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The photo quote is from Since 2015, the U.S. government's "Dietary Guidelin MSBOOTCAMP 8 KSTEVERSON
9/21/17 6:00 P
Work day is done, I need a good workout, but I left my gym bag home and it's too much to go home and PHYLLISHODGES23 5 VICKYLYLES
9/21/17 2:58 P
My Misfit quit working today :( CANDYAPPLE15 3 LILGRASSHOPPER
9/20/17 9:44 A
Sept 2017 - U.S. National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) has issued a MAJOR MSBOOTCAMP 7 LRJUSTUS1
9/20/17 10:25 A
And I'm getting the annual summer to fall cold.... Ugh... Not to mention I stood in the pouring rain L25833 13 L25833
9/20/17 11:27 A
35 min run and 10 min Ab Attack with Shaun T #onebodyonelife #treatitright #insanitymax30 LAURAES90 5 MSBOOTCAMP
9/19/17 10:32 P
I had a two lb loss this week and im happy about that...but last 2 days have not been so good. Been CBOND72 24 ALOFA0509
9/20/17 2:54 A
DIABETES?? - Common-sense plus startling money fac MSBOOTCAMP 5 LRJUSTUS1
9/19/17 10:15 P
9/21/17 10:47 A
Test this out beginners. CHKCHNC 10 CHKCHNC
9/19/17 3:38 P
Good Afternoon everyone. I have been trying to g DOLLIPS 48 KILTORE
9/20/17 1:32 A
In high school I was extremely insecure about myself. I wore heavy sweaters in 80+ degree weather, I THEJACKIEDEAN12 305 _LINDA
9/19/17 9:06 P
Tuna melt with fresh broccoli and a side of pickles ๐Ÿ˜ BIGGIRLFEDUP 9 -POOKIE-
9/19/17 8:22 A
I'm doing so good 7pounds in 1 week now today I start hitting the gym I got this yay me I can't beli JANNYAH1 5 JANNYAH1
9/19/17 5:11 P
Anybody know how to use the "PaceDJ" phone app (music for workouts)?? Thanks!! MSBOOTCAMP 2 KYAMI_83
9/18/17 2:33 P
out on the wild West Cornwall coast today - where the landscape is scattered with abandoned tin-mine RAWCOOKIE 30 MAPFARMS
9/15/17 6:12 P
DOWN ONE MORE POUND after about 10 days. Quite a few to go, but am well on the way! -- Excellent bl MSBOOTCAMP 8 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/15/17 12:26 A
9/12/17 8:01 A
Yeah yeah finally out the 40s even if it's not by much Im still winnin๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– HENNYFLOW29 82 YMWONG22
9/12/17 10:45 A
So ready to SWING a kettlebell! #faves #workouts #quickies MSBOOTCAMP 8 GEORGE815
9/6/17 6:46 P
I did not feel like eating healthy at all today. I'm stressed out and cranky. But then I looked at m BSCE00010 14 CHERRYKOOLAID
9/6/17 7:05 P
My goal is to to exercise ๐Ÿ’ช HANANLOVELEGO 5 MSBOOTCAMP
9/6/17 6:03 P
This is the shop where i dropped off a pair if character dance shoes that are at least 25 years old. GGRSPARK 5 SRWYLIE
9/7/17 8:18 A
Love having bags of veggies for lunch... keeps me feeling great at work! BECCAGJ 6 DAWN1830
9/5/17 3:59 P
Anyone any advice on how to cope with monthly sugar cravings? Im finding it a real struggle and if AQUAURA 8 TOBYBIRD
9/5/17 4:07 P
Frightening. Taken me half an hour to FIND this photo on my computer, in an icloud file!! I am shari MSBOOTCAMP 10 IAMAGEMLOVER
9/6/17 9:38 A
After pushing the "update" button how many times (and burning through DATA I have to pay for), and a MSBOOTCAMP 1 MSBOOTCAMP
9/3/17 10:00 P
tonight for supper I had Tyson grilled 4 oz chicken breast strips, 4 oz bob evans all natural mash GET2BEFIT 6 PICKIE98
9/4/17 8:04 A
ALL kinds of problems with "updating" my cellphone. Even Fitbit won't sync. Looks like I have to res MSBOOTCAMP 1 MSBOOTCAMP
9/3/17 9:50 P
Spicy Prawn Aglio Olio for lunch! #cheatday FARAH_SAADULLAH 15 894346
9/3/17 3:50 A
I've gone from 26/28 now to a 14 DWYANNABUTLER7 220 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/3/17 12:10 A
Good morning everybody. I hope you all have a wonderful saturday. XX_LACEE_XX 3 ENGELKUH89
9/2/17 10:15 P
2 Sept. 2017. Rainy and quite chilly here in Washington, DC. Weather seems to have turned on a dime! MSBOOTCAMP 1 MSBOOTCAMP
9/2/17 11:45 A
109 degrees is when you just want to nosh! Don't worry I plan on sharing with my better half! SEAOFCARNAGE 8 YMWONG22
9/2/17 3:48 A
Still going hard! Still trying to reach my goal. Day by day. Step by step! Is not easy but it's wort MANONAMISSION73 71 GYMRATFORLIFE
9/2/17 9:25 A
Hi all! Not feeling so great today :( think Im starting to get the "ketoFlu". Leg cramps and headach LGARAMELLA0226 29 MSBOOTCAMP
9/1/17 1:14 A
Who says low carb has to be salad!!! This little gem..which tastes like McDonald's sausage biscuits BKISSEE1 6 MSBOOTCAMP
9/1/17 1:05 A
Testing ketones through the day/evening. This is a MSBOOTCAMP 6 JAREJIL
9/1/17 10:39 P
Best places for #macro accuracy for #keto WOE I'm stalled at 10 pounds at 4 weeks on #keto. I am MAKINGMELODY79 9 MSBOOTCAMP
9/1/17 12:38 A
Guiltless grilled cheese... Well, semi -guiltless, I don't usually eat so much cheese. But it is #ke KSTEVERSON 14 DEEO12
9/2/17 8:41 P
Reduction mammaplasty: bye-bye to my big boobs ALATONA 6 MSBOOTCAMP
8/31/17 12:47 P
Two pictures same area in Texas!! And we think we have it rough!! I have nothing to whine about!! Pr GPALMER29 24 CONSTANCE067
8/29/17 10:03 P
50 pounds down and just getting started. KCGREEN82 139 PNUGENT24
8/28/17 10:06 P
At the theatre. In a dress I haven't worn in years. We clean up good! GRATTECIELLA 42 LAPPEROO
8/27/17 6:53 P
Down 16 lbs. GRACIE6121 50 JAZZEJR
8/27/17 2:17 A
Loving water. Hard to believe because I was a soda junkie for years. Soda free now! SJOYOUS 18 COMEBACKKID12
8/25/17 11:28 P
Better known as "CARBS," as in "low-carb," "slow-carb," and "very-low-carb."--Here's a concrete remi MSBOOTCAMP 18 MJLUVSANIMALS
8/25/17 7:52 P
First workout since starting #keto. While I am sore since it was the first time I was on my bike in JESSYLOO 3 LRJUSTUS1
8/23/17 1:47 P
The protein mark is always the most difficult for me! Normally my carbs and fats are fine! ๐Ÿ˜‚ JAPANGURL17 13 BLESSEDMIRANDA
8/22/17 1:14 P
Feeling so drained, I am not sure why though, I went to bed early after trying to fall asleep drivin CHRISSYWILSON80 4 ZINGIE825
8/22/17 9:21 A
Almost kettlebell time. After yoga, 5 minutes of kettlebell swings, from free video downloaded from MSBOOTCAMP 2 VICKYLYLES
8/22/17 9:33 A
My fav way to drink water! KMKGIRLIE0528 14 CHKCHNC
8/22/17 10:36 A
Momories... One year ago I was living in England, I miss my friends and my lifestyle there, but the ALMALIBRE93 29 CHKCHNC
8/22/17 10:40 A
Lunch yesterday along with 1/2 sandwich & of course, a piece of 85% dark chocolate. TOSTAYHEALTHY 6 PWILLOW1
8/15/17 10:14 P
8/16/17 8:51 A
8/16/17 8:52 A
One of my favorite meals. Today is day 9 and I'm d TLNEWTON 46 TLNEWTON
8/15/17 7:42 P
Still STUNNED that SparkPeople has a maker of a **processed dessert** to sponsor its community #time MSBOOTCAMP 2 KKRAVIG1975
8/15/17 3:13 P
Who else over 50 going ketogenic (LCHF)? MSBOOTCAMP 3 LUANN_IN_PA
8/16/17 6:10 P
Daily reminder ... to stretch and get out in the fresh Air .... have a good day all ...:) 2BDYNAMIC 27 AQUAGIRL08
8/19/17 8:25 A
Good morning Community! Stop hating yourself for what you aren't! Start loving yourself for who you LOVELY1978 113 SUGARSMOM2
8/15/17 4:06 P
Well I did my stomping today. I didn't get the job. So I signed up for 3 training classes. If they w REDDYOUNG 6 JVANAM
8/11/17 2:33 A
I walked a mile and a half I'm feeling great. NITA_26_NM1 22 YMWONG22
8/5/17 5:42 A
3 more miles. I originally started at 178 lbs. This morning i was at 161 lbs. 21 lbs left to go. ROSA_83090 40 ROSA_83090
8/2/17 9:03 A
I wanted to post something while it's still August 1st where I live. It's a new month, you can set n THEJACKIEDEAN12 15 LKMANNING7
8/2/17 8:15 A
Bananas are rich in potassium which maintains proper heart function and regulated blood pressure als UDDZZY 14 EDWARDS1411
8/2/17 12:46 A
Veggie tacos EJEFFER 7 EJEFFER
8/2/17 10:54 A
Hanging in there with Yvonne at the rehab center. We're trying to make as much fun as we can โ€“ getti COURTENAYE 4 MNABOY
8/2/17 12:33 A
It was very hard to keep from eating a Gigi's cupcake๐Ÿ˜ฉ TBOYD5000 25 TCANNO
8/2/17 4:25 A
Post work out sweat. Yup my hair is drenched! But I've went from 250 to 225 in under 3 months. 45 to TANNERZ 30 TANNERZ
8/2/17 8:52 A
Dang I wore these 2 years ago! KLIPSE 53 MPLSKEN
8/4/17 12:44 A
What's wrong with "food" these days? JUSTEATREALFOOD 103 LIVELYGIRL2
9/17/17 9:55 P
Beautiful and perfectly symmetrical succulent on my walk today. Also, I am trying walking barefoot t GRATTECIELLA 21 LIVEDAILY
7/27/17 9:04 P
Turned down homemade Chicago cheese & caramel popcorn at work! FITFORME17 5 MSBOOTCAMP
7/26/17 6:14 P
My goal ia to be at 135. I am at 165. I know i can do it. ROSA_83090 35 SYLBA61
7/26/17 7:46 P