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Two pears with my lunch at the airport, then tomato juice and orange juice during the first flight POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
4/25/18 5:47 P
4/25/18 4:14 A
Chap 4: The Power of Self-Esteem RAWCOOKIE 2 POLSKARENIA
4/25/18 4:01 A
My count is down today. Last of veggies and no salad for lunch since I didn't go shopping. M0MTH3W1TCH 2 POLSKARENIA
4/24/18 4:59 P
Ive started using spark again now that I've had my baby, but the app wont let me adjust my weight to BRITTSAVAGE09 5 SPARK_COACH_JEN
4/24/18 6:43 A
several portions of berries for brekkie with some bran, fruit for dessert after a light lunch and an NEW-CAZ 2 POLSKARENIA
4/23/18 1:00 P
Busy few days in London, so just catching up. Not been tracking food but have been good with freggie POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
4/22/18 5:58 P
Low on freggies today as we got back late last night and grocery delivery coming tomomorning, and bu POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
4/19/18 5:47 P
The Daily Chat Room ~INDYGIRL 6274 COVEGIRL1
4/26/18 8:01 A
4/26/18 5:14 P
Only did 12 minutes but that was enough for me today. The joints were complaining. I'll probably d MARUKI52 3 1ZIPPYC
4/18/18 11:55 P
4/22/18 8:50 A
Yeah, I did it. Worked out at 3 a.m.! YESYES71 7 LOTUS737
4/18/18 8:20 A
Last night’s dinner. Spicy shrimp, fresh tomatoes and leftover cauliflower mash & asparagus. Tasty d JULZ09 18 LINDASOUTHER
4/18/18 11:33 A
Upped my weights yesterday and feeling ready to take today on! JOCEN86 5 REEDSKI
4/18/18 8:32 A
Washing done and dried outside, ironing finished, kitchen swept and mopped, time to make food for jo POLSKARENIA 5 INSIGHT62
4/18/18 9:12 P
4/18/18 6:27 A
The Daily Brag- Name Your Victory ~INDYGIRL 37 POLSKARENIA
4/18/18 6:22 A
4/26/18 7:16 P
4/26/18 5:17 A
Chap 3: What's Going On? RAWCOOKIE 4 POLSKARENIA
4/17/18 4:41 P
After all of the talk of snow by my SparkFriends, thought we'd better go see some at our nearest ( POLSKARENIA 5 SASSYBLONDE69
4/17/18 5:37 P
Picked up a Lidl tuna and egg salad for lunch while out today, tasty and under 300 calories ! POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
4/17/18 3:25 P
I planted a beautiful purple hydrangea today and some bulbs from Madeira, as well as reseeding the l POLSKARENIA 3 MARUKI52
4/18/18 3:07 P
4/19/18 5:35 A
Best ways to boost metabolism? FBAILEY24X 16 GRAVITYFIGHTING
4/22/18 11:27 A
Here comes the sun! JSTETSER 18 LIVEDAILY
4/17/18 5:28 P
Weigh in: I see a lot of you doing Keto, some coun MSHIVER 12 LRJUSTUS1
4/17/18 11:30 A
Only managed to get in 3 today. IAMVICKIB 3 M0MTH3W1TCH
4/17/18 10:46 A
Welcome to our challenge's private chat. Use this space to say 'hi' and let us know how you did today. 😁 NEW-CAZ 5 MARUKI52
4/17/18 10:55 A
Starting to use my 5kg weight for 3 sets of 10 reps of some exercises; I can do this! #eattherainbo POLSKARENIA 7 MADEINBRITAIN
4/17/18 3:46 A
Chap 2: Smaller Amounts, Less Often RAWCOOKIE 3 RAWCOOKIE
4/15/18 4:22 P
Have the flu.......not eating GLORIAZ 3 M0MTH3W1TCH
4/15/18 4:46 A
New Lesson: Why 10+ Fitness Minutes Works SPARKGUY 69 POLSKARENIA
4/14/18 7:53 A
Scales not on your side, take measurements. I did today! POLSKARENIA 3 JANET552
4/14/18 8:03 A
Yesterday was the Verdict/Sentencing of the man who took the life of my sister & niece. It has been FLASUN 23 1958TMC
4/15/18 1:26 P
Been back to tracking food for the last week, got results back from my bar exam and I passed. Even i DAKOTAGRL852 17 BJMS502RUTH
4/14/18 9:32 A
Slept in till 8 today, but did my workout tonight before dinner anyway! POLSKARENIA 3 MADEINBRITAIN
4/14/18 4:17 A
Large salads every day for lunch and fruit during the day. M0MTH3W1TCH 2 POLSKARENIA
4/13/18 10:31 A
Hello from Colorado 4ME2018 6 MILLER-S
4/13/18 3:02 P
What have you learned since tracking your food? MY__JOURNEY 49 SJ1958
4/26/18 1:08 P
Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, so my food intake wasn’t the is a new day! GLORIAZ 2 POLSKARENIA
4/12/18 12:09 P
Chap 2: Conscious Eating RAWCOOKIE 2 POLSKARENIA
4/12/18 2:18 A
Chap 2: The First Two Bites RAWCOOKIE 2 POLSKARENIA
4/11/18 9:48 A
Another 3 pounds gone this week 😊 total 60.4 All this was done by eating healthy, tracking food an TMP0418 295 THATBROTHER46
4/18/18 8:26 A
Upping my weights and reps yesterday made a difference, bit of a sore core today, but that's ok. Bac POLSKARENIA 6 POLSKARENIA
4/11/18 5:06 A
Veal with tagliatelle in a mushroom sauce, served on a bed of garlicky sliced onion and zucchini noo POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
4/10/18 2:10 P
Chap 2: When Food Disappoints You RAWCOOKIE 2 POLSKARENIA
4/10/18 12:50 P
I'm leaving......... the clean plate club. Tough, but necessary and I'm happy about it! POLSKARENIA 11 MADEINBRITAIN
4/11/18 3:44 A
1 more month gone! MASHEDPOTATOES0 23 AZMOMXTWO
4/10/18 7:21 A
Had routine lab work done at my doctor's office last week. Per my doctor the results were fabulous! RHEAELIZABETH 5 CONNIET88
4/10/18 6:48 A
Homemade salsa with beanitos GLORIAZ 6 POLSKARENIA
4/10/18 5:06 A
Why is decent bread so heavy? My lunchtime bit wasn't huge, but it was 74 grams in weights and oh, s POLSKARENIA 7 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/10/18 8:33 A
Avocado, mache and tomato salad at lunchtime POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
4/9/18 11:03 A
Chap 2: The Myth of "Loving to Eat" RAWCOOKIE 3 RAWCOOKIE
4/9/18 3:50 P
This is my first day on here and my first day at getting my life back together. Over the last two ye CGRANT2014 11 CGRANT2014
4/9/18 8:03 A
Raisins and craisins in my porridge this morning. POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
4/9/18 5:02 A
Avocado for breakfast, nibble box for lunch (containing carrots, radishes, mushrooms, tomatoes, cele BLEARY 9 BILLTHOMSON
4/9/18 7:47 A
Upped my reps with 4kg weights for everything. I felt it, but it felt good to achieve the added reps POLSKARENIA 11 MADEINBRITAIN
4/10/18 4:05 A
Open Lens F8CONE8 188 F8CONE8
4/9/18 12:00 P
Last day! I think I'll repeat the challenge... POLSKARENIA 4 M0MTH3W1TCH
4/8/18 4:32 P
Working on jazzing-up my water. 🤩 CLO333 13 GEORGE815
4/8/18 5:35 P
Rain, rain go away... just spent over half an hour mopping the conservatory floor... grrr... POLSKARENIA 4 -POOKIE-
4/9/18 4:05 A
No change to habits leads to no change in results. Different results call for a change in plans... POLSKARENIA 10 ILOVEROSES
4/9/18 6:48 P
Chap 2: Eat to appreciate flavors RAWCOOKIE 2 POLSKARENIA
4/8/18 12:59 P
My Sister may be in her last hours. Hospice has given Carolyn 3 day's, maybe. We'll be with her toni BEVERLY1501 269 LRJUSTUS1
4/9/18 11:54 A
Chap 2: Restaurant left-overs RAWCOOKIE 2 POLSKARENIA
4/7/18 5:12 P
Had quinoa with red pepper spinach onion garlic and chick peas......large salad for dinner GLORIAZ 2 POLSKARENIA
4/7/18 8:38 A
Laurie cooked tonight, a 'Hairy Bikers' sea bass, baked with sun dried tomatoes, new potatoes and pi POLSKARENIA 4 POLSKARENIA
4/7/18 8:37 A
Made a decision this week. It's all very well to have all of these cookery books promoting healthy e POLSKARENIA 15 MADEINBRITAIN
4/8/18 5:59 A
I checked the serving guide... pleased to see I'm eating plenty of servings. Yay! POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
4/7/18 7:05 A
Good to see us all doing so well. Variety is the key for me, to stop the boredom setting in.... POLSKARENIA 1 POLSKARENIA
4/7/18 7:03 A
I made cauliflower rice for the first time and added to almost dry-fried chopped peppers with onion POLSKARENIA 4 POLSKARENIA
4/6/18 2:47 P
Chap 2: Stop wasting food RAWCOOKIE 2 POLSKARENIA
4/6/18 10:39 A
OH, BOY...did this popcorn bag fool me!??!! I read 35 calories/cup and 5 servings per bag. I think GLASSHUNTER 7 ROBINVOTAW
4/5/18 5:48 P