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Is it safe to go low carb ? CAPNJO 6 GINGERZ0MBIE
2/10/16 11:58 P
I have 100 cal left today and very hungry. I know KILLINTHMSOFTLY 7 NYXWOLFWALKER
2/10/16 11:49 P
Only my first day and blew it . I did so good all KMOTT4 16 JBRYANT43
2/8/16 8:41 P
It's hard to make the healthiest food choices when SORBA123 7 DIZZYBRITCHES
2/4/16 8:59 P
Wanting to purchase a fitness tracker but not sure JCOOK15 24 DIZZYBRITCHES
2/4/16 10:10 P
So I'm starting my first day tomorrow. Any suggest SHADYTHOJ 9 KIRALY31
2/4/16 9:17 P
Question?? Is going on a low carb diet better TRULEEBLESSED33 19 BKRAUSE5
2/3/16 3:35 P
Treadmill question Is it better to walk at a 1.5 JENNIBABCOCK 9 KATENUNYA72
2/3/16 12:35 A
Does anyone use more than one tracking app? I've b BPATT016 3 NYXWOLFWALKER
2/2/16 5:17 P
Anybody have a preference for protein powder,also SIB1974 3 NYXWOLFWALKER
2/1/16 3:36 P
I think I did pretty good with my lunch! I had a b LAURALEE3216 9 WHYNELLJACKSON5
2/1/16 3:37 P
Is anyone else counting caolries or just trying to TWEEKS15 79 TASHA_NAE
2/1/16 4:19 P
Goals for today. I think it's important to make a NANOBLAD 13 LOSEINSTYLE
2/1/16 4:40 P
Does cinnamon have calories. The bottle doesn't sa QUEENBEE041213 5 QUEENBEE041213
2/1/16 3:58 P
Anyone else struggle to get up to minimum caloric CDINGESS 10 VCEJA3
1/31/16 3:15 P
All I've been eating is salmon and chicken , I nee FITANDHEALTHY01 26 BKISSEE1
1/26/16 7:15 P
I'm looking for some feedback on sugar substitutes SBOHN3 38 LADYDANIELLELEA
1/21/16 9:16 P
What do you do when you eat right and work out but KWHITTY 9 KWHITTY
1/18/16 8:12 P
Does anyone ever get more than 1 Spark Point when MARILYNJ63 35 MOMAFUSS
1/18/16 1:39 P
Just signed up ! Wondering if I should follow the AMRZ25 7 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/17/16 2:13 P
I need to eat more protein and fiber but I am not JGEBHARD8 12 JGEBHARD8
1/17/16 12:19 A
Anyone on here have a fitbit? Fitbit tells me I'm BLUESKYNOISE7 7 CHRISCANN
1/16/16 11:29 P
I had my gallbladder removed around 2.5 months ago and am having bunch of digestion issues. Does any TRYINGTOLOSEKGS 8 TRYINGTOLOSEKGS
1/11/16 8:52 P
How do i lower my calorie intake? JMENDEZ81 3 VKLINE326
1/11/16 8:33 P
Let's Share! One of my favorite, healthy go to des JOJODANCER16 8 JOJODANCER16
1/11/16 8:44 P
Need to lower my calorie intake. 1300 seems too hi MEGGETSFIT29 8 MOVEIT-MAMA
1/11/16 8:33 P
1/12/16 8:48 P
1/14/16 9:01 A
Canadas Food Guide & Weight Watchers - Difference ANGELASAVENUE 23 NYXWOLFWALKER
1/10/16 3:45 P
I was thinking that at the end of the week l could BELOVEDLIGHT 17 LCJEMS
1/5/16 7:54 P
Does anyone here use the FitBit? MOMMARED16 30 KEACHKEACH
12/29/15 10:14 P
Looking for Weight Loss Prayer Buddy who understan AARRO50 26 BORICUACOKETA
12/31/15 1:20 A
Merry Christmas guys. What exercise did you all do LMCOLLET 4 CCLEMENT1109
12/26/15 12:43 A
I was thinking of getting protein shakes for snack NEONLIGER9999 48 NEONLIGER9999
12/23/15 10:08 P
Is there a way to turn off the articles? HUNTER0412 9 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/24/15 9:34 A
Who is on board with low protein high carb diets? MARBEAR 17 AUSSIEGEORGE68
12/25/15 11:51 P
What are some ways that you "punish yourself for g PRINCESS_E 6 NYXWOLFWALKER
12/23/15 8:49 P
Christmas is near! Any ideas of how you'll be eati XKIMMYBOOX 14 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/24/15 9:43 A
How to get ride of the ads? I paid good funds for NYXWOLFWALKER 11 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
12/14/15 10:36 P
Started a diet to get rid of candida 3 was ago. A FRAUJENSEN 2 NYXWOLFWALKER
12/13/15 4:07 P
How often do you weigh yourself? GBS1974 69 PAMULDROW2007
1/12/16 4:30 P
Day 2 on Spark People. Months ago I was on here a ANNABALL 9 CHRISMC75
12/3/15 4:37 P
How do I track how many miles I have walked? I see BITSYANDTANK 9 SPARK_MERLE
12/4/15 10:00 A
Who went over their calories yesterday? More impo ANON76 30 EZDUZIT_1-2-3
11/27/15 3:31 P
What has been the most beneficial way for you all NIKIYAB 11 MUSICMA
11/18/15 10:53 P
Good morning, what do you guys enjoy eating for br NIC0LL3 36 TEEPHOTO
11/15/15 3:32 P
I have successfully tracked and has changed some e SJENSEN13 3 NYXWOLFWALKER
11/15/15 11:57 A
is there a way to add nutrition facts for things i JAZZYBOOTY 3 SPARK_COACH_JEN
11/14/15 4:46 P
What are some good things to grab when you're look MILOR247 5 MARTHA324
11/3/15 12:35 P
Day two following the Vegan way. So far so good. H VEGANEDGE1 4 VEGANEDGE1
11/3/15 1:34 P
Hi, I'm new here and just starting to figure this NM0350 11 QUEENOFCW
10/28/15 5:41 P
Hi my name is laney and i am ready to get off insu LANEYANDBUDDY 11 LOVSSUGAR
10/28/15 2:57 P
480 calories for DQ onion rings?? Really??? TRIXIE247 11 LILLY_78
10/26/15 9:53 P
My weigh in for Diet Bet is tomorrow morning. Norm AIMLESS07 7 AIMLESS07
10/26/15 7:57 P
Do you usually try to stay at the lower end of you MYTIMESPARK12 19 GSABASS
10/26/15 9:40 P
How much have you lost by using this app?? MYTIMESPARK12 22 SROBINSON20
10/27/15 7:25 A
I bought a new tea today- English Breakfast, which FALLFITNESS 39 CECIWALL84
10/27/15 3:12 P
Low sodium- what is your favorite Clean, low sodiu HEALTHISAMUST 3 HEALTHISAMUST
10/17/15 8:30 A
Any have problems with eating past 8 pm? DEB2468 12 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/17/15 11:05 A
Are there any chefs out there that know of an app LAURENJACKS 4 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
10/11/15 5:47 P
All I can say is, guys, don't let yourselves get h LOVECORGIS 15 LOVECORGIS
10/8/15 12:42 P
What's for dinner tonight? JEDIWIFEMOM 39 KITTYLESA
10/8/15 9:03 P
how does Spark people feel about STEVIA? I have be DAVESGAL15 25 DEBORAHANNE14
10/9/15 3:22 A
Does anyone have an off the wagon day on purpose? ILOVEYOUMATTEO 125 HARRIETT14
11/5/15 7:13 P
Trying every trick in the book: plateau has me ups HRHHALL 3 AJISUUN
9/30/15 1:31 P
does anyone have a fitbit?I would like more friend LYNNEGALANTE 11 TOUCAN1963
9/29/15 8:21 P
I find myself starting and starting but never fini MINGMALONE12 3 TABBYMARIE74
9/29/15 7:22 P
Ok started day 1 of 21 days without sugar...feelin TXDIAMOND1 7 NYXWOLFWALKER
9/29/15 7:06 P
Day 2 and I am RAVENOUS, even for me. I think it's DIZZYBRITCHES 10 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/30/15 6:16 P
I just did the eliptical for an hour and a half. JENNYRENN 19 GSABASS
9/29/15 10:46 P
Hey! Do you have any tips to remember/modulate you TAYLORKROESE 7 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/29/15 7:13 P
How do you deal with cravings when they come up? LDFRANCO 19 SHAWFAN
10/11/15 10:12 A
What do you guys eat for breakfast? I'm so bored, SUMMARAH 113 ROEWE1979
10/2/15 12:22 P
on the calorie count diet how does a cheat day wor CHERYLLUCAS82 19 NYXWOLFWALKER
9/25/15 5:36 P
Went out today to McDonald's. Normally I would ha FLIRTYFLY280 4 NYXWOLFWALKER
9/25/15 5:34 P

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