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I fell off keeping track. Since I've been out of work (broken leg...) friends have been wanting to m RHETTDOG 7 JED361
8/17/17 5:59 A
8/17/17 4:43 P
How to decline food politely? I had a Sunday meal with relatives. One took it very hard that I did n AOKDIET21 16 RAWN13
8/16/17 10:11 P
Posted a photo REEDSKI 26 MPLSKEN
8/16/17 3:20 P
FIRST weigh-in....woo hoo!!!! 28 days in and 14 lbs down!!! Upping my cardio for the next 4 weeks AULAURUS 192 RAINBOWMF
8/15/17 8:10 P
I need help. My 23 year old son has testicular cancer again and I am finding myself overeating. He i KARENWILL2 16 KARENWILL2
8/15/17 11:54 P
Officially 90lbs lost as of today!!! πŸ† MIZ-FENTON 90 MIZ-FENTON
8/14/17 1:58 P
Its taken me a long time, and lots of hard work, but finally broke the 100 lb. mark. Still lots to g PAMS3DDESIGNS1 229 SFELLS17
8/12/17 9:09 A
I'm so upset, found a pic of me 10 yrs ago, was at my skinniest 😒. So different now RAWN13 6 SPARK_COACH_JEN
8/11/17 7:09 A
I have a dilemma. My boyfriend's birthday is in 11 days and I have no idea what to get him. Beside MARATHON_MOM 20 CONNIET88
8/9/17 6:40 A
Hi guys! Starting my 5th day of eating well. Using the tracker. Lost a few lbs already! PAQTEQ 14 AUNTRENEE
8/8/17 9:06 A
Even if I only motivate one person to keep going when they want to quit it is worth It! ~220 to 147 BARBEDWIREKITTY 216 MOTIVATED36732
8/8/17 4:54 A
8/7/17 9:04 A
My name is Katie and I'm down 27 pounds and 20 inches in less than 2 months. KAYTEEDEE43 57 YMWONG22
8/6/17 8:12 A
I so didn't want to take this before picture on vacation. Makes me sad at how many opportunities I h JHONNMIDWAY 105 LELKINS71
8/6/17 9:17 A
Tomorrow we are going to a full moonrise Jeep Club potluck dinner. Every year it is pasta dishes, b KIMBER1EE 10 REEDSKI
8/4/17 5:56 P
Sparkers - are you as impressed as I am with progress photos other Sparkers have posted today? They ASF220 18 ASF220
8/4/17 8:55 P
Rant: This is so hard. I'm pregnant after just losing a baby (and I was taking birth control). I had S56440 25 S56440
8/3/17 11:46 P
Week 4 Day 2 of C25K is complete. But, while the workout was a success, the scale told a different s GECKO722 13 _LINDA
8/2/17 8:50 A
I've gained almost 3 pounds in 2 days. Couldn't figure out why. Yes Dr told me no exercise till i se GIGIUS 5 GINGERB13
8/3/17 12:24 P
Good morning all, happy August 2nd. Meet Isaiah, he's my yoga partner. Lol MISSAMY72 32 TOCONNER
8/2/17 9:00 A
Getting back on track. 30lbs down. 30 to go! THINITTOWINIT17 9 MDOWER1
7/31/17 4:25 P
I weighed in this morning. My scale: you lost 10 lbs this week! Me: well that seems improbable. M FARMINGMOMMA 4 RAWN13
7/31/17 7:57 A
7/31/17 3:09 P
Are we getting the sparkteam bonus points back on this app? It's annoying to have an app n have to RAWN13 3 TIBURONA
7/31/17 12:05 A
305 lb down!! Think I'm going to just keep going and see how small I can get!! If you go by chart li GPALMER29 37 GPALMER29
7/30/17 4:19 P
OK...not telling you to do this....but too funny to pass up! SISSYFEB48 17 1958TMC
7/30/17 2:58 P
Trying to fight fibro n get back into exercise. Got a lift to work 2x this week so I could walk home RAWN13 5 MLR_00
7/29/17 7:03 A
Down for the count!. I did not have a good day today. I got bit by a dog out on my route. I spared y TOMBENAVIDEZ 204 JENMICHAELS
7/30/17 11:04 A
Like each of us though accept we are different, precious and unique. I bought shower and pool shoes AOKDIET21 6 RAWN13
7/11/17 8:25 A
Lemon water for the night yummy!!! Dress fitting looser I feel like a winner over here!!! If anyon LEALONIE19 10 GIGIUS
7/11/17 8:47 A
7/11/17 1:50 A
Amazing what one can achieve in a year! Motivational story you can check out on Youtube: 70 lbs of GOODGETNBETR 305 JEANKNEE
7/10/17 4:24 P
The scale has been going back and forth at 223/224 for the last two weeks. It's frustrating but thes JFIALLO 155 NOSKINNY
7/12/17 1:11 P
My work is busy...i feel guilty if i exceed 1200... JFAIT3 7 ADRIENALINE
7/2/17 3:15 P
Someone tell me about spark people premium please. Whose had more sucess using it than just basic? I HWILLIAMS17 8 CATHERINE5300
6/30/17 3:11 A
So I had a few people ask me for before and after pictures, and as much as I use to hate having body CWEST4973 159 KJEANBRADY
4/30/17 7:46 A
Can u access groups from this app? RAWN13 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
4/28/17 8:27 A
Making progress one day at a time!! JULESANA8818 17 BOB5148
4/28/17 9:09 A
Fighting a sinus infection but got cardio in today! Keep moving! Keep striving! MELISATODAY 17 YMWONG22
4/26/17 5:27 A
5 more lbs down thats a total of 295lbs since Jan 2015!! I used to see all the commercials, lose 20l GPALMER29 276 SMOORE146
5/18/17 2:49 P
Hi all I'm new to sparkpeople, please feel free to add as friend to share our recipes ups n downs an KAZZYANN 4 YKOEHLER
4/25/17 8:48 A
Day 2 of no alcohol. Very proud of myself. GLOBALJUJU 5 TSTEPHERS
4/25/17 7:44 A
Today is the mark of me using sparkpeople for 1 year and following all the way through. On this day LTRINH9 305 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
4/25/17 3:38 P
If you guys have Instagram I would love it if you would follow my new weight loss account. I just ma KOOKI140 3 KOOKI140
4/23/17 10:58 P
Wondering if Any one else IRONS besides me? Bought my new Iron yesterday at Target! Works GREAT!!!! FLASUN 26 JAMER123
4/23/17 11:16 P
Manly lol K54609 4 BUSYGRANNY5
4/21/17 7:17 A
Ugh I'm so fat no matter how little I eat or how healthy I eat I can not seem to lose weight it suck NEED2BPERFECT 29 VIVI65
2/12/17 6:59 A
So is it okay to eat unhealthy even if your sticking to your calorie goal? I don't mean going ott bu S13278 42 S13278
2/16/17 11:45 A
I have a very fast and demanding metabolism to maintain weight I take in 7000 calories daily. I'm re C38376 14 CONSECRATED2GOD
2/8/17 3:21 P
Sorry I haven't been posting. Yesterday was my bday. I had to work, and everybody was trying to get ANDREAASHER8 3 ANDREAASHER8
2/6/17 10:04 A
Fighting the flu but still making sure I get my work out it ok for me to have some orange jui MSBATTLE30 10 CATLADY3300
2/6/17 10:28 A
Spark friends I must do the walk of shame😦😟😭 I want to a super bowl party and I didn't count not TON360 36 RAWN13
2/6/17 5:21 A
Hi! Hope everyone is having a great weekend.just wanted to say that I have decided to only look at t LGARAMELLA0226 5 LGARAMELLA0226
2/5/17 6:30 P
I started gaining weight about 17years ago after a hysterectomy and now weigh 293 I have asthma and LPC622 17 AOKDIET21
2/5/17 7:35 A
Sorry guys, do any of the females on here have an issue when there menstrual comes around? If so do SHAUNALVAUGHN 5 RAWN13
2/5/17 1:44 A
Went on holiday and fell off the tracking food wagon. So hard to motivate myself to track food again RAWN13 4 SILVERSPARROW04
2/3/17 6:09 A
I keep finding myself thinking that I'm hungry, but I know that I'm just bored. POKEMON44778 4 FITWITHIN
1/29/17 6:25 A
Just back from holiday n know I'm going to have gained. Had people pushing food at me all the time w RAWN13 2 DORHYGT
1/29/17 6:39 A
Went to a nutritionist yesterday and felt so awkward in that meeting, it caused me anxiety all night SOULSEEKER77 5 RAWN13
1/29/17 5:25 A
Woke at 2.30am feeling like I was so hungry that my stomach hurt. Not sure why, it's not like I don' RAWN13 5 IMNERDY2
1/18/17 5:54 P
Woke at 2.30am feeling like I was so hungry that my stomach hurt. Not sure why, it's not like I don' RAWN13 1 RAWN13
1/18/17 3:23 P
Noticing I've starved myself out of lunch for three days on the trot to cover one restaurant trip. PSYDUCKFAN1 13 IMNERDY2
1/18/17 8:52 P
Yesterday I horribly cheated. I went up to Kansas City and stayed with some friends for the night an C31715 9 IVANHOE64
1/15/17 6:45 A
Ok so I tracked everything I made for dinner, sweet chilli soy chicken stir fry with noodles but noo RAWN13 1 RAWN13
1/15/17 3:37 A
# help with articles, it says you can get all these points for doing this or that but I don't even k MEANKID2 9 KAMARO83
1/18/17 8:56 P
90 lbs gone as of today. Started at 305 (scary). JJOHNSON5416 721 LONGTALLSLENDER
1/18/17 8:13 A
I haven't used my spark account in years. I have been steadily gaining from 140lbs to 190lbs, my goa ISATRIX 9 JAYISOLDEM2
1/14/17 9:45 P
Lost 2.1 kg this week (4.6 lb) and I know most is water weight but YAY! #weightcheck RAWN13 5 RAWN13
1/14/17 9:20 P
SW: 191 ... today's weight: 169.8 .... goal weight: 145. Haven't been in the 160's for year ASTERZUK 19 AALLEY2
1/15/17 6:52 P
Having trouble after my dinners. I will feel like I have put nothing in my stomach and crave somethi GLOVESUP 48 STRIVINGTOLOSE
1/14/17 5:53 P
Ok I Dont have a scale but see Dr every other month for my RA is that ok to not weigh in? JOYLYNNFRANK 11 JOYLYNNFRANK
1/14/17 4:26 P
Starting over, again. Portion control, and tracking. I've been having digestion issues so I took a MARYEWHITE 14 CUTELITTLEONE
1/14/17 4:23 P
Bummed out a little today...this is day 5 and I jumped on the scale for the first time this week and TROTTGIRL 20 JOANHAGEMIER
1/14/17 1:37 P
Day 2. Tracking everything I eat is tedious. I've never done it before. I keep gaining weight so I n GODDESSBELLA77 36 QUINNY2016
1/14/17 11:04 A