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What's wrong with "food" these days? JUSTEATREALFOOD 47 MSBOOTCAMP
7/27/17 11:43 P
Beautiful and perfectly symmetrical succulent on my walk today. Also, I am trying walking barefoot t GRATTECIELLA 21 LIVEDAILY
7/27/17 9:04 P
Turned down homemade Chicago cheese & caramel popcorn at work! MOMFORLIFE2 5 MSBOOTCAMP
7/26/17 6:14 P
My goal ia to be at 135. I am at 165. I know i can do it. ROSA_83090 35 SYLBA61
7/26/17 7:46 P
Is this even real? Am i dreaming? Hmmm cant wait to have it on a salad! #deliciousdailymoment LIONESS39 14 LIONESS39
7/28/17 12:07 A
Are you following a plant based diet? NANCYWRUSSELL 37 THEYCALLMEPIPES
7/27/17 6:52 P
7/25/17 5:02 P
What I want most from 2017 IS............. JIBBIE49 19 ARODGERSFAN12
7/26/17 9:30 P
It's really a contradiction to have posts in this MSBOOTCAMP 4 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/24/17 10:38 A
Trying to quit soda LUCKYNANC1 27 TCANNO
7/24/17 4:31 A
I roasted peaches at 350 for one hour, and will eat them for breakfast with cottage cheese or yogurt GRATTECIELLA 33 BARBIEE52
7/25/17 4:40 P
Just as good as Halo Top! LAURENPAYNE1978 12 STEFANIE979
7/24/17 7:33 P
They're playing cards. Me studying still. MLAREDO 2 MSBOOTCAMP
7/20/17 2:40 P
30 Minutes Beginners to Intermediates Sivananda Yoga Class MLAREDO 3 MSBOOTCAMP
7/20/17 2:37 P
Leslie Sansone's 1 Mile Power Walk! MLAREDO 4 MSBOOTCAMP
7/20/17 2:36 P
Have been doing this video for 2 weeks and nearly have it mastered. I really like walking at home. N LISABERT 13 L25833
7/20/17 4:31 P
I don't know what kind of temperatures y'all are working with but it is HOTTT here in Kansas!! FITSISTA79 15 BJK1961
7/21/17 12:33 A
Do i need protein shakes?? THEGURU3 6 COONSY
7/20/17 5:21 P
7/18/17 10:43 A
The one on the right is from a year ago today and I recreated that picture today on the right. I thi MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 124 IGOT2START
7/18/17 1:25 A
Boy - am I in trouble ! I saw one of my doctors today and he said he doesn't want my weight to go a FOXBAY99 7 PJPEGG
7/18/17 10:06 A
So proud of myself! I replaced the heavy rubber tread on the bottom of one of my rebound boots. Real MSBOOTCAMP 5 BABY_GIRL69
7/18/17 3:50 P
So, I never truly posted a "before" picture becaus SOUTHTXXRNNR 184 MSBOOTCAMP
7/16/17 10:31 P
1 million steps since May 1st, when I started using my new Garmin. Not so shabby. Thats about an ave SOUTHTXXRNNR 14 MSBOOTCAMP
7/16/17 10:28 P
One step at a time... STARRA5 15 MSBOOTCAMP
7/16/17 9:32 P
Today's healthy choice... RHOOK20047 9 MBPP50
7/17/17 7:19 A
#Keto. Mini strawberry shortcake made with a low carb cream cheese cookie. It was yummy. #lowcarb KIMBERLY925 11 LRJUSTUS1
7/20/17 10:35 P
So this happen today....300 ish calories a slice from my side. I made this on a zucchini based crust LLR630 21 MARYLOTUS
7/17/17 1:49 A
What I have to tell myself when I have a bad day.... RHOOK20047 20 MBPP50
7/17/17 7:19 A
Walked my mom to the beach - about 1.5 miles up and down hills. Met up with an old friend. Fun! COURTENAYE 25 KITTYF54
7/16/17 10:32 P
Hi! new here! KVD08844 2 MSBOOTCAMP
7/16/17 7:06 P
#nosoda #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 13 7STIGGYMT
7/17/17 5:15 P
Posted a photo BDPUSH 2 MSBOOTCAMP
7/16/17 6:52 P
Posted a photo BDPUSH 8 IJRYAN
7/16/17 7:06 P
#deliciousdailymoment DADAN_LAMORA 5 JAZZEJR
7/16/17 6:50 P
7/16/17 10:17 P
7/16/17 8:39 P
Dinner minus the crackers this time TARSHELL 10 TARSHELL
7/16/17 7:46 P
Eating too much sugar increases heart disease ECCOVISION1 47 NITEMAN3D
7/21/17 1:42 P
Our new salad-saver box arrived! Keep our salad greens fresh longer!! WOO HOO!!! #greatmeals MSBOOTCAMP 6 MSBOOTCAMP
7/16/17 5:26 P
Its #FoodPrepSunday and I've made these yummy lit ELACE 15 ISABELARAUJO
7/16/17 5:08 P
climbed a local mountain for my workout. 9349 steps, burned 1100 calories. AWPLEMMONSSR 47 FITWITHIN
7/17/17 12:27 A
When you're at Walgreens and they're having a 2 fo FITSISTA79 18 QSHEPP
7/16/17 8:01 P
I enjoyed a nice long walk at the beach today! ANGELINAJOLI 48 MSGO72
7/16/17 12:07 A
My morning walk ❤️ KEENA47 4 JOCELYNH711
7/21/17 6:54 A
I recently quit smoking, 3 mo.s now, however I gained 16 pounds and I was 10 over weight to begin wi LISALAHR 6 AUNTRENEE
7/15/17 3:50 P
What sounds good for lunch? LISHA888 4 MSBOOTCAMP
7/15/17 1:08 P
7/15/17 1:05 P
Been away due to health problems... hope to be back tomorrow ALLEYCATTUS 3 MSBOOTCAMP
7/15/17 1:04 P
Thought I was craving snack cakes. It was disgusting. Craving over. #deliciousdailymoment DGIGGLES3 6 7STIGGYMT
7/15/17 2:15 P
Watching Dr. Robert Lustig, MD's DVD, "Sweet Revenge: Turning the Tables on Processed Food." SO GLAD MSBOOTCAMP 5 NANCYANNE55
7/16/17 9:20 A
I absolutely love eating fruit in the summer! What's your fav summer fruit? FITSISTA79 251 ADORENE
7/17/17 5:26 P
Thank you to everyone who messaged, commented and sent me a goodie yesterday! It meant so much to me FITSISTA79 78 KARENLYNN31
7/16/17 11:00 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 35 KATHYJO56
7/14/17 12:28 A
Chicken salad and a Orange guava shake with protein for lunch KAGILE 6 FROSTY99
7/13/17 3:34 P
Weight loss report! 😀 I haven't been very active MABRAXT 30 MABRAXT
7/13/17 9:26 P
I'm feeling some kinda way today. I'm discouraged. FITSISTA79 316 LADYJLUVLIFE
7/14/17 4:00 P
finally sitting down to eat #healthyeats TROOWORLD1 11 TROOWORLD1
7/13/17 9:22 P
Posted a photo KEENA47 12 MWMS27
7/21/17 1:29 P
7/13/17 8:47 A
Tuesday, July 11, marked 100 consecutive days of intermittent fasting and burning more calories than SWEET-SASS 3 MSBOOTCAMP
7/12/17 5:53 A
So this little baby came in the mail today. I slacked off big time today. No real exercise and went LEALONIE19 20 JANAECATHERINE
7/12/17 11:37 A
Vacuuming again and again; looking forward to the pest control company spraying the yard for fleas o BONNIEMARGAY 3 MSBOOTCAMP
7/12/17 5:37 A
Snack. Didn't get a picture of dinner but after 3 hours of gardening I wasn't up to cooking. I got ITHILDRIEL 9 4CONNIESHEALTH
7/12/17 7:25 P
Home blood pressure reading. Another really important way to check your health and fitness, beyond j MSBOOTCAMP 6 USMAWIFE
7/12/17 6:18 A
Today marks the end of our vacation!! I'm extremely proud of myself for not getting too crazy with f JWIEST1 8 JWIEST1
7/17/17 12:06 A
My new walking hat! Whew! It's hot in the ATL! 4METHISTYME 11 KMKGIRLIE0528
7/10/17 1:01 P
7/12/17 7:30 A
Cake I made for my sister in-laws wedding ceremony last night. HEATHER736 38 RUBYREDIVY1
7/8/17 3:10 P
Harder to Control Cravings When Stressed? STUDENT_NURSE18 42 SPARKBUNNI273
7/26/17 11:34 P
losing weight in menopause LINEDANCELOVER1 106 MSBOOTCAMP
7/4/17 5:57 P
went for a 4.20 mile run for speed work, did the 7-mi Yoga With Adriene post run video. Just made so KELLIEBEAN 6 KELLIEBEAN
7/4/17 5:15 P
I LOVE blueberries, I found a blueberry farm that has blueberries for 2.50 a pound!! I was elated!! JAREJIL 8 CUIS1NE
7/4/17 6:58 P
Happy with the fact that I am finally back on track! #LiberatingFromThisFat DAWN1830 16 1DAY-ATA-TIME
7/5/17 9:07 A
7/4/17 9:05 P