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Making myself get back on track heading into cardio walking now ! Pilates check ✅ all over cardio / SILVAS7 5 NANCYANNE55
9/23/17 9:16 A
The photo quote is from Since 2015, the U.S. government's "Dietary Guidelin MSBOOTCAMP 9 NANCYANNE55
9/23/17 9:16 A
Good morning Sparkfamily! Starting my day with a cup of English Teatime tea - my favorite! Off to p WARRIORGIRL121 36 MAVERICK59
9/23/17 12:24 P
Difficult run today. Forgot to eat a protein bar beforehand and bonked, and couldn't finish running. GRATTECIELLA 11 NANCYANNE55
9/23/17 9:12 A
last of harvest! SKMINNY 7 NANCYANNE55
9/23/17 9:11 A
New book from Dr. Robert Lustig, MD. I look forward to reading very soon! MSBOOTCAMP 13 LRJUSTUS1
9/23/17 11:14 A
Good morning all ! Happy weekend! Happy Fall! Sticking to my plan of lose a pound a week for 10+ we MARINEMAMA 20 LORI-K
9/23/17 1:58 P
Stressed- my newly-colleged stepson is making decisions that are making home life less than peaceful NANCYANNE55 6 BERRY4
9/23/17 2:29 P
An hour of lower body, with emphasize on the glutes today. Walking up the stairs now requires effor NANCYANNE55 5 GRACED777
9/22/17 12:47 A
Great workout capped off by a great weigh in! Added bonus: I hit 10k steps, and I also won't have an GRATTECIELLA 12 PROVERBS31JULIA
9/22/17 2:09 A
2.6 mile walk in AM before the rain arrived! ; ) +10K steps for me today! BERRY4 4 NANCYANNE55
9/20/17 6:11 P
HOA meeting tonight. This has nothing to do with anything health-related, but it's something new to NANCYANNE55 4 REEDSKI
9/21/17 10:30 P
I used to be able to enter a topic in a search engine to see if there were message boards pertaining NANCYANNE55 5 NANCYANNE55
9/19/17 7:18 P
Today is already screwed up: I ate a whole pack of these. TOPHATBANJO2 42 TERRI1458
9/18/17 2:02 P
I'm getting stronger- Squatted 75 for 12 reps today. May not sound like a lot, but not bad for a 50 NANCYANNE55 7 LAURAB_143
9/22/17 11:01 P
Steps, strength & stretching. SHANTRA7 4 DIROB57
9/17/17 10:36 P
In one week went from running 20 mins to running 45 mins! #progress #onebodyonelife #treatitright LAURAES90 21 KAYDE53
9/17/17 9:33 P
Where has my healthy eating mojo gone? NANCYANNE55 5 EO4WELLNESS
9/18/17 6:25 P
9/18/17 11:06 P
Over 12 miles walked this week (6 days out of 7). My primary goal is stress and blood pressure reduc BERRY4 5 _RAMONA
9/17/17 6:50 P
Posted a photo BERRY4 37 _RAMONA
9/17/17 6:50 P
Days spent walking and riding a tandem bike on the San Diego Bay next to the Coronado Bridge are som LIFEFOUNDONARUN 18 1CRAZYDOG
9/17/17 12:19 P
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 19 BJK1961
9/17/17 10:08 P
Poor Hazel got tired of chewing! F5-FURY 15 FROSTY99
9/16/17 10:42 P
Happy late afternoon, today I spent the day at the AARP Smart drivers course for people over 50. Di KURTZIE1998 4 1CRAZYDOG
9/17/17 12:19 P
Quick midnight swim - perfect way to end the day :) QWESTING 9 MADEINBRITAIN
9/17/17 4:02 A
Stressful day. Hard not to turn to food when that happens. NANCYANNE55 10 DSJB9999
9/18/17 1:36 A
Long day! All I wanted to do was watch TV this evening. But I did the 9-minute arm weight exercise r GRATTECIELLA 28 LIVEDAILY
9/16/17 2:31 A
September 14 Fitbit stats - Calories in 2,139 vs calories spent 2,534 (includes basal metabolic calo NANHBH 7 NANCYANNE55
9/15/17 11:38 A
Fell far short of my calorie burn through exercise goal this week. All I had time for was lifting. NANCYANNE55 10 BERRY4
9/15/17 11:52 P
My view in my yard the other day❤️ Colors are changing for Fall🍂🍂🍂 NISSANGIRL 34 AQUAGIRL08
9/22/17 1:54 P
Last day of filling in at work for the assistant manager. It's been a blessing financially, but.... NANCYANNE55 6 CINDY4JOY
9/14/17 10:17 A
Can do this: push-ups , touch my toes, jumping jacks! yay! work out DONE! SKMINNY 3 I-AM-TITANIUM
9/14/17 3:19 A
Didn't want to, but got my lifting done! NANCYANNE55 6 SILVAS7
9/14/17 8:32 A
It has taken me 10 weeks to do it, but I FINALLY LOST 5 LBS!! Happy dance this morning....halfway t DIROB57 51 COMEBACKKID12
9/12/17 6:46 P
Off to work semi-sick today. But I got my leg workout in! If I'm strong enough to work, I'm strong NANCYANNE55 4 JMAHNKEN
9/12/17 1:07 P
I really am liking the new track near my house. 🏃‍♀️ LUCKYCRIM1231 7 CANNINGNANNY
9/11/17 7:50 A
Morning! Day 1 starting over, I have a timeline in mind and a goal weight in mind. I want to do it MARIHOTTI 6 NANCYANNE55
9/10/17 11:17 A
Starting day 1 for what I feel like is the 100th time. I've not ever posted but thought if I write i DELLRAY 16 NORTHANGEL35
9/10/17 11:36 A
Since moving to Bloomington two years ago, this time of year I thought it was a cold that wouldn't q NANCYANNE55 5 GRACED777
9/11/17 2:27 A
View from my front porch this pre fall morning. Have a Great Day my friends LUCKYCRIM1231 16 CANNINGNANNY
9/7/17 7:09 A
Crazy busy day ahead! My attitude is going to be calm, and I'm going to get in cardio and lifting, NANCYANNE55 5 EO4WELLNESS
9/6/17 12:18 P
Posted a photo BERRY4 13 SPORTY_1
9/7/17 5:25 A
No time for cardio this morning, but I did manage to get my lifting in. That's more important for m NANCYANNE55 4 GRACED777
9/6/17 12:53 A
Rest day is tomorrow and I'm kind of excited! It's JAPANGURL17 7 JAPANGURL17
9/5/17 5:55 P
#gotin3fullpullupstoday! #win MARINEMAMA 9 NANCYANNE55
9/4/17 10:46 A
The other day on the way home from jury duty I stopped to eat. I had a curry soup with lemongrass a REEDSKI 13 LKMANNING7
9/4/17 8:39 P
Fun birthday weekend with family, my bestie, friends, and the birthday boy, who turned 30. I don't NANCYANNE55 9 DSJB9999
9/5/17 2:56 A
is there a 5% challenge for the fall? I would like to try one of these programs MUMKEATING 4 REDROBIN47
9/2/17 12:32 P
Just started back yesterday, my age is 66 but metabolic age is 80. Very scary! I must do this and wi CATHYSTAYLOR 3 CATHYSTAYLOR
9/2/17 11:45 A
Sometimes is almost everyday, and sometimes I feel like who cares really FATBARBIEDOLL1 3 CATHYSTAYLOR
9/2/17 11:46 A
Happy Saturday all. Going for a beach walk shortly. I saw 189 on my scale yesterday and started cryi LLR630 3 CARRIEMETODAY
9/10/17 10:33 A
Started out my day with a long walk with my best friend, visiting from Michigan, and my sweet dog. NANCYANNE55 1 NANCYANNE55
9/2/17 11:33 A
So sleepy this morning! But I did a brief pre-shower workout: sit-ups, jumping jacks, squats, wall s GRATTECIELLA 21 WHYTEBROWN
9/2/17 8:04 A
Tomorrow is my birthday ❤ calories im consuming : infinity🤣🤗 im not dieting on my bday lol GXNXSIIS 6 JTHEALTHY1
9/1/17 12:35 P
Trying not to push myself cause I still feeling like getting sick but it's hard for me not to get al JENNABEAR2020 2 NANCYANNE55
9/1/17 11:22 A
Got to sleep at 2AM because we went to the IU vs OSU game. What a madhouse! Running on less than 6 NANCYANNE55 1 NANCYANNE55
9/1/17 11:21 A
Cycling today. The weather was gorgeous! SUMMERFAITH63 23 SUMMERFAITH63
8/30/17 4:57 P
Got some workout time in yesterday! I am officially 160 pounds. Haven't seen that for more than two BLKSISTA 91 QUAIL75
8/30/17 2:34 P
Well I have become the queen of excuses. But I managed to convince my husband to let me buy a used SAPHIRE77 4 MLR_00
8/30/17 8:46 A
Off on a road trip with my grandchildren and their Mom. We are going to Hammon Castle. I have not ORTATK 5 CA
8/30/17 10:18 A
#deliciousdailymoment I stepped on the scale this morning and I lost 9 pounds. I was at 209 pounds y AUNTRENEE 4 KEVSHAS
8/30/17 8:55 P
Hubby and I are going to see Abe Lincoln's boyhood home today. Leaving in a few minutes. I skipped NANCYANNE55 3 GRACED777
8/31/17 2:44 A
OMG. Faced with the most heart wrenching decision for our family dog. 😢 I've eaten all of my calori FUN4ALL 10 SOUTHTXXRNNR
8/29/17 12:59 P
Working it out on my days off from work. SONYAGRANT419 9 MEAGOP
8/29/17 1:35 P
Please keep Texas in your prayers DRBARNETT 6 NANCYANNE55
8/29/17 11:35 A
Skipped cardio and calves today- Just did upper body lifting. The bottoms of my feet hurt! NANCYANNE55 3 SYLBA61
8/29/17 11:57 A
Just finished my 98 Fitness Challenge! SO happy with my results! FITMAMA_ 22 NANCYANNE55
8/29/17 11:35 A
14 miles of bike riding! With a beautiful brunch too :) healthy date morning! 🚴 GRATTECIELLA 14 1CRAZYDOG
8/28/17 12:12 P
Last month I posted a picture of me in July and then me at Easter. Today, I'm going to post one of m PHOUSE99 146 PHOUSE99
8/31/17 11:29 A
Allergies about knocked me out this morning and my meds seemed to be no kicking in. I thought of not NANCYANNE55 6 BERRY4
8/30/17 11:57 P
Another crazy milestone! I may be addicted to the site. CHEIVOUS 17 CANNINGNANNY
8/28/17 6:11 A
At the theatre. In a dress I haven't worn in years. We clean up good! GRATTECIELLA 42 LAPPEROO
8/27/17 6:53 P
Made good food choices today at the fiesta - BBQ tri-tip, grilled corn on the cob, an apple. Proud o GRATTECIELLA 16 LIVEDAILY
8/27/17 4:42 P
Hopefully I am not sorry for what I did yesterday. I was taking stuff to the clothing donations and DEBYDOINGIT 6 DEBYDOINGIT
8/27/17 8:28 P