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Thank God for Little Boys! JSTETSER 23 ANNDANDY
6/24/17 4:09 A
I have FINALLY broken the plateau I've been on for the last 2 months!!! I've been stuck between gain SOULOFFIRE15 11 SASSYPANTSNH
6/22/17 9:02 A
Working out with my trainer today. I tracked my breakfast. I need to watch my caloric intake!!! LIBBY217 3 CHERYLHURT
6/22/17 7:15 A
BJ (my trainer and accountability partner) gave me such FUN things to do yesterday... she called it ONEKIDSMOM 13 REDROBIN47
6/22/17 9:15 P
I am continuing to find the Heart sculptures. This one is called "Moonlight and Romeo" (if you get ONEKIDSMOM 13 AQUAGIRL08
6/22/17 7:30 A
2017 Miles in 2017 ONEKIDSMOM 243 SUNNY332
6/20/17 6:47 P
This artist invited the public to color her heart! ONEKIDSMOM 8 KRISKECK
6/12/17 11:38 A
Hi Sparks Friends, am on antibiotics for 10 days. Not going out - to avoid being re infected per my AOKDIET21 21 BJK1961
6/4/17 9:35 P
When you already worked out in the morning but your bf is feeling bummed out and wants to go for a l HOURSPASSED 10 SILVAS7
6/1/17 7:40 A
Chit-Chat Spring - Summer 2017 ONEKIDSMOM 35 SUNNY332
5/31/17 9:43 A
Ran as a bandit the last mile or so with the final entrant at the Memorial Lincoln Duathlon on Sunda ONEKIDSMOM 25 52BINCE
5/30/17 8:49 A
Ran the half this morning in 1:33:06, finishing 4th overall behind a 24 year old, a 23 year old, and MOBYCARP 54 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/3/17 10:56 A
Today is the anniversary of my beloved dog's birthday. She passed a few yrs ago but I had her for al WARRIORGIRL121 18 WARRIORGIRL121
5/30/17 12:27 A
Made a late decision today on the venue for tomorrow's long run. #running MOBYCARP 10 KJWITT
5/27/17 10:49 P
151 days, Spark Streak login! ROCKLAND2010 3 MYTIMEOK
5/21/17 10:19 A
Ran with my Galloway coach yesterday, 6.05 miles, and we stopped to take a selfie at Galloway Ave. ONEKIDSMOM 20 LULUSUNSHINE
6/9/17 7:51 A
Update on my spider bite.... I went to the doc like ya'll told me to and the doc put me on antibioti SRENATA 25 FULLERFARMS
5/23/17 8:13 P
What's On Your Mind Today! MIRAGE727 267 ONEKIDSMOM
5/20/17 7:16 A
Me tomorrow. Can't see that they will feel much better tomorrow than they do today... *sigh* Bring MARATHON_MOM 11 JAZZEJR
5/18/17 7:28 A
I got bit by something on my neck, maybe a spider, idk. Should I go to the doc? It's made a red st SRENATA 20 BLESSED2BEME
5/18/17 12:29 A
1st place in my age group at this morning's race. Yay!! MARATHON_MOM 23 WANNACANHAVEIT
5/16/17 6:25 A
My hubby is in the hospital. Everyone knows about my journey so what happens? My wonderful BIL comes VHAYES04 16 BRENDA_77039
5/13/17 3:00 P
Updated Medal Rack, with the six Lincoln Half Marathon ones shifted to the front. Seven years of ru ONEKIDSMOM 14 HARROWJET
5/14/17 7:57 P
I have to keep remembering this every day to keep seeing results MARATHON_MOM 17 RYCGIRL
5/10/17 7:46 A
5/6/17 1:06 P
What made you want to change your life, what was the changing point? I remember being so depressed a APRILELLIS01 273 MISSY455
5/6/17 1:46 A
May the Fourth be With you! JSTETSER 22 POSEY440
5/4/17 7:10 P
I feel like I didn't get a weekend. Under a ton of stress. This morning's workout helped MARATHON_MOM 7 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/1/17 10:41 A
Back in the pool first time since last November's concussion. ONEKIDSMOM 13 GABY1948
5/2/17 4:04 A
Habits For Health and Fitness 52BINCE 160 2BDYNAMIC
6/23/17 6:43 P
Spark-rooters for MOBYCARP at yesterday's Boston Marathon, his second. This is STRONGDAWG and mysel ONEKIDSMOM 19 MSLZZY
4/18/17 10:47 P
Rooting on one of my favorite Spark people, my brother MOBYCARP, running the Boston Marathon today, ONEKIDSMOM 32 REDROBIN47
4/17/17 9:04 P
Posted a photo NEW-CAZ 13 -POOKIE-
4/17/17 2:24 A
The Ironman shirts came in today - the silver triangle is for completing the Ironman triathlon dista MAGLITE7 13 GABIRUSZCZAK
4/12/17 12:21 P
I'm off for my 1st physio appt this morning- wish me luck! NEW-CAZ 13 JUDY1676
4/10/17 6:00 P
Over an hour waiting for a rent a car that has already been paid for and reserved online...good time ANNIEONLI 9 ANNIEONLI
4/8/17 7:17 P
Chit-Chat Autumn - Winter 2016 - 2017 ONEKIDSMOM 123 CONCHA77
4/11/17 11:00 A
is wishing everyone a great Tuesday!! Spark coffee-time! :) ANNIEONLI 9 ANNIEONLI
4/6/17 6:40 P
Dropped below goal as I figure out the best strategies to maintain. Terrified of gaining, but also GRANDMABABA 5 KRISZTA11
4/3/17 3:16 A
Sharing the visual of pounds lost... granted this was seven years ago, but sometimes a visual helps ONEKIDSMOM 19 ALICIA363
3/31/17 6:36 P
Good morning Sparkpeeps!!! Happy Thursday!! Make today a great day for yourself!! ANNIEONLI 5 1DAY-ATA-TIME
3/30/17 10:32 A
Strength training last night... always makes me feel virtuous when I "get 'er done!" ONEKIDSMOM 8 MEXGAL1
3/28/17 1:56 P
Remember I said I thought we had some tits nesting in the tit box a week or so ago. Well we caught o NEW-CAZ 15 TEQPEACH
3/28/17 10:48 A
Yup....still eeeeeee...must have STAT! Time to get some Spark inspiration! :) ANNIEONLI 5 SWEDE_SU
3/26/17 7:40 A
So proud of my son who just turned 23 on Tuesday and graduated from Basic Training as the Soldier of MSLZZY 22 YELLOW09RED
3/26/17 8:01 P
Two hours to the start of the 10 miler. The pile of preparation builds. ONEKIDSMOM 24 ONEKIDSMOM
3/25/17 10:34 A
Posted a photo JENNIFERBR51 36 IMNERDY2
3/25/17 2:14 P
Just decided to pay the one time fee for this to get rid of commercials and get the extra features! DEEBREF52 7 PRETTYPOPPET
3/28/17 7:19 A
Wimped out on the ten miler once I experienced the weather conditions on site... feel it was a wise ONEKIDSMOM 14 JEANKNEE
3/27/17 11:35 P
I have definitely fallen, I definitely get back up or I would not be where I am today and aspire to HAVING_HOPE 16 PENOWOK
3/25/17 9:05 A
About to head out to run my 5K. I'm not feelin' it this morning, not sure I'll do as well as I hope MARATHON_MOM 9 MLR_00
3/25/17 8:11 A
I have literally got to tell myself this on the daily. Happy Friday ya'll! Stay encouraged and inspi FITSISTA79 20 MSNOVADAWN
3/24/17 8:46 A
Great workout this morning... Fun fact: It's very difficult to wash one's hair after working shoul MARATHON_MOM 3 TRISSYINCHARGE
3/24/17 8:19 A
Every time I pack that bag for the workday is a victory! ONEKIDSMOM 59 JETHOMAS12
4/3/17 7:52 A
For those in the UK remember................ NEW-CAZ 8 JANTHEBLONDE
3/26/17 11:58 A
Maintenance surprise... I hit goal (120) and kept losing (112). I'm struggling to balance calories GRANDMABABA 7 IAMAGEMLOVER
3/23/17 8:45 P
Yay for smaller sizes is finally fun TINALOUCHIC 7 CTYONIT
3/24/17 2:15 A
I wrote my usual pep talk this morning and am giving myself credit for it, even though it disappeare ONEKIDSMOM 2 ADRIENALINE
3/23/17 7:23 P
So I'm maintaining... so what? So... "don't get cocky"... keep working the program... because I wan ONEKIDSMOM 15 JEANKNEE
3/28/17 9:29 P
Loving the criss-cross effect of keeping small promises to myself. ONEKIDSMOM 8 REDROBIN47
3/21/17 10:10 P
New Fitbit Suggestions FRANCESCHA 8 JALAPENO561
3/22/17 1:33 P
Chilling with furry friend after the morning's run. Canine fix courtesy of my sis! ONEKIDSMOM 8 AQUAGIRL08
3/21/17 9:31 A
What a Basketball game the zags did pull off a win 79 73 and Fran got 350 step up in an SPARKFRAN514 5 ONEKIDSMOM
3/19/17 6:20 A
I realized that I still think of myself as large because I seriously look at 1x clothes or women's s MADAMEJEANNE 5 ONEKIDSMOM
3/19/17 6:19 A
A good week of tracking, recovery from recent illness... let's make this weekend a win! ONEKIDSMOM 6 JEANKNEE
3/19/17 5:49 P
Figured I'd share Spark coach's woo-hoo because it fit with this week's personal focus on good sleep ONEKIDSMOM 21 AQUAGIRL08
3/18/17 12:18 P
Now that I know I'm 8% Irish... Happy St. Patrick's Day! ONEKIDSMOM 6 GOODFELINE
3/17/17 12:23 P
I love sp. Yet I'm starting to see why the community feed bothers people. Photos that show too much. REBECCAO3 6 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
3/16/17 8:37 A
Starting over with this. Gained weight from not tracking. WILCOXD1126 4 DXP6028
3/16/17 9:22 A
Just realized the community feed is completely different than my friend feed. Would much rather see SBEAR5 4 BLESSED2BEME
3/16/17 10:33 A
Gained almost half a pound since last week! Gotta remember to push the fluids... tummy troubles don' IMAWRKNPROGRESS 5 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
3/16/17 8:08 A
I write my blogs as pep talks to myself. It really helps. ONEKIDSMOM 7 1DAY-ATA-TIME
3/16/17 12:28 P
Remember to nurture your hope all day. How will you do it? ALICIA363 5 ONEKIDSMOM
3/15/17 7:46 A
Every morning...with my coffee & Spark...and then while doing my make-up when I'm getting ready to g ANNIEONLI 6 TRISSYINCHARGE
3/15/17 11:53 P
Woke up without benefit of alarm... it feels so good to get a full night's sleep! ONEKIDSMOM 6 JEANKNEE
3/16/17 12:59 A

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