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Lunch today...fresh veggies with hummus and hard boiled egg...filling and very good! SMARTPOET06 6 ADRIENALINE
6/27/17 1:55 P
My birthday dinner complements from my boyfriend it was great ! STOPPLAYING2011 8 CHERIRIDDELL
6/27/17 1:27 A
Posted a photo ROSITA14 7 YMWONG22
6/27/17 6:18 A
We have lost 240lbs together. Him 150 and me 90. Healthy lifestyle change for life! It's our Annive MISAIS 66 AGNES_
6/27/17 4:54 A
have an amazing day AZMOMXTWO 3 SMARTPOET06
6/25/17 5:53 P
I'm on Day 2 of a new me (again). DONDAIN 3 GETITDONE79
6/25/17 7:09 P
Feeling guilty after eating another yasso mint chocolate chip icecream bar :/ i was only supposed to GXNXSIIS 3 SMARTPOET06
6/25/17 5:50 P
Went to get groceries today. Laid them all out on the counter before putting them away, and realize SMARTPOET06 9 BLISSFULMOMENTS
6/25/17 9:43 P
6/26/17 7:43 A
Question. When I log my food and then look at the days view on my phone app it shows exercise below MONTANAGARDENER 3 MONTANAGARDENER
6/26/17 1:12 A
Trying again, stopped everything, wasn't exercising or tracking food. Gained 10 pounds 🙁. I need SLMULAN 3 LAC24YMFD
6/25/17 12:53 P
Checking in good morning to all. ARMSTRTT1 4 ALICIA214
6/25/17 1:07 P
Day 2. Hanging in there. LWATERS78 3 ALICIA214
6/25/17 1:14 P
Does anybody ever feel guilty after eating a food they feel they shouldn't even if it's completely o ILYIA545 2 SMARTPOET06
6/24/17 11:17 A
4 yrs of being nicotine free :) AKELLY45 124 AKELLY45
6/26/17 6:24 P
Good weigh-in...down 1.8 lbs this morning!! SMARTPOET06 2 RAME123
6/24/17 11:43 A
Today was day one of no smoking. I did it! CEEKAY07 10 CEEKAY07
6/24/17 1:04 P
Todays pic 352 pounds down from 446 S02526 302 SOLOMUA
6/21/17 7:09 P
Still fighting to get under 200 BEXCANDO 226 MIRAGE727
6/21/17 4:52 P
My first struggle with temptation starts tonight. My family brought home crab cakes, fries, and ther ILYIA545 4 RAERAERAE62
6/20/17 9:09 P
It's been hard for me to diet EIDAORTIZ 12 EIDAORTIZ
6/20/17 8:03 P
Tomorrow we are going to the sun and fun capital of the United States, Florida. I will probably swea CHERYLE51 4 AQUAGIRL08
6/22/17 7:31 A
6/20/17 9:34 P
60 minutes of Zumba, 40 minutes walking. #fitbit MISSCNJ 7 KBOUGHE1
6/19/17 9:07 P
Having a hard time tracking my food. BABYGIRL154 3 NANCYANND55
6/18/17 8:46 P
I wish I had something of value to others to say. Today I am just getting by. I want to see results SGDISIS 8 CANDYAPPLE15
6/18/17 10:49 P
Hit my first goal...100 pounds lost. I'm in heaven right now!!! Yeah!! KEYKEY026 17 SPARKLYEYES71
6/18/17 6:12 P
Posted a photo SMARTPOET06 77 TIME4ME2017
6/18/17 8:30 A
Day 4 and Ive actually gained... not motivating at all. Someone please tell me what im doing wrong. MPHELPS85 9 SEYTON84
7/12/17 8:58 A
Iso... I really like strawberry banana smoothie in the morning. I use to use "rockin wellness" prote MADILYNEVE 4 SMARTPOET06
6/13/17 10:58 P
Question would you rather see real people trying to achieve their goals in workout videos or the mod SPKDREAMZZ 9 SPKDREAMZZ
6/13/17 11:31 P
I am so needing to loose thirty pounds am staying within my goal provided on here but I think I coul MVANCE2496 2 SMARTPOET06
6/13/17 10:47 P
6/14/17 12:59 A
When it's time to workout upper body do you guys do all upper body machines or do you save some mach FREESPITITHIPPI 7 FREESPITITHIPPI
6/13/17 11:20 P
Posted a photo SMARTPOET06 7 EGGBASKET1
6/12/17 10:46 P
Sean week day 1 Convinced my legs are now putty! Way to throw us a day 1 Sean T! 😳🌟 A whole new k SISNEROSMD 6 1CRAZYDOG
6/13/17 1:20 P
I began my weight loss journey in 2015, when I was just existing at 395pounds, wearing a 26W pants a D05438 73 ANNDANDY
6/13/17 2:37 A
Had another baby boy! LSMALLWOO 140 RAPUNZEL53
6/13/17 5:04 A
I started spark about a month and a half ago. I've lost another 10lbs so far, but the most rewarding KAALLEN2012 137 JJOHNSON393
6/13/17 2:46 A
Its been a long 1yr journey. But well worth it. 310 to 220. 20 lbs to go to get my ideal weight. Get YOGIBEAR43 164 DLD2DLD
6/13/17 7:09 A
Today I am starting over I've tried so many times in the past and have given up so many times more. BRIAMIDDLETON 306 GOODGETNBETR
7/19/17 9:05 P
Just started using this app a couple weeks ago and I like it! I started my weight loss battle a few KEITHAVM 177 STRONGERLEANER
6/11/17 12:40 A
Is there an easier way to log weight training? Putting in time, sets, reps and weight is so cumberso PUNKMUMMY 5 PUNKMUMMY
6/10/17 3:31 P
Weighed in this morning....down 1.4 lbs this week! Slow and steady! SMARTPOET06 13 STRNGNGRNDED
6/10/17 4:02 P
6/10/17 7:48 A
Needing some protein ideas for snac HEATHER736 7 TRICHARDSON49
6/9/17 4:27 P
This is me. Today. 1st day on sparks. Want to lose 100 lbs. JOJOCASSIVI 100 FRENCHY73
6/9/17 8:05 P
Have been wanting to get up early for my walk around the park, but when I wake up at 5:30 am and loo SMARTPOET06 2 MISSLORI5
6/7/17 12:08 A
This picture is the reason I started on my goal to lose weight, this was around my heaviest at 240 t XANDERSMOMMY314 21 FITWITHIN
6/7/17 6:02 A
Do you eat when you're not hungry? BRANDIW7 73 MOLUX252627
6/23/17 10:48 P
Today my husband and I walked in the state park. 3-4 miles all together. I am wondering how you tra CHRISTLYN1 3 DAISYMARIE4225
6/4/17 8:40 P
Posted a photo SMARTPOET06 1 SMARTPOET06
6/4/17 12:45 P
Took my walk this morning instead of in the evening....mistake....too hot (94) and no breeze, but fi SMARTPOET06 10 BLISSFULMOMENTS
6/5/17 8:36 A
Spent the afternoon at Adventure Island with the fam. Them stairs ain't no joke. Now to figure out h KKRAVIG1975 3 KKRAVIG1975
6/3/17 9:48 P
The doctors added me on a new seizure medicine it's Topamax they said it also works wonders for weig JENNIFERRVALDEZ 7 TREKPURRSON
6/5/17 8:15 P
Went out for my evening walk and it was so beautiful BHUDSON572 15 WANNABZEN
6/4/17 3:56 A
How do you find energy to workout? WALKING_TALL 8 IMPROVINGME
6/4/17 1:43 P
Please help where is the start page PANCHO13 2 SMARTPOET06
6/3/17 9:33 P
Posted a photo SMARTPOET06 4 JKEMMA
6/3/17 5:01 P
New milestone;as of today I am in the 180's! Woo hoo! 48 lbs gone! VAVAVIOLINA 93 ELSCO55
6/2/17 9:07 P
On the right mid march....11 weeks down 15 lbs...On the left today. Slow and STARFISH1961 26 DRINKALOTH2O
6/3/17 10:35 A
Happy Friday everybody!! Down 302 lbs!! The weekend is here!! Don't give in to the junk!! A minute o GPALMER29 222 _BABE_
7/7/17 4:30 P
Looks like my 8 week Fitplan just turned into a 40 week Fit Pregnancy! Yaaayyy for baby! 😍💖 CHASINGFREEDOM 300 STAN_ORLOWSKI
6/3/17 3:33 A
Lunch today. Chicken, hard boiled egg, green pepper. All just 211 calories! SMARTPOET06 5 STARFISH1961
6/2/17 8:23 P
Made some homemade frozen yogurt today to try to help tame that ice cream craving. Plain non-fat Gre MARTHA_ANN 11 CTYONIT
6/2/17 1:30 P
Today is my first day on losing weight. I have never been entirely proud of my body ever since I was LSCHMIEGE 18 RAYMOSSISTER
6/2/17 1:48 P
Best tip for self care? And GO! DYANNE4293 8 1CRAZYDOG
6/2/17 1:37 P
Today is my 46th birthday and i've lost 22 lbs in the 11 weeks on this app. Tonite i'm going out to XGEMINIX 22 RAYMOSSISTER
6/2/17 1:46 P
Hi...just started this journey of weight loss.....I need to get my sugar stable so I'm trying to eat 89KIMMIE 5 CAJUNGAL328
6/2/17 12:47 P
I'd rather do the 30 minutes of exercise! SMARTPOET06 8 STARFISH1961
6/2/17 8:22 P
I made it past my first plateau! Barely. But I let out a huge sigh of relief when I saw the scale th DEVAN4 91 MBLANKFORD
6/2/17 2:08 P
I am in Gramma heaven once again. Hannah Grace was born May 28th, weighing 8lbs 11oz. Believe it or HEYJUDE58 214 TIME4ME2017
6/2/17 6:26 P
Exactly 9 months ago today September 2, 2016 I embarked on this amazing life journey, with a startin THEJACKIEDEAN12 315 KLIPSE
6/8/17 11:28 A
I'm not up for words today, my daughter had a miscarrage. Will be back tomorrow. God bless VMEBANE657 9 RAERAERAE62
5/31/17 10:25 P
Anyone ever eat acorn squash what's the best recipes for it ?? W68162 6 W68162
5/31/17 9:17 P

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