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Trying to decide about vegetarian, have a diagnosis of Fibrosis in my lungs, but trying to keep hope LYLA_2015 8 TIGGZZZ
6/20/17 1:01 A
I'm so frustrated. Tmr is weigh in n I'm pretty sure I haven't lost again. I don't wanna give up b LILYSMAM2017 15 COMEBACKKID12
6/16/17 12:28 P
Hit a bit of a plateau so I am stepping it up and KELLYRIESE1 11 MOVEITMARY
6/15/17 2:55 P
Haha, just playing with cool filters! FITSISTA79 6 DANICONNOLLY
6/15/17 7:02 P
Mostly, my husband has been supportive, but last night he ate vanilla gelato with fresh peaches righ TAYBAMA 5 TAYBAMA
6/16/17 10:40 A
Not much exercise today, had to get two injections in my intercostal area. Rib 10 and 11. I'm hurtin G53673 6 COMEBACKKID12
6/15/17 4:41 P
I wanted to tell all of you about my biggest motivation/support that I have though this journey. Tha MOODYSHINE 3 MOVEITMARY
6/15/17 12:22 P
Needed a bit of motivation this morning... found the picture on the left from last summer on a frien PHOXYM 304 INCH_BY_INCH
6/18/17 10:09 A
Just finished my daily run with my daughter and one of my 5 dogs... GIGIUS 6 MOVEITMARY
6/15/17 12:21 P
I am new to Sparkpeople. I cannot change my current weight under weight management. Please help. IBHARVEY 3 MOVEITMARY
6/15/17 12:08 P
I just had my 3 and last child. She is now 12 days old and I am ready to start my weight loss journe JAZZY012609 4 BIKE4HEALTH
6/23/17 11:20 P
Didn't feel like I was going to die today! Yay, lol FLIPPY333 2 MOVEITMARY
6/14/17 3:25 P
Hi guys, I need some advice on how to make my vegetable juices taste better. Is there anything that LYNN4HOPE 4 LYNN4HOPE
6/16/17 12:12 A
Had to go to work/school during the summer, lol! Half day and done so not too bad! Starving and nee SMPGALV 8 TERRI1458
6/14/17 3:24 P
"I'm not sweating. That's just my fat crying." COCOSHAKER 2 MOVEITMARY
6/13/17 3:15 P
Lost my first 7 lbs which seemed easy but now I fe ARATHEL 10 CANDY_ANNE
6/13/17 4:46 P
Proceed with caution when consuming artificial sweeteners according to the Reader's Digest (Feb 2017 GREEN-EYED-LADY 6 JIBBIE49
6/9/17 4:21 P
It's been a little over a year since I donated a kidney, I am now able to exercise more frequently. WILSONDRAKE4 4 CINDY4JOY
6/9/17 7:10 P
Ladies...!!! When your time of the month is so awful and leaves you pretty bed ridden, how do you st BRATTYARIEL 6 TRICHARDSON49
6/9/17 4:25 P
How many people are losing weight With a meal replacement ? DIAMOND3172 5 TAIWO
6/9/17 3:53 P
This is me. Today. 1st day on sparks. Want to lose 100 lbs. JOJOCASSIVI 100 FRENCHY73
6/9/17 8:05 P
Welcome to my first day on spark and I am nervous as I will get out . Im weighing in at 189.4 today! NAYAMAH 12 DLD2DLD
6/9/17 5:33 P
I'm making homemade trail mix and starting thinking about raisins vs craisins vs other dried fruit. LCM797 10 MOVEITMARY
6/9/17 3:32 P
I'm 0.8 lbs away from my weight loss goal. Goal 135lbs!❤️ YELIAB21 28 JUST_DEBORAH
6/9/17 5:19 P
Good Friday afternoon. Wishing you all a great day. I had twelve trigger injections in my neck yeste PUCCASHELL 9 MOVEITMARY
6/9/17 3:30 P
Does anyone else feel like their diet has sucked the fun out of life?I don't see food anymore I just LANA_LEE 9 COMEBACKKID12
6/10/17 11:55 P
Food nazi.... anytime you put food close to your face, Goose yells at you and attempts to take it. T MICKEYCLAUS 7 CTYONIT
6/9/17 4:03 P
Hello everyone, This is my 3rd day on the journey. My goal is to loose at least 100lbs. It's not as RONDAMH 9 RONDAMH
6/9/17 4:03 P
Go 10 minutes yesterday walking at hospital (1/4 of a mile) and will do it again today even with sor MARILYNS69 3 EMMACORY
6/10/17 10:24 A
6/9/17 8:06 P
Feeling great met my boss today EMARIOM 20 KBOUGHE1
6/9/17 5:52 P
New Members. ..Please introduce yourselves here. HOMEBODY67 72 MOVEITMARY
6/8/17 6:50 P
Fruit and veggie alphabet DS9KIE 378 SUNNYCALIGIRL
6/22/17 2:26 P
6/8/17 6:39 P
Daily...... Question of The Day ?????? HOMEBODY67 659 SUNNYCALIGIRL
6/13/17 1:43 P
6/8/17 6:19 P
30 Foods You Probably Didn't Know Were Vegan SUNNYCALIGIRL 10 SUNNYCALIGIRL
6/8/17 7:07 P
Met my birthday goal!!! ( my birthday is tomorrow) KAYBRITMOODY 215 INCH_BY_INCH
6/12/17 12:44 P
I'm struggling today. I had to coach one of my employees due to multiple complaints against her. She NEW_ME_IN_2017 5 MANDYP11
6/8/17 8:10 P
6/9/17 11:07 A
Feeling so frustrated... I stress eat and I've been stressed over things that are really not calling LANA_LEE 6 MTN_KITTEN
6/8/17 6:23 P
My goal??? To no longer need my Cpap machine. Today's test results concluded that I no longer have s DAWN1830 20 EO4WELLNESS
6/9/17 6:56 P
Any suggestions for help with bad knees. I want to walk more but knees act up and keep me from it. KBOUGHE 11 HWNHMMBRD
6/8/17 5:52 P
Today marks the day my boyfriend and I change our GRATE_THINGS 7 SOOZIE12
6/9/17 2:06 A
I have only been a member for 2 weeks and can tell a difference. I tracked my food and saw that I wa BBALLLUV 4 XNANNY
6/8/17 2:56 P
I think I am having a hormonal time. I am positive for the most part. I have been working on my weig TANNAMB1 6 MOVEITMARY
6/8/17 2:16 P
My name is Heather! I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow to get a start weight. I'm around 195-200. HEADERSBETTER 20 MDOWER1
6/8/17 2:21 P
So irritated. Went to make my oatmeal and my mug is missing. WTH!!! Did we not learn in school to no KKRAVIG1975 5 KKRAVIG1975
6/9/17 6:49 P
As of Thursday June 1st I am down 108 lbs and it HOLLYWOODCORKER 303 I-AM-TITANIUM
6/9/17 12:36 A
I started logging again on May 24, about two weeks KDH2009 7 SOOZIE12
6/9/17 2:13 A
Well just left a job interview... I looked in the mirror and I felt fat.😕😕😕 TRYB315 7 MOVEITMARY
6/8/17 12:49 P
Posted a photo NOLAVAMP 5 -POOKIE-
6/8/17 12:27 P
I can't believe KFC has a sponsor ad on sparkpeople. That seems a little off base ANDARI26 6 ANDARI26
6/10/17 4:39 P
Posted a photo ANGELA67569 3 HEATHER736
6/8/17 12:48 P
What are some good snacks that are easy to make and eat that are healthy? Im trying to eat more frui LOSETHISFAT32 5 LOSETHISFAT32
6/9/17 12:36 P
Baseball season!!! Don't have time for the gym today and that's ok. My 7 year old all star has a gam MADILYNEVE 3 CIERAPOET
6/8/17 12:12 P
Ready to be creative again. Really want to create this doily called "Star Scallops". I think I cou BJK1961 12 LADYSUISEI
6/9/17 4:28 A
This quinoa dish is way better than the last! Went vegetarian today minus the chicken broth I cooked BORAHDEAU 9 CINDHOLM
6/7/17 7:13 P
My whole planned routine was screwed up today with a realtor visit, so I am bummed that I missed exe MEATSLINGER 5 MEATSLINGER
6/7/17 6:46 P
Good Evening everyone. :) Haven't wore this shirt and skirt in a while. They fit so much better. And DOLLIPS 21 G72812
6/8/17 6:00 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 SABLENESS
6/8/17 10:59 A
Starting to go for walks again. I used to love it. Now, it's just a painful reminder of how far I'v THISISFORME143 5 KBOUGHE
6/7/17 5:45 P
I hate meetings at work where they have goodies, donuts, bagels...ugh! Carbs. I chose the fruit! (An LAURENGRACE24 10 TIBURONA
6/7/17 5:53 P
So funny. MIAMI_LILLY 10 FUNNYFACE101002
6/8/17 8:05 A
I walk so S-L-O-W. My Fitbit told me I was walking a 52 minute mile. Oh well. I'm still walking an MADDIEBSMAMA 8 MOVEITMARY
6/7/17 5:35 P
My morning work out was 400 crunches read my bible and pray the reason for my name is the woman I lo STUPIDHURT 4 STARRA5
6/7/17 5:50 P
Anybody have any diet advice on fat loss. Should I go higher protein low carb? Any advice is appreci DCSPRINGS76 7 DCSPRINGS76
6/7/17 9:32 P
Every morning while my oats cook. BONNIEMARGAY 4 MBPP50
6/8/17 6:29 A
6/7/17 5:08 P
So I was craving popeyes and I went! Usually I'd get a 5 piece mild tender, with a large coke, large NEW_ME_IN_2017 29 MOVEITMARY
6/7/17 2:29 P
Energy snack ideas for after 2pm drag? SHANNON7345 5 SHANNON7345
6/7/17 3:45 P
Sw150. Hevesist 155, CW 149.4 GW 135. BRIEGHANNA1234 2 MOVEITMARY
6/3/17 4:04 P
The only thing that I don't like about this app is that it adds the calories that you burn to your c TCRANE522 4 TCRANE522
6/1/17 10:02 P
Those are my feet. Where the feet go, the body will follow. ❤ Instead of just taking my boy to the p TRACY1168 9 INPRAYER
6/1/17 7:52 P
Ugh help im craving a big ass cheeseburger and fries with a coke 🙄🙄🙄 im tempted RAIDERETTE209 13 RAIDERETTE209
6/1/17 9:36 P

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