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I’ve been gone from SparkPeople for awhile and now I’m back at it. I lost 10 pounds and then fell of FSWSTUDENT2016 8 PIXIEDUST22
2/16/18 9:16 P
#BeforeAndAfter A month apart. Someone at work told me I am really losing but I honestly don't see i NAOMIRUNS 80 CANUCKSEW1
2/17/18 12:07 A
Hey Sparky's!! Well now you see it now you don't!! Picture on the left is at work today the picture GPALMER29 26 TREKPURRSON
2/17/18 12:37 P
Had chicken salad sandwich, cup of tomato soup, and spinach salad with berries- a little confused ab FISHMOBILL 13 WLHOPE
2/16/18 7:35 P
I hit a milestone this morning (down 30lbs! wahoo!!) so I decided to do a side-by-side comparison. N COURTPHX 75 MUSTANGMOM6
2/16/18 11:50 P
Ive struggled with depression and anxiety. I also have pcos. The hormones that come with that and th JPAPUGA27 11 JPAPUGA27
2/15/18 10:34 P
2/15/18 9:09 P
Can someone tell me how to put in my weight? I see submenu for weight but when I click on it nothin DESIGN4LIFE1 3 REDBIRDFLY
2/15/18 9:04 P
The Mayan Civilization, around 1,000BCE was able to control the flow of water to empty swamps, alter MCASKEY6 4 LUANN_IN_PA
2/15/18 6:18 P
So a bit of a reprieve from my usual stuff haha so I watched this contour video awhile back with thi NEKOMINI 15 NEKOMINI
2/15/18 6:17 P
Amazing the difference 5 lbs can make DAKOTAGRL852 20 JROSE80
2/15/18 8:04 P
Good Thursday afternoon Sparky's!! I hope everybody had a great day today, got all your goals accomp GPALMER29 29 MAYIE53
2/16/18 3:05 P
They say a healthy outside starts with what I put inside!😘 Cheers!😋 FITSISTA79 20 CHRISTOPHER63
2/15/18 7:36 P
I’ve been looking forward to meeting some old friends for yoga and coffee (tea for me), but my cold AMYINTHEWILD 11 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/15/18 6:09 P
choosing a healthy bread CINDYLOOHOO57 24 HAWKTHREE
2/17/18 12:37 P
I'm half way to my goal weight. I hop on and off but keep losing. I'm planning to go on a backpack REDBIRDFLY 5 BARCELONAME
2/16/18 4:37 P
Looking for some healthy snack ideas. I am a diabetic so I have to really watch carbs and fruit inta TITO30 10 TITO30
2/4/18 1:16 P
Forty one day streak and Down 15 pounds today! Three meals a day with a snack , lemon water and TEA STEEPERSLOUNGE 17 ALEXTHEHUN
2/5/18 8:19 A
Significant Other ALWAYS wants to eat out!!!! DANILEANNC 39 BELLAMEMAW
2/10/18 8:24 P
Beard or cleanskin TGUY82 225 REDBIRDFLY
2/2/18 7:48 P
Healthier substitutes for milk chocolate wanted JGREENE15 37 MRSJANG
2/17/18 1:56 P
Room is dirty. But in a few months ill say this time next year ill be looking great. SJJACKSON921992 10 SJJACKSON921992
1/15/18 7:48 A
Well I'm back. I had gained about 13 lbs back from the holidays. I've now lost all but 2 of those ag MONICACONQUERS 15 MONICACONQUERS
1/15/18 8:10 P
My starting weight was 218 and I’ve lost a total of 8 pounds so far in two weeks and I’m staying hop SAWEIGHTLOSS 6 SAWEIGHTLOSS
1/15/18 1:49 P
Lost 50 pounds a year ago and gained 20 back😒 I'm back on my grind tho and I have lost 6 pounds thi STUNNAPALM 14 SADIEMYERS
1/14/18 9:37 P
So I really had a bad day nutrition wise. First major hump of my journey. Just got in one of those " RODNEY_PERRY71 9 RODNEY_PERRY71
1/14/18 9:37 P
Breakfast: 3 egg omlette with turkey bacon onions peppers and spinach Dinner: Chicken seasoned with STUNNAPALM 12 CANUCKSEW1
1/14/18 10:57 P
Posted a goal SCHYLURD 6 STAR135000
1/14/18 9:31 P
Everybody looks great how long did it take you and what was your weight when you started what is it SJJACKSON921992 4 SJJACKSON921992
1/15/18 7:51 A
Dinner: salmon, spaghetti squash with butter and dried cranberries = 407 cals SYLBA61 9 REDBIRDFLY
1/14/18 9:03 P
So dec. 21st i was 198. With hips 48in. And weist 46in Today jan 14 i am now 185. With weights 44in SJJACKSON921992 5 SADIEMYERS
1/14/18 9:32 P
#BeforeAndAfter KJMARTIN86 12 BSPORTER66
1/16/18 1:54 P
1/14/18@246 pounds...down from 253..hoping to post an amazing after photo 1 year from today KAKONOLADY 4 KAKONOLADY
1/15/18 12:40 P
I've done it started at 301 March 2017 lost my 50 pounds January 2018 I hit my goal now to set a new HJUDIE1 62 BIGRENTMAN
1/15/18 8:37 A
does cooking for a spouse make you fat? FUNGI777 56 TOTALPACKAGE12
1/27/18 3:34 P
Took a look and past them up. I just need to look, determine it's not in my plan. SLYDE-GLYDER 51 AZMOMXTWO
1/14/18 6:08 P
1/14/18 6:05 P
Here is my “Start” photo...was eye opening when I saw this photo my daughter had taken, and how far WHENDERFUL 51 AZMOMXTWO
1/14/18 6:04 P
Long run today 12-13 miles #BeforeAndAfter from 250 to 123lbs HSARMYWF 289 PEARL19D84
1/26/18 10:54 A
Honey-teriyaki chicken brown rice and steamed broccoli for dinner! TIFFANY3004 19 GOODGETNBETR
1/14/18 12:19 P
day one 18.5 stone,i have joined the gym felt like a right nob as everyone looked in great shape and FATDOG666 11 JOANNAJEFFREY4
1/13/18 6:23 P
I am,new to Sparkpeople so I'm not sure how it works...Any help would be greatly appreciated TOOTHPICKERPB 10 TOOTHPICKERPB
1/13/18 6:27 P
What diet plan do you guys prefer, Which one seems to work better in your opinions. I have just been MKPARKE77 18 GRANNY2SK1
1/13/18 8:15 P
Size now want to lose 50 pounds DIXONPRISCILLA0 13 ALOFA0509
1/13/18 11:24 P
#BeforeAndAfter MICHELE1119 9 BSPORTER66
1/16/18 1:58 P
Progress feels slow. Stuck at another plateau. COFFEEL0V3R 4 REDBIRDFLY
1/13/18 3:36 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 3 REDBIRDFLY
1/13/18 3:34 P
Thought I had strayed from my desire to exercise and eat healthy this new year, but scales says that JULMATT 4 REDBIRDFLY
1/13/18 3:34 P
45 minutes of walk away the pounds LJBOWSER1 8 NYLAURA1
1/13/18 3:58 P
I have my Spark People app linked to my Fitbit. My Fitbit picks up the food/calories that I have ea JAREGOLI 4 WLHOPE
1/13/18 9:03 P
Just made an easy to grab snack for the next few days NAZYTEACH 14 NYLAURA1
1/13/18 3:57 P
Eggs, bacon, topping tomatoes and mexican cheese Piece of bread no carbs, no gluten... DMPFMP13 5 MSMITCHELL2696
1/13/18 5:34 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 97 MJ7DM33
1/13/18 4:33 P
Elliptical: Love it or hate it? CMBARBER1708 5 REDBIRDFLY
1/13/18 3:23 P
Still in hibernation mode after wild weather so we opted to get things done at home til we meet frie GGRSPARK 4 REDBIRDFLY
1/13/18 3:21 P
Hello everyone new to blogging on here but I just started yesterday, and I am excited to get it done JRJAC1960 4 REDBIRDFLY
1/13/18 3:20 P
Yum! I haven't made Caramelized Onions in years! Delicious...Red onions, cilantro, Spicy Hungarian P TMZ777 9 TMZ777
1/15/18 12:22 A
Lost 2 lbs this week! TAHOEBORN 8 WHYTEBROWN
1/13/18 3:51 P
My daughter taking a rest during this morning’s hike. MOONBEANS 13 DAVENSHERI
1/13/18 4:19 P
Morning/afternoon my sparks family i am trying a new thing n i just wanted to throw an idea n one of SHAUNTAYWINTERS 6 SHAUNTAYWINTERS
1/13/18 3:35 P
The best thing is to be ourselves. Happy day everyone! NOMASHOTCHEETOS 9 ITALIANGAL44
1/13/18 3:20 P
Happy Saturday! This quote is something important to keep in mind in general, but I’ve found especia PHEONIXRIESLING 11 MIRAGE727
1/13/18 10:01 P
Hi community, I'm back! I must confess, I fell of the wagon and sadly have to start all over again. SYLAGUE50 14 NOEMIROSAS2224
1/28/18 3:55 A
This made me laugh so I figured I’d share with some awesome Spark Friends :) SHELLLEY2 24 PELESJEWEL
1/14/18 1:07 P
1/14/18 7:24 A
Can anyone give me tips on cooking for one? This is all new to me I recently went from a household o LEXIBUG91 5 LEXIBUG91
1/13/18 4:03 P
Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has tried any of these. If so did they work for you? PAMMIESUE81 6 PAMMIESUE81
1/13/18 3:51 P
Lunch: tofu, broccoli, red peppers, onions, and wa TXSUNSHINE512 9 WHYTEBROWN
1/13/18 3:58 P
Worked out 1.5 hours today: 30 minutes of cardio, kept heart rate at 157 for most of the 30 minutes; TXSUNSHINE512 12 WHYTEBROWN
1/13/18 3:54 P
1/13/18 5:30 P
Yesterday wasn't the most successful day. Over 1000 cals too many. Low protein and high sugar and fa BEACHCHICA08 17 MJ7DM33
1/13/18 4:27 P
Oh my! Let's keep it off this time...shall we! RENZRYD 41 RENZRYD
1/14/18 1:31 A
June 2016 when I didn't care Started July 1, 2017 ST3PH 139 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
1/21/18 10:01 A
Hello everyone. Today is my first day on here. I am starting 3rd semester of nursing school Tuesda SKORNTHEUER 85 ZZSUSAN
1/13/18 5:42 P
National Milk Day NEPTUNE1939 4 YMWONG22
1/12/18 8:20 A