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Day 87, 100 days Old habits LIFEWALK 74 RAWCOOKIE
9/25/17 3:18 P
The Ultimate Life Journey BDTHOM 1711 BDTHOM
9/26/17 12:25 A
The Four Cornerstones: Focus, Fitness, Fire, Force RAWCOOKIE 1855 BDTHOM
9/25/17 7:22 P
Day 86, 100 days Minimize the damage LIFEWALK 69 DSJB9999
9/24/17 2:44 P
I went for run before work this morning (30+ mins), but tired this eve and enjoyed a gentle Pilates RAWCOOKIE 3 DAWNWATERWOMAN
9/25/17 12:44 P
Good Sunday morning or afternoon or evening Sparky's!! Just got me a fresh haircut and shave, feelin GPALMER29 21 BJK1961
9/24/17 10:50 P
For the sake of being an averagely decent human... -POOKIE- 10 ZEECHA
9/25/17 8:50 A
Making it a habit RAWCOOKIE 1943 RAWCOOKIE
9/24/17 3:17 A
Delicious looking salad from the aquarium cafe! GRATTECIELLA 16 MCJULIEO
9/24/17 9:56 A
Good evening Sparky's didn't think I was going to GPALMER29 10 RAWCOOKIE
9/24/17 1:59 A
Yesterday dining room today kitchen tomorrow living room lol!! "WDD" GOD BLESS!!!#portioncontrol#bea GPALMER29 11 RAWCOOKIE
9/24/17 1:58 A
9/24/17 8:47 A
Day 85, 100 days Let it go LIFEWALK 62 CTUPTON
9/24/17 3:49 A
Day 84, 100 days The expectation square LIFEWALK 78 CTUPTON
9/24/17 3:46 A
Good morning Sparky's!! Well lookie here it's Friday!! I hope everybody had a good night's rest, bec GPALMER29 12 RAWCOOKIE
9/23/17 12:36 P
Sorry if I seem like I'm being repetitive with my pictures but I only have so many pictures of when GPALMER29 13 RAWCOOKIE
9/23/17 12:34 P
Good morning Sparkfamily! Starting my day with a cup of English Teatime tea - my favorite! Off to p WARRIORGIRL121 36 MAVERICK59
9/23/17 12:24 P
Got out for a walk before coffee. Have done other workouts today, but this was for #mentalhealth RAWCOOKIE 12 BLISSFULMOMENTS
9/22/17 2:42 P
How are you doing on No S? HISLOVEENDURES 1783 OOLALA53
9/25/17 5:46 P
Yoga for a Broken Heart - Unconditional Love LIS193 3 WALLAHALLA
9/21/17 10:43 P
Got home from work & did 150 climber taps before putting the kettle on for a cuppa - followed by 10 RAWCOOKIE 5 -POOKIE-
9/21/17 5:42 A
Having made the decision to let go of a friend. I contacted them to tell them directly. I will not BJK1961 4 KILTORE
9/20/17 7:37 P
Just took this photo of my new large t-shirt!! My arms are starting to look a little better, startin GPALMER29 19 WLHOPE
9/20/17 8:17 P
For less than the price of one takeaway coffee I donated 2 bags of pasta, a box of cereal and 2 pack -POOKIE- 15 LIVEDAILY
9/20/17 5:22 P
Let's Chat: Share your "Day" with us! FOCUSONME57 3752 AURA18
9/25/17 2:28 P
Place your right hand on a flat surface with fingers spread slightly and your palm fully touching th IAMSUNNYHOWARD 12 1CRAZYDOG
9/20/17 4:15 P
Good evening Sparky's I'm tired long day 11 hours of work + 10 miles and walking yeah I'm wore out!! GPALMER29 18 TIGERSEYEHEART
9/20/17 5:37 P
Day 81, 100 days Unhook the chains LIFEWALK 77 CTUPTON
9/20/17 8:09 A
In high school I was extremely insecure about myself. I wore heavy sweaters in 80+ degree weather, I THEJACKIEDEAN12 305 LARKDC
9/23/17 10:07 P
run done - even if nothing else gets done today - I got that run done! RAWCOOKIE 61 _LINDA
9/19/17 9:09 P
Seems like I'm up early. I think I'll treat myself to the sun-rise! BJK1961 4 1CRAZYDOG
9/19/17 11:16 A
Day 80, 100 days Get a New Title LIFEWALK 79 CTUPTON
9/20/17 7:48 A
Day 79, 100 days Live as a Healthy Person LIFEWALK 60 DI_NAMIC
9/18/17 12:43 P
2nd 18 Mile Training Run Done! 9 minutes faster! Could've done 8.2 more! BANG! #MCM MIRAGE727 15 CAROLINAGIRL69
9/18/17 11:19 P
4-hr hike along the coast path (more like climbing most of the way!) a wonderful, sunny Sunday after RAWCOOKIE 19 BDTHOM
9/19/17 1:31 P
National Fossil Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 535 JEANKNEE
9/25/17 9:10 P
another fabulous walk today - I'll be sad to go back to work on Monday! RAWCOOKIE 17 CDCSMITH2013
9/19/17 6:01 A
Day 78, 100 days Ditch the Critic LIFEWALK 63 AURA18
9/18/17 6:06 P
On Sept.13 we lost a Spark family sister. Miss-Willow was a dear spark friend and although she was 1958TMC 6 NYLAURA1
9/16/17 5:45 P
Happy Saturday Sparky's!!Okay I have to least post once today!! I went and got my little cousin whic GPALMER29 22 DIALYSISCHIC1
9/16/17 2:59 P
Okay just took this picture trying the beard again!! Let me know what you think, if it makes me look GPALMER29 65 CHERRYKOOLAID
9/17/17 4:04 P
I miss jogging our local 5ks. Soon I'll be jogging them again but for now I'll be happy to walk one. RHETTDOG 5 RHETTDOG
9/16/17 12:00 P
5k parkrun 30:50 doing 100/20 run/walk intervals. I am one very happy bunny! RAWCOOKIE 4 MIRAGE727
9/16/17 8:08 P
I'm not going to quit tracking my food and exercise or nothing like that!! I guess it's just I feel GPALMER29 32 ALOFA0509
9/16/17 2:24 P
Grace Periods - e-zine from Linda RAWCOOKIE 7 RAWCOOKIE
9/15/17 3:25 P
NSV- Non-Scale Victories: Share Yours Here! FOCUSONME57 189 SPARKMOM26
9/15/17 4:33 P
Day 77, 100 days The Healing Power of Rituals LIFEWALK 65 SKIRUNNER1
9/15/17 8:25 P
Soon to be jigsaw puzzle from Springbok. Cannot wait to get it! BJK1961 11 SRWYLIE
9/16/17 10:44 A
a 6+mile walk along part of St Michael's Way - you can just see St Michael's Mount in the distance RAWCOOKIE 17 RAWCOOKIE
9/15/17 1:34 P
out on the wild West Cornwall coast today - where the landscape is scattered with abandoned tin-mine RAWCOOKIE 30 MAPFARMS
9/15/17 6:12 P
Day 76, 100 days Emotional Safety LIFEWALK 65 RAWCOOKIE
9/15/17 4:01 A
Let's review again Sparky's!! 300 lb gone!! You know how much I would have to eat now to regain that GPALMER29 25 RAWCOOKIE
9/15/17 3:33 A
Banana split? Small banana, few slices of tinned peaches, 2 big tablespoons of soya yoghurt, 6 hazel RAWCOOKIE 12 TUBLADY
9/15/17 12:41 P
Fancied crisps with lunch, but bought 'Cheesy Peas' instead - 15g, baked not fried, 73% peas, 63kcal RAWCOOKIE 12 -POOKIE-
9/15/17 3:35 A
Disappointed that my weight is up a little. But what did I expect after inconsistent tracking, less GRATTECIELLA 26 CITYBLUESGIRL
9/14/17 10:01 P
Happy throwback Thursday Sparky's!! Here's a picture of my dad and his two brothers!! My dad Jimmy i GPALMER29 6 DIALYSISCHIC1
9/14/17 10:30 P
Just took this picture after trimming my beard I'm growing, not a big one just a small one to cover GPALMER29 14 RAWCOOKIE
9/14/17 3:03 A
Hey Sparky's!! Well we made it to the middle of the week!! I hope everybody's doing well, got some r GPALMER29 28 RAWCOOKIE
9/13/17 4:21 P
lovely autumnal stroll this afternoon, even nice enough to eat my lunch on the river bank! RAWCOOKIE 14 GABY1948
9/14/17 3:25 A
Day 75, 100 days Small Wins! LIFEWALK 66 AURA18
9/13/17 4:28 P
Zone: The Bathroom and One Extra Room LINDA! 29 WALLAHALLA
9/15/17 9:37 P
Once upon a time a lot of years ago I was really depressed and didn't eat. Lost a lot of weight. No IAMHOLDINGON 6 CAROLINAGIRL69
9/14/17 9:28 A
First day back home after Red Cross deployment to TX. Back to Sparking and taking care of myself! LADYFROMTHEWOOD 7 VEGAN_GYPSY
9/14/17 11:03 A
I have a walk planned for today - it's just started teeming down with rain again - will the rain sto RAWCOOKIE 8 RAWCOOKIE
9/13/17 10:52 A
In a rut lately, but still trying ! GRANDMABEAST63 20 -POOKIE-
9/13/17 8:45 A
Phew! Made it between rain showers - round the block - swift pace - drills done - feel great! RAWCOOKIE 12 GABY1948
9/13/17 8:18 A
Good evening Sparky's or good morning or good afternoon depending on what part of the country you li GPALMER29 30 LOUISE979
9/13/17 7:50 A
Have been going between 152 and 154 recently, but smashed it! Am now 150! SILVERTOMORROW 7 SILENTCRANBERRY
9/13/17 7:12 A
56 today! BJK1961 19 SPARKARINA
9/13/17 7:59 A
Day 74, 100 days Watch for Rainbows LIFEWALK 66 RAWCOOKIE
9/12/17 11:33 A
Okay I'm doing my walking inside the house!! I'm bored to death so it's time to play Name That Tune! GPALMER29 10 RAWCOOKIE
9/12/17 3:48 A
Dinner tonight pinto beans with a small piece of cornbread mixed in, can't have pinto beans without GPALMER29 18 RAWCOOKIE
9/12/17 3:45 A
I escaped Hurricane Irma! We were on vacation in Miami South Beach for 12 hours before we got evacua FITSISTA79 15 JOANNEJI
9/12/17 8:30 A
Posted a photo BJK1961 14 MUSICNUT
9/12/17 6:02 A
Day 1, 100 days I used to be that way! LIFEWALK 299 LYNNA
9/12/17 8:19 P