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Missing my daddy at Christmas time πŸ˜” ST3PH 8 BARRYHAPPY1
12/17/17 7:27 P
Breakfast this morning R64749 7 JAZZEJR
12/13/17 10:15 A
So....If you’re looking to get more steps, get a dog!...That way, you cant help but get more exercis MUSTANG757 15 WLHOPE
12/9/17 6:04 P
You can't really tell but, here is 330/4x to 273/ 2x. F5-FURY 180 JAMER123
12/10/17 12:08 A
12/7/17 12:28 A
I'm new to SparkPeople, does anyone know how to log your weight?? SYDNEYDRAGONBOR 7 333HONEYBABE333
12/4/17 12:02 A
Posted a photo JSIELKE1944 19 POSEY440
11/20/17 9:52 A
I wish I could be someone who stress-cleans instead of stress-eating! STAR327 11 ALUKOWSKY
11/14/17 1:56 P
I am laughing as I read the feed. Some peoples starting weight is my next goal weight. UGH WDD I HAV MOUSE 5 CARINA640
11/8/17 1:58 A
#BeforeAndAfter I don't see much of a change but I can feel it. TLARNOLD1974 22 RICHARDNUNEZ5
11/9/17 7:15 A
Good morning everyone πŸ˜€ will someone please give me some suggestions for buying a really good scale CHUNKYCHACHI 6 CHUNKYCHACHI
10/25/17 1:44 P
Today I said good-bye to my younger sister Connie. 55 is way too young to die. May you have no mor DGFOWLER 309 2BDYNAMIC
10/25/17 10:03 P
10/18/17 8:40 A
Anybody want a pair of pants...Free! MFIG303 147 _LINDA
10/18/17 10:18 P
Happy Birthday to me. I can't believe I'm 55 today. New Year & New Start. Time to see what I can CLJONES2738 9 JILLIAN48
10/13/17 9:11 A
I've come a long way. Teen mom at only 16 years old, divorced and single mom of 4 children at 26 ye LALAP1012 302 LALAP1012
10/14/17 3:37 P
Posted a photo TOWBALL4540 3 NETTIE1235
10/3/17 2:33 P
Yes!!! You gotta have a sense of humor through this process, no??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ CROD1830 13 HAPPIHOME
10/1/17 4:17 P
Really wish they had something for nursing..I work over nights and constantly lifting and running ar MKAE620 4 AKPIPER
9/28/17 6:28 A
Yup! Water solves most of life's problems!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ADUKE6 13 UMUCGRAD
9/25/17 6:32 P
I put what I ate in my new fitness app...It sent an ambulance to my work... I saw this somewhere t SENIMMO 4 1CRAZYDOG
9/13/17 12:05 P
Can someone please clarify? Amongst all the diet products and peddlers wanting the public to buy ce RUBYREDIVY1 8 LRJUSTUS1
8/13/17 5:23 A
Posted a photo BRENDA196122 32 YMWONG22
8/8/17 11:57 A
Any tips for helping my family transition to vegetarian? My wife is soy intolerant, can't eat beans/ PUPPYBUG 3 SP_COACH_DENISE
8/7/17 12:06 P
I'm feeling some kinda way today. I'm discouraged. FITSISTA79 316 LADYJLUVLIFE
7/14/17 4:00 P
I gained a pound from going to the gym everyday fo KLIPSE 21 MPLSKEN
7/9/17 10:40 P
Posted a photo OBIESMOM2 19 1DAY-ATA-TIME
7/6/17 7:51 A
Good morning Sparkers..I felt so angry at myself yesterday for eating the ice ran my satur MEROBERTS21 13 KATETK
7/6/17 7:20 P
Trying to get my wife into healthy eating ELROSIN24 3 PREMAMEHROTRA
6/30/17 5:45 A
So me and my husband are hosting our first 4th of July cookout this weekend. I'm stressed to the ma TRACEYBOLE 10 _LINDA
6/27/17 1:20 P
I saw that someone on here posted this so I decide DIVADAHLIA7 16 FISHGUT3
6/23/17 9:16 A
National Martini Day NEPTUNE1939 2 SENIMMO
6/19/17 7:15 A
2017 Summer/fall pool - come on in the water's fi MEME102 343 CHEESER22
11/25/17 5:00 P
Breakfast.. My daughter(12) cooked this morning. Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and biscuits.( I'm ha MOMOF4PLUSMORE 15 123TERRY
6/16/17 12:03 P
6/12/17 3:01 A
Feeling really crabby. Exercised a ton last week and stuck to my diet and was feeling really good ti KERMAKAKKU 14 JOANNEJI
6/11/17 9:50 A
Don't know which one to try firstπŸ€”πŸ˜… FITNAPTURAL 18 SENIMMO
6/9/17 10:03 P
Feeling bummed. Ordered subway 6" tuna on wheat and didn't bother to look at the calories until I fi JANIE01981 8 ALOFA0509
6/10/17 12:33 A
Its coffee time NEPTUNE1939 4 BUSYGRANNY5
6/8/17 7:15 A
2017 hot tub - come on in the water's fine! MEME102 391 MEME102
6/4/17 9:46 P
Has anyone else ever tried eating off a kid's plate to help with portion control? JB65773 203 COOKWITHME65
10/1/17 4:09 A
I am looking for your best low impact, shorter timed workouts. In order to accommodate my injury an MURPHI13 7 LIVEDAILY
5/30/17 4:36 P
Able to wear my engagement ring for the first time in 4 years πŸ’ RIEFOR 6 KARENWILL2
5/29/17 6:17 A
I just restarted my account, and I have already linked my Fitbit account can anyone tell me why the SKITTLESNINJA 4 BARBEDWIREKITTY
5/28/17 3:43 P
This is so frustrating......i just want to be track without having to have a 4 year degree I SKITTLESNINJA 6 TANGOJAVA43068
5/28/17 4:52 P
Help with Portion Control LAIKYNSNANNA 18 CED1106
6/12/17 4:16 A
Today is day 4 for me. I have only been able to exercise o e of these days, but only because of a s JENNLYNN37 4 SENIMMO
5/24/17 6:20 A
Going to the gym for the third day in a row - I ju KATIEPC 7 SPARK_COACH_JEN
5/24/17 7:01 A
GOOD MORNING!!!!! This cracked me up because some's totally true!!! ANNIEONLI 18 1CRAZYDOG
5/21/17 12:37 P
Update on my spider bite.... I went to the doc like ya'll told me to and the doc put me on antibioti SRENATA 25 FULLERFARMS
5/23/17 8:13 P
Today​ is my little boy's birthday,he turned two 😊 It just feels like yesterday when he was born OM GULSHAFAQ 19 MSANN59
5/21/17 1:54 P
Trying to trick myself into liking quinoa. Cooked it this morning and eating 1 tsp each time I walk MRS_SHOCKJAY 6 OVERDUECHANGE
5/19/17 8:48 P
I found an alternative to chicken. 6 oz pork loin, 46 g protein! I stuffed it with diced apples and KITAH 18 LINTYFRESHNESS
5/28/17 1:19 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 6 BRENDA_77039
5/11/17 10:41 A
Have a question? What foods besides fish and meat are proteins? Still can't seem to get enough pro CODIWOLF48 10 BANANASLOUIE7
5/10/17 8:25 P
5/5/17 9:08 A
Yes I know I am THIN! Most people would be so annoyed "how much more weight can she lose?" "She does ASHNIC56 92 DRBARNETT
4/28/17 11:55 A
Weighed myself this morning but I dont know how to read my scale any help? TOMBENAVIDEZ 40 CAJUNGAL328
5/27/17 1:22 A
I'm singing the blues this morning with a good ole case of poison ivy. It's in my scalp, ears, back DGFOWLER 39 REDROBIN47
4/22/17 8:13 P
Hot and crabby and ready to go home and get some rest ZOMBIE23 2 SENIMMO
4/19/17 6:12 P
How do I get more protein for less calories? SPAMULA85 3 LEDOORMAT530
4/19/17 7:13 P
I bought a basket for my Pommie​, Foxy Lady today. Now my best friend can share bike rides with me! MERMAIDNIC 15 SENIMMO
4/19/17 2:24 P
Good day. Went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, indulged some. One day at a time. Sweet Dreams. PAMALAMA1413 3 SENIMMO
4/15/17 7:35 P
Hi I'm new to this app and would like advice and I'm 300+ pounds and want to lose 50 - 75 pounds HOLDENMCELROY 10 VICKYLYLES
4/1/17 9:19 P
This is my day.... Happy St Patrick's Day SCHECK5 9 MAYIE53
3/17/17 10:23 A
How to I filter out all of this? VAHINA 2 SENIMMO
3/12/17 9:15 P
2016 Summer/fall pool - Jump in and join us!! MEME102 436 MEME102
1/2/17 1:58 P
Hot Tub open for 2015/2016 -- Welcome Everyone! KINEPS 772 MEME102
6/5/16 3:57 P
Hot tub - Jump in, chat, and relax for awhile! MEME102 1603 LYNCHD05
10/24/14 1:52 P
Hot tub - jump in and relax!! MEME102 1384 CHEESER22
6/9/13 2:41 P
2/20/13 4:12 P
9/2/14 2:41 A
1/4/13 3:19 P
When was or will be your surgery - part 2 MEME102 101 DIDMIS
9/29/13 10:12 P
7/7/14 2:14 A