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TLL Earth Day Game KRYS210 99 NANCYPAT1
4/25/17 7:54 P
Success isn't instantaneous, it is the product of persistent performance. NANCYPAT1 5 PENOWOK
4/25/17 7:03 A
Get up and get out there to make a change in your corner of the world NANCYPAT1 4 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
4/25/17 11:44 A
Attitude makes a difference and is contagious. Positive attitude equals positive changes NANCYPAT1 3 MARATHON_MOM
4/25/17 6:57 A
You matter more than you realize, make a difference in your world NANCYPAT1 2 GABY1948
4/25/17 6:57 A
Be blessed and a blessing for others NANCYPAT1 3 GABY1948
4/25/17 6:55 A
Take time to touch someone's life NANCYPAT1 4 GABY1948
4/25/17 6:56 A
Have a terrific Tuesday NANCYPAT1 3 ERIN_POSCH
4/25/17 10:30 A
4/25/17 11:36 P
4/25/17 10:35 P
My cat is trying to comfort me tonight, curled up right next to me. NANCYPAT1 2 NANCYANND55
4/24/17 6:07 P
You have the ability to change the lives of all around you by simply being the amazing and special Y NANCYPAT1 2 NANCYANND55
4/24/17 6:08 P
Make a difference in your world with kind word, a friendly smile, or a gentle touch. NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/24/17 6:01 P
Even the saddest moments can bring a sense of peace if you are open to it. NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/24/17 6:00 P
Blessings come in many forms and sometimes look like something negative. NANCYPAT1 2 ERIN_POSCH
4/25/17 10:32 A
My mood fits the dreary weather today. NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/24/17 5:57 P
Weather today has been chilly and pouring rain. NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/24/17 5:56 P
4/24/17 5:54 P
Still half numb and trying to process the loss of my sister. NANCYPAT1 4 DLJMACJ2016
4/24/17 7:38 P
I made it through my day without too many tears NANCYPAT1 2 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
4/24/17 11:54 P
April - Support and Chat RAINBOWFALLS 35 CINDERRELIC
4/24/17 12:51 P
Daily challenges JEND63 3 NANCYPAT1
4/23/17 8:46 P
My sister died yesterday unexpectedly. Part of me is gone. NANCYPAT1 32 WALKIN4JEANIE
4/24/17 8:40 P
Tears falling tonight NANCYPAT1 6 GABY1948
4/23/17 8:00 A
Very mixed day. Started great, rained all day but still fun. Heading home, I got a call from my son NANCYPAT1 16 JONIBUSHELL
4/23/17 9:18 A
TLL April Question of the Week KRYS210 30 MEL10-
4/24/17 5:47 P
Your smile can brighten your world but also the world's of those around you NANCYPAT1 7 JAJABEE1717
4/22/17 8:09 A
Leaving shortly for doctor's appointment then dance event NANCYPAT1 2 JAJABEE1717
4/22/17 8:12 A
Touch your world with positivity and love NANCYPAT1 7 BERRY4
4/24/17 2:03 A
Dreary weather today NANCYPAT1 5 BERRY4
4/23/17 12:11 A
Trying to put some sunshine in a rainy day, keep smiling NANCYPAT1 3 JAJABEE1717
4/22/17 8:13 A
Celebrate Earth Day by making your world a better place NANCYPAT1 3 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/22/17 6:59 A
Awake early this morning NANCYPAT1 5 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/22/17 7:23 A
Fell off track by like 200-300 calories by giving in to my sweet tooth yesterday evening but, then I RLKNSA85 4 STARFISH1961
4/21/17 8:49 P
My steps are higher every day this week than last week. NANCYPAT1 5 GABY1948
4/22/17 5:51 A
Looking forward to tomorrow with joy NANCYPAT1 3 GABY1948
4/22/17 5:51 A
I get about double my steps when I go to the dance events. Tomorrow we are going to a contra dance a NANCYPAT1 3 GABY1948
4/22/17 5:51 A
Going with Claire and her mommy to another dance event. NANCYPAT1 3 GABY1948
4/22/17 5:52 A
Cholesterol levels great - hdl high, ldl low, triglycerides very low, coronary heart risk low NANCYPAT1 4 BERRY4
4/23/17 12:15 A
Blood work came back really good, despite A1c being slightly elevated. NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/21/17 7:49 P
The staff member from the local residential facility who helps in my room, treated my aide's and my NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/21/17 7:43 P
Be careful of your words, they can heal or cut NANCYPAT1 2 JUDITH316
4/21/17 12:58 A
Almost feel like I have caught my own tail, chasing around in circles and playing catchup NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/20/17 7:31 P
Stressed may be desserts spelled backwards but don't let it lead you touch the unhealthy dessert bar NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/20/17 7:29 P
Even the longest weeks are capped by the weekend NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/20/17 7:28 P
Make lemonade when life gives you lemons NANCYPAT1 4 JUDITH316
4/21/17 1:00 A
Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/20/17 7:26 P
Here comes the weekend, right around tomorrow NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/20/17 7:24 P
Acknowledging Grief GRAMMACATHY 9 NANCYPAT1
4/19/17 8:19 P
Tomorrow is another day and you can add to today's successes or correct today's less than ideal choi NANCYPAT1 2 GABY1948
4/20/17 6:44 A
Way over calories today. Havent had a "bad" day in awhile. Gonna be all right. Workout harder tomorr BARRYHAPPY1 3 BARRYHAPPY1
4/19/17 8:34 P
Don't weaken - you are halfway through the week NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/19/17 8:04 P
Don't weaken - you are halfway through the week NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/19/17 8:04 P
Don't weaken - you are halfway through the week NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/19/17 8:04 P
Wishing for a peaceful day tomorrow - not jinxing myself like yesterday NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/19/17 8:00 P
Wednesday was a wickedly whacky day. NANCYPAT1 2 ERIN_POSCH
4/20/17 12:20 P
Take that first step and each future step will follow NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/18/17 8:59 P
You may not recognize your own greatness but your world around you does. NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/18/17 8:51 P
Set a SMART goal and then achieve it NANCYPAT1 2 SPARKARINA
4/18/17 9:37 P
Sometimes you just have to just DO it NANCYPAT1 2 BERRY4
4/18/17 8:45 P
Step into a healthy lifestyle NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/18/17 8:35 P
You will succeed if you make the effort NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/18/17 8:34 P
Take time for you so you can be the best you ever NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/18/17 8:31 P
Turn your frown upside down and change your outlook NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/18/17 8:29 P
Got extra steps in today and actually met my goal for the second time this week NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/18/17 8:25 P
Had a good day today and tomorrow will be even better NANCYPAT1 2 BERRY4
4/18/17 8:45 P
Anybody else do adult coloring books to relieve stress ? I enjoy it. GREEN-EYED-LADY 33 DAXXDAY
4/19/17 7:18 A
Making positive changes in our lives also changes the world around us. NANCYPAT1 3 GABY1948
4/18/17 4:57 A
Making changes for the better in our lives also makes a difference in the world around us. NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/17/17 9:34 P
Taking care of ourselves isn't selfishness, it IS Selfing and makes it possible to give more and do NANCYPAT1 1 NANCYPAT1
4/17/17 9:29 P
Testing starts tomorrow so the struggle to get everything done each day increases. NANCYPAT1 6 BERRY4
4/18/17 8:45 P
Back to school tomorrow and only 27 days left for this challenging school year NANCYPAT1 2 SPARKGUY
4/17/17 9:09 P
Spent weekend with some special family and friends. Wonderful time as special moments. NANCYPAT1 3 GABY1948
4/18/17 4:58 A
Fabulous weekend, doubled my normal steps, on the go all day Sunday. Went to Richmond, Virginia for NANCYPAT1 2 GABY1948
4/18/17 4:58 A
Have an awesome day today everyone NANCYPAT1 5 JUDITH316
4/15/17 1:17 P

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