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After a month I am down 10 pounds! Yay! Go me! I am not craving junk food and have been making much JKPERANDO 31 TSHAWGER
2/3/17 9:49 A
Day 21 lost 20 pounds im excited yall currently weight 291 was 311 MICHELLET8828 40 SUCHADIVA215
1/31/17 9:35 P
Does anyone have advice on in home cardio exercises? ALICIAPITSINGER 13 RANA!!
1/23/17 6:22 P
Good morning! I had eggs and an apple for breakfast. What did you have? #food BOOTYLICIOUS83 69 CBGAME87
1/23/17 5:53 P
I'm writing this as a contact with myself. No more mindless eating late at night. I can have a litt RANA!! 1 RANA!!
1/19/17 5:51 P
Can anyone tell me why my calorie range for the day goes up when I enter in my exercise? Like, I'm s NETTIESARAH 5 NETTIESARAH
1/6/17 4:05 P
#yoga Does anyone have any YouTube or online streaming yoga videos that hey would recommend? TAYLORKRT 9 STUPCRAP1
3/10/17 12:40 P
Note to self. Just because a protein powder is on sale at Sam's doesn't mean it's good. Ugh. I almos ERIN2016 16 SWEETNSASSY12
1/6/17 5:06 P
Looking for a good strength training workout. My problem is I don't want to be on the floor. Looking CBULLIS1 9 ERIN2016
1/6/17 12:47 P
Does anyone else feel sick or even gotten sick after eating carrots? I had some with lunch and I'm n HUFFELPOWELL16 6 HUFFELPOWELL16
1/6/17 12:45 P
Does anyone know how to access spark teams on the Mobile app? #coach RANA!! 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/2/17 9:28 P
My goal weight is 177. What's yours? JAYLOVE43 1720 VSMITH84
3/6/17 8:40 A
Looking for advise on best walking shoe brand. Lots of confusion on ratings. Need lots of support. SANDYW1945 8 LADYARTIST41
12/30/16 10:39 A
My girlfriend is a school year ahead of me, and she's shorter and slimmer than I am, so I've gotten PENN_E_DREADFUL 8 LUANN_IN_PA
12/30/16 11:19 A
#coach None of my entered foods are showing up in my mobile app or on the full site. What is happeni RANA!! 2 SPARK_MERLE
12/30/16 12:51 P
HELP! I've gained weight. I'm at my highest ever. RANA!! 13 LOLAHH
12/9/16 11:06 A
Next question, can anyone recommend a good aerobic S15248 10 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/9/16 10:06 A
Any tips on avoiding late night eating? I do great LSEE83 18 JAYCEE777
11/30/16 6:17 P
Shopping spree! I am now a size M! LR237787 31 AWROTEN
9/13/16 12:43 P
Twisted my knee yesterday. Icing it today and doin RANA!! 2 A1DENSMOM
9/13/16 12:50 P
So I don't eat veggies 😥 sad I know! It's the t SKIBUGG 20 XRUNNER4LIFEX
9/8/16 2:48 A
I was able to incorporate 30 mins of cardio during D63783 30 RAMONA1954
9/2/16 11:25 P
I did good today. Stayed within calorie range. How SHU370 8 PLAINJANEDOE
9/2/16 11:36 P
So happy!! Got my old job back just in a new city. JOTINSLEY 13 MMEQUEEN
9/2/16 11:26 P
Grocery shopping, only went over budget by 12 dol JENNJOHNSON1988 2 RANA!!
9/2/16 10:23 P
I have a new goal of completing a 5k. Uck, this co HLANIER4 4 GMBOMG
8/31/16 7:06 A
First time waking up a little early to try yoga be AUDREYGNSC 12 GEAUXN
8/31/16 7:14 A
I am indulging in some sushi today as my birthday CAITIEHALL94 25 CLARADAY
8/31/16 11:39 A
Does anyone on here do protein shakes? What are yo AJMOMWAL 6 RANA!!
8/30/16 11:10 A
I lost another couple of pounds. Now I'm down to 2 RANA!! 10 QUINEBAUGKID
8/30/16 11:35 A
May not be much to anyone else, but I'm down 7 pou MROWE46 69 TINALOUCHIC
8/31/16 7:36 P
This morning I needed a little boost so I added un SASSYGINGER2014 8 SANDYREMILLARD
8/30/16 11:08 A
How often and what time are you supposed to weigh JESSICAPPS 20 BPOWELL76
8/30/16 12:53 P
What's for breakfast? Drum roll DEBSANKS 68 SHARONKHARTER
8/31/16 10:12 A
I've officially hit day 10 of no fried foods & it SNMACON82 61 CKCFIT
8/31/16 10:38 A
Keeping up the low carbs. Tonight's dinner was par RANA!! 2 DWILK67
8/29/16 9:49 P
Since working out and sweating alot more my face is really breaking out. I'm 37 so I thought these d 1PRISSYDL 21 ITRICHBOBBIE
8/29/16 10:54 P
Looking for some great workout tips. Do alot of w KERRIEPENN 16 KERRIEPENN
8/29/16 10:10 P
I hate plateaus. BIGD111966 15 RANA!!
8/29/16 9:41 P
Two job interviews in one week. Wish me luck guys. VIOLETKITTY14 42 RANA!!
8/29/16 9:36 P
Really having bad stomach pains (up my back too)an FITBY2016 8 BEACHROSE1965
8/29/16 9:36 P
Finally broke 200 199 today! It's been over a year OBLIVIONESS 91 POOPYPIE654738
10/22/16 11:50 P
My weakness - CHEESE! What's your weakness? KRUSCOE 141 JULIENSMITH
8/18/16 6:06 P
I'm down 26.5 lbs!!!! 10% of my body weight. I thi HLANIER4 11 CURA37
8/11/16 6:49 A
Learning about Piloxing. It looks like a good exer MSTENTON3027 7 MSTENTON3027
8/10/16 4:07 P
I was staying just under the total calories allowe RANA!! 4 ROSEMARP
8/10/16 4:24 P
Why do you want to lose weight? What is driving yo SPORTY2016 74 GET2BEFIT
8/10/16 7:49 P
I am going grocery shopping for the first time sin NEWLING2017 32 GGRSPARK
8/10/16 9:20 P
What is your favorite protein food? (Think mine is peanut butter! )#motivation #fitness JLYNN559 93 ARS112181
2/3/17 10:36 P
I went to the doctor today and I was told because DFUSCOWAYNE 112 KACANN77
8/11/16 7:45 A
What are some good sources of protein, other than ALMOMMA 26 XBABYYY
8/11/16 5:03 A
Went to my GI specialist today for a follow up (haven't seen him since Oct 2015) I weighed 191 on th TORRIESJOURNEY 40 MAALEX10
8/3/16 6:42 P
Does anyone know a way to weight yourself without PHANANDTRYOLER 6 RANA!!
8/3/16 4:53 P
Everyone at work is eating the big cookies from su THEJACKIEDEAN12 13 OAKS132
8/3/16 5:49 P
#weightcheck #goals I am officially under 200lbs!! CNAPIER23 128 RHIO3TRE
10/21/16 4:19 A
Shout out asking everyone for thier favorite Summe MIRANDAB123 40 COLLEEN1120
7/25/16 6:41 P
I realized my habits have changed when after comin JMGM2014 36 PASTORDAN_ATDCC
7/24/16 6:45 A
I had a huge bowl of Pho last night, I weighed a f RANA!! 2 JENIECE09
7/23/16 4:39 P
I can't share this enough. I'm officially in the 2 RANA!! 12 LOVEHEARTS43
7/19/16 4:21 P
Last fruit & veggies eaten ABRANNEWME2014 1356 IMREITE
6/3/17 9:23 P
What is the last thing you ate? ELAINOVA 11426 CALGARYDAVE
6/23/17 12:57 A
What is your exercise plan for today? INSHAPE4LOVE 26636 ZRIE014
6/23/17 12:32 A
snacks today??....what'd you have??... BIGPOPPAPUFF 10353 LEDIRETSE
4/5/17 9:30 A
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 92804 CALGARYDAVE
6/23/17 12:56 A
What did you eat for supper today? MAISIA 29039 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/13/17 5:17 P
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 48911 ZRIE014
6/23/17 12:31 A
6/19/17 11:04 A
What time is it right now? ROLLAND 464 ROLLAND
11/23/15 4:30 P
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 46816 TESTYCATLADYP
6/22/17 2:59 P
What was your Cardio of the Day? RAJOLYRISHI 34380 ZRIE014
6/23/17 12:31 A
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 53440 SISTERPRETTY
6/22/17 11:27 P
Finish this sentence...Today I'm Thankful For.... IWANNABEALOSER 26865 SKEMERICH
6/22/17 11:35 A
What size do you wish you were? FABRAN05 3134 RUNNERGIRLUSA78
7/25/16 2:49 P
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 85138 ZRIE014
6/23/17 12:31 A
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 78248 SPANKIE3
6/22/17 10:36 P

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