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#moveit KATB86 9 KATHI512
3/2/18 11:42 A
March 2% Tracker ELF41978 7 MSMITH5077
3/4/18 9:03 A
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME FINALLY broke out the 200's...might only be for a little bit but it's out...woo LOVINGCHANGE 20 IRENESHOCKLEY
2/27/18 3:03 P
It all comes off in the wash. ZORBS13 5 B_RAZORSHARP
2/27/18 10:26 P
Just finished my first workout! It was challenging but I did it! Now Iā€™m snacking on some fresh frui B123455 5 ALICIA214
2/27/18 1:24 P
2/27/18 7:05 P
2-18-18 ELF41978 6 REBECCATKD
2/18/18 9:07 P
I found this dress at the store about two weeks ago and I am loving how it fits now! NAOMIRUNS 26 LARKDC
2/18/18 6:34 P
10.2 pounds. I have tried it all and this crazy little app is my saving grace. I was originally 213 FELITA2002 113 LTRINH9
2/2/18 4:22 P
NSV: I bought 2 new pair of jeans last night, in the size I wore when I was 16šŸ˜šŸ˜. I'm 40 now, so i SADIEMYERS 201 MDCALIFORNIA
2/5/18 4:14 P
Finally replaced the gym bag that was torn up (the old one was a freebie from maybe five years ago, ONEKIDSMOM 32 FOCUSONME57
2/3/18 6:28 A
Boiled eggs, tuna, and salsa for OMAD! What are you having for dinner?? #seriousgoals #friendfinder KIMBERLYASHLYN 10 WLHOPE
1/31/18 8:56 P
Trying new things- no meat once-twice a week. I am KAIVANKA 12 HAWKTHREE
1/31/18 8:18 P
Is it bad that I've not worked out in a week and a half. Just not been able to find or make the time HJUDIE1 4 MOTHER_OF_CHONG
1/31/18 8:38 P
Uuuggghhh! My anxiety is off the charts today!! I can usually shake it off or push through it but t SUMWITCH 8 B_RAZORSHARP
2/2/18 2:53 P
Wrapping up the workout, and wrapping up this month with a great workout. I thought about going an e W2GFIT 11 MUSTANGMOM6
1/31/18 7:41 P
February 2% Tracker ELF41978 8 JESSICA_G23
2/3/18 9:05 P
2 years ago I weighed 258( lost it by having stomach issues and breast cancer in 2017) I am a 1 year COLOGRAMMY 250 CTYONIT
1/31/18 8:47 P
Over the last 20 years, I've tried every fad diet. Usually only lasting a couple months, weeks, and MANDA2091 253 GABIRUSZCZAK
1/30/18 10:24 P
1/30/18 3:05 P
I restarted my journey in November weighing 211, Iā€™m down to 194 this week. I think you can see my w STAU1207 107 PWILLOW1
1/30/18 9:24 P
I had my first scale visible victory today! Down 10 pounds this month, I haven't been in the 260s i SHELLINE713 198 PBVHCCVH
1/30/18 5:21 P
Almost time for count down onederland here I come ā³ 1.2 pound loss this week total 43.2 šŸ˜Š If I can TMP0418 223 MANONAMISSION73
1/31/18 7:49 A
Yes, my butt hurts when I sit down but i am much healthier and happier and that's all it matters NOMASHOTCHEETOS 8 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
1/30/18 1:46 A
I need this today! ACRAZYCRAFTER 8 TMP0418
1/29/18 1:04 P
1-27-18 ELF41978 5 REBECCATKD
1/28/18 8:18 P
Formal Introductions ELF41978 9 HOLLYN0911
2/10/18 5:16 P
I ran on the Chicago River in Chicago today!! šŸ¤£ CGARR442 20 YELLOW09RED
1/14/18 11:44 A
1-7-18 ELF41978 7 JESSICA_G23
1/7/18 11:12 P
I've come a ways, 1st of June, struggled to do 1 mile in 25-30 minutes. I did 3 miles in 48 minute BRENDA196122 7 REBECCATKD
1/5/18 12:34 P
Goals are becoming a reality! LAURENPAYNE1978 14 LAURENPAYNE1978
1/11/18 2:18 P
I managed to get thru the holidays without gaining weight. Win!!! Happy Friday everyone! STAU1207 175 CFITZ1
1/5/18 6:49 P
3/7/18 1:32 P
I was sitting in front of the TV at 10pm thinking "I should have some nachos" but I took my butt to JESUSLUVSYOU 8 ELIZABETHDARCY
1/9/18 11:09 P
The End of Overeating, by David A. Kessler, Winter ELF41978 5 RETIREESMITH
1/5/18 9:39 P
Hard to post but today is the beginning of my new journey! I can do this! MILMOM2000NEW 11 IAMAGEMLOVER
1/3/18 7:57 A
New year new goals. Really going to do my best to stick to them. Want to lose 45 pounds by June. Tha SCOTGIRL1972 6 RDCAGAIN10
1/2/18 6:13 P
January 2% tracker ELF41978 8 RETIREESMITH
1/6/18 11:04 P
January 2% Challenge ELF41978 12 ICANBHEALTHY2
1/27/18 11:06 A
12-31-17 ELF41978 12 SKCASON
1/3/18 3:17 P
Introductions 3 things about you ELF41978 16 MOMMY445
2/12/18 11:05 A
I'm currently 140lbs I'm determined to get to 105 by the end of March well here we go VICTORIAMCNEIL2 22 FLUTTERFLI
11/26/17 2:54 P
I'm glad I took "before" pics because some days I feel as if I still had those 35 pounds and I just LKMANNING7 157 REBECCATKD
10/24/17 5:18 P
If monday you weigh 150 then on tuesday you weight 148 , then lastly Wednesday you weigh 150 again GXNXSIIS 9 PHOUSE99
10/17/17 9:18 A
#BeforeAndAfter CORYSWIFEY4915 89 KANDICANE11
10/17/17 1:12 P
Left 148.8 right 140.8 happy birthday to me (liter CHIO01267 25 ALALADY
10/8/17 7:20 P
I said I wanted to be 130 anything by my birthday, I did it! Total overall loss of 121 lbs. I'm gonn BOSSLADY90 303 HEALTH_NOW
9/28/17 7:02 P
As a birthday present to myself, I got up before dawn and hit the gym since I'll be sitting at a wor MARTHA_ANN 175 DLEFLOCH
9/26/17 3:38 P
I been working out since March and changing my eating habits. I lost 30 so far and still got plenty CAROLINAGIRLJNT 223 STORCH2000
9/18/17 11:03 P
9/18/17 1:34 P
Posted a photo BIKER66 9 _RAMONA
9/17/17 6:59 P
This is the top of my treadmill desk, on which I work while I walk for a hour a couple of times a da TOPHATBANJO2 9 TOPHATBANJO2
9/17/17 6:28 P
Well just found out that I am type 2 diabetic. So I am having a hard time to switch my eating habits TROGERS0621 14 KEVSHAS
9/17/17 3:19 P
Breakfast: Greek yogurt with diced apple and cinna IGOT2START 118 INSPIRED26
9/14/17 8:43 P
Passed my goal of 140!! Yaaahhh! ā¤ā¤šŸ‘ began 248 1 yr ago!!! DIANEPAG 304 INSPIRED26
9/14/17 8:59 P
2 months ago I could barely walk a mile in 24 minutes. This morning, I just jogged 1/2 a mile and m JILLIAN48 156 ALALADY
9/9/17 7:21 P
So as many of you know I fell down a flight of stairs around 16 years ago and became 39 percent disa NBUTLER57 11 LKMANNING7
9/9/17 7:00 A
Started my journey at just shy of 280lbs. 2 years and a baby later down to 220lbs. So happy right no JLSTRAUSS 253 DARRINISM
9/8/17 6:27 P
Same clothes, 26 days apart... I got excited when I saw this today! LINZHORN 57 STRNGNGRNDED
8/28/17 5:19 P
Champions in the Kitchen KALISWALKER 44 CERIUSLY
8/30/17 9:32 A
Kind of proud of myself. I had a cup of water before my first cup of coffee. That's saying a lot. LYONSFARM 36 LESLIELENORE
8/26/17 9:52 A
Slower results than I was hoping for, but I'm going through a divorce so the stress level is high. S MISSCNJ 8 QSHEPP
8/26/17 6:09 P
Still slow as heck, but holy crap. I did a 5k this morning! ELORA101 104 GAYEMC
8/22/17 1:47 P
Good morning Community! Stop hating yourself for what you aren't! Start loving yourself for who you LOVELY1978 113 SUGARSMOM2
8/15/17 4:06 P
So not about weight or diet but a ? I wood like to dye my hair lavender. My 17 year old said I'm the ANGIEFR14 24 ANGIEFR14
8/10/17 7:08 A
Dessert: I mixed 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt with a tsp unsweetened cocoa powder, and 10 bitter swee IGOT2START 16 LUCIBELLE33
8/11/17 6:24 P
First small goal reached: 15 pounds gone in 7 weeks, down to wedding weight! Reward: a pedicure. I'm LKMANNING7 233 SUNQUEE
7/27/17 2:23 P
After trying and trying and trying to get to the 100s I finally made it I am so excited this was the JENNIFERRVALDEZ 300 QSHEPP
7/21/17 8:08 P
Day 15 of my morning exercise streak! 20 minutes on the Stair Master and a Body Pump class. OBIESMOM2 7 ITSA3DOGLIFE
7/22/17 10:44 A
Good morning everyone! Had a few snack attacks yesterday but that's cool, it's been a while. I found DANICONNOLLY 20 LKMANNING7
7/19/17 1:25 P
I'm happy happy happy I'm in the 70s. I lost 25 pounds. I went from305 to 279.6. I'm exercising twic MBROUSSAR2 152 SHUNIKAP
7/19/17 4:55 P
Lost a pound this week. 15 since starting six weeks ago!! Today is also day 20 of the Whole30 - 10 SERENEGRACE 40 GORDONED
7/19/17 2:16 P
I'm not normally a fan of three sixes in a row but I'm down from 174 so I'll take these. CORNSHELLY45 137 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:13 P
Week 1 down. Lost 1.6 pounds. It's a start. D87331 268 _LINDA
7/19/17 8:14 P
Having fun with my Spark Solution breakfast! REBECCATKD 4 CHEIVOUS
7/15/17 9:48 A