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Woke at 2.30am feeling like I was so hungry that my stomach hurt. Not sure why, it's not like I don' RAWN13 5 333108
1/18/17 5:54 P
Woke at 2.30am feeling like I was so hungry that my stomach hurt. Not sure why, it's not like I don' RAWN13 1 RAWN13
1/18/17 3:23 P
Noticing I've starved myself out of lunch for three days on the trot to cover one restaurant trip. PSYDUCKFAN1 13 333108
1/18/17 8:52 P
Yesterday I horribly cheated. I went up to Kansas City and stayed with some friends for the night an C31715 9 IVANHOE64
1/15/17 6:45 A
Ok so I tracked everything I made for dinner, sweet chilli soy chicken stir fry with noodles but noo RAWN13 1 RAWN13
1/15/17 3:37 A
# help with articles, it says you can get all these points for doing this or that but I don't even k MEANKID2 9 KAMARO83
1/18/17 8:56 P
90 lbs gone as of today. Started at 305 (scary). JJOHNSON5416 721 LONGTALLSLENDER
1/18/17 8:13 A
I haven't used my spark account in years. I have been steadily gaining from 140lbs to 190lbs, my goa ISATRIX 9 JAYISOLDEM2
1/14/17 9:45 P
Lost 2.1 kg this week (4.6 lb) and I know most is water weight but YAY! #weightcheck RAWN13 5 RAWN13
1/14/17 9:20 P
SW: 191 ... today's weight: 169.8 .... goal weight: 145. Haven't been in the 160's for year ASTERZUK 19 AALLEY2
1/15/17 6:52 P
Having trouble after my dinners. I will feel like I have put nothing in my stomach and crave somethi GLOVESUP 48 STRIVINGTOLOSE
1/14/17 5:53 P
Ok I Dont have a scale but see Dr every other month for my RA is that ok to not weigh in? JOYLYNNFRANK 11 JOYLYNNFRANK
1/14/17 4:26 P
Starting over, again. Portion control, and tracking. I've been having digestion issues so I took a MARYEWHITE 14 WAFABOSH
1/14/17 4:23 P
Bummed out a little today...this is day 5 and I jumped on the scale for the first time this week and TROTTGIRL 20 JOANHAGEMIER
1/14/17 1:37 P
Day 2. Tracking everything I eat is tedious. I've never done it before. I keep gaining weight so I n GODDESSBELLA77 36 QUINNY2016
1/14/17 11:04 A
Alright everyone's favorite Veggie! Ready go! DGASSAWAY5 145 VIVI65
1/14/17 9:25 A
Just Curious; What's something you look forward to after hitting your goal weight? (: SAMMOLSONNNN 26 MISTIERENEE
1/14/17 9:48 A
Love my coffee in the am! 😀 MENOUJ 8 TRACEE5
1/14/17 7:03 A
I miss the gym i miss eating right i started out so go during my second pregnancy still gyming it st A02647 11 CINDY4JOY
1/15/17 6:57 A
Lets see how well I do with this... starting at 221 wanting 185 JTBAYCH 9 JTBAYCH
1/14/17 9:09 A
I have seen people say about calorie range for maintenance but the range u get after entering your g RAWN13 4 JOCELYNH711
1/13/17 6:47 A
I know it's horrible but I broke! I couldn't sleep and my stomach kept grumbling... So I ate vanilla LITTLEBITOFSUNS 7 SMYERS840
1/13/17 9:10 A
I have a question. I like to drink wine on the weekends usually drink moscato. I heard is not good t TATI713 9 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/13/17 6:47 A
I'm sorry I know tracking food is essential but makes me feel hungrier? RAWN13 5 NETTIESARAH
1/13/17 7:20 A
Question. Do you weigh with clothes on or off? I know its a dumb question. ROSENTHORN1 35 DARLAE1
1/13/17 7:28 A
Hi everyone, I'm new to this. I've been tracking for a week now and I've only lost 2 pounds. I'm st K60521 43 PMVONDERHEIDE
1/13/17 6:10 A
#friendfinder. Hi ! I have so much weight to lose . So overwhelmed .... I have started so many tim NUDAYY 13 RITA1956
1/13/17 1:26 A
What does everyone think about using the stair-stepping machine? MWILL2226 20 QR3451
1/13/17 12:21 A
Feeling proud of myself. Didn't manage a sustained walk of 10 mins or more (by my fitbit tracker) bu NAOMI_ACOSTA 26 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/13/17 6:56 A
Today is my first want to loose 160 pounds cant wait EVON0621 8 ANNDANDY
1/13/17 2:55 A
I want to love who I am All the way. I love being who I am, except that I can't lose this weight. I AMANDAJLOVE 17 S_MHANCOCK
1/13/17 8:45 A
Here We go! Day 1 of my journey. 70 lbs to go and a whole new beautiful way of life ahead of me. Tod MISSYCASTILLO 14 ROMI1984
1/14/17 10:11 P
I had to go to work early today but I got off an got 30 min of walking in go me PHATTYGURL80 3 RHIO3TRE
1/13/17 12:13 A
What are the reasons of cellulites? I have waaay too much on my legs and thighs AISHASHAHEEN03 20 KIRALY31
1/12/17 12:59 P
When I started the diet I was a size 22 and now I'm a 16 yesterday I saw someone I hadn't seen in aw NICKY4338 32 RAWN13
1/12/17 11:51 A
Hi! I'm new to this group. Looking to lose 100 pounds cause that will put me at the weight I want! DJJOSEPH0915 2 RAWN13
1/12/17 5:58 A
I'm up and getting ready for work. I will try to get more steps in today #newbie PATTYPAN1228 6 KTERHUNE09
1/14/17 10:11 P
Hi all. I am having a little trouble with the app. I am new.Can anyone tell me how to get to the wei M95813 9 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/12/17 6:57 A
Why god didn't create me from those people who who eat and eat and never gain weight& keeps nice bum HEBAAMEEN 3 HEBAAMEEN
1/12/17 8:24 A
Weighed in at 176 this morning hopefully next week on Monday I'll be 174 E73899 7 B16914
1/12/17 6:06 A
Decided I need to use this app for more than getting spark points n logging exercise and water, THIS RAWN13 2 CARTAY25
1/12/17 3:53 A
So it's been a VERY long day, and I have yet to eat. What do I do? ISLAN1261 13 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/12/17 7:19 A
how can i turn back on barcode scanner i accidentally disabled it? thanks BUTTERFLYPANDA1 4 RAWN13
1/12/17 2:23 A
Another 1.2 pounds from yesterday. That puts me down 14.2 in 5 days. Secret seems to be sleep (8 hrs BUFF21CC 24 MZCHIEF53
1/13/17 6:49 A
#Motivated Down 20 pounds!!! I feel great this morning! Have a great day everyone! :) FAITH961 33 MPERRY82385
1/13/17 7:06 A
I guess I only ate 715 calories yesterday I dont even know how that's possible I was full and everyt E73899 12 MZSCORPIO82
1/12/17 2:43 A
I realized I didn't go down weight wise but inch wise and in my one target area I hate!! My stomach KTERHUNE09 18 GEAUXN
1/12/17 7:14 A
I'm new here. What are Spark points and why do you get them? KATHYELEE 2 RAWN13
1/9/17 4:32 P
Help? For 2 days due to some family situations I only had a cup of coffee and nothing else! And of c MAYASTOLEMAN 11 ACERBIC7979
1/9/17 10:36 A
3 weeks of stagnant weight loss. Xmas hasn't helped plus maybe not enuff water. Weighed in today 2ll DAN281082 20 DGHAG66
1/9/17 8:13 A
Is there a place to record your weight when you have lost some? SARAJIM14 8 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/17/17 12:32 P
Is there another way to get electrolytes with out CONNIEGRAHAM 32 HOMEBOUNDHERO
1/8/17 7:41 A
How does the pedometer portion of sparkpeople work? I had 13 steps one day show and it's been 0 the JENNYMARIE417 7 CARTAY25
1/8/17 3:04 A
My goal is to lose 76 lbs. What's your goal? JERRIDAWN1014 4636 CLDONNICI
1/18/17 6:03 P
Well, dinner was a dismal failure. Trader Joe's Herb & Garlic seasoned beef roast was disgusting. I' YISKAMIRYAM 3 RAWN13
1/7/17 11:57 P
My goal this year is to find the new skinny me. How I will get this done? 1. Follow my calorie count B82989 7 RAWN13
1/7/17 11:51 P
Knee pain motivates me to stay healthy! When my bmi is in healthy range, my knees don't hurt! :) #w NAMASTEVINYASA 12 7STIGGYMT
1/11/17 11:48 P
Decided to try and do some stationary bike to 'help restrengthen my thigh' and get floating kneecap RAWN13 7 HLANIER4
1/4/17 5:43 A
I figured out how to lose 200 pounds in one night JESUSRLES 58 JENN072476
1/17/17 9:56 A
A little scared that I'm destined to be bigger. I've always been a little above average, not obese b JSKWAREK- 9 RYANCLAYTON
1/2/17 12:37 A
#coach Looking for positive instead of negative self talk examples for self motivation! THEBOMBNOM 7 AOKDIET21
1/2/17 2:11 A
I do really good until the night....then I want to snack. Any ideas? LETITIAARNEY 15 TDBECKER
12/31/16 12:19 A
Lost my first 100 since March 23! Over the moon excited and ready to tackle the next 100! #goals PCODDENS 24 MSMAKEOVER
1/1/17 10:44 P
#firstpost I don't know at this point in my life if I can do this. I am so addicted to food, it is m IZZZZZZ 18 INSPIRED85
12/29/16 7:54 A
I am new to this and trying to cut 20 lbs by March. If you eat less calories than the amount for the MARIETTI16 10 MINATHERED
12/29/16 7:13 A
#firstpost #weightloss #fitness #motivation #frien SUPERGIRL8399 108 CHINADOLL53
12/30/16 9:04 P
Finally under 200 pounds! Was 222. It's so amazing C72846 58 LAURAMURPHY108
12/29/16 9:34 A
#coach I have a 'floating kneecap', are there knee RAWN13 5 NAOMI_ACOSTA
12/27/16 7:54 A
Anyone know how many calories a vibration trainer RAWN13 6 RAWN13
12/27/16 12:55 A
Sound off: Where's everyone from? LANAMSA 287 NBENNETT14
12/26/16 7:34 P
Vibration plate training. #techsupport. I see I ca RAWN13 1 RAWN13
11/22/16 2:22 P
Vibration plate training. #techsupport. I see I ca RAWN13 1 RAWN13
11/22/16 2:22 P
Trying to eat enough is hard. I'm trying to eat as LADYJEDI1992 36 GYPSYPECORA
2/29/16 1:23 A
New to the app :) (but not health!) Decided to gi AMPUDDY93 3 ANASTASIA1968
2/25/16 4:31 A
Hello, do anyone have any idea what I can put in ZIKIAH 178 TMULLINS23
5/18/16 11:39 P

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