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Does standing still on concrete make anyone else's back hurt? NANCYANNE55 4 CONNIET88
2/20/18 9:27 A
Saw a "1" and a "7" as the first two numbers of my weight this morning. Next goal is to get under 17 NANCYANNE55 5 NANHBH
2/19/18 10:10 P
Want to lose weight? Get 10 servings of fruit and vegetables daily... Me: I have a long way to go BERRY4 13 NANCYANNE55
2/17/18 6:06 P
Had a checkup yesterday, Dr says I'm doing great. Blood work is good, weight loss good, exercise goo JAY61 16 NANCYANNE55
2/17/18 6:05 P
Thank you, Sparkers! NANHBH 17 NANCYANNE55
2/17/18 6:05 P
The mountains is my happy place! JSTETSER 30 OVERDUECHANGE
2/17/18 6:44 P
We’re heading to Sedona & the Grand Canyon for a couple of days! NANHBH 19 NANCYANNE55
2/17/18 6:03 P
Managed to avoid the Goldfish crackers at work, despite being hungry AFTER eating all of my healthy NANCYANNE55 7 REEDSKI
2/19/18 9:22 A
Back, glutes, and abs, all those important core muscles, worked! Now it's off to pack lunch and lea NANCYANNE55 6 CHEIVOUS
2/16/18 4:26 P
Shoulders, tri's and calves done. Lots of 1-arm moves. Hoping I feel this tomorrow! NANCYANNE55 4 CHEIVOUS
2/15/18 6:53 P
Me (in the red) with just 5 of my surviving 9 siblings at our family get together yesterday. MEADSBAY 6 NANCYANNE55
2/14/18 8:39 A
In the words of one person at WW's: "I don't think anyone is here because they ate too many bananas! BERRY4 14 LIVEDAILY
2/14/18 10:46 A
Snow shoeing in the woods JSTETSER 19 LIS193
2/14/18 12:24 P
I am REALLY liking the new Weight Watchers program. I can have all the lean protein I want, so I no NANCYANNE55 2 OHMEMEME
2/14/18 2:52 P
Unfortunately, was pretty busy/distracted yesterday, and broke my SP daily log-in streak. Still cop MSBOOTCAMP 8 MSBOOTCAMP
2/17/18 12:08 A
GREAT weekend with my best friend, and started out this work week with a good lower body workout. H NANCYANNE55 4 EO4WELLNESS
2/12/18 8:42 P
WEIGHing IN: How Are You Doing --DEBY-- 14 SHARONCAPPS
2/18/18 6:33 A
Don't worry about the haters! JSTETSER 8 NANCYANNE55
2/11/18 9:01 A
Another healthy dinner...3oz steak, green beans and beets. Down a pound this morning. MEADSBAY 6 NANCYANNE55
2/11/18 9:00 A
Definitely a great TARGET! : ) BERRY4 8 NANCYANNE55
2/11/18 9:00 A
Sparkpeople- Always MINING those of us who use this website- including we who *pay* to use Sparkpeop MSBOOTCAMP 3 REEDSKI
2/11/18 10:46 A
ASSISTED PULL-UPS TODAY, BABY!! Love my pull-ups, and captain’s chair knee-ups. #StrengthTraining MSBOOTCAMP 3 REEDSKI
2/11/18 10:44 A
On a roll of healthy meals! MEADSBAY 15 LISAMARIE2015
2/11/18 9:27 A
Down a pound this week. Yay me! :-D NANCYANNE55 5 REEDSKI
2/11/18 10:26 A
Restorative day with my best friend, who came down from Michigan to spend the weekend. Did my soul NANCYANNE55 4 REEDSKI
2/11/18 10:35 A
Ok- can't find the step tracker on the app. Help? NANCYANNE55 2 EO4WELLNESS
2/9/18 3:00 P
Rough week and lack of sleep equals no self control this week. ;( FITCOFFEEMOM357 6 TUBLADY
2/8/18 10:34 A
Prepared black beans, kale, and cabbage for lunch and dinner. Ate a heart healthy breakfast. #foodf NAVY-GIRL 8 LENNIEBINO
2/8/18 5:00 P
Several people wanted my Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Protein Muffin recipe. I posted a blog with it y NANCYANNE55 2 EO4WELLNESS
2/8/18 5:38 P
The wood pile domestic workout! JSTETSER 18 LIVEDAILY
2/7/18 4:52 P
Wow! I got a popular blog award on my most recent blog about how I quit sugar. And I thought it wa NANCYANNE55 4 EO4WELLNESS
2/7/18 12:14 P
Wow! So many positive, encouraging, UNDERSTANDING comments on my latest blog. I honestly was expec NANCYANNE55 3 REEDSKI
2/5/18 7:58 A
Welcoming baby #4 IM_HIS_PRINCESS 14 NANCYANNE55
2/4/18 1:22 P
It's 40F with a 13 mph wind, but it's also time for my walk. Gonna bundle up and get in some steps! JAY61 7 STR458II
2/4/18 1:40 P
Field Roast’s Apple and Sage Vegan sausage (made of Yukon good potatoes and apples) with red and gre TXSUNSHINE512 11 CHRISTOPHER63
2/4/18 5:35 P
My employers provides a big rack of freshly baked donuts and a big basket of fresh fruit for us ever RMCKITTRICK 17 VIRGINIAGIRL
2/5/18 12:38 P
Searing some scallops for lunch. NICOLESHIRMAN 14 FISHGUT3
2/4/18 4:20 P
My oldest daughters father went in for a very risky but last option surgery for his cancer this morn JEMMSIE 14 STARFISH1961
2/4/18 10:50 P
Midway through church service this morning I whispered to my husband "I don't feel very good and don NANCYANNE55 6 REEDSKI
2/4/18 9:09 P
#BeforeAndAfter January to February CAROLHALL13 24 KRISTAL504
2/3/18 6:06 A
As of this morning I'm down another pound! Making progress! #yayme! NANCYANNE55 14 EO4WELLNESS
2/2/18 1:56 A
Today was flexibility day- A break from heavy lifting. Felt so good to spend 30 minutes doing yoga NANCYANNE55 2 EO4WELLNESS
1/31/18 1:15 P
I did 24 push-ups this morning! #goalfeats JSTETSER 26 PIANOMOMOFTHREE
1/31/18 11:01 A
Getting lower on my incline push-ups! I'll be doing standard ones again, even decline, before I kno NANCYANNE55 2 EO4WELLNESS
1/30/18 11:48 A
Heavy lifting is where it's at for me. After just 2 weeks I'm already seeing more pleasing lines on NANCYANNE55 2 ALOFA0509
1/29/18 9:45 A
I posted a long-overdue new blog yesterday. This one is about giving up sugar. Would appreciate it NANCYANNE55 3 EO4WELLNESS
1/28/18 2:08 A
Somehow I have to get 16 WW Fitpoints between now and Monday morning. And they're my rest days! Er NANCYANNE55 5 REEDSKI
1/27/18 3:39 A
Quick question-anyone having issues with SP website on their android device? FITCOFFEEMOM357 3 FITCOFFEEMOM357
1/30/18 6:01 A
Good gravy, I'm running late. And completely unmotivated to be on time............. NANCYANNE55 2 EO4WELLNESS
1/27/18 1:23 A
It's shoulder day! My favorite! Love working delts, and can't wait to get a bad-butt shoulder ball NANCYANNE55 1 NANCYANNE55
1/25/18 6:51 A
Yikes! ; ) BERRY4 9 NANCYANNE55
1/24/18 8:44 A
Push through the hard times! It is worth it. BERRY4 5 LIVEDAILY
1/24/18 8:56 A
My daughter's little hand-trained budgie, Remi, died suddenly last night. She's heartbroken. NANCYANNE55 26 REEDSKI
1/25/18 5:33 A
Food logged, exercise done (Legs!), now to quickly get ready and had off to work. Make it a great d NANCYANNE55 3 CHKCHNC
1/22/18 9:30 A
1/24/18 1:10 P
Back, glutes, and abs done. Now it's time to get ready for work! NANCYANNE55 3 EO4WELLNESS
1/20/18 1:15 P
I wish Spark's only option for "Heavy lifting" wasn't "with minimal rest between sets". #1, There i NANCYANNE55 10 NANCYANNE55
1/18/18 10:00 A
It's delt day- Yay! NANCYANNE55 2 EO4WELLNESS
1/19/18 2:47 A
This is a frustrating week. I have been religious in my eating and actually gained weight. Grrrr. FISHPOND7 6 NANCYANNE55
1/13/18 7:42 P
Anyone do meal prep, need meal prep ideas JEN13991 4 LAURAFOOTE
1/13/18 10:14 A
Lost a pound this week. Not too good for my first week out, since water weight should go the fastes NANCYANNE55 5 EO4WELLNESS
1/13/18 1:29 P
Is there a place to log water anymore? It used to be with the nutrition tracker, but now I don't se NANCYANNE55 5 BERRY4
1/14/18 5:47 P
Grr. I was hungry ALL DAY today. I made good choices (no sugary foods or my other vices) but devoure GRATTECIELLA 25 LAPPEROO
1/13/18 12:47 P
Since I have yet to design my lifting program, this morning shall be a kettlebell DVD! Whole body, NANCYANNE55 3 EO4WELLNESS
1/12/18 1:32 P
Cooler bag is packed full of healthy foods and ready to go for work today, where temptations abound! NANCYANNE55 4 EO4WELLNESS
1/11/18 1:13 P
Starting anew MICKEYJ1961 10 MICKEYJ1961
1/11/18 6:56 A
Here's what I read today: do something ridiculously SMALL. Make it so small that you can do it eve BERRY4 5 NANCYANNE55
1/10/18 7:55 P
Courage to stay the course you set for yourself! - Believe it! BERRY4 15 NANCYANNE55
1/10/18 7:54 P
Got my work out done! when i really wanted to roll up in my fuzzy blanket n sleep SKMINNY 4 NANCYANNE55
1/10/18 7:54 P
Beautiful walk to school this morning after 2 days of rain. GRATTECIELLA 13 LAPPEROO
1/11/18 2:03 P
This is what sets me dear man is making bread regularly. I only give in to temptation the MEADSBAY 20 KALANTHA
1/11/18 10:04 A
Woooo-hoo!! Got 30 kettlebell swings with my newest, heaviest (so far) bell! Only took about 65 seco MSBOOTCAMP 9 IAMAGEMLOVER
1/11/18 11:20 A
Traveled today and stayed on-track with my eating. A little low, but that's okay with the overdoing NANCYANNE55 3 LKEITHO
1/10/18 8:34 P
First leg of my trip back home today. I logged my food for the first time in many months- I've been NANCYANNE55 2 EO4WELLNESS
1/10/18 1:11 P
Having a great time with my daughter and grandson, but it's a rough start to the 5% challenge with n NANCYANNE55 4 EO4WELLNESS
1/8/18 12:42 P