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I started my new journey today and hopeful I will be able to reach my goal. J84730 65 RAYMOSSISTER
5/9/17 8:24 P
Transformation Tuesday - the picture on the left was me LAST May!! I'm a work in progress but seeing BEFITSPIRITED 210 CHERIE682
5/9/17 9:55 P
This is what I looked like when I started on my weight loss journey January 11, 2017 and what I look HOL1218 320 SPARKLE-IT
5/11/17 11:07 P
Finally back. With my new job and my grandmother passing i fell off thw wagon. Now im back and ready PHEONIX865 4 CONNIEGILBERT
3/17/17 4:03 P
Does anyone here really have one of those bodies? LACOYTA 92 MANDIETERRIER1
3/24/17 12:09 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 28299 BOB5148
5/27/17 9:39 A
2017 not off to a great start 😕 LINDAANNB1 13 NEWZEE
3/17/17 8:17 A
A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 108179 GERIKRAGH
5/27/17 11:41 A
5/25/17 10:20 A
Are you at peace and grateful right now? IAMJOYFUL2 10656 MISSDAISY23
5/26/17 10:25 P
Salad and 2 cups of spaghetti for lunch! Day 2. Anyone have any tweeks for my meal? Or does it look HANNAHMO3 2 NICKLESPICKLES
3/15/17 2:26 P
At 183 want to lose 50 pounds. I've joined the local YMCA and spark people. But this is hard!! Motiv EMMLITTLE007 20 AIMEEZ21
3/15/17 7:06 P
Netflix series DRS510 30 KIKIE1973
3/29/17 10:03 P
Do you have your own garden? DANCERYOGI30 4148 97MONTY
5/27/17 11:34 A
I finally reclaimed my 50 pound down trophy today! Sadly I had lost 90 pounds and kept it off for 2 STEPH-KNEE 22 SHARONSIZE8
3/18/17 11:51 P
I have a question is drinking diet soda bad for you I only drink it when I go out with my family for MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 8 NICKLESPICKLES
3/15/17 2:02 P
3/15/17 2:00 P
Get stronger today! #wednesday #wednesdaymorning SPARKPEOPLE 8 APLOUIS
3/16/17 4:44 P
Thanks for keeping me motivated friends! I appreciate it! I've got 30 minutes of cardio done, 23 m LIZSPRINGSTEEN 15 DARKCHILD63
3/15/17 5:07 P
I am currently avoiding pastries in the kitchen at work. I keep telling myself: I've got my water. WUBBY82 10 MMWUSA
3/16/17 3:30 P
Alright....I cannot believe I am posting this....but I am making a commitment to change. I have lost FAITHNLOVE3 193 MARILYNRINGO
3/15/17 7:39 P
No sugar, no fat, no salt.....I am very bored with my recipe repertoire. ...anyone have any diabetic SOOZYQ71 5 SOOZYQ71
3/15/17 1:30 P
Change is good right? Right! I am currently at 180. Wanting to get back to the sleek slimmer me. It' PAIGERIGSBY 7 STLOUISWOMAN
3/15/17 2:09 P
Hi everyone, I'm not wanting to post this but... I think it'll be a great motivation starter for mys ANGELICMOMMA 33 JEANKNEE
3/16/17 1:05 A
What exercises do you think could do with my leg broken CHARLIZE14 16 WHOLENEWME2017
3/15/17 1:40 P
Me trying on workout gear last week. Starting weight in July 2016: 262.2; current weight:197.8; goal SUCHADIVA215 47 BANANASLOUIE7
3/15/17 7:46 P
I weigh in on every Tuesday. Last week I knew it was not going to be good. I gained 2.5#. This week KIMM7469 7 DAWN1830
3/17/17 11:07 A
I weighed 207 on the 1st. Today I just felt like I had lost weight. So I weighed in. I weighed at 20 MSCOTT138 13 JESMOI
3/13/17 2:25 P
New to this all, could use advice for alto of things. Like eating healthy on a budget, how many of y M51562 12 JOYLYNNFRANK
3/13/17 2:25 P
Help. I dont have the want to do anything. Not walk. Log. Eat. All i want to do is sleep. I have had LADYIVYMON 15 BYRONELMO
3/15/17 5:26 P
Ya'll I need a pep talk. I feel like I went back so many spaces that I'm worse off than when I start DEVAN4 7 JBUHAY3
3/19/17 1:28 P
I don't have any friends or family. Only my bf and I live here. I am really struggling with this and MARYBETH1211 10 MANDYG2898
3/20/17 9:37 P
how do you guys deal with those moments when you w ANA162_DIET 11 ANNAMARIA6
3/22/17 5:26 P
Spending my birthday at work.. they had cake and snacks.. could not finish my plate felt full fast.. BARBIE66 7 GINGB1985
3/13/17 3:42 P
I got a compliment today... from a co worker who doesn't give out compliments... he said are you los MIMIGEE2 270 SEAJESS
3/14/17 1:31 P
Hopped on the scale this morning.. 199! Seeing that number one out in front is so different. I love AMBERR_77 2 NICKLESPICKLES
3/12/17 2:39 P
Someone gave me a 3 cup Oster rice cooker. I've been trying to cook this rice for over an hour. I'm TABBIE28 2 NICKLESPICKLES
3/12/17 2:38 P
look at me .... see i'm posting. the things i'll do to get points these days =} ERIN_POSCH 6 DLR999
3/12/17 6:00 P
About 20 and a blizzard, AGAIN. IMUSTLOSEIT1 7 LOULOU1709
3/15/17 12:58 P
Weekly weigh-in and I am at 239.9, down 4.1lbs for a total of 22.1lbs. I am so happy. Starting at gy RAYEANN51 3 NICKLESPICKLES
3/12/17 2:35 P
I am completely alone on the main floor. I quietly tiptoe to the pantry, get a can of tuna, open th TOSOPELO 6 NITEMAN3D
3/12/17 2:45 P
My current goal is to get down to 220 Lbs before I go to ToraCon on April 22. That is approximately DYLPRUSS 2 NICKLESPICKLES
3/12/17 2:34 P
I too that this new trend was bad... but, I have the filter set to only see those I follow. It's no DEETZ1 4 NICKLESPICKLES
3/12/17 2:33 P
3/12/17 3:20 P
I have spent over the past year with Weight Watchers (on my third try...)it works when I work. But SALLY4CHANGE 15 CORINNERN
4/2/17 6:37 P
My work had a pound for pound challenge that I participated in over the past 2 months. The company NICKLESPICKLES 4 NETSUE64
3/13/17 12:21 P
Here goes day one!! . Anyone have any tips? I think my biggest hurdle will be food planning. I work THENEWLAURENF 4 NICKLESPICKLES
3/12/17 2:07 P
Me today with that little game changer. What a difference, eh? MSLOUIE3 5 BRENDA_77039
3/11/17 12:26 P
I have decided that since my husband has completely turned his life around, it is my time to focus o HANNAHMO3 42 RACHAELDG82
3/10/17 3:37 P
I just celebrated a year of changes on March 6th. I started out at 363 pounds last year and am curre NEVERQUITGETFIT 337 FUNNYFACE101002
3/13/17 9:48 A
3/9/17 11:26 A
Catholic or not today is the first day of lent and for lent they give up something for 40 days mine TATALYNN52 9 BRENDALW4
3/1/17 11:38 A
Down 11lbs in a month.... JMELVIN4 7 CATLADY3300
2/22/17 7:40 P
Holy crap its hard to eat upwards of 2000 calories to compensate for my exercise... at 1479 and can' KEASTON7 7 KEASTON7
2/22/17 7:24 P
Did a lot around the house did my workout have a little problem with sciatic never today did not wal SHODGE23 2 NICKLESPICKLES
2/22/17 7:15 P
I have a friend who volunteers to walk dogs at the SPCA. Because she's made the commitment to the do ALIESKA 3 NICKLESPICKLES
2/21/17 9:50 A
Lost 6.5 lbs since 2-1-17! Slowly but surely! #weighin #heyitssomething LABLAXICANA 18 CHEIVOUS
2/21/17 7:41 P
I'm truly happy to announce that today I'm down to 210!!! I started this journey January 1st weighin RYANCLAYTON 95 CRYSTAL5124
2/21/17 6:23 P
Went to my doctor today had my weight taken lost 9 pounds . 🙏🙏🙏 EVELYNJKIDS 2 NICKLESPICKLES
2/21/17 9:47 A
Since Sept. 2016 I'm down 80 pounds!! I've done things i haven't done since childhood, i.e skating,s DAWN1830 16 AWINGMOM
2/22/17 10:12 P
Im feeling better so im going to try my best to keep myself away from the hospital and from my docto MIOZP 6 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/15/17 6:20 P
Smile and stay positive! You can all do this! BODOGG32 8 BANANASLOUIE7
2/15/17 6:56 P
Avoided the scale for almost 2 weeks due to pms and that time of the month. I finally weighed myself KTKRISTIAN32 12 DAWNIEHEATHER78
2/15/17 5:59 P
Been being told I look like I lost weight when I gained back 10 pounds. I ditched the boyfriend thou CPHILLIPS64 4 JENNIER60
2/15/17 5:35 P
Hi all! This is my 1st day back on SP! I used several years ago and lost 30 pounds by tracking my fo SARAJEWEL03 10 VANILLASKY15
2/15/17 5:47 P
So excited I'm down 47lbs since September now but overall 90 in the last year. I feel like a new per MO77MOM 11 VANILLASKY15
2/15/17 5:46 P
Babysitting some children. Guess who's getting enough exercise for a month!! GLYKON 7 SPARTANJAI
2/15/17 6:08 P
Is it just me or do other people want to punch the diet person when one of those weight loss infomer MYJERR4ME 11 CINDY247
2/15/17 6:57 P
Woot Woot! This has been my first week using SparkPeople and I lost 4lb. I think getting rid of soda C56984 56 LOULOU1709
2/15/17 8:39 A
I love walking to Leslie Sansone. #exercise #healthy #motivated HLOPEZ84 16 SISSY2979
2/21/17 1:41 P
#weightloss I weighed yesterday morning and found out that I lost 2.3 lbs in 1 week. #proud #healthy X52887 38 DGIGGLES3
2/16/17 8:00 A
first day at the gym I tried the elliptical and couldn't do past I've done cycling fo LEAHMAHRT1213 15 TRISSYINCHARGE
2/14/17 12:54 P
I just had a really bad 24 hour food binge. Easily ate over 7000 calories and my emotions have been MOKIRCHER 18 CHUBBAGRRL
2/14/17 3:01 P
My Valentine's gift to first five pounds down!!! #weightloss GREENEYESKIGIRL 27 LTM234
2/15/17 6:15 A
It gets so hard sometimes. Sometimes I don't want to eat healthy. I don't want to cook. It feels lik ANGIES1234 8 NICKLESPICKLES
2/14/17 10:27 A

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