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Feels great to be tracking again. BAILEYCYM 2 SKINNYMINI247
10/4/17 12:37 P
I started reducing my sugar intake and I've lost 3 pounds! KITTYKATAYAH 5 _LINDA
10/4/17 2:01 P
10/4/17 1:41 P
Take it one day at a time!!! CHRISSYLYNN00 19 ADRIENALINE
10/4/17 1:42 P
Posted a photo SREYNOLDS43574 8 TEEDEE911
10/4/17 1:17 P
Posted a photo BJK1961 13 1CRAZYDOG
10/5/17 5:28 P
Does anyone know why it show calories eaten as 177 and I'm not even out of bed, migraine day😩 TBOYD5000 12 LUANN_IN_PA
10/4/17 1:53 P
Yeah, l just finished my indoor walk, with biceps curls SKINNYMINI247 1 SKINNYMINI247
10/4/17 12:31 P
Posted a photo CAMPING_MOM 7 JVANAM
9/1/17 4:39 P
Another funky sock day. Getting on the treadmill now. 3 more miles today and then chest and arms. FREDDY529 9 MPLSKEN
9/2/17 7:45 P
Goal!!! ST3PH 8 JVANAM
9/1/17 4:39 P
9/2/17 5:51 A
Probably not the best activity for trying to get over sugar, but these cupcakes were so cute when mu SILVERTOMORROW 8 AMYISSUCCEEDING
9/1/17 6:19 P
I have 155 points today! Go Me! SKINNYMINI247 1 SKINNYMINI247
8/30/17 12:53 P
have a wonderful day! OBIESMOM2 10 REGILIEH
8/29/17 11:59 P
Here's a fun reason to get out and about! Some of us walk a little slower, or have kids that tag alo MICKEYCLAUS 11 SYLBA61
8/29/17 12:10 P
I love my new lifestyle and I love making progress but sometimes I miss just sitting in front of the CAROLINEEET 6 MADDIEBSMAMA
8/29/17 11:16 A
Happy Tuesday SP family! Thanks to my chiropractor, I am doing much better but limited to not lift METALMOMMA25 4 CHELZANNE
8/29/17 10:05 A
I was in the Sauna for 40 minutes. It felt so good. I'm on vacation, with my family. SKINNYMINI247 4 AMING4ACES
8/29/17 10:45 A
What Exercise or Walk Away the Pounds Workout?? MKBWNSUGAR 1767 MKBWNSUGAR
12/11/17 1:54 P
11/21/17 2:09 P
Struggling to make good food choices. On a positive not got the .25 package Boston Baked Beans candy JR0736174 6 ADRIENALINE
8/28/17 4:39 P
Busy day preparing for Tropical Storm Irma ! So windy that the river has waves .. Not raining yet.. CINDY247 8 GGRSPARK
9/3/17 1:24 A
Move it......a little or a lot. We all need to move. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 12 KITT52
8/29/17 2:49 P
Someone said to me this morning, hey you look great..losing weight?" Made my day! Have only lost 3 p WISHNIK59 10 ADRIENALINE
8/28/17 4:38 P
Posted a photo CAYCE-CAY 6 DINZEL
8/28/17 3:26 P
One week on spark and I've lost 7lbs!!! Feeling good! PANDA9606 11 GPALMER29
8/30/17 8:34 P
Spending the day with my little monkey. Walked 3 miles while she had a snack, then played on the pla JORDANTOMLISON 8 ANGELINAJOLI
8/28/17 5:51 P
Happy Sunday!!! Ready to rock this week. I have set some goal and ready to accomplish them. Did card TAMARAOGINA 4 ADRIENALINE
8/27/17 3:10 P
Its been a rought year for me last but one day i said to my self that i want to changed and i did i A59423 12 BUTTERFLYPANDA1
8/29/17 6:22 P
I love nature walks. The scenery is good and the trails know how to kick your butt. DEDICATEYOURSLF 27 CHRISTOPHER63
8/27/17 5:37 P
8/27/17 3:09 P
8/27/17 3:08 P
I didn't mean my required minutes of exercise but I exceeded the calories burned for the week. ? SHAUNALVAUGHN 4 ADRIENALINE
8/27/17 3:08 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 19 SRWYLIE
8/27/17 11:20 A
This is me before at 225 MCOOKE-CO 2 SKINNYMINI247
8/26/17 6:48 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 KATHYJO56
8/27/17 12:27 A
8/27/17 9:41 A
This is at around 165. I don't take good selfies. MCOOKE-CO 4 SILLYFILLY7
8/26/17 9:38 P
Loving this thing called Life. Weight loss Goals. I will not be stopped. Failure is never an option. THEONEANDONLYDA 5 MCATLEDGE
8/25/17 5:29 P
Feels great to be focusing on the right things! PAULAJEAN659 14 MBPP50
8/26/17 7:29 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 28 BJK1961
8/25/17 11:58 P
I'm home from Dr office. I lost another 8lbs! I just had back injection, for lower back pain. Ugh! A CATOH 4 MARYLOTUS
8/25/17 4:59 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 2 SKINNYMINI247
8/25/17 4:43 P
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 2 SKINNYMINI247
8/25/17 4:40 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 2 SKINNYMINI247
8/25/17 4:40 P
It's crazy how a little baby can change your life . This is our grandson EBETH13 15 DESERTDREAMERS
8/26/17 6:44 A
Stuffed Zucchini from the "French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook." I had two helpings- yummy! #whoneed AUGUSTAGLOOP 9 DCWILLIAMS831
8/24/17 9:22 P
8/24/17 8:30 P
Just got my second workout of the day in and feeling great i swear once you start working out its ad BRITTANYASHER35 2 SKINNYMINI247
8/24/17 8:18 P
This feels SOOOO GOOD!!!!! ✔️✔️✔️ DSMITH8737 9 BOGUSANNIE
9/3/17 11:53 P
8/25/17 12:05 A
My ride today! This was to drop off an application! I am exhausted and my knees hurt! SEAOFCARNAGE 8 KCCAMERONCAM1
8/24/17 8:44 P
1.5 miles on the treadmill tonight. Not great, but I didn't skip it 😜 GOLDIEFOXX 19 4CONNIESHEALTH
8/24/17 10:55 P
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 12 MSGO72
8/23/17 10:10 P
8 miles on the bike tonight GOLDIEFOXX 9 GOLDIEFOXX
8/24/17 2:50 A
Time to chuckle DGFOWLER 13 COWLEEN1
8/24/17 7:30 A
Posted a photo CRYSTAL_R 64 COWLEEN1
8/24/17 7:00 A
New day with a New path 👟 MZB2U190 17 MZB2U190
6/1/17 7:28 A
Did my 2.5 walking earlier..even found a new spot in our trail. Have a beautiful day everyone. MCADENA4 7 MSLOUIE3
5/22/17 2:34 P
5/22/17 2:21 P
Lunch hour bridge run #cajuncountry #runners MOMMYNWIFEY 5 ADRIENALINE
5/22/17 2:21 P
5/22/17 2:47 P
I got my exercise in today. It wasn't much, but it was something! SKINNYMINI247 3 MYTIMETOLOSE17
5/22/17 9:38 P
I tried a piyo sweat workout today and it was awesome! GINGER140 3 SKINNYMINI247
5/12/17 4:18 P
What do you guys do when you want to so bad like binge eating and to get anxious DYR891062694 9 DYR891062694
7/18/17 11:52 A
almost gave up today, but my mom made me choose otherwise. thank god i'm living with my mom for a li LORENZOMERLIN 2 SKINNYMINI247
5/12/17 4:13 P
Hey everyone 1st time posting here but today i weighed myself lost 13 pounds i was 213 now 200... TIFFANII350 46 STARGAZ3R
5/12/17 8:11 P
I went to the city today, to shop. That's my favorite exercise. Walking around shopping! Works for m SKINNYMINI247 3 J38850
5/12/17 5:25 P
So my brother just said I look fat with my current haircut. Not only did that not make sense, it al B88895 7 HONEYLC84
5/11/17 9:07 P
Look what arrived in the mail today! Now I can mak BEELEESJOURNEY 9 BEELEESJOURNEY
5/11/17 8:55 P
My 5 yr old brought home a cake she decorated at school today for mother's day. 1 piece is probably CHRISTMAS-HOPE 24 VIRGINIAGIRL
5/12/17 10:40 A
Yes, l went to the city and walked and walked. I went up stairs, an down stairs. Whew! I it my exerc SKINNYMINI247 1 SKINNYMINI247
5/11/17 7:45 P
Posted a goal CGARR442 4 IVANHOE64
5/12/17 8:48 A
I got my exercise in today, walking. SKINNYMINI247 3 KOHLRABIGIRL
5/7/17 11:33 P