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LBM- what is my life about between meals? +/- OOLALA53 347 OOLALA53
4/20/18 7:59 P
Share your daily food for thought MEDDYPEDDY 39 OOLALA53
4/20/18 7:50 P
Hello everyone TRENAE7 6 MILPAM3
4/20/18 7:59 A
New Binge-Free 21 Days Streak! Join us! MARYONE 39892 LYLAGARRITY
4/20/18 7:38 P
April- Green, Yellow, Red tracking OOLALA53 11 BDTHOM
4/20/18 11:39 A
Mission thursday 19 april MEDDYPEDDY 11 OOLALA53
4/19/18 2:41 P
21 day streak JOYCE2U 1078 JOYCE2U
4/20/18 7:14 A
Daily chat OOLALA53 98 OOLALA53
4/19/18 2:36 P
Daily Chat... TAMMAE 1388 OOLALA53
4/19/18 2:32 P
Words of Encouragement GREG32572 2260 OOLALA53
4/19/18 1:59 P
Woke up early to go to the gym. So happy when I go it’s just making myself get early to do it. Count BBENNETT99 2 OOLALA53
4/19/18 12:49 P
Perspective: I have lost the equivalent of the weight of a newborn calf. SPARKLYEYES71 13 FITWITHIN
4/19/18 9:03 P
Running out of landscape pictures to paint. I need to get out there for some new ones. This is the l NEEDBU66 8 MIYAMO
4/19/18 8:36 P
list of articles OOLALA53 5 OOLALA53
4/19/18 12:38 P
How are you doing on No S? HISLOVEENDURES 2038 RAWCOOKIE
4/20/18 2:24 P
4/19/18 12:41 A
I'm getting there slowly. SHARONB76 3 EVANS1848
4/18/18 4:42 P
Indulged in some chocolate covered pretzels last night, but otherwise did okay. I tracked it and mov SLIMSHAPE18 5 SARAHNRICKY1
4/18/18 12:02 P
80 Day Obsession Phase 2 Day 41: Total Body Core That felt great. It was also nice to get it done e SHADOW2SOU1 11 JEREMYINJERSEY
4/19/18 12:43 A
Hello Spark People! I'm brand new today...on recommendation from my physician! So....starting with s MOMMYLEE01 73 BEBAUGH1
4/18/18 6:57 P
My tomatoes yah!! NATASHA_D1 6 JAMER123
4/18/18 10:22 P
've got a SPRING in my step! JSTETSER 10 MADEINBRITAIN
4/19/18 4:14 A
4/19/18 4:14 A
Today's workout! 👍 KERRIBERRI86 5 BIGFLABEAR
4/18/18 12:32 P
KATIE3908 has maintained for NINE YEARS!!! LAURIE5658 2 OOLALA53
4/18/18 11:35 A
Introducing myself ALLEGRA130 12 ALLEGRA130
4/18/18 1:11 P
new to this team HARLETHEART 2914 OOLALA53
4/17/18 2:44 P
Best ways to boost metabolism? FBAILEY24X 15 CLMART3
4/18/18 9:58 A
Here’s whats for dinner! A delicious salad and a fillet of salmon! Yum! #cleaneating #dinner FITABULOUSJJ 4 OOLALA53
4/17/18 2:27 P
Lunch today: marinated tofu in a pho broth and rice noodles. Garnished with fresh green onion, cilan FITABULOUSJJ 12 OOLALA53
4/17/18 2:27 P
Breakfast today: whole wheat english muffin with poached eggs, a little bit of ketchup and lots of h FITABULOUSJJ 9 FOXYHOGG
4/18/18 5:43 P
I'm determined to have a great day today, yesterday got all out of whack. This buying a house proces KSTEVERSON 21 OOLALA53
4/17/18 2:25 P
Feeling a little disconnected atm mostly do to multiple medical that seems to effect my bodies abili NYXWOLFWALKER 8 COLOURFULL
4/18/18 1:12 P
4/17/18 11:09 P
In this photo, I could barely stand, without a lot of pain, long enough to snap the photo. By the gr LNHA310 15 DININA48MN
4/17/18 11:28 P
Mission tuesday! (17 april) MEDDYPEDDY 9 PATTI24
4/18/18 6:01 A
4/18/18 2:16 A
4/15/18 12:53 P
Its coffee time NEPTUNE1939 10 2BDYNAMIC
4/15/18 11:01 A
I stepped on the scale this morning and had to step again to make sure. I am officially OUT of the o CGH-ARTYPANTS 17 2BDYNAMIC
4/15/18 11:01 A
off to run 3 hours in the ice storm. Fun fun! but probably more fun than the treadmill I did yester ZORBS13 8 ZORBS13
4/15/18 2:07 P
Had a bad, sleepless night... I just wish I could get out of my own head!! HEARTS116 8 OOLALA53
4/15/18 9:02 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 18 PATRICIA-CR
4/15/18 9:59 A
The good news and not so good news? Friday burned 1787 exercise calories and I actually ate less th ABTRACK 9 LUANN_IN_PA
4/15/18 2:07 P
I'm about to get married and I just got diagnosed with PCOS. My world is about to turn upside down. MEGANJEAN223 5 CBON02
4/15/18 9:24 A
My husband is making me get rid of my dog. I'm so sad. We haven't spoken in 3 days. I want to eat LAM200514 5 ELIZA361
4/15/18 9:02 A
Buying this 2.5 story house might have been the best health decision I've made in years. Boy, am I DEVERIJ 8 OOLALA53
4/15/18 8:43 A
BAD NEWS BEARS: I have hit my HIGHEST BIGGEST MUCHO weight ever!!! 258 ....I have a feeling of defea JPAPUGA27 37 DJ4HEALTH
4/16/18 1:05 A
Salmon and salad for dinner MOUNTAINMAN316 6 NASFKAB
4/15/18 1:42 A
#coach My Gmail has a notification of new sparkmail, sent yesterday but, there is no new mail in my LRJUSTUS1 8 LRJUSTUS1
4/15/18 7:45 P
4/16/18 12:56 A
I had a huge shopping trip today. I stocked the pantry, freezer, and fridge with a lot of healthy ea HOTMESSEXPRESS 9 CTYONIT
4/15/18 1:15 A
4/20/18 10:03 P
Today is one of those days that I need to remind myself to " Keep it Simple" STEEPERSLOUNGE 13 ALEXTHEHUN
4/12/18 9:41 A
Going back to my home and somehow I am anxious. I think that it is the flying that is making me ner ORTATK 5 STEEPERSLOUNGE
4/11/18 1:05 P
4/11/18 11:38 A
Oh boy, I need to eat LOTS more protein!! Seriously cutting myself short!! Maybe that is why I neve PINKHOLLYHOCKS 10 SADIEMYERS
4/11/18 8:55 A
Some days I feel like I never will reach 100 kg. Balancing between 101 and 102kg for a while, even w ALINVA 5 ALINVA
4/10/18 7:44 P
Expectations vs. Reality.... focusing on seeing my glass as half full (of water LOL). So what if I l JENNYL74 5 OOLALA53
4/10/18 5:57 P
Beautiful day out so I walked over to the shopping center that has a grocery store and a branch of t CATHYSFITLIFE 10 CATHYSFITLIFE
4/11/18 11:24 A
I am a really fussy eater from the UK. Looking for easy lunch and snack ideas for when at work in t APPLEADAY2010 5 DAWNMICHMICH
4/10/18 5:54 P
Just moved to a small mountain town to live with my boyfriend. I start my new job that's 40 minutes MARAJADE91 7 MERRYPINK
4/10/18 7:02 P
Been awol for awhile. But got to stop letting others get in my way. And get back to being who I want RUNNING-TURTLE 6 CHERIRIDDELL
4/11/18 1:15 A
Some UK scientists have proven that raising your body temperature by 1 degree Celsius can burn 130kc BUBUSTAR28 6 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/10/18 9:33 P
If you work overnight how do u track your foods is ITSMEEDEEEE 4 GEORGE815
4/10/18 5:50 P
I have been doing Shape Reclaimed. I am successful, yet, I’m not 100% sure if I want to continue. I SUZQ9903 11 SUZQ9903
4/11/18 6:08 P
do you track your food? Really helps keep you honest and change up your nutrition where it's needed 1CRAZYDOG 15 TOMATOCAFEGAL
4/8/18 6:17 P
Day 1 Putting on boots and heading to mail box (used to have others bring it to me) 1/4 mile round t HPERIWINK5757 3 REDBIRDFLY
4/8/18 12:41 P
So – how do you hold yourself accountable to do at least some exercise during your day? I personall 1CRAZYDOG 11 WALLAHALLA
4/8/18 3:47 P
4/8/18 4:17 P
Ok ... I've never posted on here...but need some encouragement to get back on track! Got out of my JILLBUG422 9 JILLBUG422
4/8/18 8:29 P
Reset my goals on Friday. Also reset a goal to not focus on the scale or really even tracking calori JBALL21 7 AMYINTHEWILD
4/8/18 2:20 P
Produce for the coming week! KAMINKA 14 KAMINKA
4/8/18 1:01 P
Didn't feel too good yesterday or today, don't think I'll get my miles in...gotta try to get over my DANYGIRL40 8 ZUZUPETALS10
4/6/18 3:38 P
So odd how I’m actually craving cottage cheese when not 3 months ago this stuff made me literally ga SHELLLEY2 13 MOLUX252627
4/11/18 11:19 P