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Does anyone have an off the wagon day on purpose? ILOVEYOUMATTEO 54 CORDELIA724
10/6/15 10:48 P
Trying every trick in the book: plateau has me ups HRHHALL 3 AJISUUN
9/30/15 1:31 P
does anyone have a fitbit?I would like more friend LYNNEGALANTE 11 TOUCAN1963
9/29/15 8:21 P
I find myself starting and starting but never fini MINGMALONE12 3 TABBYMARIE74
9/29/15 7:22 P
Ok started day 1 of 21 days without sugar...feelin TXDIAMOND1 7 NYXWOLFWALKER
9/29/15 7:06 P
Day 2 and I am RAVENOUS, even for me. I think it's DIZZYBRITCHES 10 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/30/15 6:16 P
I just did the eliptical for an hour and a half. JENNYRENN 19 GSABASS
9/29/15 10:46 P
Hey! Do you have any tips to remember/modulate you TAYLORKROESE 7 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/29/15 7:13 P
How do you deal with cravings when they come up? LDFRANCO 17 TISTEN23
10/7/15 1:41 P
What do you guys eat for breakfast? I'm so bored, SUMMARAH 113 ROEWE1979
10/2/15 12:22 P
on the calorie count diet how does a cheat day wor CHERYLLUCAS82 19 NYXWOLFWALKER
9/25/15 5:36 P
Went out today to McDonald's. Normally I would ha FLIRTYFLY280 4 NYXWOLFWALKER
9/25/15 5:34 P
How did you stop eating sweets? I want to be able CPETERS300 22 PENNYBATES
9/27/15 10:18 A
Any successful results giving up dairy? TRULUVALWAYS 14 SENANG
9/25/15 2:38 A
Are you gluten free? ITYIWS 26 GENE1955
10/7/15 4:38 P
got to love the days you burn more calories then y NYXWOLFWALKER 4 NYXWOLFWALKER
9/19/15 2:26 P
Is it ok to be a couple hundred calories under you KALISI5 5 VANILLASKY15
9/16/15 3:30 P
If you retain water, keep an eye on your Sodium in TWALKOWICZ 15 JENNIFERSLETTER
9/13/15 1:59 P
I just purchased a fitbit (yay!!), anyone else loo KRY28NH 18 NYXWOLFWALKER
9/13/15 1:29 P
my progress is coming slower the I'd like...but it VKLE0906 6 KEL_BEL_FX3
9/13/15 3:09 P
WA State fair yesterday. Bad food included a coke STRETCHYGIRL83 34 STRETCHYGIRL83
9/13/15 5:36 P
How many ounces in one glass of water? REDNICOLEN 6 REDNICOLEN
9/11/15 9:44 P
9/12/15 7:13 P
how does everyone stay away from their favorite fo SUASHLIE 66 SUASHLIE
9/11/15 10:39 P
I'm not really new to spark people but I have had TINA_JO333 5 NYXWOLFWALKER
9/10/15 4:13 P
I am a 38 year old female. Trying to do what my do JENN-CONEY1976 33 VANILLASKY15
9/8/15 8:04 A
Do any of you ladies battling pcos have a particul MOLLYHALL82 15 NYXWOLFWALKER
9/7/15 6:21 P
Everyone having a blessed labor day? What were you ELP14586 18 BELUSALA
9/9/15 10:25 P
The most critical aspect of weight loss is dealing KATANKA200 7 STRETCHYGIRL83
9/7/15 11:58 A
I've used spark before but gotten off track, today AFROILAND 6 NYXWOLFWALKER
9/7/15 11:31 A
I've been having one coffee/day in place of soda t 530GEM 19 PASTORJEFF2
9/7/15 12:14 P
Is it possible to track nutritional intake with vi MRPANDEMIC 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/7/15 12:15 P
Skittish about food tracking SILVERGROUNDHOG 8 DPDAVIS
9/6/15 3:05 A
how do i pick the right plan?? LORINA57 14 COONSY
9/10/15 5:51 P
does anyone go over their cal intake... SAMJUL 7 SLIMMERKIWI
9/6/15 4:38 A
I have heard of people doing low carb. Do you thin NETTYJEANE 23 NETTYJEANE
9/4/15 10:41 P
Ok, let's talk breakfast. What is everyone eating MAMAFULFORD 92 JENNRN06
9/4/15 10:40 A
So I am 25 years old and I feel like the main thin ORIGINALGDP 14 ORIGINALGDP
9/3/15 10:47 P
has anyone gone to a chiropractor forigraines? LEGGSMALON 9 NAOMI_ACOSTA
9/14/15 10:32 P
I'm looking for a buddy who could help me with goi SWEETANDSOUR79 21 STRETCHYGIRL83
9/1/15 1:23 P
I've noticed many food items in Sparkpeople are li BIGDCARTER 5 LMAINI53
8/31/15 6:01 P
Holiday season is too close. What is the plan to n MSFIGGY 19 MSFIGGY
8/30/15 2:51 P
Is anybody keeping to a restrictive eatingplan whi KAREN_THIEL 5 NYXWOLFWALKER
8/29/15 1:52 P
For folks who have lost their weight... Do you qui TNEWS333 30 TNEWS333
8/31/15 6:07 A
Since purchasing and connecting my fitbit to SP my SKINNYCAT83 5 SKINNYCAT83
8/25/15 12:48 P
hi my names mike. i am new to this so any advice w ITALIANMIKE90 32 MSFIGGY
8/26/15 5:11 A
Wearable Fitness Trackers. Yay or Nay? LITTLEMISSMOUSE 46 THEVOW2013
9/10/15 11:18 P
8/28/15 4:36 A
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 42671 GENE1955
10/7/15 4:35 P
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 87985 DLGORDON5
10/7/15 1:02 P
gainingweight on a type 1 diabetic diet MSBRANDIE63 3 NYXWOLFWALKER
8/25/15 12:07 A
Hi, does anyone have any high protein breakfast id AIMSY85 25 860KUANLIN
8/24/15 7:22 P
Have you eaten something green today? SPACECADETJAC 305 KGIRL1977
10/2/15 9:46 P
How important is caffeine in your daily routine? BARBIEGIRLPOWER 12 POSEY440
8/24/15 2:33 P
Fit Bit distance tacker versus Treadmill distance STACYMAC 5 MOTIVATED@LAST
8/24/15 1:12 A
Milk: is our's sweeter? LADYSTARWIND 10 VALCRAFTS
8/24/15 9:38 A
Looking for simple lunch ideas JHISEROTE 8 -POOKIE-
8/24/15 8:03 A
Are you drinking your water today? PASTORJEFF2 24 1BOOMBALATTY
8/24/15 7:45 A
I haven't been keeping up on the weight loss stuff MEDIC37 3 PSALM8611
8/23/15 7:28 P
i did not track at all yesterday and I'm trying to RW1647 7 STRETCHYGIRL83
8/23/15 1:22 P
Back to my diet.. KTOWN31 22 STRETCHYGIRL83
8/27/15 9:45 A
I can not believe my eyes. Starting over is hard e DJENNINGS4 10 05081962
8/23/15 2:43 P
8/23/15 1:09 P
if carbs is for energy and muscle why are people o BUFFCOAT1445 18 NYXWOLFWALKER
8/23/15 1:07 P
First day of my weight loss plan! i currently take ABBEYLBUCK 9 ABBEYLBUCK
8/6/15 5:47 P
I'm back for round? I don't know how many do overs DESMILE 6 DESMILE
8/12/15 11:34 A
I really need a buddy. I have a LOT to lose - abo _SHERRY_ 17 CHRISSEL3519
8/2/15 11:31 A
When is the best time to weigh yourself? I've hear NAMELESSRAVEN 5 SMASON6
7/29/15 6:40 P
Juar wondering how often you guys weigh in? I need ABYERS2013 59 SMONTI
8/2/15 1:49 P
Do some women like big men. I've heard this, but I PAULWILSON1028 69 STRETCHYGIRL83
7/29/15 6:28 P
Hoe did everyone do for Fathers Day?! My husband i LMHMOMMY 6 LMHMOMMY
6/21/15 7:44 P
Let's face them. What are your FEARS during this w MSFIGGY 51 MSFIGGY
6/25/15 12:47 P
Anyone interested in starting a SparkTeam that peo SB0901 44 BUFFCOAT1445
7/19/15 2:21 P
If you're reading this, I challenge you to eat a p MIKANORI 42 GSABASS
9/3/15 12:15 P
6/18/15 1:37 P

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