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I decided I needed a visual display to track my weight loss. My husband is an overgrown child, so w 4BABYWABYS 151 CUPKAKE137
3/22/17 5:25 P
I promised a sparkmember a pic of the bear that walked right up to us (2011) while doing yard work. WARRIORGIRL121 14 SCHNOOTIE
3/21/17 8:04 A
I totally blew it today, but will refocus tomorrow! RAYMOSSISTER 5 BRIDGETTEANNB2
3/19/17 11:39 P
Restarting whole30. Adding carbs back in was too tempting. Sticking with fruit, and veg, and lean me NJSHAR 2 RDCAGAIN10
3/21/17 1:08 P
I swim 2000+ yards 6 days a week, burn avg. 700 calories per swim and eat less than 1500 calories pe CAROLINKY1 24 CAROLINKY1
3/28/17 11:11 P
From 340 to 210 woot woot AMERICE9221 93 FITNESS447
3/19/17 5:15 P
Goal weight reached! Never posted a pic before, but if it will maybe inspire others to push themselv GROOMS74 305 MCCALI59
3/21/17 12:30 P
Going to start working out. Any advice? CHEFJOJO_02 9 SAN47BEE
2/26/17 11:34 P
Ab workout tonight!!! What's everyone's favorite ab workout! NPROSA57 8 RUSSELLFORD
2/26/17 10:08 P
I love my local Walmart - their milk is $1 a gallon tonight and large eggs for .78 a dozen. CARTAY25 5 CARTAY25
2/26/17 10:50 P
Hey everyone. This is my first go and I wanna cry! I just weighed in at almost 300lbs and I feel lik GHIGHWAY 25 NJSHAR
2/26/17 9:47 P
Having problems with not sleeping at night, then I find myself eating when I shouldn't! JTHOMPSON421 8 ERINAOUELLETTE
2/23/17 9:40 A
guys, to any of you who lost weight, any words of wisdom for a newbie? #newbie #help #weightloss ANA162_DIET 14 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/22/17 8:04 A
Tonight's dinner, whole wheat linguine, with broccoli, yellow,and red bell peppers,and sugar snap p BOT2823WADLEY 20 DIZZYBRITCHES
2/21/17 7:52 P
Does anyone watch their BMR and exercise calories and try to keep a minimum between the total burned ANNIM80 14 ANNIM80
2/21/17 7:08 P
I have a question with the update. I haven't been on here for almost 8 months. I want to get my w TDABRONZO6 4 TDABRONZO6
2/21/17 8:37 P
Need serious help I'm a college student and have a part time job, and I'm tried to control my weight M27965 16 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/21/17 5:23 P
Please help don't know what I am doing wrong I been on a diet for 7 weeks I have only lost 15lbs I e TINAB1109 55 JOANIELIND
2/19/17 5:37 P
I lost 102 pounds. I'm on my final 10 pounds. I did keto for one year. LARRYLAND602 41 VALSTER9375
2/19/17 6:41 P
Not only am I 1 lb away from my first goal, and 9 lbs away from my ultimate goal, I am now officiall EMMAYBEE 45 SHARON.LELA
2/16/17 5:38 P
Heart issues again back in hospital finally figured it out! Home tomorrow MOPCOOKIE 11 KASLANE
2/13/17 11:13 P
Is anyone else not celebrating valentine's day? My fiancé and I agree it is very commercialized and STEFANIE979 47 CHRISSAY1968
2/12/17 7:11 P
I have acid reflux pretty bad and end up throwing up from certain food more so certain meat and i kn FREESPITITHIPPI 40 SHIRLEYF49
2/5/17 3:50 P
Yay I'm down 16 lbs! So excited. This gives me the motivation to continue pushing. Tomorrow will be CURVYBLCKCHICK 10 MYTIMEOK
2/5/17 3:20 P
I always get logged out of spark people on the mobile app. Does anyone know how to keep it logged in GSANGHERA 4 DAWNIEHEATHER78
2/5/17 2:14 P
Veggies I literally hate veggies. I try to eat them. But it makes my stomach turn to the point I wi T76770 13 EMMAGIRL213
2/4/17 10:04 P
Whole30 Jan results:me (-7 lbs), husband (-13.5 lbs!). It was a lot of food prep with pre-making bre NJSHAR 11 QSHEPP
3/5/17 6:25 A
As you drop weight where do you buy your clothes if you haven't reached your goal weight and don't w KEENE1031 25 KEENE1031
2/1/17 7:44 P
It's been two months and I still am at the same weight! 😡 SASSYGINGER2014 14 ARS112181
2/1/17 6:38 P
As of today I have lost 100 pounds! #weightloss #100pounds WEISSMC 231 JAYISOLDEM2
2/8/17 12:19 A
Ok i am going to try to lose weight i have gained alot over the last year i have over a 100lbs to lo CINNI_41 26 NEWCLEAR1
3/1/17 11:38 P
Hi everyone. I need some suggestions for breakfast. I don't like cereal or yogurt and I'm allergic t BILLIEJO79 40 B36543
1/26/17 11:49 A
I am having trouble getting my protein in. Especially wen I am really eating fruits and veggies. Wat SHALA28 12 BLUEEAGLEME
1/26/17 2:29 P
I have such a hard time losing weight, I try so hard and I don't have any results. Any ideas on how WALLERPAIGEE 9 SHIRLEYF49
1/24/17 11:41 P
Just a stresser. I am a single mom why does it have to cost so much to eat healthy!! Grocery store t SKJENSEN13 9 CMARKINO
1/23/17 7:09 P
Down 22 lbs since first of year! 30 to go. Sw 290 Cw 268 Gw 238 RJS12078 28 SPARTANJAI
1/23/17 5:43 P
I just had a nice dinner and I'm not hungry, but I really want to eat more. This is my daily delimma MOKIRCHER 15 J38850
1/19/17 7:23 P
My husband just told me and our daughter to start planning a vacation for the summer. He said im doi JOYLYNNFRANK 8 MRSTHOMAS8314
1/19/17 7:04 P
Could use lots and lots of prayers for my 99 year young Grandpa undergoing total hip replacement in LAURCAM13 26 NOMORECANDYKEL
1/19/17 7:09 A
I wonder why SUGAR is NOT listed in the FULL NUTRITIONAL REPORT ? ? ? I am really trying to cut sug TOMMYZG 15 NJSHAR
1/16/17 10:28 P
I work at with kids and have to eat what they eat for lunch and snack which, isn't the freshest of f LEXFEDUP 7 NJSHAR
1/16/17 10:25 P
I feel like I'm absolutely starving when I eat less than 1900-2000 calories. Literally starving hung RESIZINGPAIGE 17 JOANNEELIDRISSI
1/16/17 10:41 P
I don't understand I ate nothing fattening yesterday. Drank only water. I was actually under my calo WITCHGIRL76 21 LONGTALLSLENDER
1/16/17 2:04 P
Looking for a workout regimen for a 40 year old man with three sons and a full work schedule that I HARLEYSHADE77 8 NICCIE77
1/15/17 10:07 P
My dad's memorial service is tomorrow. I expect it will be a rough day. I don't expect to stay under MTNHIGRL 28 MAR_V3
1/16/17 1:33 P
Can someone please thoroughly explain the calorie differentials to me please??? I don't understand i ASTERZUK 5 NJSHAR
1/15/17 7:35 P
Started December 22nd 2016 at 238lbs. At 219lbs today! That's 19lbs down in 22 days! AMARYLLIS93 29 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
1/13/17 11:15 A
This is a rather soon update but, not even a week ago I was at 210. Now? Since I've started eating f DRAGONQUEEN2436 18 JENNIE_LEIGH
1/13/17 8:12 A
11 pounds down! #weightcheck GANBARUGAIJIN 60 SARSAR_T
1/18/17 8:05 A
Please understand that I need answers rather than telling me that what I'm doing is wrong, because I AISHASHAHEEN03 45 NJSHAR
1/13/17 7:42 A
Well i'm down to 264lbs started at 524lbs Jan 2015!! That's 260lbs!! Did it without surgery!! A lot GPALMER29 229 OCEANBOOTS
1/23/17 12:05 P
I've added avocado, and cauliflower to my mkt list. I've exchanged the fruit Greek yogurt for plain BEVBENN3 9 R29487
1/7/17 10:13 P
I'm leaving 48lbs behind me in 2016. What about you ? #weightloss #fitness #lean #motivation #health PATOUED1 159 REESECUPS42
1/16/17 5:10 P
#paleo has gotten me off insulin and feeling stronger each bite. FULLMETALBLUNT 11 SUGIRL06
1/7/17 11:34 P
Do you have a favorite youtube channel for recipes? #snowedin UGGGGGHHHHH 3 UGGGGGHHHHH
1/7/17 9:41 P
How do you stop eating from being bored when it's so cold to do anything? I am restrainting myself r ANGEL2GOOD31 19 MICHULLLL
1/7/17 11:12 P
Spark friends I'm having issues at work thats causing me stress and feel like emotionally eating and TON360 20 MAR_V3
1/7/17 9:02 P
Speak kindly to & of YOUrself. Your weight doesn't define you or the person you are. You should love MSMAKEOVER 27 LAJ2013
1/8/17 5:54 A
I have late evening hunger pains around 7:30 pm/8:00pm. Is there anything I can do to satisfy them w TAYLORKRT 36 AMANDACROCKER
1/6/17 6:11 P
What did you accomplish last year? What are you working towards this year? #2017goals # newyear #ac NJSHAR 3 SASSIE7S
1/6/17 5:41 P
Feeling #motivation after a huge loss this week. Went from 238 to 226. A lot of changes this week th BUFF21CC 24 NJSHAR
1/6/17 4:19 P
Finding a low carb dressing I can eat has been har EARTHOWL79 57 NJSHAR
1/6/17 4:14 P
I am so tired all the time. Eating better and exercising has made it worse. I know it has only been PNSCOTT96 21 PNSCOTT96
1/13/17 11:52 A
What are your thoughts on a Fitbit? My husband just bought me a Charge 2 for my birthday and I'm wor BAREFOOTMAMA86 18 GRAMMICHELLE
1/5/17 11:06 A
Hello, was wondering what kinda of low impact exercises work well for people with lower back problem CRYSTALECKMAN83 14 PROUDMOM04
1/4/17 6:08 P
Hi I do not eat any fruits or vegetable or cheese or pastas or fish or sea food. I only like meat STEPHME1 17 ESKIDTC
1/3/17 9:04 P
What's on the menu for dinner folks? #dinner ASHBLANK15 27 RUSSELLFORD
1/3/17 9:26 P
What are your fav low carb meals/snacks? ABBYKAY123 9 STE0415
1/3/17 1:16 P
Today I did my first workout! Here's to many more AMLILLIE90 15 BBBABEE73
1/2/17 12:08 P
First morning at the gym today. Haven't been to a gym in 16 years! Always worked out at home. Really FLABBERGAIL 2 NJSHAR
1/2/17 11:44 A
2017 I will lose some weight. My knees and back hurt from the weight. Will workout thru the pain. DHENRY523 11 MISSCNJ
1/2/17 11:59 A
Is anyone else trying #whole30? Day 2! Headed out to indoor farmers market soon for supplies. Coconu NJSHAR 4 MARYBETH000
1/16/17 1:02 A
Anyone else having issues with fitbit not syncing BECCA0327 10 BECCA0327
11/4/16 10:23 A
🎶Another pound bites the dust. And another pound gone. And another pound gone. Another pound bite GOMYMICHELLE 29 CLING724
11/4/16 11:37 A
#weightcheck OFFICIAL UPDATE: I am happy to report MAMAGIDGETJ 146 LTRINH9
11/16/16 5:52 P

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