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Posted a photo GODDREAMDIVA1 2 RAWN13
12/17/17 4:46 A
My super helpful gift wrapping partner! It's gonna be a slow process!!😻😻 KENNYBARBIE12 29 RAWN13
12/17/17 4:45 A
I am beyond my 100 Days and going strong into 2018 with my goal of one year AF (alcohol free) BEFITSPIRITED 30 MLR_00
12/17/17 8:31 A
Found a couple packs of lollies I had forgotten I had had. Now they in the rubbish 😊☺️ RAWN13 9 1DAY-ATA-TIME
12/17/17 6:57 A
So today's coach tip is hard boil a dozen eggs to eat over the week. Is it just me? I can't eat an e RAWN13 14 SMITIM
12/17/17 5:30 A
I’m going to jump on the fitness wagon again. After a year of watching my body morph back into what ASHLEYMMISCHKE 26 LISAMARIE2015
12/16/17 3:37 A
Just checked my blood sugar. It's 285. Which is be PUDGYBUTT2 14 OBSIDYAN2
12/16/17 2:08 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 27 SABLENESS
12/16/17 6:38 A
Well I made it to 47. Yay me !!! 😊 In 2003 pregn DIALYSISCHIC1 47 STARFISH1961
12/16/17 7:30 P
Hot bath with Epsom salt while I read Wolves of the Calla BONNIEMARGAY 10 CKOUDSI617
12/15/17 12:16 A
My scales arrived today and I'm 17 pounds lighter than my highest weight ^_^ HAKUNA-MATATA 20 RAWN13
12/13/17 5:57 A
Anyone else get withdrawal symptoms from not working out.... Need my fix today but not gonna happenοΏ½ SANTS77 9 7STIGGYMT
12/13/17 5:25 P
You know you are beyond tired when u come home n then go out to get groceries n have put 2 completel RAWN13 15 MALASPI1
12/13/17 9:35 A
Ahh Xmas. Feel it like an ache in my poor bones. Need a massage but it'd be pointless this close to RAWN13 11 BANEWLAND
12/12/17 6:51 A
Posted a photo RAWN13 8 ALLYLIZZY
12/12/17 2:57 P
Week 13 down another 1.6 this week total 28.2 😊 TMP0418 79 _LINDA
12/13/17 12:01 A
Asking for prayers for my daughter's dog, Wrigley. The growth in her ear canal is cancer. Her ear APPEALSTOME 21 MIMAWELIZABETH
12/15/17 11:29 P
Still no power had to work today laying here in the dark now no heat but a bunch of covers I got a p GPALMER29 25 CHERIRIDDELL
12/11/17 1:48 A laid plans. Day 6/25 of #WinterWarriorChallenge - 15 minutes of activity. Days 7 & 8 - body NORCALTOPAZ 5 RYCGIRL
12/10/17 8:22 A
It's starting to come off, 2.75lbs down 😁 ZENNITH 12 MLR_00
12/10/17 9:06 A
12/10/17 4:54 P
What do you do to avoid binging after dinner? I know, keep yourself busy, but I end up just thinking VALOLOVE1975 11 WLHOPE
12/9/17 8:22 P
Sigh I so enjoy the ups n downs πŸ™„. Eat bananas daily = weight gain, don't touch them = weight loss, RAWN13 8 WLHOPE
12/9/17 8:25 P
Why are there 2 different listings for sodium? It is listed under nutrition. Each one is different. SYMPHONICSOUNDS 8 WLHOPE
12/9/17 8:19 P
I think I'm going about this healthy lifestyle all wrong. I've been trying to learn too many new hab COUNTRYMAMA8210 25 LRJUSTUS1
12/9/17 4:14 P
I wish it was this easy KATONTHEMAT 37 ZOOMTHOM
12/8/17 4:36 A
Chimichangas today. OMG ...these are sooo good. Go DIALYSISCHIC1 14 DIALYSISCHIC1
12/7/17 4:27 P
No wonder I'm tired today RAWN13 14 TMP0418
12/7/17 6:53 A
Workout complete... uphill walk. Gradient 20% SANTS77 26 SANTS77
12/7/17 12:03 P
12/8/17 12:19 P
Snuck up behind my manager at work which is 20 years younger than me I think maybe not that much he' GPALMER29 17 CHERIRIDDELL
12/6/17 1:27 A
My goal is to lose 60 pounds by this coming summer SHELLEYTRICH25 17 LINGOD2010
12/5/17 7:28 P
This shoulder work out is fabulous. Day 9 of this 30 day challenge completed. I added pushups. Us EO4WELLNESS 7 RAWN13
12/5/17 5:27 A
My Mantra for today. Feel free to use it. Let’s keep moving forward. PAMBROWN62 12 COMEBACKKID12
12/5/17 11:45 P
I'm obsessed with weighing myself. I need to weigh a minimum of twice a day, and all day I constant TIGERSEYEHEART 25 KOKONA
12/5/17 2:02 P
Coleslaw, smoked ham, cottage cheese with chives n honey mustard sweet potato n spinach salad for lu RAWN13 4 BLONDWUNN
12/4/17 7:22 P
Ten months ago I started on a weight loss journey. I have lost 105 pounds and have maintained for a PASQUALE51 5 SDHSFCCLA
12/4/17 9:00 P
Jamie Oliver - Flavoured water recipe I enjoyed today. Quarter fill blender with ice, 1/3 C frozen m ZOOMTHOM 4 HAWKTHREE
12/4/17 7:19 A
Lost 60-70 kg this week. Someone I thought was a friend, who to be honest treated me like crap, unfr RAWN13 10 HAWKTHREE
12/4/17 7:21 A
Lesson learned today RAWN13 13 KOKONA
12/4/17 7:11 A
Quick question about a week ago when I was weight lifting I would get this rushing wind sound in my GPALMER29 23 CANDYLIND
12/4/17 9:32 A
Prepping lunches- each container has 1 oz noodles and 1/2 cup homemade sauce- 220 calories per con KENNYBARBIE12 15 RAWN13
12/4/17 3:35 A
🎢 It's our most favorite time of the year 🎢 When the tree is a growing and the lights are a glowin DIALYSISCHIC1 19 ABUELAMEMA52
12/6/17 5:26 A
I grew up eating puffed peanuts. This is a baked snack that tastes just like fresh peanuts and is wa DIALYSISCHIC1 14 TMP0418
12/4/17 6:25 A
??????????? Just thinking!! Should I eat that honey bun or not!! Or go with Savory and eat some pean GPALMER29 44 PJGIRL
12/5/17 11:27 A
A day out with Mom yeah I got my ugly glasses on it gives my eyes a rest from the contacts doing a l GPALMER29 18 CHERIRIDDELL
12/3/17 1:51 A
So mean...LOL πŸ˜„ Good thing I don't have a fire place and a well behaved child. DIALYSISCHIC1 29 PWILLOW1
12/2/17 10:09 A
The sound of doubt and disbelief from the lips of a loved one. Leads to the internal dialog and se RN42MORROW 16 HAWKTHREE
12/2/17 6:51 A
Lol ok here u go. Vibration plate so u guys know what it is. Makes yr muscle work more to stabilize RAWN13 13 LRJUSTUS1
12/2/17 12:11 P
I have the house to myself to do homework. 1 bag of popcorn and a cookie later and I have put a dent YISKAMIRYAM 7 YISKAMIRYAM
12/3/17 12:58 A
Used vibration plate for few minutes with slight squat n core engaged. U really do feel it RAWN13 4 RAWN13
12/2/17 1:01 A
To be honest ON SPARKPEOPLE I FEEL I can be myself on here compared to Facebook or snapchat or wha JENISADOLL 18 JENISADOLL
12/2/17 9:26 A
Didn't expect 1.5kg loss for the week, pleasantly surprised! ANISIA_ 13 KATHIFAYE
11/27/17 5:23 A
Want a good treat? Frozen black grapes. πŸ§πŸ‡So yummy! πŸ˜‹ Refreshing, too! I am strange. I prefer to DIALYSISCHIC1 30 CONSTANCE067
11/27/17 12:13 P
Been eating this cereal n got nearly to the bottom of the box n started getting stomach pains (not t RAWN13 12 HAWKTHREE
11/26/17 8:10 A
Kind of depressed, just took this picture after my weigh in and I've gained 19 pounds!! I don't know GPALMER29 22 TIGERSEYEHEART
11/26/17 5:36 P
I just shaved so maybe that'll help with the weigh GPALMER29 17 RAWN13
11/26/17 4:39 A
OMG! I had to look for some cheap red wine to mari DIALYSISCHIC1 19 DIALYSISCHIC1
11/26/17 11:54 A
I ate almost nothing this thanksgiving due to family that doesn't believe my allergies. Trying to ge MADAMEDOLL 7 REESEK65
11/26/17 5:02 A
Hey guys...this was my first vegetarian Thanksgiving....ham was my favorite thing during holiday tim HERNEENEE 18 AUNTRENEE
11/25/17 8:52 A
Saw my all-time fave movie, did housework I've been putting off, and 2/3 of my usual extended weeken RASPBERRY56 16 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
11/25/17 3:03 P
Oh ya'll. I have had three surgeries in less than 7 months .lots of sitting on my butt laying on a l ANNABAJUS5 10 DIANEDOESSMILES
11/22/17 10:57 P
11/23/17 8:19 A
If I have more than one serving of starchy carb per day, even whole grain, I gain weight. How much c SCRIMP1 10 CONNIET88
11/22/17 4:29 P
Okey I need the truth. I read somewhere that it is a myth that lifting weights will add weight. I ha MWELLS05 8 MWELLS05
11/23/17 2:14 P
I'm having a difficult time with getting enough protein in and limiting my carbs. Anyone have any su SANDIROZ 28 BLONDWUNN
11/22/17 4:36 P
Ok...I promise I will quit posting clothes. LOL These just made me chuckle today and I will feel goo DIALYSISCHIC1 16 SCYANKEE46
11/22/17 9:51 A
This is by no means a diet friendly dinner suggestion. It is delicious and I tried it with lots of s DIALYSISCHIC1 14 RAWN13
11/22/17 5:21 A
OK ....I must be in Pre Thanksgiving mode. 😊 LOL This is sugar free, fat free pumpkin mousse and 5 DIALYSISCHIC1 19 RAWN13
11/22/17 5:18 A
Alarm was set to 4 a.m.......ended up getting up @ 2:30 a.m due to dreams 😑. Had crazy dreams and d JOSHVA 11 JOSHVA
11/22/17 9:09 A
I bought the red shirt 2 or 3 years ago and it wouldn't meet when I bought it. I liked it and wanted SILVERWING3007 18 TXSUNSHINE512
11/26/17 10:11 P
Scored some new shoes today 😊. Holidays are good for something besides eating. LOL Hope I will walk DIALYSISCHIC1 19 TMP0418
11/22/17 8:18 A
Went car shopping, found one I like, had to get mine checked before trade in n have to pay $375 to r RAWN13 8 RAWN13
11/20/17 2:49 P
When should I eat protein bars? I've heard eating them too often can cause trouble, but I also need ZIELISYD 7 LUANN_IN_PA
11/20/17 8:16 A
Had a glass of wine with lunch as a pre Xmas work do n this feeling of everything but my head starti RAWN13 8 RAWN13
11/19/17 12:41 P