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Broke out of my comfort zone this morning. Cut up AMYSUE322 13 860KUANLIN
5/27/16 8:12 A
Does anyone else have problems with weight consist HJHEMING 12 CANOPAL
5/27/16 7:51 A
What do you remember? What is your favorite Memori AOKDIET21 9 NUTTYMCGILLICUD
5/27/16 7:21 A
I need some great healthy recipes for crock pot. A LKEBLISH 9 AMYFTW
5/27/16 7:06 A
Im 230 lbs having a hardtime dealing with being so NIKKI062902 28 JAEL4JUD
5/27/16 12:20 A
Out of medical necessity I'm needing to eliminate ANITAM22 4 AUTIEJ
5/26/16 10:07 P
I'm have to weigh myself everyday... if not I feel NESSA626 20 THEPINCESS
5/27/16 12:22 A
Entering the weekend soon. 😬. I do great with m SUSE17 10 NJSHAR
5/26/16 9:57 P
I'm a sugar addict. I crave it all day long. It's ASHLIEMOMX2 21 NESTEPH8
5/27/16 8:14 A
Had a plain chobani yogurt with 3 strawberrys and MARIYA1991 30 JUANITAJNICHOLS
5/26/16 9:11 P
Hello 50's. Weighed in at 258.2. Next is the 40's. TERALOCK 14 KMICHAUD6
5/26/16 1:36 P
I blogged my before and after-in-progress photos, NJSHAR 1 NJSHAR
5/26/16 12:04 P
It's been taking me forever to get to sleep.. We l FRANSMITH1568 13 SASCHMO
5/26/16 9:58 A
I've been trying to improve my running on 2 of the AHURFORD 9 AHURFORD
5/26/16 9:29 A
So I worked out yesterday, I killed it! Some of my CATKINSON75 7 CYCLE3815
5/26/16 9:37 A
What type of food do you eat on low carb? #lowcarb BAVADA 24 LITTLESAPPHIRE
5/26/16 7:29 P
How are all of my weigh in Buddies doing this week NJ-VETERAN 10 NJSHAR
5/26/16 9:20 A
I was able to get into my panty liner today. I fee OADETERMINED 8 JUANITACO
5/26/16 9:39 A
Happy Birthday To Me :) may not be worth mentionin TORRIESJOURNEY 41 PICKLEFISH7
5/26/16 9:57 A
Under armour- Does it work? Is it with the $$? CCARTER381 10 CCARTER381
5/26/16 10:13 A
How do u get your water in throughout the day? BAVADA 16 INAMINIT
5/26/16 10:13 A
I'm finding that I beat myself up anytime I eat an STIEFELLINDSAY 11 FRANSMITH1568
5/25/16 10:07 P
Name things you've lost along with some weight.... NJSHAR 45 JACQUELINEJAX1
5/25/16 11:41 P
My boyfriend just made a comment about how I appar CAITIEHALL94 15 LORIEGIRL213
5/25/16 10:25 P
How often do you all weigh in? FRANSMITH1568 50 AUTIEJ
5/26/16 1:50 A
Who uses a jump rope for cardio- I am thinking I'd HIVEQUEEN55 3 NJSHAR
5/25/16 8:13 P
Are Boca burgers bad or good? JNMORRIS15 7 DPUMPHREY7
5/25/16 4:36 P
Getting super discouraged :( the weight is coming TORRIESJOURNEY 26 LYNNTIGHE
5/25/16 4:33 P
#badday I'm having a terrible, horrible, no good, SUNSHINE603 12 MABLACKWELL5991
5/25/16 5:21 P
What are you doing for exercise today? I ran my 3m JLYNN559 19 PASTORJEFF2
5/25/16 8:14 P
How many calories do you lose dancing? MEJOEM 3 CLARADAY
5/25/16 4:43 P
Hello all I'm in the process of losing weight so I FRANKAD092 3 FRANKAD092
5/25/16 4:15 P
I'm down to 198 and can proudly say that I have lo LWEBSTER62 25 AKIMBERLYQ1
5/25/16 7:29 P
I have been doing so well lately, but still stuck SOULOFFIRE15 15 VALSPARK2013
5/25/16 5:20 P
Any ideas on how to increase protein in snacks? HCLEVE 8 ANNDANDY
5/25/16 4:09 P
Can a person lose a pound a day? If so how? MEJOEM 26 NWATERS121
5/25/16 8:28 P
Does anyone know of a low calorie bread? Everythin CCOOPER23 16 SEEATHINNERME
5/25/16 1:36 P
Feeling pretty good weighed in at 141 this morning RUTHIE2315 22 MISSA526
5/25/16 2:41 P
Super disappointed that I gained another .5 pounds LITTLESAPPHIRE 2 NJSHAR
5/25/16 6:39 A
Broke through to 179.8!! Finally!! SPARKLE_NINJA 55 CHRISCANN
5/25/16 1:05 P
Anybody else get up extra early just to enjoy a cu SARABELL2016 43 DIZZYBRITCHES
5/25/16 11:48 A
Hey everyone! My first post. I was wondering if YARA59 10 SEBARTLETT
5/25/16 3:52 P
#not working #can't lose #help Ok, so I've been on DRUXTON 19 RO2BENT
5/25/16 6:25 A
Anyone else suffer from joint pain? Anything #help MIKEHAZ1968 14 WASU132
5/24/16 9:37 P
Not sure why but i have been wanting chicken wont BOT2823WADLEY2 20 SPARTANJAI
5/24/16 8:59 P
How do you control emotional eating? #help QUEENZ2202 5 NJSHAR
5/24/16 8:21 P
My Ex husband got married Saturday n I've eat in a HMCCOY87 20 SUGARBEATER122
5/25/16 3:35 P
Got good news today. Had an angiography ran on my BIGJOHNSON8772 13 NUTSABOUTMINIS
5/24/16 9:53 P
Just curious what is everybody doing to work out? FRANSMITH1568 86 KEEP_GOING247
5/25/16 2:12 P
ok people,can u tell me what u eat all day because LEGGSMALON 22 NVRGIVINGUP
5/24/16 8:41 P
I tried to bump my calories down today by about 30 STEPPYJOY 15 NJSHAR
5/24/16 8:12 P
Virtual walking trails suggestions? Anyone got any BEACH_KANGA 4 NJSHAR
5/24/16 8:05 P
What's for dinner tonight?Drum roll. Mine is cabba DEBSANKS 36 AKIMBERLYQ1
5/24/16 8:36 P
What to do with family mbr everyone tiptoes around NJSHAR 10 ANAVERAGEJESS
5/24/16 7:07 P
I keep having this sharp pain under my left lower PICKLEFISH7 12 PICKLEFISH7
5/24/16 8:29 P
27 out of 30 min. workout. Not bad. It kicked my b CHRISTYIANNONE 17 MANDA_FAYE
5/25/16 10:45 A
I need more cardio that's seated. The video on SP MLIEN913 4 MLIEN913
5/24/16 3:07 P
I'm feeling so tired. Advice how to wake up at a d GBRICE 18 MMEQUEEN
5/24/16 2:54 P
I usually include bread in breakfast and I love to eat sandwiches. Since I am on diet I usually eat SMANNEH 38 CSMOLKO0
5/24/16 10:54 P
How much weight did you lose before your clothes started fitting different? I'm down 11 pounds and n PSALM1139 21 FSAMUEL6
5/24/16 2:49 P
#icecream any suggestions on something that will s SUNSHINE603 31 SCOUTERPUFF
5/24/16 7:20 A
Not sure what is going on with my body, I have bee MHALCOTT1993 22 NJSHAR
5/23/16 9:46 P
What did everyone do for exercise today? BDOYLE03 1036 BECCABOO127
5/24/16 2:56 P
What #rewards have you given/will you give yoursel BIKEORAMA 6 NBKVXU86
5/23/16 10:13 P
I'm such a snacker! :/ any suggestions for low-cal GFCOREY 13 EPPIESMOM
5/23/16 7:50 P
What are you guys having for dinner? Keep it ligh JLYNN559 23 SNAPDRAGON04
5/25/16 3:37 P
Just found out my cholesterol is high, 😵 Doctor CHEROKEEROSE621 45 LADYVOLSFAN1954
5/24/16 4:42 P
This is my first post. It's so hard to tell yourse JYNASYS98 10 NJSHAR
5/23/16 7:52 A
Paying for my weekend slacking. My pants are tight KENNIEGIRL 6 WLMNGIRL4
5/23/16 8:00 A
Weighed in today from 245 to 235 I'm proud of my s SHANIKAMARSHALL 25 INAMINIT
5/23/16 10:01 A
Keep running into my exes pretty skinny ex gfs.. W ASHMATI33 10 DOLLYDOLLY951
5/23/16 12:57 A
Has anyone actually lost weight from this app? KAYLABROWN313 32 DONNASCOTT57
5/23/16 3:45 A
Can I count my Kool-aid and Lemon aid as glasses o TZYDALLAS 18 TZYDALLAS
5/23/16 7:18 P
New here...hello all, how is this site.. Has it be HALOME 12 HALOME
5/22/16 10:09 P
How do you get you 2 and 3 and 5 year old in bed asleep on time. Please pleaee STEPHSUNSHINE30 7 SARABELL2016
5/22/16 8:54 P

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