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Really really angry because of the instructor who played the music so loudly (not during a class!) T PLAINJANEDOE 5 PLAINJANEDOE
4/18/17 7:12 P
So this is me when about the time I started I went to my doctors yesterday and guess what you guys I CRYSTAL2590 37 IJRYAN
4/18/17 6:52 P
Should I post #beforepics? Everyone I talk to says they're awesome ways to determine progress, but I AALLIN0923 6 TIBURONA
4/16/17 10:43 P
Yesterday and most of today were great. Then i broke a panel of glass in my kitchen door because i PLAINJANEDOE 2 CONNIETEA88
4/17/17 8:13 A
I think depression is my biggest obstacle. I can never seem to overcome it. SUNFLOWERWILD 8 SUNFLOWERWILD
4/17/17 8:27 A
First bloom of the season on my argentine cactus today! SPARKS07 11 LAPPEROO
4/17/17 9:54 A
Ran 22 miles in 5+ hours. Now naptime. ZORBS13 17 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/16/17 3:46 P
Another helpful app, especially for those with eating disorders - Recovery Record. It helps track t PLAINJANEDOE 9 PLAINJANEDOE
4/16/17 2:40 P
Spending my easter on my hands and knees scrubbing thr apartment because the city inspector is comin PLAINJANEDOE 3 PLAINJANEDOE
4/16/17 2:38 P
Spring clean done ( for now) time for lunch and a little rest PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
4/16/17 12:58 P
That feeling when your coworker tells you that you kind of remind him of Ripley from Alien πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘οΏ½ PLAINJANEDOE 5 CONNIETEA88
4/17/17 8:17 A
Spring im Chicagoland is beautiful...already it is tricking me into forgetting the winter, how much PLAINJANEDOE 7 PLAINJANEDOE
4/15/17 10:50 P
Omg I can't wait to run! Trails here I come! PLAINJANEDOE 10 NANCYA8689
4/15/17 10:20 A
I don't care if I'm out of style, I'm celebrating the fact that I am able to wear the bling jeans my DREAMGIRLCITYC 165 PLCHAPPELL
4/14/17 5:39 A
I picked these up at Marshalls too...sliders. I have some ab exercises to start with but I am open t PLAINJANEDOE 5 CONNIETEA88
4/9/17 8:00 A
Feeling anxious/excited this AM...we are piloting some new protocols today and the pressure is on. I PLAINJANEDOE 8 PLAINJANEDOE
4/8/17 5:40 P
Spring has come to Chicagoland!!! PLAINJANEDOE 5 LSTONESTREET1
4/8/17 5:46 P
I got a smallish rolling suitcase at Marshalls today so that I don't drive myself nuts carrying 13 l PLAINJANEDOE 2 PAMBROWN62
4/8/17 5:32 P
I am not feeling great today. I am 48 days clean from heroin & gained like 30lbs since 2-18-17. To PRINNICKIE 307 WEGENERCS
4/10/17 10:04 A
Yummy Asian Sunset Salad for dinner with homemade dressing. I'm starving! MACABBEY 10 MACABBEY
4/7/17 9:34 P
So far I've lost 18 lbs. No one can tell. MOPAR71 17 MOPAR71
4/9/17 7:03 A
I have such a love hate relationship with this woman/app. Doing Saturdays workout today as I'll be o SILVERTOMORROW 6 UPSY-DAISY
4/7/17 4:32 P
Black beans & quinoa with lime juice and fresh cilantro makes a great side dish or snack! Try cold a TACOMAMOM 4 PLAINJANEDOE
4/7/17 4:41 A
Hi I'm Ellie i would love motivation partners I'm 36 and have about 80 lbs to loose. #friendfinder ELLIEAQUA 26 ZZDPZ84
4/19/17 3:17 P
checked out kickboxing for seniors dvd from library and did the exercises in chair. APPEALSTOME 11 MLR_00
4/7/17 6:53 A
I put a bunch of cayenne pepper in my sugar-free pretend frosty...maybe a bit too much but pretty go PLAINJANEDOE 2 BANANASLOUIE7
4/6/17 9:57 P
You guys! The Breaking Bad Habits app really works!! PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
4/4/17 7:38 P
Gym selfie, post-Turbokick. I use 4.5 lbs per hand during punches, first turbo (second turbo is 5 lb PLAINJANEDOE 7 MELYROD18
4/4/17 9:00 P
96 lbs down yall😯 34 more to go!! CWEST4973 303 KATJENKI
4/4/17 9:34 P
#mobilechat. #coach. I recall reading that community guidelines say no pictures in just bra and shor ACTIVEGRANDMAP 23 HUMMINBIRRRD
4/5/17 8:31 A
4/3/17 6:22 A
Day 004 Breakfast - Pleased I got up in time to eat before running out the door - breakfast would de MERRYMAID18 9 PLCHAPPELL
4/3/17 6:21 A
Sorry - here is a better screenshot PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
4/2/17 2:24 P
This is a screenshot from the "breaking bad habits" app. I did it for the first time yesterday, seco PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
4/2/17 2:23 P
Has anyone had deep tissue massage? Does it help long-term? #help PLAINJANEDOE 5 PLAINJANEDOE
4/2/17 2:18 P
Trying to give my neck and backa break PLAINJANEDOE 8 PLAINJANEDOE
4/2/17 2:18 P
Time to anger management app...i think it is helping PLAINJANEDOE 3 PLAINJANEDOE
4/2/17 2:16 P
Rare footage of me doing jumps at the gym! PLAINJANEDOE 5 PLAINJANEDOE
4/2/17 2:12 P
I am new to fitbit and would really like some moti DENISE2399 5 SUESMITH73
4/2/17 8:41 P
4/2/17 11:25 A
I made inspirational and think cards to post randomly around them house and enough to change them up CHRISSYROO 25 MMEQUEEN
4/3/17 7:07 P
For me, Sunday's are a "free" day. I like to reward myself for a good week of discipline. LARGEBARGE 18 GET2BEFIT
4/2/17 9:05 A
Late post ... this was my dinner last night CORNSHELLY45 25 LIZZIE138
4/2/17 10:21 A
Iam I'm going on a diet I tried to be healthy I'm so hard I can't do it my personal goals E12957 20 ABBYR415
4/1/17 10:05 P
Starting today I am starting a diet. I am 260, I want to be 120 by August 6 2019. ANIMASTER888 164 NELLJONES
4/2/17 6:57 A
6.41 miles. Cloudy day PAPAYAHEAD 15 GAYLLYNNE
4/1/17 10:29 P
I learned a new recovery section for turbokick this weekend and downloaded the songs to go with it.. PLAINJANEDOE 2 RHIO3TRE
3/28/17 5:32 A
Doing my best to have a good attitude even tho it is Monday... PLAINJANEDOE 10 BANANASLOUIE7
3/27/17 8:22 P
My raynauds is baad today....cant warm up! PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
3/26/17 12:55 P
I got a satin pillowcase at Marshalls today. Part of my efforts to focus on takin care of myself on PLAINJANEDOE 3 PLAINJANEDOE
3/25/17 7:30 P
Getting ready to run in the rain. had better be waterproof, because that was literally th PLAINJANEDOE 4 BANANASLOUIE7
3/26/17 6:50 P
I have definitely fallen, I definitely get back up or I would not be where I am today and aspire to HAVING_HOPE 16 PENOWOK
3/25/17 9:05 A
My new weapon in the war against anxiety/anger PLAINJANEDOE 9 MOTIVATED36732
3/25/17 9:12 A
Two hours to the start of the 10 miler. The pile of preparation builds. ONEKIDSMOM 24 ONEKIDSMOM
3/25/17 10:34 A
Missed my morning Zumba workout, but got it in after work. I now know my body likes mornings better MISSCNJ 6 PLAINJANEDOE
3/24/17 8:18 P
Couldn't sleep so I did the hypnosis session (it is free!). I will let you know how it works. PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
3/23/17 3:34 A
I need advise. This is embarrassing:( What would you do if after you lost weight you lost your breas ANGELAJANEDOE 44 BIKE4HEALTH
3/23/17 6:27 A
Added weightlifting to my workout today... Pretty sure I'm going to be sore tonight!😭😭😭 JOI2374 19 SNOEBUNNIE101
3/22/17 8:15 P
Started to stuff my face to calm mysepf because i was so angry that Lil B wasted yet more of my tim PLAINJANEDOE 1 PLAINJANEDOE
3/22/17 7:30 P
Shout out to the personal trainer and client who were so busy using the plyo box as a water bottle r PLAINJANEDOE 6 TRISSYINCHARGE
3/16/17 9:57 P
Pretty sure that a guy was recording me on his cell phone at the gym today (based on where he was st PLAINJANEDOE 9 PLAINJANEDOE
3/15/17 4:48 A
206 day streak on SP! Down 44 pounds since July. Still a ways to go, but now...I GOT THIS! NARNIAROSE2003 50 LPORTER2015
3/15/17 3:56 A
Lmao my phone updated and i now havs my own personal emoji PLAINJANEDOE 4 MAYMA05
3/13/17 10:00 P
My nose hurts soo bad from being wiped constantly! Ugh!! PLAINJANEDOE 2 ZORBS13
3/13/17 7:55 P
My nose has always dripped when i work out but for the past few weeks it has been obnoxious...consta PLAINJANEDOE 4 PLAINJANEDOE
3/11/17 5:12 P
Been feeling a bit run-down lately...sleeping most of the day last Sunday helped (i felt strong and PLAINJANEDOE 3 PLAINJANEDOE
3/11/17 4:52 P
I can't get to were you put in food #tech SUNWARDWINE 2 PLAINJANEDOE
3/10/17 4:48 A
On my way to 100k steps in 1 day for the first tim LUCKYLISA12002 15 KIKIE1973
3/8/17 10:18 P
I have around 100 lbs to lose and have been doing cardio drumming 3 or 4 days a week and zumba 1. I MICHELLELAW01 11 RHIO3TRE
3/9/17 4:46 A
Okay so since I can't seem to get notifications. I'd like to add some Fitbit friends. If you post yo SUNFLOWERHIPPIE 15 GINGB1985
3/27/17 4:46 P
Looking for some friends. Where are you from? #fri LALAJ84 191 JAYISOLDEM2
3/8/17 9:22 P
Anyone from Cleveland Ohio? Need a diet bundy #friendfinder LEAH2196 7 LEAH2196
3/10/17 2:38 A
Fool-proof way to defeat mindless eating habit: 1) put your snacks on the top shelf 2) do leg day o PLAINJANEDOE 21 JAYISOLDEM2
3/5/17 9:03 A
Feeling very depressed today. DREAMSOFWONDER 23 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/4/17 10:19 P
A little cold out today GYOUNG38 5 PLAINJANEDOE
2/26/17 6:19 P

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