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My family is sick of chicken. They like to have a variety of meats and I'm having trouble finding he TRENEA7 11 RO2BENT
2/27/17 6:43 A
I am trying again. I have lost my hope in ever being healthy and fit. I fight depression, ptsd, and IAMOK 20 RILEYHEARTS
3/15/17 1:00 A
im proud of my self lose 3kg this week😊feeling awesome! NEWBEGIN23 11 MRSKJUSTICE
2/27/17 5:32 A
My mantra right now is "stay consistent." MRSKJUSTICE 4 P61763
2/27/17 6:05 A
Heading to Pizza Ranch for my son's birthday in a bit. I have already checked out the menu online an CARTAY25 11 CARTAY25
2/26/17 9:24 P
I just started today! Trying to loose 70 lbs! DEI_SWEAR_BEAR_ 20 KRISTINABRADY
2/26/17 6:00 P
I'm trying to lose two pounds a week. Over the past week I've eaten 900 calories over what I'm suppo MRSKJUSTICE 3 QSHEPP
2/26/17 5:28 P
I hate it when the spark wheel is loaded with only 0 points. MRSKJUSTICE 7 JUDY1260
2/25/17 6:41 A
I tried on my bridesmaids dress that I bought several months ago, and I need to have 4 inches remove MFAGALY 28 MOEPALMER
2/24/17 1:06 P
Is it normal to be feeling hungry after you eat? I am currently cutting half the carbs I usually eat IZZAHRAH 10 S23227
2/25/17 2:28 P
I am so proud of myself its day 4 and my daughter went into the store and bought a large chocolate b GAIL_DEN 27 MRSKJUSTICE
2/23/17 5:27 A
Went shopping the other day. Tried a pair of size 14 jeans on. They were a little big. So happy. I s MAALEX10 67 TFLOYD1969
2/28/17 10:52 P
Woke up early thanks to Kiwake app-- it feels nice to have some leisure time. MRSKJUSTICE 6 RO2BENT
2/23/17 6:48 A
Goodmorning, I hope you have a wonderful day. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 10 IMNERDY2
2/23/17 12:49 P
Starting my exercise career....I am using just treadmill to lose my belly fat...Will it workout? ASHHADKALAM 14 DRINKALOTH2O
2/23/17 7:07 A
I'm laughing because I've done a great job meeting my nutrition goals today, and McDonald's was on t MRSKJUSTICE 2 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/22/17 6:02 P
Finally #10000 steps for today. I really want to make it a habit. JUSTLOCKET 8 JKL219
2/21/17 10:57 P
Finally stayed within my calorie range today!!!! Only a little under 1500!!! I would like to be at 1 LOTUSLADY707 12 MBLANKFORD
2/21/17 10:15 P
My tummy has been hurting all day and I feel gassy. Is that from fiber and protein? MRSKJUSTICE 2 SPARKARINA
2/21/17 10:11 P
Good morning! I joined The Biggest Loser Challenge at work for some extra motivation. MRSKJUSTICE 4 HLANIER4
2/21/17 6:09 A
Day 1, once again. MRSKJUSTICE 7 TWRN45
2/19/17 8:29 A
Is blood pressure 97/71 ok? I'm not sure how to read those numbers. My resting pulse is 85. I'm 30. MRSKJUSTICE 15 TWRN45
2/19/17 9:20 A
I picked up a pair of size 12 jeans today during a thrift store shopping spree. Omg, they actually SSMITH762 438 KANHIOTE
3/8/17 1:40 P
Finding it hard to loose weight after baby and im a fussy eater CHAL88 8 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/19/17 8:13 A
I was able to comfortably wear a shirt I bought in December and could barely squeeze in. #NSV DRYEARY 28 VIVI65
2/19/17 8:25 A
Very proud of myself. Went to Applebee's for supper last night and I stuck with the healthy part of CBULLIS1 15 LISAMARIE2015
2/19/17 8:30 A
Good morning CBASS30 10 LISAMARIE2015
2/19/17 8:30 A
Wanted to go to the gym but this headache has me down for the count! #nothappy #needmygymfix FAERYGIRL33 7 ESMITH65
2/2/17 7:54 P
to anyone who read my post about being scared of the scale.. well after a month of changing my diet V53514 43 BOWMAN0821
2/2/17 8:46 P
Looking for healthy foods to gain weight with any information will be appreciated RONDO1775 5 RONDO1775
2/2/17 7:46 P
I'm feeling much better today than yesterday. How about you? MRSKJUSTICE 4 SWCHKLT
2/2/17 8:21 P
As of today I have lost 100 pounds! #weightloss #100pounds WEISSMC 231 JAYISOLDEM2
2/8/17 12:19 A
I have traded in my lil debbie cakes and candy for pudding and yogurts. Feeling #determined DSW44035 13 MRSKJUSTICE
2/1/17 6:49 P
Down 3.5 pounds today! So happy 😊 HUMMINBIRRRD 26 S29846
2/1/17 8:51 P
Had a wee bit of a setback yesterday but going strong today! MELINDA2234 2 MRSKJUSTICE
2/1/17 6:48 P
How are you all doing? MRSKJUSTICE 1 MRSKJUSTICE
2/1/17 6:48 P
I can't sleep. Work, school, parenting, relationship, financial, and moving stress are all hitting m MRSKJUSTICE 3 SWEETPEA2017
1/31/17 11:23 P
Share your challenge goals SPARK_COACH_JEN 3321 KERRY4614
1/10/18 11:51 A
Anyone use a Fitbit? SUNSHINE084 10 KATRICK528
11/6/15 2:28 P
One thing I love about myself today WINTERPARKS33 56 ROSEPETAL80
8/8/15 6:22 A
11/20/14 12:13 A
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 128722 MLAN613
1/23/18 6:24 A
1/5/14 12:39 P
Say one positive thing about yourself each day... TAZLADYOK 34005 ZRIE014
1/16/18 1:23 A
What Emoticon Are You Today? FIT4BRIT 39229 EDWARDS1411
1/20/18 1:44 P
3 Item To Do List LOSTBETH 8023 KBEHNKE81
1/22/18 8:52 P
Finish this sentence...Today I'm Thankful For.... IWANNABEALOSER 27153 SKEMERICH
1/21/18 9:48 A
Local Get Togethers CATMAN124 446 SILVERYESTERDAY
8/3/15 7:10 A