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I am not giving up popcorn! I am just giving up the oil. :-) WIZZLEWOLF1 10 JTHEALTHY1
4/19/18 12:47 P
"Without gratitude, what was extraordinary yesterday becomes ordinary today. Without gratitude, a se NANHBH 42 LINDASOUTHER
4/19/18 11:47 A
Just finished my 7 day exercise challenge. Feeling sore but really good and very proud of myself. # SEXESHARONJONES 11 KCARROLL
4/19/18 11:50 A
Took one of my daughters, a fellow foodie, out last night to an Afghan restaurant I'd been wanting t NANCYANNE55 2 FRISKYCRITTER
4/19/18 10:41 A
Drinking my first 4 cups of water as I drive to work. #h2whoa NANHBH 5 BONNIE1552
4/17/18 7:14 P
Kicked some butt in spin & weight training classes on Monday night! #moveit NANHBH 8 BONNIE1552
4/17/18 7:24 P
Non-stop 45 minute chest, thighs, bi's, and abs workout this morning. I'm suspecting I burned some NANCYANNE55 9 CHEIVOUS
4/17/18 11:55 A
My eating really clean routine sometimes goes righ RKHATERA01 12 BCHARIE
4/16/18 3:07 P
My weekly frig clean-out and used all my veggies to make a large batch of chicken vegetable soup #e BILLTHOMSON 9 BONNIE1552
4/16/18 10:21 P
Another pound down this week! Spent yesterday celebrating it and thinking about this week and beyon NANCYANNE55 3 BANEWLAND
4/16/18 9:18 A
Bring joy to the world today! NANHBH 13 ROCKYCPA
4/16/18 11:50 P
Down another pound. So happy! NANCYANNE55 9 REEDSKI
4/15/18 3:17 P
Love walking outdoors! I get to see my beautiful neighbors! NISSANGIRL 22 REGILIEH
4/13/18 3:22 P
Gentle back workout this morning- it's tweaking back there! NANCYANNE55 5 INSIGHT62
4/13/18 9:27 A
Poor planning, no exercise (too busy + ordered to stay off weight bearing exercise for my swollen kn GRATTECIELLA 17 KURTZIE1998
4/12/18 1:34 P
One lb down. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I can do this! DRAGONCHILDE 7 OBIESMOM2
4/12/18 12:20 P
Healthy eating! JSTETSER 22 MCJULIEO
4/13/18 1:19 A
Never give up! NANHBH 39 CHARIKIM
4/14/18 11:24 P
GREAT shoulder, tri, and calf workout this morning. Now it's time to get ready for work! NANCYANNE55 3 ROSALIE28
4/12/18 8:50 A
My 25-lb kettlebell arrived yesterday! Now I have a full set of 5-30 lbs. The only "must have" lef NANCYANNE55 2 STACYDICK1981
4/11/18 7:29 A
A daily process! : ) BERRY4 13 LIVEDAILY
4/9/18 4:40 P
Finally under 175- my most recent micro goal. Never mind that it took me 2 weeks to lose 3/4 pound NANCYANNE55 9 NANHBH
4/9/18 11:17 P
Another year older. I hope the world has enjoyed me all these years! NANHBH 36 LUCKYDOGFARM
4/9/18 4:01 P
Ok. Way over calories today with baby shower and book club (and not managing my hunger well in betwe GRATTECIELLA 18 LIVEDAILY
4/9/18 4:39 P
I could use more Sundays each weekend. NANHBH 12 DIROB57
4/9/18 8:51 A
Ten sit-ups & push-ups! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 17 LENNIEBINO
4/8/18 4:50 P
Yesterday at work was ROUGH! It's the biggest sale day of the month and everyone brought something NANCYANNE55 9 _LINDA
4/8/18 6:00 P
Yesterday I said that when my 25-lb kettlebell arrives my home gym will be complete. I was wrong. NANCYANNE55 6 NANCYANNE55
4/6/18 7:16 A
My yoga keeps getting better. 😉 MSBOOTCAMP 2 NANCYANNE55
4/4/18 10:09 A
Making it a wonderful Wednesday! JSTETSER 17 PEGGY-BEE
4/5/18 7:02 P
Sept1-Mar31 approx 25-30 lbs off HEATHER34044 7 HEATHER34044
4/4/18 4:44 P
Just ordered a 25-lb kettlebell to fill in the gap between my 20 and 30 lb ones. With this my home NANCYANNE55 5 NANHBH
4/5/18 6:50 A
Breakfast... 17g protein, 320 calories... Don't usually do this, but plan to post my meals today. #I ELF41978 8 LINDASOUTHER
4/4/18 11:29 A
4/3/18 8:12 P
Down a bit on my Easter weight. That's good. 3 more pounds needed to make my goal for the week. NANCYANNE55 6 NANHBH
4/4/18 6:46 A
10 situps and 11 pushups! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 24 VIRGINIAGIRL
4/3/18 3:57 P
Ate like crum yesterday, but started today off with a good bowl of protein oats and an hour of worki NANCYANNE55 6 NANHBH
4/2/18 4:36 P
Water is kicking in, I like to get most of it in the morning but sip on some during the day...yay! ROB3120 4 RDCAGAIN10
4/2/18 11:06 A
Don't worry, there is a protein shake with this colorful lunch! #eattherainbow NANHBH 13 NANHBH
3/30/18 11:28 A
The Easter “buckets” our preschool class made today ;) soooo cute MARINEMAMA 13 YELLOW09RED
3/30/18 9:23 A
Moving in the morning! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 13 ROCKYCPA
3/29/18 8:29 P
My colorful lunch. #eattherainbow NANHBH 13 NANHBH
3/29/18 10:33 A
Super excited about today's lunch! Salad topped with beans and canned salmon salad. GRATTECIELLA 19 LIVEDAILY
3/29/18 2:13 P
It's my day off, but so much to do and probably not enough time. At least I got my workout in! NANCYANNE55 4 BERRY4
3/29/18 10:19 P
We need more people like Mr. Rogers in the world. His birthday was actually March 20. NANHBH 45 KATHRYNGC
3/28/18 9:36 P
Posted a photo NISSANGIRL 29 MIRAGE727
3/28/18 5:20 P
So. Tired. Today. Wish I didn't have to work. Praying some energy comes back. NANCYANNE55 6 KENTTUPPENCE
3/29/18 3:45 P
In an effort to shave off a little time yet still maximize muscle gain, I've started doing Body For NANCYANNE55 4 BERRY4
3/27/18 10:31 P
Posted a photo NANHBH 8 NANCYANNE55
3/26/18 8:51 A
Down another pound this week. Doin' the happy dance! NANCYANNE55 10 NANHBH
3/27/18 6:40 A
The house is decorated for my favorite holiday- Easter! NANCYANNE55 7 NANHBH
3/24/18 11:35 P
counting my steps! JSTETSER 9 NANCYANNE55
3/22/18 8:34 A
Thanks, everyone, for the wise words on my post yesterday. Yesterday went much better. You are al NANCYANNE55 1 NANCYANNE55
3/22/18 8:33 A
Its my Birthday! Happy Birthday to me! 🍾👏😍🍸🍷🍾🎶🎸 DSJB9999 14 RAWCOOKIE
3/23/18 9:31 A
Ergh- The past two days have been a disaster eating-wise when I get home from work. Stressed and ea NANCYANNE55 7 EO4WELLNESS
3/21/18 1:31 P
3/24/18 2:08 P
Eat food that spoils, but eat it before it spoils! NANHBH 39 ROCKYCPA
3/19/18 1:12 P
My view on my walk yesterday❤️ NISSANGIRL 23 REGILIEH
3/19/18 6:45 P
Now that I'm tracking full time on WW, I'm not on Spark as much as I was. It's hard to log in two p NANCYANNE55 7 GYMRAT54
3/20/18 12:19 P
Workout done. And now I have to get ready for the lovely task of taking my lovely youngest daughter NANCYANNE55 4 BERRY4
3/15/18 9:47 P
I’ve got my water bottles filled for the day. #h2whoa NANHBH 8 RDCAGAIN10
3/15/18 3:12 P
Loving the later daylight with the time change- I can walk my pooch when I get home from work! NANCYANNE55 5 NANHBH
3/15/18 6:42 A
I do not usually post anything about myself. I am down from 363.6+# (was too heavy to weigh at home JUDYO58 301 PATRICIAANN46
3/14/18 10:15 P
My weight us down a bit more this morning. Whoo hoo! NANCYANNE55 4 NANHBH
3/13/18 6:35 A
3/10/18 10:24 A
Enjoy the journey! JSTETSER 13 NANCYANNE55
3/10/18 10:23 A
No more pushups for a while. I'm dealing with some shoulder pain. JSTETSER 18 BECCABOO127
3/10/18 10:27 A
Today, I choose to be happy! NANHBH 5 NANCYANNE55
3/10/18 10:22 A
The worst of our faults JSTETSER 13 ROCKYCPA
3/10/18 11:52 P
Working on being kind to myself during this long-term process of "change"... BERRY4 10 BERRY4
3/10/18 8:07 P
Would anyone know of a good Weight Watchers community group here on Spark? NANCYANNE55 4 JENNI814
3/10/18 11:45 A
Thanks for the prayers yesterday! They helped! Just one more day of work and then I can have the w NANCYANNE55 5 BERRY4
3/10/18 9:36 A
Having a hard time emotionally on several different counts. If my believing Spark friends would pra NANCYANNE55 10 BERRY4
3/9/18 10:50 A
I think I have a plan in place now with enough support and help from the great sparkpeople in my lif KENTTUPPENCE 7 LIS193
3/8/18 12:06 P
I over did it with the push-ups. Now I'm cutting back until the shoulder pain is done. #fitnessfea JSTETSER 15 GOODGETNBETR
3/10/18 12:46 A