I just want to ask if all the exercises can burn fat MICHELE134 3 LIVINGCREATIVE
4/22/17 3:30 A
Posted a photo KRISUA 14 COOKIEHUNTER06
4/22/17 6:43 A
Posted a photo KRISUA 19 JANET552
4/22/17 6:45 A
85 pounds lost over all PASSIEL 112 MSGLENDA65
4/22/17 11:22 A
Posted a photo D44932 13 CINDY247
4/22/17 6:34 A
4/22/17 7:02 A
Weather chat NUTNFANCY 1371 MNABOY
4/21/17 11:51 P
Hi...did my 3 mile walk this afternoon,Detroit River Walk,it was cold and breezy !! Well worth the l STARFISH1961 11 F7LINDA
4/22/17 11:59 A
Posted a photo MELTEA43 10 TOMATOCAFEGAL
4/21/17 8:46 P
This is the cucumber salad that I made. Cucumber/3Tbsp apple cider vinegar/1tsp Stevia/dash of Salt/ CHUNKS2PIECES 10 MMEQUEEN
4/25/17 10:33 A
Posted a photo REBECKYECKY 4 ALICIA214
4/21/17 9:36 P
I am curious as to how many carbs I should eat. I looked out up online and I also track with a ket TDABRONZO6 7 TDABRONZO6
4/23/17 10:46 P
Getting closer to 130..About 171 now MONZILLA724 6 STARGAZ3R
4/21/17 9:10 P
One of my favorite snacks- whole wheat toast with almond butter and banana with a hint of honey BELIEVER1025 10 JUSTINEVB1961
4/21/17 10:27 P
Since I had my daughter I am the biggest I've ever been at 280 and it's not helping my confidence at RILEYSMAMA0808 120 NANCYANND55
4/21/17 10:58 P
Started at 240, the picture on the left is at 207, the right is at 115 JGENOVA7 152 NANCYANND55
4/21/17 10:55 P
Tgif.. & we made it!!! Have to work sat but only half a day... $$$$$ Then home to get to riding. SKEETER1984 12 HMBROWN1
4/22/17 9:57 A
Todays Lunch πŸ’ͺπŸ€ Grilled Chicken Lettuce Wraps +L VAL0JEDA 5 MNABOY
4/20/17 8:30 P
Posted a photo BECCA_62283 8 GRANDMABABA
4/20/17 9:37 P
The top of this long hill is the halfway point of my favorite 2 mile walking route. It's been my goa JUDY1260 16 KOHLRABIGIRL
4/21/17 1:53 A
Doing it right for me, hopefully for the last time. Would love to stay on the good track on headed HAVING_HOPE 4 GRANDMABABA
4/20/17 9:36 P
When I am at the gym I try and go put of my comfort zone and try things I may not have before. WELL. STAYSTRONG86 12 STAYSTRONG86
4/20/17 9:14 P
My walking partner is enjoying his new well deserved bone. ANGELIADEANNE 8 GRANDMABABA
4/20/17 9:34 P
Yesterday I felt sick, so we took a rest day. I made up for it with an extra long walk, and we will LINDZZ3 11 GRANDMABABA
4/20/17 9:35 P
Dinner, salmon patties made with out oil or flour in my non stick copper pan with a romain and spina MOUCHE 2 MNABOY
4/20/17 8:25 P

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