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Gave in to the temptation of Chinese food on Frida JUSTSIMPLYQ 34 CAROLJEANINE
6/27/16 1:44 P
Two days ago I was able to get in my pool for the MELSMIMI 79 KASHIFNAZIR
6/26/16 1:56 P
Yay! Finally reached my final goal! Down 20 pounds! Rewarded myself with new summer clothes: shorts, EXCEPTIONAL_MOM 28 LUDIEH
6/26/16 10:45 P
Down 2lbs this week!! DYANNE4293 16 JENSTRESS
6/26/16 1:57 P
I wanna lose weight I'm a diabetic and I used to w MATTABETES86 20 HOTTY66
6/26/16 3:17 P
Hello everyone! I'm a newbie, looking to shed at l FLAWLESSDEE12 48 NATVBLAKE
6/26/16 1:56 P
I have lost 4.5 inches overall in the last 2 weeks JAUNE10 25 JAUNE10
6/26/16 10:45 P
So today was a happy day. I started off this Journ JSMITH2113 53 TJMETTS74
6/26/16 9:18 A
Low fat, low cal, carb free pizza! Found this Ji CDICKMANN 10 HERRERA2121
6/24/16 3:32 P
170s today! Goodbye 200s! Goodbye 190s! Goodbye 18 NJSHAR 32 SPURTLE1
6/24/16 1:13 P
First time in this thread. It's nice to know I'm n ENGELKUH89 26 GOALIEGRANDMA3
6/27/16 8:59 A
6/24/16 8:27 A
Happy Friday, y'all! I'm super excited my boy is b MSDELTAGIRL 4 CINDYB35111
6/24/16 7:51 A
How do you avoid carbs?? What doo you munch on instead?? I love it all...pastas, rice, breads. STEPHRY87 22 MWARNER211
6/24/16 12:52 P
Good night, Sparkies. Sleep well. DIZZYBRITCHES 13 THEPINCESS
6/23/16 11:15 P
I'm new to weight loss, and this post might be TMI DANIWICK11496 10 BMILADY
6/22/16 11:43 P
I was wondering why my all of my steps are not bei LIN2690 5 HEBAAMEEN
6/21/16 2:39 P
I bought some whey isolate. I know body builders t CARLPRANGE 2 NJSHAR
6/21/16 1:45 P
Losing weight is my main focus besides my family. 2CROWNSMOMMA 19 HOTTY66
6/21/16 2:17 P
I'm trying a no wheat diet. Although my calories a SKS714 3 NJSHAR
6/21/16 1:28 P
I'm not hungry, I just crave junk food. I know it' ORANGESUNRISE 8 ALEXESQ33
6/21/16 7:29 A
Been a rough few days traveling and haven't made t ABCDOPEY 8 GABEEDEE
6/21/16 7:54 A
Good morning. I'm in excuse mode, Father's Day, bi CTEA88 5 PASTORKRAFT
6/21/16 7:36 A
Let's start the day with some positivity! What g WONDERLUSTQUEEN 28 STORMYRENE
6/21/16 11:53 P
#Motivation I lost my dad on Thursday just trying JILLY46UK 203 GREENSAPPHIRE
6/27/16 9:32 P
I'm new here and so tired of being fat! I can go through the day and not eat, but as sure as evenin DAVISDEBRA 11 DAVISDEBRA
6/23/16 10:30 P
I have been diagnosed with an eating disorder and ALICIATURNER85 9 ALICIATURNER85
6/20/16 10:14 A
Drink ice water or room temperature water? Though KATHRYNROUSE20 33 CHRISTYC673
6/20/16 11:36 A
So the journey begins! #firstpost JMAX2004 27 AWROTEN
6/18/16 12:07 P
The numbers on the scale aren't supposed to matter EB2014 32 AWROTEN
6/17/16 11:52 A
I haven't made any gains in a while, but I'm tryin SCOUNDRELBOOTS 4 MMMBUJI6
6/17/16 12:29 P
What does everyone do for a living? SOULOFFIRE15 251 VANSRUFUS
6/22/16 11:29 P
My boyfriend of four years tells me that I need to TAMARAOGINA 195 TALIYAH9810
6/19/16 5:43 P
What size are you? Whats the size you desire to be LILKIA 119 SFSTERLING2
6/26/16 7:21 A
What kind of diet are people on. I pretty much cou 737ALDERST 11 DOLLYDOLLY951
6/16/16 7:29 P
Does anyone else feel like the bmi is biased again COLLIN_BROOKS 11 FREYASKITTY
6/16/16 1:30 P
Is it bad that i dont eat until around 10:30-12 pm SASSYLEIGH 14 AWHOLENEWROSE
6/14/16 2:27 P
Finally I Reached my goal weight 150lb!Just a tip SFULLER65 12 1021SANDY
6/14/16 2:37 P
Uhg. Only on day 2 and already so over this. I spe MYRNAWILDE 22 SFULLER65
6/14/16 2:40 P
#whyidothis Because life is too short. DIZZYBRITCHES 8 HOLLYFROG99
6/14/16 12:18 P
Starting over today! Searching for that extended m AKGIRL362004 2 NJSHAR
6/14/16 11:59 A
I am struggling. I've lost a little weight, but ha STORMY311 7 JWOOLMAN
6/14/16 12:16 P
Yeah! Achieved my first mini goal for myself!!! Se LIBRAWN24 9 HOLLYFROG99
6/14/16 12:20 P
When you make a lifestyle change to lose weight & DAYZEDAY 12 GSABASS
6/13/16 8:47 A
Enter some information to describe yourself here.Week 2 #30DayChallenge. Could not exercise this we IAMBCUZ0FHIM 11 WHYTEBROWN
6/13/16 9:57 P
How many of you get the recommended steps in each day? I aim for 12,000-20,000 but that's mostly wal TORRIESJOURNEY 17 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
6/12/16 5:59 P
I need some help with diet. Ideas to simple meals, WILLOWSMOM14 12 SDAUGHERT8
6/12/16 6:29 P
So Saturday is my brother's reception. Well really CHRISTYIANNONE 14 CHRISTYIANNONE
6/12/16 8:18 P
What are you having for dinner? #motivation #heal JLYNN559 32 SMANNEH
6/11/16 9:51 P
Feeling pretty darn good today! I'm officially dow MANDYPLATOW 21 SCGUNN
6/11/16 3:14 P
Uh! My cheat day was yesterday and today my mom, brother and I are going to the movies. I usually pi INDIEHIPSTER10 10 NELSANNA
6/11/16 1:21 P
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 268 MARTHAWOOD
7/1/16 2:24 A
Depressed and back sliding. I was on a roll lost thirty pounds swimming every day watching my diet a MRSBETTYMAY 23 NASHUA12
6/12/16 5:46 A
It's hard to lose weight when every single one of ORANGESUNRISE 21 CTEA88
6/10/16 6:47 A
Haven't posted much in a few because my main exerc NJSHAR 14 DIZZYBRITCHES
6/9/16 9:16 P
Does anyone else's feet get numb/ tingly while wal DIDDLESTAR 38 BEBEDOUGH
6/14/16 1:22 A
Just finished an intense exercise and had a light SHANITAARITA 13 12BREAKTHECYCLE
6/8/16 12:36 A
Had to go to doc today for allergic reaction. I co VILLINES123 11 VILLINES123
6/8/16 12:18 A
I am 5 foot 2 inches and weigh about 191 right now ESTEELMAN66 11 SLAUTIO12
6/9/16 12:53 P
I did it again! I keep looking for alternative way NUTTYMCGILLICUD 5 PLORSON
6/7/16 6:07 P
Does anyone else on here do this for their mental KELLEYNICOLE87 36 VAMPIRAD0LLY
6/8/16 1:32 P
Ok, I haven't drank soda in 3 days but I am drinki RUTLEDGEMARIE 9 LTRINH9
6/7/16 5:45 P
Getting ready to start my journey, constantly tire RED_SEVEN7 11 ALEXTWINKLE
6/6/16 4:50 P
I have a hard time eating anything in the morning. CMINTON5 15 NCANTY6
6/6/16 6:13 P
A good piece of advice that I read. When offered o CINDYA1962 4 SEBARTLETT
6/6/16 4:23 P
Good afternoon. Got my blood work results back tod ALBEATTY 6 ALBEATTY
6/6/16 4:31 P
I am very sad to say my dear sister passed away la STILLHOPEFUL 85 CSMOLKO0
6/11/16 6:40 A
Went to lunch with my family and used almost all m GINGB1985 19 NJSHAR
6/6/16 3:58 P
What are thoughts on shakeology? I have a friend KLAYTON7 8 LIGHTDRIVEN
6/6/16 4:51 P
With my completely jacked schedule I'm looking for THANTOS76 2 NJSHAR
6/5/16 11:23 P
My husband commented negatively about my stomach t FLOHA1 32 YODAGIRL
6/4/16 10:19 P
One of our cats (we've raised from a few weeks old TORRIESJOURNEY 10 NJSHAR
6/4/16 8:29 P
Has anyone felt horribly sick and immobile after eating broccoli?? Should I be throwing it out?? CANOPAL 5 NJSHAR
6/4/16 11:23 A
I think the hardest part of diet and exercise is waiting to see results. I am impatient... #losewei WEIGHTLOSS1980 21 GET2BEFIT
6/4/16 11:36 A
Why am I getting articles geared towards May? Toda TKNISLEY 3 KMBRLYGLBLT
6/4/16 9:21 A

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