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Dinner tonight- rosemary lemon chicken with potato and green beans from my garden! 290 calories! KENNYBARBIE12 37 LKBRIDGE
9/22/17 1:21 A
My father showed me this app over a year ago. He has since lost over 100lbs. I used this app for a m EMERSON041328 35 CFITZ1
9/21/17 11:36 P
My mentor blessed me with a new yoga mat and strap. I feel so happy. It was a very nice surprise. CDS427 39 LKBRIDGE
9/22/17 1:17 A
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was stretching in the sunshine. How about you? SPARKGUY 64 KALANTHA
9/22/17 7:27 A
I sent this to my husband once because I got a big old booty. Always have always will. STEPHHIXSON 35 BIKEORAMA
9/22/17 2:36 A
9/21/17 10:08 P
Ready for Rosh Hashanah dinner! GRATTECIELLA 104 CINDY247
9/22/17 6:42 A
300lbs to 218lbs. Ketogenic Success! KITKATPOUNCE 255 NREED8
9/20/17 6:53 P
I killed it to day at work 4 hours of heavy cleaning ... I work at an Animal Shelter :) DOINITNOTGONNAS 14 JULIEA7201
9/20/17 10:06 P
I went on my walk/ jog today! Here is my favorite picture I took of God's creation! JAPANGURL17 16 CONSTANCE067
9/20/17 7:39 P
Yay!! Second mile today! POPDIESEL 16 BUDDY256
9/20/17 6:41 P
I cooked this Creamy Garlic Basil Chicken for dinner tonight. I found the recipe on the Spark People TURQUROISE 15 SADIEMYERS
9/20/17 7:58 P
#Motivation 2016FITQUEEN 133 COLUMBINE2
9/20/17 10:45 P
5 months cigarette free!! Pretty dang proudπŸ˜€ ANNALOWERY0 222 CONTENTE13
9/21/17 7:49 P
9/19/17 10:24 P
Hobo packet. Turkey patty with various vegetables. MEL-243 18 WALLAHALLA
9/21/17 10:43 P
9/20/17 7:32 A
Salade Nicoise. I love it when healthy food is also beautiful. βœŒπŸ’œπŸ… PYRPLEHAYZE 29 MOONGLOWSNANA
9/20/17 1:21 A
Hope you had a good day. GARDENSFORLIFE 20 CANNINGNANNY
9/20/17 8:08 A
Went way over my goal today!!! AMYMBUNCH 32 MOONGLOWSNANA
9/20/17 1:16 A
Here's what I'm having for my snack instead of leftover cake. Go me! GRATTECIELLA 79 HPOFBC
9/21/17 10:43 A
Flu shot achievement unlocked! Here's to a healthy fall! GRATTECIELLA 17 CHERYLE51
9/21/17 6:13 P
Woohoo! I did it ! I'm back !! I feel wonderful af CINDY247 20 VIRGINIAGIRL
9/19/17 2:26 P
Posted a photo W2GFIT 7 PATRICIAANN46
9/18/17 9:16 P
I been working out since March and changing my eating habits. I lost 30 so far and still got plenty CAROLINAGIRLJNT 224 STORCH2000
9/18/17 11:03 P
9/19/17 12:00 A
Nothing like portion control! Who needs a bowl anyway?? πŸ˜‚πŸ¦ #halotopislife ALLISASSYFRASSY 102 BARBGEO
9/19/17 2:01 P
Lost my first 10lbs...and feel really good. I've switched from diet soda completely to water and co DAKOTAGRL852 220 INSPIRED26
9/19/17 11:23 A
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 13043 BIKE4HEALTH
9/22/17 7:07 A
Yum....tonight's dinner! Nothing like homemade! BOWDIDDLE 22 ALUKOWSKY
9/18/17 9:43 A
Then I take a look DEBYDOINGIT 138 MDOWER1
9/17/17 6:44 P
.. & I am becoming a better version of myself - one day at a time. #sundayvibes #staypositive #smile KRISSY32118 17 CGARR442
9/17/17 7:24 P
Anyone ever feel like you just can't catch a break? The last 3 weeks have been one thing after anoth LLOWE30 29 BARRYHAPPY1
9/17/17 5:37 P
So I ran today...for the first time in years....completed .93..Will keep going! CAROLINAGIRLVC 30 PHATPAT18
9/17/17 5:53 P
Posted a photo SLVRMANE 18 _RAMONA
9/17/17 6:57 P
Made vegetable soup from a recipe I found here. It's loaded with veggies and super healthy. BECCAISDOINGIT 111 NIGHTGLOW
9/18/17 1:39 A
Morning push-ups: done! Even after months, they're still hard, but I did 60 :) GRATTECIELLA 17 DOLPH79
9/16/17 8:25 P
I went for a walk around the lake today. I was able to beat the rain. CDS427 25 LKBRIDGE
9/16/17 2:22 P
Have a wonderful weekendπŸ’‹ LUMINOUSSCMS 13 PASTORDAN_ATDCC
9/16/17 2:08 P
I've made a whole bunch of BABY STEPS to get where I'm at today folks but, ....."I WOULDN'T TRADE HO F5-FURY 98 KAYDE53
9/16/17 4:29 P
I have gain lots weight, since I took on the role of being sober for good. It going on eight months LIZLOVEROSES 160 MPLSKEN
9/16/17 10:09 P
This is my first time posting a side by side picture. I have always (and still do) hate having my pi TIME4ME2017 215 MDOWER1
9/16/17 8:24 P
I may not be where I'm supposed to be, but I am go ARHUNT71 205 CSROBERTSON621
9/16/17 7:39 P
Found a new water I like. πŸ’Ÿ Has no sugar or sweetners and a surprising great flavor. Not all sparkl DIALYSISCHIC1 30 ABUELAMEMA52
9/16/17 8:09 P
Posted a photo KILTORE 29 MSGO72
9/15/17 11:47 P
Today was a lot like me. I had good intentions but it didn't go like I planned. Today was suppose to FUNNYFACE101002 18 DJ4HEALTH
9/16/17 12:56 A
Skipped my workout today. My 12 year old basset hound wasn't eating and has been lethargic. Found ou LASTDIET2017 64 LASTDIET2017
9/16/17 1:38 A
Bought some jeans that are 4 sizes smaller than I was wearing in May. I'm also down to an XL top fro PINKMUSTARD21 70 MDOWER1
9/16/17 8:21 A
Im doing this for me... -9 pounds πŸ’πŸ’― CAMILLEAPPWHITE 70 CAMILLEAPPWHITE
9/16/17 7:48 P
My son is down 23 pounds!! He is happier! I couldn't be prouder!!! LMURPHY88 183 YMWONG22
9/16/17 2:52 A
Finally! Made 10K. My doctor put me on a ketogenic diet. Is anyone else familiar with this? JAKORTE 21 DJ4HEALTH
9/15/17 12:59 A
My sweet girl. Her name is Anna. ALLYLIZZY 40 HICKOK-HALEY
9/17/17 12:45 A
Down 6 pounds in 10 days. Feeling more energetic JASKSHANN 46 MDOWER1
9/15/17 6:01 A
I was in a very crappy mood today. Went running anyways and it was painful for a while there, then t RANAF222 41 HEALTH_NOW
9/15/17 10:32 P
Almost out of the 300's ....down 109 pounds now...dr did my bloodwork on Tuesday and EVERYTHING was CHERYL4846 165 ANNETTECAN
9/17/17 7:38 A
9/15/17 7:58 A
Down 43 pounds today!!! LMURPHY88 156 LMURPHY88
9/15/17 5:20 P
Just over a mile in about 30 minutes. It's not whe PEAVLERWIFE 8 MOMINGUELPH
9/13/17 8:56 P
From Florida, Tampa Bay area, our power stayed on when 80% of my county lost it. Family and friends SABLENESS 16 1CRAZYDOG
9/14/17 11:47 A
Evening walk in Opatija, Croatia CGARR442 6 EDWARDS1411
9/13/17 8:55 P
A year ago I struggled greatly to walk around the local college lake, having to take breaks and huff LOISLEL 53 DJ4HEALTH
9/14/17 12:53 A
93 pounds gone forever. Love this Healthy new lifestyle! It was hard work. Now to maintain. I have m MISAIS 231 TRANSPO12345
9/14/17 11:37 A
32 lbs gone it was hard but I did it 8 more lbs to go!! SHANIQUEA89 73 JBUHAY3
9/14/17 7:39 A
I not officially finished yet but I started off at 291 with no hope in my self but I officially hit MOISTNUGGET 306 ABELSYAYA2013
9/14/17 1:46 P
8 weeks in! Down ten lbs, six inches around the mi 4TALESI 19 CSROBERTSON621
9/12/17 10:16 P
Posted a photo LOISLEL 8 DYANNE4293
9/13/17 2:04 P
Bedtime ... Nighty Night!!! BOOHOOBEAR 20 BOOHOOBEAR
9/13/17 10:23 A
Quit smoking 5 years ago today, a lot has happened in that time (a death, near death of child, near 2AWESOME4U 35 TCANNO
9/13/17 3:32 A
Sooooo excited!!!! My friend was giving away some home gym equipment and my amazing hubby picked it JEMMSIE 53 TIGERSEYEHEART
9/13/17 10:42 A
Just finished my workout! I started at 278.9 now I am at 232.3! It's not much but I feel a differenc M65000 163 MDOWER1
9/13/17 5:47 A
This is 75lbs difference. PIXIEDGE6 193 _RAMONA
9/13/17 3:02 A
Question of the Day 2BDYNAMIC 1990 CHERIRIDDELL
9/22/17 1:39 A
Brain Teasers: Did Yu Know 2BDYNAMIC 75 DEE107
9/21/17 10:58 P
When the light on the trees looks like this, it's easier not to mind that Nature calls during your w LKMANNING7 11 VAS1984
9/11/17 9:17 P
Day 1 of a new workout schedule... KAMRYNWILL 12 MICHELECARLYON
9/11/17 10:53 P