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The Cooper-dog and I hope you have a good night if you’re on this side of the globe... and a wonderf LESLIELENORE 4 CATHYSFITLIFE
3/23/18 8:27 P
TLL - Spring Words KRYS210 85 NANCYPAT1
3/23/18 7:38 P
TLL - Last is First game KRYS210 242 NANCYPAT1
3/23/18 7:37 P
Took my kiddos on a practice run for our Grand Canyon overnight that is coming right up. Can’t wait! MICHIGANHIKER 7 MAYIE53
3/23/18 7:49 P
It's been almost 2 months of exercising Mon through Friday's unless I have an appt. My best friend p LADYCASTANEDA 3 NANCYPAT1
3/23/18 7:34 P
Left picture is me last summer ( still this size) VS me before kids. I'm sure I'll never be 120 lbs LAM200514 15 CSROBERTSON621
3/23/18 8:24 P
Yoga today! Great way to work out the kinks! AUTODIDACTICUS 6 TINABLEAP
3/23/18 7:55 P
There it sat, in a far corner of the kitchen, taunting me, reinforcing one of my biggest failings, t FFWONDERWOMAN 9 ANDYLATG4
3/23/18 8:15 P
Grapes, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, lemon, orange, apple #eattherainbow CKEYES1 2 NANCYPAT1
3/23/18 7:29 P
3/23/18 7:15 P
question of the day BEVIEG41 31 NANCYPAT1
3/23/18 7:13 P
TLL Share a Goodie Game 2018 KRYS210 348 NANCYPAT1
3/23/18 7:08 P
I was on Topamax for my migraines and it also made me lose some weight. I had to go off of it due to TBOYD5000 4 TBOYD5000
3/23/18 11:27 A
Last weekend I went shopping. I bought clothes in the misses section (not plus!) For the first time NAQ2229 8 LIZZIE138
3/23/18 12:08 P
Transformation Thursday-- size 22 to 4/6. WWWorks! LIVING my LIFETIME below goal for 5.5 years! JOYCEHARRIS3 25 1DAY-ATA-TIME
3/23/18 8:17 A
Every time I stop is a reason to have a glass of water! #h2whoa FBAILEY24X 7 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
3/23/18 7:30 A
Healthy breakfast 2 + litres of water over half an hour exercise more than 7500 steps went to weigh FBAILEY24X 5 ECOAXUM
3/23/18 5:01 A
Ok so i read a recipe wrong and bought splenda instead of stevia...are equivalents the 1 p CAROLJORDAN49 6 NANCYPAT1
3/22/18 6:34 P
I came from an Asian country, so to lose weight, I usually eat salad. I made salad with guava fruits ASIANFRUITWORLD 14 -POOKIE-
3/23/18 5:00 A
I think this is the single best challenge for me. It has made such a difference. I plan to renew ov SABINA50 4 TOMATOCAFEGAL
3/23/18 8:32 A
Had the toast and berries again. Lunch is a salad of lettuce, spinach, celery and onions, and a can SABINA50 11 SABINA50
3/23/18 3:32 P
One day of over eating is not going to ruin all of my hard work. #BeforeAndAfter DGIGGLES3 160 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/23/18 1:11 P
It will be 4 weeks tomorrow that I started my journey. I have not lost 1 pound. No inches lost. No c CTNURSELMB 20 CATHYSFITLIFE
3/22/18 10:11 P
Tangerine, brussel sprouts, onions, sweet potato, broccoli made my 5 plus lemon wedges on my fish ad JAYNE3013 3 BILLTHOMSON
3/23/18 6:11 A
Today is Thursday, and I am dragging. It's been a long week that hasn't quite ended, but I'm still p VHMOM78 4 NANCYPAT1
3/22/18 6:28 P
Got my new workout leggings!! 👌 NEKOMINI 24 -POOKIE-
3/23/18 5:00 A
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 8 MJ7DM33
3/22/18 7:38 P
What Would You Say To Someone You Lost 2017 GRAMMACATHY 26 ROSIEJ1942
3/22/18 6:58 P
Thank you for all the prayers for my nephew who was burned over 80% of his body. He went home to the NANCYPAT1 23 MAWMAW101
3/23/18 11:44 A
Idea: allow us to mark answers/comments as helpful HAWKTHREE 3 NANCYPAT1
3/21/18 11:18 A
3/23/18 6:40 P
Hiking- “I don’t like the word or the thing. People ought to saunter in the mountains, not hike! D AMYINTHEWILD 16 AMYINTHEWILD
3/22/18 12:07 A
Ya ya, Glowing green again!!! NVRGIVINGUP 9 GRANDMABEAST63
3/22/18 4:04 A
Yes I am a total geek but I like this quote and wanted to share. DEBBIEZ39 7 GEORGE815
3/21/18 10:59 A
If i stay in my calorie goal of 1200-1400 and workout 3 times a week can i lose weight? #newbie #wei HAGENMCSWEENEY4 7 REDBIRDFLY
3/21/18 12:04 P
On my day two I have to ask should I start a journal blog here on spark? On the one hand some peopl LADY_BANANA 14 LADY_BANANA
3/21/18 11:21 P
The start column today asked, "Do you suffer from knee pain?" I answered , "Yes." But in retrospect, ORTATK 4 GEORGE815
3/21/18 11:04 A
I stepped on scale today and since last April shortly after I started on here, I've lost 20lbs plus CANDPDUGAN 6 LIS193
3/21/18 12:51 P
At the gym getting some exercise in! #moveit SWEET_SHAN2003 28 WINGSDREAMS
3/22/18 3:04 A
3/22/18 6:34 P
joined the gym today WHOOP WHOOP RUBYREDUSA 30 GSEATON
3/21/18 12:19 P
Today I got a witness to my workout. Well and good. Except for the fact that the treadmill is in th NEEDBU66 3 GEORGE815
3/21/18 10:54 A
It's supposed to snow again here in New England. BLAH.... Grab a friend and get out for a walk, We DENISEA495 8 DLDMIL
3/21/18 3:23 P
Sometimes I think I have not come very far, because I forget where I started I feel so much better t LAM_MURPHY 152 ALALADY
3/21/18 6:16 P
First day of Spring, now if the weather would remember this as well. GIAARNOLD 6 HOLLYM48
3/20/18 11:13 A
I love dance workouts!! #moveit TRINAMCKINNEY 8 WINGSDREAMS
3/22/18 3:07 A
I wasn't planning on making my 2nd round of hot tea today but I am now. A little later than usual bu AUNTRENEE 5 NANCYPAT1
3/20/18 10:53 A
Non Scale victory I can successfully zip up my 10s!!! 😁 Also I just noticed when I was standing up WAHMARISSA 11 ZAGNUT6
3/20/18 10:34 P
So far 3 cups water & 1 herbal tea. #h2whoa TINYTONI4 3 ROSALIE28
3/20/18 7:17 P
My first goal is so close. 145lbs I'm very close. I started at 215 SWIFT6913221 142 GARDENCHRIS
3/21/18 7:08 A
Down 5 lbs since last week! :-) MARTARU 5 BONNIE1552
3/20/18 12:50 P
#BeforeAndAfter Definitely not where I want to be, but at least I'm headed in the right direction! A LINZHORN 112 PELESJEWEL
3/21/18 1:24 A
Ooooh. That moment you start to see little definitions starting to form is very motivating! IAMARMSTRONG 2 NANCYPAT1
3/20/18 10:48 A
My goal for this month is to get below 170 lbs. MEGANS2018 3 JHADZHIA
3/20/18 10:13 A
Posted a photo BROKEN89 27 ADAPTINGANNIE
3/20/18 11:26 A
Today is going to be an awesome day!!!! Yesterday I walked nearly 20,000 steps and over 8 miles. I g DRAGONFLAMERS 3 JHADZHIA
3/20/18 10:13 A
TLL March Question of the Week KRYS210 16 GEHUGHES
3/22/18 11:45 P
I got devastating news this morning... My friends 16 year old son committed suicide over the weekend ABUHLER 14 ABUHLER
3/20/18 10:46 A
A glorious Monday in the foothills. Have a fantastic week! BETTRISSGO 9 DCWILLIAMS831
3/19/18 10:23 P
I have tried to drink 8 glasses of water a day but it makes me feel bloated and uncomfortable. Check MLBSLK 6 CELESTIALDUCK
3/19/18 7:39 P
Took my teenagers on a walk with me! JODIRICHARDS 3 NANCYPAT1
3/19/18 7:28 P
It is still a bit chilly out.... But trust me it was a much needed ride... Besides, we have ridden i GYPSYMOTHER76 6 USMAWIFE
3/19/18 8:07 P
Meal prep for the week. I found these awesome containers that are 4 cups for salad, 1 cup, and 1/2 c ARLOHAM 21 SYLBA61
3/19/18 10:54 P
With every step you make, you can create peace within yourself and give joy to other people. FULLERFARMS 4 MIYAMO
3/19/18 8:55 P
Happy about this progress :) MASHEDPOTATOES0 130 MDOWER1
3/20/18 8:17 A
Never miss a Monday! Got up early to get my workout done because I had things to do today! I put arm MASHEDPOTATOES0 11 CIDZPLACE
3/19/18 8:12 P
LoL (Love our Life) WL Chat Thread RONDAJO56 96 PAULA3420
3/23/18 1:10 P
I've been working out in silence at home but for some reason decided to turn on some music--what a d JENNIFERQUINLAN 4 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
3/18/18 4:14 A
3/18/18 7:58 A
I’m making it a habit: walking to my appointments instead of taking the car. Still not at 10,000 ste PEAPLUM 4 NANCYPAT1
3/18/18 1:04 A
Seeking advice. I am looking for magnesium rich foods. Been told that high magnesium diet would help R41266 5 BERRY4
3/18/18 1:58 P
I'm excited that i'm going to be in Rome for ten days..but dread that i may gain some of my weight b ELISAGAL1 8 KMCGR3
3/18/18 6:07 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 14 JAMER123
3/18/18 10:54 P
Y'all had told me kind of give myself a bit.grace and space of sorts. Well today after only coming a LATKACIK 8 LEAHLED
3/20/18 2:34 A
3/18/18 12:56 A