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Ok so I have loss three of the two I am trying to lose weight this month but I don't see any differe PHATTYGURL80 14 BRIAN3618
1/19/17 11:13 P
Feeling defeated. Weighed myself today, only to find out I gained 2lbs in the last week. I've been b STACYB924 26 MTORRES86
1/20/17 12:36 A
Im really struggling with letting vo of sweets brownies coomiss candy bars any advice? Something i c TNOESGES 9 MOMTOMONKEYS2
1/19/17 10:52 P
Does anybody know how to make the ap stopping adding my calories burned to how many I have left to e LOLAPALOOZAH 14 OKGOATGAL
1/19/17 11:39 P
Question of the Day SBEAR5 78 BLESSED2BEME
1/19/17 6:38 P
1/19/17 6:52 P
1/19/17 7:37 P
1/19/17 8:48 P
167.4!!!! Finally broke the 168 after a month and a half!!! MAMABEARLORI 20 BLUEISIS002
1/19/17 9:06 A
When you are too sick to eat regularly, what do you go for? My protien shakes are too sweet and I ca KENZIEALISEB 13 MOMTOMONKEYS2
1/19/17 8:30 A
I'm 53 and need to lose 130lbs. I know exercise is key but joint pain slaps me back into my chair to FFAITHEEPP 62 333108
1/19/17 11:37 P
1/18/17 10:16 A
1/15/17 8:13 P
I need to stay on track and get healthy for myself PINKKITKAT6988 5 MOMTOMONKEYS2
1/14/17 9:47 P
Hi, newbie here. Doing the Keto diet and I'm craving a sweet snack. Need ideas on what to eat. #fir BRENDARV 2 MOMTOMONKEYS2
1/14/17 9:45 P
#friendfinder I am a 54 year old Man ,that again is up against 49 extra pounds. Help please LSCHAEFER21 7 CINDY247
1/17/17 6:26 P
Fit on Friday BUDGETMAW 11 JEANNE229
1/13/17 7:03 P
Can someone help me how is it on average it only eat like 700 calories a day but i eat 6 times a day F93091 19 MHANSEN-M
1/13/17 11:10 A
1/12/17 3:12 P
Wading on Wednesday BUDGETMAW 17 CAROLSMOM1
1/12/17 3:17 P
Looking for #lowcarb and #keto people here to add to enhance my spark people experience...tired of i ANUNGRAINEDLIFE 16 POLDHAM3
1/15/17 11:13 A
I binged again. I'll eat real healthy for a week and then I just gorge on unhealthy food. Any progre SILKYPAJAMAS 15 ELENIELENI
1/11/17 8:42 A
Starting the day with coffee. My weakness, extra sugar. Gonna try to cut back. JONGAMEBIN 8 FATMUMRUN
1/10/17 12:38 P
What are suggestions on getting more protien without adding fat or carbs? BRENDALYNNET 9 STEPHME1
1/10/17 1:19 P
When eatting egg whites do u separate the egg whites from the eggs or but the egg whites seperate? ANGEL2GOOD31 17 ANGEL2GOOD31
1/10/17 4:35 P
Today I'm coming back to Spark for a last ditch effort to get healthy. I've tried to lose weight 1, NOMOREXCUSES17 7 CHUBBAGRRL
1/10/17 9:22 A
Can we not add weight on this app anymore? #weight #appfeatures JSARMENTO 3 MOMTOMONKEYS2
1/10/17 8:21 A
Hey guys having bit of an issue... After I work out I throw up... I been eating healthier... Is ther KATRINAMALCOM 5 SPARK_COACH_JEN
1/10/17 8:26 A
I lost 8lbs last week, we are now two days into week two and I haven't lost a single lb. What am I d MRSTEAPEA 14 COUNCILMAN1952
1/10/17 9:26 A
#friendfinder I need to find people that are going through the same struggles that I am. Currently u A55903 15 DIABETIK22
1/11/17 5:01 P
1/9/17 4:13 P
Starting my egg diet today! Wish me luck! 😅😊 DD5614 4 MOMTOMONKEYS2
1/9/17 7:42 A
Can you lose weight if you're only exercise is walking long distances? CHRISSYP123 17 TWEDEE777
1/9/17 9:01 A
I just took my blood sugar. It's at 171. First time in MONTHS that it's below 200. #keto #ketodiet # BECCADIANE3782 42 ROMI1984
1/9/17 7:34 P
1/7/17 8:59 A
Currently at 111lbs. I want to gain 20 lbs! #aims WERMYWERT 5 FLOUNDER1323
1/6/17 9:09 A
So my size 16 jeans are super tight. Like all my fat got squished out the top. Not fit to wear in pu ERIN2016 23 WANNACANHAVEIT
1/6/17 10:03 A
Hi I just started my journey 3 days ago. Starting weight 240. Any advice for me? I've never done thi N85897 18 OCTIVIABURRIS
1/6/17 8:27 A
I started a low carb (Adkns type) diet on Monday and have been really strict about sticking to it. I MSMELLEN04 9 ROMI1984
1/5/17 8:20 P
Hello guys. after the holidays I say I put on a total of 3 pounds and I feel like such a failure. I' MSBATTLE30 14 KOKONA
1/15/17 3:19 P
I have 9 pounds to go to reach my long term goal, and the last ten pounds REALLY are the hardest to CROW90 4 MOMTOMONKEYS2
1/5/17 1:21 P
So these first couple of days watching what I eat have been very hard! I feel like I'm hungry still. L62391 9 KIMKM1967
1/5/17 10:20 A
Well, it's been over 2 months. I lost 4.5 lbs, gained 2.5. This is going nowhere. I don't have it in ALBREDA1980 22 ALBREDA1980
1/5/17 10:52 A
#carbs how many carbs are you eating daily. I am trying to stay lower than 150 but I still feel like RERE825 14 OCTIVIABURRIS
1/5/17 8:42 P
New to this app. & @ counting calories. I'm 40, 5'7 & weigh 277. My goal weight is 185 or lower. I h YUMYUM112 27 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/4/17 10:08 P
Win It Wednesday MOMTOMONKEYS2 17 L3ON3TOO
1/4/17 9:25 P
Is there any instant foods (canned, frozen in boxes type) that are actually remotely health to eat? KITTYCATNICOLEE 33 ACERBIC7979
1/12/17 10:13 P
I take a medicine for aggressive outburst that helps me get more sleep.And also take keppra for focu ANGUS1722 6 MOMTOMONKEYS2
1/3/17 8:47 P
Day three and I ate a piece of pineapple upside down cake so sad KEVCOJ 7 MRRYANADAMS70
1/3/17 9:09 P
Had a sugar attack this afternoon.... gave in & now I'm having a sugar crash!!! Sometimes it doesn't DAWN1830 5 MOMTOMONKEYS2
1/3/17 8:42 P
Take it away Tuesday! JENNYWREN93 11 JENNYWREN93
1/3/17 11:59 P
I plan on replacing breakfast with a protein shake but all of these different brands are making my h LADYY_ALI 15 MOMTOMONKEYS2
1/1/17 4:56 P
KETO CHAT - Nov/Dec 2016 -JAMES- 167 1HKNRN
1/2/17 11:49 P
Final Friday...of 2016 MOMTOMONKEYS2 14 L3ON3TOO
12/30/16 10:34 P
#weightloss #Fitbit What scale does everyone use? I have just a basic one, not digital, but noticed SHADOWCHIC12 31 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/12/17 7:30 A
Day 5 and feeling better. I didn't get to the gym yesterday nor did I do any cardioexercise. I did c TZPRESCILLA 4 PROUDMOM04
12/29/16 9:22 A
I am new. But my diet is flavored water 5 calories per bottle and rice cakes 60 calories per cake. S G37072 10 CKLINGSHI
12/29/16 9:38 A
Every night I go to bed thinking that I'm going to do better tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and I just scr DWILK67 25 TIGERSWAN1985
12/28/16 9:15 P
Has anyone in this group been successful in controlling #diabetes with diet alone? AMYPRCHRD 9 JAYISOLDEM2
12/29/16 12:29 A
Wising Up Wednesday BUDGETMAW 17 FIINALEE
12/29/16 1:04 P
I just joined Spark. I'm currently 315 lbs after s AELLIOTT10 28 REGNUR617
12/29/16 7:49 A
Just starting #keto back up. It's the only diet I can stick to and I not feel deprived. I was wonder TIME2LOSE4GD 5 CARTAY25
12/28/16 12:26 A
Hi everyone.... i started this app on december 14th... no exercise at all; but i eat within my range KHALRUUB 16 MOMTOMONKEYS2
12/26/16 12:54 P
Hi. My brother has bullied me into doing keto with NMF982 9 KENK667
12/25/16 4:14 P
Wiped out Wednesday BUDGETMAW 11 FIINALEE
12/22/16 12:44 A
Late on a Tuesday.... WOUBBIE 7 FIINALEE
12/20/16 11:56 P
Manic Monday BUDGETMAW 10 CALGAL98
12/19/16 10:59 P
Quick question for all the ladies.... do you guys LEXIGENE 11 MISSJAKE
12/18/16 1:29 A
Up to 18 pds lost in 7 weeks! Spoke to both of my Dr's and they are ok with me eating 600 to 900 cal FATSQUIRRELMAMA 15 LOSING2WINIT
12/18/16 12:05 P
If I want a chocolate muffin and it's 230 calories MSBATTLE30 26 7STIGGYMT
12/16/16 11:00 A
12/15/16 11:05 P
What Is Your Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner? MAUITN 6 -JAMES-
12/17/16 8:53 P
Weinachtszeit Wednesday BUDGETMAW 10 MOMTOMONKEYS2
12/14/16 11:01 P
Im new to this just started today with adding ever CBAHRY2016 41 MSMAKEOVER
12/14/16 8:26 P
I am looking for some ideas for foods that are hi CKURCL01 12 SIXLESTER69
12/13/16 5:05 P

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