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Meeting two childhood friends for lunch today. Been about a year since we last did so... too long! POLSKARENIA 9 ILOVEROSES
2/15/18 8:56 A
Change or rearrange a letter RMUL2013 182 RMUL2013
2/20/18 4:51 A
Choose a vegetable A Z. BEVIEG41 110 DAPHNE137
2/20/18 9:03 P
Post something red MINDYJ1 14546 MINDYJ1
2/17/18 11:03 A
Post something yellow MINDYJ1 14169 HEDSTS58
2/20/18 10:35 P
Post something blue! MINDYJ1 7939 NASFKAB
2/21/18 12:23 A
Post a PURPLE emoticon, image, photo, or item EO4WELLNESS 325 NASFKAB
2/20/18 4:49 A
Taking a break didn’t work out so well. Here I am back, cap in hand. MMEQUEEN 4 JULIENSMITH
2/5/18 12:18 P
Off for a mini break to Albi today. Back on Wednesday, then back to London for a month , on Friday.. POLSKARENIA 6 GLORIAZ
2/6/18 6:42 A
30 push-ups this morning! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 15 J38850
2/5/18 10:15 P
Everyone's doing great. Those freggies really make a difference! POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
2/4/18 6:39 A
post something pink GABSTER26 1193 NASFKAB
2/20/18 12:13 P
Good morning. Going to join a gym today. I'm going to start slow, Tuesday and Thursday to begin wi RMCKITTRICK 4 MUSTANGMOM6
2/3/18 12:56 P
meal challenges with so many restrictions VSTRYKOWSKI 7 HAWKTHREE
2/5/18 10:16 A
2/3/18 12:21 P
Post Something Green! MUGSYMOM 6197 BUTEAFULL
2/19/18 9:33 P
Pretty cool to get in your car and have to adjust the seat and mirrors 😊 couldn't figure out why I TMP0418 14 -POOKIE-
2/4/18 2:03 A
I lost 2 lbs! And I encouraged a co-worker to start losing weight with me. CLSBLUE2014 4 RETAT60
2/3/18 12:54 P
The good news is we don't have to wait til Valentine's day to sprinkle love around. 2BDYNAMIC 25 PATRICIA-CR
2/4/18 10:30 P
So my sister in law & I made spaghetti squash with homemade turkey meatballs and an organic pasta sa BEXLYNNLEE 30 MDASBOETTCHER
2/4/18 6:10 P
Rest day. I have been pushing my body too hard for a while. JSTETSER 29 ROCKYCPA
2/4/18 12:19 A
As I can't wear proper shoes due to my continuing ankle problems, bought me some sparkly trainers! POLSKARENIA 21 -POOKIE-
2/4/18 2:06 A
I love these challenges. I particularly like to create new ways to get in more freggies! POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
1/31/18 4:31 A
Enjoying the challenge. It's good to have the list of reminders... POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
1/31/18 4:27 A
Yay it arrived today, Fitbit Alta hr. Possibly the girliest thing I own cause I don't do pink tho it RAWN13 13 DASANI4ME
1/31/18 5:53 A
What are your recent photos SUNFLOWERGIRL79 66 POLSKARENIA
1/30/18 1:08 P
Just curious - in your experience, does having a gym membership help towards your health goals? I'm MIAWINCHESTER 6 MIAWINCHESTER
1/30/18 3:33 P
Good morning fellow Sparkers. I missed my Monday Motivational. So here is Tuesdays Testimonial. Not TARADAWNEM 4 POLSKARENIA
1/30/18 11:03 A
1/30/18 8:39 P
60 minutes teaching water aerobics 40 minutes on the elliptical 15 minutes running around at work # THECOZE 5 DMDANGELO
1/30/18 12:09 P
Since Oct 27 - lost 24 pounds on spark, and 6 before the program!!! GIAARNOLD 23 FISHGUT3
1/30/18 1:06 P
Pep talks! Get your pep talks here! CASEYTALK 44 CASEYTALK
2/17/18 11:54 A
Working Out in an Apartment - Worried About Noise HIKING247 43 MROTH711
2/12/18 12:23 A
I never thought, I'd ever be saying this or have a LIL1IAN 13 LIL1IAN
1/30/18 1:40 P
Thanks for inviting me. Having a checklist is a great reminder for me. POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
1/29/18 9:02 A
30 minutes on desk cycle before breakfast , then we'll see... POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
1/29/18 3:57 A
1/27/18 7:51 A
I just used the nutrition tracker for the first time in ages - to see what the meal plan suggestions RAWCOOKIE 10 ZORO22
1/29/18 2:49 P
So, the bursitis in my right shoulder is about 75% better already, after only about 18 hours since t LESLIELENORE 8 CATHYSFITLIFE
1/25/18 6:56 P
Didn’t quite get to my 85kgs target, but close enough #BeforeAndAfter SOMEJUNK20 37 FLOYDPAULEY
1/25/18 7:22 A
Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the puddin-race! Burn's Night tonight, I used -POOKIE- 22 LIVEDAILY
1/25/18 10:50 A
Lots of fun walking dogs at the local rescue centre yesterday! POLSKARENIA 20 POLSKARENIA
1/25/18 5:44 A
Thanks for the invite, Caz. Best bit of yesterday was walking two lovely dogs at the local rescue ce POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
1/24/18 3:14 A
Got this email on my progress in 2017. 2018 will be even better! POLSKARENIA 14 GLORIAZ
1/23/18 3:50 P
Hi guys, new on here just wanted to ask you all a quick question to see what you guys would recommen NATTIELEIGH 20 NATTIELEIGH
1/23/18 10:45 A
I'm only losing 2 lbs per week. Grrrrrrr! It's like IFing has no effect since I would be losing 2 lb JESUSLUVSYOU 11 JESUSLUVSYOU
1/17/18 6:09 P
First proper workout since I broke my ankle in late August last year! POLSKARENIA 7 POLSKARENIA
1/17/18 2:48 A
I always start my day off with a cup of coffee, how do you start yours off? NEWYEARNOFEAR 18 EVAOLIVER
1/16/18 1:33 P
Surgical boot now redundant, back in France and ready to go steady, ankle sore but walking almost no POLSKARENIA 11 -POOKIE-
10/16/17 2:26 A
First upper body workout, stretching and single leg squats since breaking my ankle on Monday POLSKARENIA 9 DRINKALOTH2O
9/3/17 10:45 P
Ankle broken on Monday, resting fully Tuesday and Wednesday, will find appropriate exercises to do f POLSKARENIA 20 MADEINBRITAIN
8/31/17 5:13 P
I have finally got down past 250. I am at 249.5. I cannot wait for 247 so i can say i hit the 20 lbs ARTASONG 5 VICKYLYLES
8/15/17 9:33 A
Exercise! It as bad as a 4 letter word to me. LOL But you got to do it to loss weight. So I'll do it ANGIEFR14 5 SOUTHTXXRNNR
8/15/17 8:15 A
Down 13 lbs in a month 😀😀😀 GETTINGIT2GETHE 5 POLSKARENIA
8/14/17 1:09 P
Roast chicken cooled, salads made, eggs boiling, picnic time at the beach!! POLSKARENIA 12 FLSUNSHINEGRL
8/14/17 6:15 A
You guys are all so motivating! I can't go to sleep and I keep tormenting myself, "I can't believe I FTJESSICA 11 FTJESSICA
8/13/17 10:40 P
Hello everyone HAZZZY1 5 F8CONE8
8/11/17 1:02 P
Couple of days without weights as my left elbow and right shoulder are suffering a bit. Must warm up POLSKARENIA 7 GODS-PRINCESS
8/10/17 7:31 P
Today I will go to the gym. Who's with me? JESSICA0431 16 AMING4ACES
8/7/17 9:59 A
8/7/17 9:04 A
Persevering with my pal Plateau is paying off... just maintenance of a higher weight for a while! POLSKARENIA 4 ILOVEROSES
7/28/17 10:46 A
My name is Alyssa and 1) this is my first post here (so bear with me lol), and 2) I want to share pa LUNA-TIC1 39 ALEXA707
8/26/17 10:24 P
First tomatoes picked this year from the French garden! POLSKARENIA 18 POLSKARENIA
7/26/17 5:42 A
Went to my second great-nephew's christening today and even had a cuddle. Back to France tomorrow an POLSKARENIA 14 POLSKARENIA
7/20/17 6:18 P
7/20/17 8:43 A
Got my new desk cycle, another Smart Wonder Core; was lost without it for three days when the first POLSKARENIA 10 MADEINBRITAIN
7/14/17 3:09 A
It is very hot in my country. JELENA16 21 OCIKAT
7/13/17 7:00 A
#FitBit what's the best for Fitbit to buy? ADA4EVER 10 LOSEAGAIN2
7/19/17 4:52 P
Happy 4th of July to all Americans everywhere! POLSKARENIA 3 GLORIAZ
7/4/17 7:44 A
Big batch cooking again, African inspired vegetarian sweet potato and cabbage stew, 4 servings veg p -POOKIE- 11 LIVEDAILY
6/28/17 5:57 P
Not too thrilled with my eating over the last two days. Back is sore, weight is up by 2 lbs, working SUZIESWEAZEY 12 SUZIESWEAZEY
6/27/17 4:13 P
Had a lovely walk along the beach this morning, a perfect start to the day NEW-CAZ 25 JUDY1676
6/15/17 8:03 P
Well, photographic evidence of exercise!!!! Actually, the walk was in a park, very steep hill (we go LADYSUISEI 20 LADYSUISEI
6/14/17 4:46 P
2/17/18 8:21 P
Word Scramble ~INDYGIRL 18 ~INDYGIRL
7/6/17 10:02 A