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TLL Word game KRYS210 82 NANCYPAT1
8/22/17 6:58 P
Posted a goal AIROLIV1 8 ALALADY
8/22/17 6:01 P
Beautiful scenery in Cape Cod! CHEZBENTO 24 EMMY135
8/22/17 7:47 P
Looking to meet my goal soon! I need more motivation, less anxiety! Lol JEANJEAN805 19 SKANTRA
8/22/17 8:56 P
Today was rough. I'm almost certain that My trainer is trying to kill me. I'm not sure if I'm goin TABIEC 7 NANCYPAT1
8/22/17 5:58 P
Feeling good and proud. Little by little, I WILL g MAZZY0774 21 JENDIMARIA
8/22/17 6:53 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 2 NANCYPAT1
8/22/17 5:57 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 2 NANCYPAT1
8/22/17 5:57 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 NANCYPAT1
8/22/17 5:57 P
53 pounds down and none of my pants fit!! BECKY_US 239 CATNURSE1
8/23/17 2:09 A
I leave for school so soon and it is hard not be stressed, but every day I wake up beside the man I MERISSA47 4 NANCYPAT1
8/22/17 5:56 P
It is so.good to see result after working hard. Down 7 pounds do in little over two months. I am am MCCREADYMOM 6 ALALADY
8/22/17 6:09 P
Posted a photo ADUKE6 21 SILLYFILLY7
8/22/17 8:36 P
Just curious, is it healthful to burn the exact same of calories you have eaten in a day, and to do IGOT2START 7 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
8/22/17 7:32 P
Feeling kind of icky this afternoon. Hopefully it's just my allergies acting up and not a cold. I CSCOTT_06 5 ALALADY
8/22/17 6:03 P
This morning had W&M, then appt at the acupuncturist, it is an hour session and so relaxing because KURTZIE1998 5 REDROBIN47
8/22/17 7:47 P
8/22/17 10:57 P
Today was exhausting. I ate way too few Cals today. I was shaking by the time I got home. My wonderf BEVERLY1501 4 BEVERLY1501
8/21/17 8:35 P
I basically ate my stress today ☹️ LNEWDSGNS 3 NANCYPAT1
8/21/17 8:21 P
This is a hard one for me, but managing it! MAEISFAT 5 LANNEMACK
8/21/17 8:52 P
Dinner 4 Oz of pork chops and a bunch of zucchini, squash and green pepper. MKPARKE77 11 MERLECHRIS
8/21/17 8:28 P
In one year I lost 4 pounds. It took half a month. I assume it was mostly, if not all, water weight. COOLBEAR90 9 COVDAR9
8/21/17 8:55 P
Step counter day 1=5035 steps! You'd have to be a moose to beat that one. #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 13 LIVEDAILY
8/22/17 2:19 P
Posted a photo KAYLA691322 6 KAYLA691322
8/21/17 10:12 P
I have reached a plateau after loosing 25lbs...So I decided to change up my routine. Today is my fir PAULA 2 NANCYPAT1
8/21/17 8:17 P
Not bad- my steps around the house and the day isn't gone yet. My healthy habits challenge starts t ISNESS 5 NANCYPAT1
8/21/17 8:17 P
Top was a year ago! Bottom is now! Keep on keto on! KETOKRAZYCHICK 20 KSTEVERSON
8/22/17 1:05 P
Dinner my sweet husband had ready when I got home! Vegetables & baked chicken breast! #sweethusband MEL-243 21 WALLAHALLA
8/22/17 9:44 P
Sunday is weigh in day and I maintained, but out of curiosity, because yesterday was a great workout COVDAR9 2 NANCYPAT1
8/21/17 8:16 P
Through a welding mask! KETOKRAZYCHICK 14 FROSTY99
8/21/17 9:06 P
So, I didn't make the healthiest choices today. I almost didn't log what I ate just so I wouldn't h TXBEST 3 MCATLEDGE
8/21/17 8:58 P
There is will always be set backs you just need to keep on moving! We just got back from a four day LISA0801 2 NANCYPAT1
8/21/17 8:15 P
.. motivation monday. #mystressrelief #goals #movingforward πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š KRISSY32118 13 CGARR442
8/21/17 10:13 P
We were at a restaurant and the waitress asked my son if he would like a box for his food and he sai DBCDECKO 3 NANCYPAT1
8/21/17 8:13 P
Week 1 completed and down 3.5 lbs. 36.5 left to go. LOL. But it's a great start! Starting is the big SOCCERWIFE 7 SOCCERWIFE
8/22/17 12:07 A
Am proud of myself in that I bought everyone ice cream from truck. Said OK I need to go inside to ge KATHRYNGC 5 RETAT60
8/21/17 8:49 P
TLL Aug Question of the Week KRYS210 18 NANCYPAT1
8/21/17 8:03 P
8/23/17 1:05 A
Good morning sick yesterday no exercise COASTERB 15 HEALTH_NOW
8/20/17 9:50 A
Posted a goal ST3PH 7 YMWONG22
8/20/17 10:58 A
8/20/17 8:57 A
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 6 GABY1948
8/20/17 8:39 A
Good Morning! β˜€οΈ β˜•οΈ πŸ’— #deliciousdailymoment SARASMILING 18 GODS-PRINCESS
8/20/17 11:16 A
Happy Sunday everyone. DAWNZI71 12 YMWONG22
8/20/17 9:07 A
Posted a goal ST3PH 9 RYCGIRL
8/20/17 9:35 A
I play cello and NEVER realized I burn many calories while playing the many hours I play. Praise Him ITALIANGAL44 11 YMWONG22
8/20/17 8:56 A
Sleepy Sunday morning here 😻 CMCLAIRECAN 28 DREAMS2BE
8/20/17 10:49 A
Going to try this again! Going to have a good day too,# workflow#teamwork!!!!! ALAY07 4 ETHELMERZ
8/20/17 7:31 A
8/22/17 2:20 P
Rest yall...Praise the Lord yall SWCHKLT 12 LKMANNING7
8/20/17 5:39 P
8/20/17 8:09 A
Didnt hit snooze! Have a restful Sunday! POCKETFULOFSUN 9 GARDENCHRIS
8/20/17 11:15 A
I've walked a LOT these last few days and boy don't my feet and back feel it. SSMEWBORN 16 SSMEWBORN
8/20/17 5:43 P
Today I reached my first mini goal, which was to be under 200lbs again. I'm soooo excited! I haven't BRITNEYL1985 9 YMWONG22
8/20/17 9:02 A
#deliciousdailymoment POCKETFULOFSUN 4 RYCGIRL
8/20/17 9:35 A
Big test today. First huge social event since reaching my goal weight. KRAZZYLEGGS 9 YMWONG22
8/20/17 9:05 A
Choose a vegetable from A to Z. BEVIEG41 47 BEVIEG41
8/22/17 6:13 P
I've been working out since July unto today-August,2017. I started out at 256 down 246. I lost 10 SSINGLETON3B 22 SSINGLETON3B
8/19/17 9:37 P
#deliciousdailymoment is to stop yo-yo ing and keep the weight off for good ROBINSONJERAMIE 2 NANCYPAT1
8/19/17 12:23 P
Didn't lose any weight or gain . It's okay. However I still went walking this morning, did 5.25 mi LEILEI13 4 NANCYPAT1
8/19/17 12:23 P
Woot. Spun a 20 on the wheel! Winner winner. Hahaha. We went to the Cobourg RibFest last night. It w DRINKALOTH2O 11 1CRAZYDOG
8/19/17 5:50 P
Before I knew it, I more than doubled my steps yesterday thanks to two wonderful musical groups over EJOY-EVELYN 9 GARDENCHRIS
8/20/17 11:19 A
Day one of getting back on track to a healthy lifestyle, went back to the gym H28866 3 NANCYPAT1
8/19/17 12:22 P
Started my day with a healthy breakfast, a 10 minute workout, farmer's market, and now a haircut. DISNEYDAMSEL1 2 NANCYPAT1
8/19/17 12:22 P
feeling great this morning! down 2.3 pounds. its a great shot in the arm! have been dancing back an RAINYN2004 4 NANCYPAT1
8/19/17 12:21 P
Goal!!! And I just walked off my breakfast ☺ ST3PH 7 ALICIA214
8/19/17 12:52 P
Saturday brunch. Have a great weekend😊 IGOT2START 17 CSCOTT_06
8/19/17 4:18 P
#deliciousdailymoment I'm so excited. The dress in this pic is a LARGE! I was packing for my trip an YANDI4LIFE 8 CFITZ1
8/19/17 9:13 P
The morning at sunrise is worth not pressing snooze! 7 mile run this morning with this view! SKEMERICH 21 MANDYPANDY104
8/19/17 3:57 P
Today's breakfast. 2 hard boiled eggs, tomato, spinach with mushroom, and brussel sprouts. 305 c SCYANKEE46 19 SCYANKEE46
8/19/17 3:53 P
3 days later and still sore from rock climbing. SILVERSPARROW04 5 SILVERSPARROW04
8/22/17 11:21 A
Trying not to have to many hot dogs KEN1237 7 MEAGOP
8/19/17 3:30 P
Still in the 180's! Woohoo! However, I think I am losing a little too fast. Never thought I would be METCHOSINITE 2 NANCYPAT1
8/19/17 12:18 P
My oldest son, who has Down's, is here for the weekend. He lives in an excellent group home and eve NANCYANNE55 35 GRACED777
8/20/17 6:00 A
There are 24 hours in a day, you can find time to Move your body. My friend told me she has no time ALOFA0509 5 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/19/17 3:11 P