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If I get in a healthy weight range will I automati KRISTENMBATT 5 DEBBIE1993
10/10/16 2:23 P
I have a question...has anyone continued to loose JANINE1271 23 JANINE1271
9/9/16 8:37 A
Do you weigh yourself daily or weekly? 1LUCKY2 42 FSAMUEL6
9/3/16 7:09 A
Do you have a go to meal for a night you forgot to KPETROS 20 KPETROS
9/3/16 8:56 A
How many times do everyone weigh themselves here? PATOUED1 58 STAYRAW
9/10/16 12:40 P
What gives I paid for the app shortly after it cam NYXWOLFWALKER 4 NYXWOLFWALKER
8/3/16 12:58 A
I have only been using this app for two days. Ever SKNIGHTON4 37 NYXWOLFWALKER
6/26/16 6:28 P
Anyone know if the nutrition goals section updates RHIIBEE 11 RHIIBEE
6/26/16 7:48 P
#vegetarian just a suggestion to fellow vegetarian RHIIBEE 2 NYXWOLFWALKER
6/26/16 6:24 P
Is anyone else here doing #moderatecarb, or anythi DIZZYBRITCHES 48 USMCDEVILDOG93
6/27/16 12:55 P
Who has a fitbit? Do you love it? What kind do you JESSCHALKER 25 PERRY901
6/27/16 9:58 P
How do you avoid carbs?? What doo you munch on instead?? I love it all...pastas, rice, breads. STEPHRY87 22 MWARNER211
6/24/16 12:52 P
Why do I read so many of you quit drinking soda? W SHERYLF1960 42 CHEIVOUS
6/20/16 10:35 A
Calorie question: I know it's almost as bad to und KRUSH7687 23 LIBRAWN24
5/25/16 10:26 P
I have no idea what to do for lunch... AKELLY45 5 AKELLY45
5/18/16 11:53 A
Just started the new journey today to a new me hea JOLIEROSE3608 14 DIZZYBRITCHES
5/18/16 5:51 P
Really tired tonight, but got my meals planned for DOODLEB 6 MCPIP92
5/18/16 1:02 A
What is the hardest part for you? The food or fitn JLYNN559 42 NYXWOLFWALKER
5/17/16 11:46 P
What have people given up in light of their lifest BYRDR0917 31 PSALM1139
5/18/16 3:03 A
How do you find the motivation to exercise when yo JLYNN559 22 TIFFANIGETZ
5/18/16 7:43 A
How often does everyone weigh themselves HELIZKAE 5 TREENBEEN212
5/17/16 11:46 P
Being Gluten Free is very hard for me always cons JODYODONNELL 9 JODYODONNELL
5/17/16 8:12 P
Anyone have any tips on how not to stray from your OHMYGLOBLIZ 20 SUNSHINETAM68
5/10/16 1:45 P
Favorite thing to add to water? FATMAMMAOF4 24 NCIAPPARA
5/6/16 10:57 P
I just found out I am pre-diabetic and am working ASHLEYLOUNEW 15 KIMLADYBUG
5/1/16 10:27 P
How do i add calories to my diet? I need to get up MO6363 11 MO6363
4/28/16 1:26 P
Fitbit GOODLIL991 14 GOODLIL991
4/13/16 11:13 P
Raw Food Diet and counting calories LENA310 8 NYXWOLFWALKER
4/6/16 4:41 P
How do I input what I have eaten PHOEBE59ANN 4 CSTUART76
3/24/16 11:03 A
1 month on here...lost 11 lbs i know its not a cra KRISTYMARIE1982 40 NICOLELORAINE75
3/25/16 4:32 P
199.9!!!!!! Yay!! JILLY814 14 NMULLINS8
3/24/16 10:49 A
Down just a little but I'll take it! JULIAFLANAGAN 10 MYSUMMERBODY62
3/24/16 10:48 A
Hi, I'm new here, would like some advice and help BUJSM21 11 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
3/19/16 2:14 P
Whats your starting weight and your goal? How long BETH040609 104 TORRIESJOURNEY
3/19/16 4:34 P
Yesterday I was starving! I didn't blow my calorie CRICKIECLYNNE0 13 RONDABUCKMASTER
3/19/16 2:45 A
Can anyone name a good diet that has worked for th ENOVOTNY7 15 BUZZYBEE2015
3/15/16 8:38 P
I'm looking for someone who has lost a significant 1966SUNSHINE 11 BEACHROSE1965
3/16/16 9:01 P
Today was a good day my first milestone was reache SMCCANE82 42 LEAH57
3/16/16 6:14 A
So does anyone here actually drink diet sodas? Yes KTANNER65 51 AWHOLENEWROSE
3/13/16 1:13 A
What's good for breakfast? Not a big breakfast eat DSHIVERS1 83 HAPYGERL
3/24/16 9:55 A
I have learned that I am not the type of person wh KILLERKITTYAUTO 4 DISNEYDODD
3/12/16 10:06 P
Ate too much today. Start fresh tomorrow. Not goin TTRN02 2 NYXWOLFWALKER
3/12/16 9:09 P
How do I incorporate more protein into my diet? I ASHLEYMARP93 19 NYXWOLFWALKER
3/12/16 8:55 P
So today while out and about with mom, I found a f SQUIGGMOOCOW 4 PJACKSON86
3/12/16 8:56 P
What's for dinner?? MOTOSGIRL7 19 PJACKSON86
3/12/16 8:55 P
Ate carbs today. Didn't feel good....missing my pr EAGUIRRE74 2 NYXWOLFWALKER
3/12/16 8:52 P
I got my Fitbit! Can't wait to use it! It's all co MEG_NICOLE15 7 YAYA48212
2/26/16 12:29 P
Haven't been doing that great tracking and watchin SHKAJO46 4 NYXWOLFWALKER
2/26/16 12:16 P
Water. I have a difficult time drinking water. An FDULEMBA 11 JUSTME777
2/19/16 11:42 A
I have lost 6lbs in 1 week, stopped my diabetic pi PAHARRIETT 16 AHUSTON7
2/24/16 8:08 P
Is it safe to go low carb ? CAPNJO 6 GINGERZ0MBIE
2/10/16 11:58 P
I have 100 cal left today and very hungry. I know KILLINTHMSOFTLY 7 NYXWOLFWALKER
2/10/16 11:49 P
Only my first day and blew it . I did so good all KMOTT4 16 JBRYANT43
2/8/16 8:41 P
It's hard to make the healthiest food choices when SORBA123 7 DIZZYBRITCHES
2/4/16 8:59 P
Wanting to purchase a fitness tracker but not sure JCOOK15 25 TRACY6659
2/23/16 12:09 A
So I'm starting my first day tomorrow. Any suggest SHADYTHOJ 9 KIRALY31
2/4/16 9:17 P
Question?? Is going on a low carb diet better TRULEEBLESSED33 19 BKRAUSE5
2/3/16 3:35 P
Treadmill question Is it better to walk at a 1.5 JENNIBABCOCK 9 KATENUNYA72
2/3/16 12:35 A
Does anyone use more than one tracking app? I've b BPATT016 3 NYXWOLFWALKER
2/2/16 5:17 P
Anybody have a preference for protein powder,also SIB1974 3 NYXWOLFWALKER
2/1/16 3:36 P
I think I did pretty good with my lunch! I had a b LAURALEE3216 9 WHYNELLJACKSON5
2/1/16 3:37 P
Is anyone else counting caolries or just trying to TWEEKS15 79 TASHA_NAE
2/1/16 4:19 P
Goals for today. I think it's important to make a NANOBLAD 13 LOSEINSTYLE
2/1/16 4:40 P
Does cinnamon have calories. The bottle doesn't sa QUEENBEE041213 5 QUEENBEE041213
2/1/16 3:58 P
Anyone else struggle to get up to minimum caloric CDINGESS 10 VCEJA3
1/31/16 3:15 P
All I've been eating is salmon and chicken , I nee FITANDHEALTHY01 26 BKISSEE1
1/26/16 7:15 P
I'm looking for some feedback on sugar substitutes SBOHN3 38 LADYDANIELLELEA
1/21/16 9:16 P
Anyone on here have a fitbit? Fitbit tells me I'm BLUESKYNOISE7 8 CRIESY
4/8/16 12:49 P
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 46004 KBEHNKE81
1/18/17 7:02 P
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 91790 BIGPOPPAPUFF
1/18/17 5:37 P
gainingweight on a type 1 diabetic diet MSBRANDIE63 6 JUSTEATREALFOOD
6/14/16 7:09 A
Have you eaten something green today? SPACECADETJAC 513 SCGUNN
8/18/16 11:36 P
I really need a buddy. I have a LOT to lose - abo _SHERRY_ 20 RENEECARTER1
1/23/16 10:22 A
6/18/15 1:37 P
6/18/15 9:53 P

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