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My thoughts on today. Thank you! Surgery went well... I don't have cancer. Exhausted because life STEFANIE979 26 GSANGHERA
3/27/17 10:30 P
#mobilechat Sorry I haven't been around much. Life has been busy, still tracking, still making progr NAOMI_ACOSTA 15 NAOMI_ACOSTA
3/27/17 10:17 P
First day of food tracking. I wish I could say it was a day of working out as well, however 10.5 hou MERGERRRN 3 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 10:12 P
I have been wanting to enlist in the army. Today I finally (barely) meet the requirements. I'm very ADRNATRRS 4 BRIDGETTEANNB2
3/27/17 10:28 P
It's been a few months and a few pounds since I've been here. It's great to see this new feature. Ma WHOIAM3 4 FOREVERGEMINI
3/27/17 10:16 P
No goal weight now, just a carefully managed gain, at least until the end of August. Can't wait to w RABBITOLM 4 SUBTLEWITCH
3/27/17 9:48 P
Biking through the eleventh season of Supernatural, going faster during the scary parts! BONNIEMARGAY 2 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 9:07 P
Today was very difficult for us. Our cat Hip Hop had kidney failure. We had him for almost 18 years. JANETTEDC 25 JUDY1260
3/27/17 9:56 P
This is my last day that I'll be here! LOULOU1709 2 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 8:46 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? It's so fun seeing all t SPARKGUY 40 HUSKERGIRL72
3/27/17 10:34 P
3/27/17 9:31 P
So ready to see some progress. I lost 30 lbs. 5 years ago. Between my grandmother duties and bout wi KELLYB125 3 RORYLYONS
3/27/17 8:47 P
Got on the elliptical for the first time in 10 years and didn't collapse THESPISDIONYSUS 3 JULIEA7201
3/27/17 9:41 P
I did not want to exercise. I really did not want to exercise. But I made myself exercise. BECKYS222 50 A62382
3/27/17 10:33 P
Taken as I start my new journey to wellness COBBLETTS 3 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 8:35 P
1st time doing 2 a days in over 20 years. 1st time ever planking. Oooooooweeeeeee it nearly killed ROLLIN76 9 ROLLIN76
3/27/17 9:47 P
Lost 3 pounds at today's weigh in! Halfway to goal! Feeling determined! Staying on task! KHERRMANN2 7 FITNESS447
3/27/17 9:45 P
3/27/17 8:34 P
Well, started watching my calorie intake today after a long time (had a baby, nursing), and I was pr BECCAANNP84 2 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 8:30 P
Super proud of myself. My fitness tracker came about 3 pm and I've already logged this many steps! SARAHMACTAYLOR 3 SARAHMACTAYLOR
3/27/17 8:32 P
Got in 20 minutes of exercise. Any is better than none right? GHOSTILYUSHA 6 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 8:29 P
If I gain absolutely nothing from this experience. At least by the end, I want to be able to climb t AMBERR_77 3 AMBERR_77
3/27/17 8:50 P
Day one. Excited. Got to loose 33 lbs. Lower my a triglycerides. IEATTOMUCH 4 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 8:24 P
In addition to calorie counting, making better choices and going to the gym. I thought I would set a AMBERR_77 5 KOFFEENUT
3/27/17 9:37 P
Hello everyone trying to eat right is hard for me KELLIE3900 26 NAOMILK63
3/27/17 9:40 P
Hi,normally I try posting uplifting,motivational and humorous posts in order to keep it loose as wha JUSTSTICKWITHIT 22 BEAUTYMOVEMENT
3/27/17 9:33 P
These are the feet that 3 months ago struggled to walk a mile...they are also the feet that just jog MTOLL81 247 MVANGEN2
3/27/17 10:20 P
Last was a stressful week. Two of our neighbors passed away and I attended the funeral of my maid o ADORABLE4 4 VICKYLYLES
3/27/17 7:18 P
I wish I could see an improvement on my body other than the numbers on the scale. I feel like my fac JENNAE93 3 JONIBUSHELL
3/27/17 5:34 P
Hello! I'm new here. I'm 28 and a m to a nearly 2 year old boy. I had gastric sleeve surgery in 2014 WESTONSMAMA2017 4 MSANN59
3/27/17 7:14 P
Yay! I just found out that my company is ordering us new team shirts. Last year, I ordered the larg MISSDORKNESS 11 BRENDA_77039
3/27/17 8:46 P
I'm having a rough time, because the doctor won't let me exercise, and walking makes my sciatica wor LZIKES 4 -ABEAUTIFULME-
3/27/17 7:00 P
Feel like I am in a viscious circle - too tired to exercise but exercise would give me more energy! SHAPEUPCHELLE 10 SHAPEUPCHELLE
3/27/17 8:13 P
Thank you to everyone on here, I have been inspired by all of you since joining this site. STROSD5 2 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 5:16 P
Two weeks in and I feel better already! 8 pounds down and going. Just want to say thanks to everyone NOWUCME89 31 SUBTLEWITCH
3/27/17 8:35 P
Posted a photo MARIEB441 6 MARIEB441
3/27/17 9:46 P
Guess who is going to be a Grandma - Yup this girl. I have to get it together...I can't be the unhe NANNA_ANNA 5 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 5:05 P
I stopped coming here for 2 months and then when I came back this discussion area had been added to VALOLOVE1975 66 ORGNLMOE
3/27/17 8:13 P
I've been a yoyo dieter for years. Something is different this time though. Im committed to a change AMORROW1985 4 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 3:48 P
I'm 62 yrs old and my goal is to lose and keep off at least 40lbs. I'm excited to be a part of this THINME18 5 FIT2TRAVEL
3/27/17 4:09 P
Hi everyone! Im returning yo spark people. Im on a mission to be a much healthier me and I remember C39120 4 SURVIVOR61
3/27/17 3:38 P
Hi. New here. Mommy to 7 month old and starting the T25 journey while also adopting a new life styl RAETERRY 20 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/27/17 6:10 P
sweet redemption for my DNF yesterday. 30K trail run in the books. ZORBS13 3 XNANNY
3/27/17 3:55 P
Monday is weigh in day! 2 more lbs gone. Have a happy Monday! BECKAXOBEE 6 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 3:26 P
#mobilechat if I get upset about something and my adrenaline is high do I burn extra calories?? Lol BRENDA_77039 11 DIZZYBRITCHES
3/27/17 4:36 P
I lost almost 25 lbs 6 months ago with Sparkpeople then lost motivation and gained 10 back ugh. Now BLANNA1 3 SPARKGUY
3/27/17 2:23 P
March 24 did 10 minutes on treadmill distance of 0 .165 March 25 did 30 minutes on treadmill distanc MARILYNS69 4 MTN_KITTEN
3/27/17 7:28 P
we got this KOOKI140 6 BIKE4HEALTH
3/27/17 5:07 P
What an amazing group of people here. Every time I open the feed people are cheering each other on a SARAHMACTAYLOR 4 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:08 P
I'm at a point in my life where I finally realize i need to do better for myself and my family. I al WITLEE 34 CHRSTNE2
3/27/17 8:48 P
Just starting out, Lord give me strength! J80267 8 DAWNDMOORE40
3/27/17 3:07 P
Morning sunshine while doing balance board to help me wake up. Is everyone ready for a great week o SPARKGUY 10 SPARKLINGME176
3/27/17 8:35 P
Posted a goal R14672 3 SPARKGUY
3/26/17 5:53 P
It felt good not to eat at night. No binging! I only had 1 brief episode this week vs 3! Hoot hoot! P02165 3 JOCELYNH711
3/27/17 6:33 A
Did 2 .5 miles today. Each .5 miles took 12 minutes. I wonder how long it takes a healty person to w P02165 14 MYAD281
3/26/17 6:38 P
awww I'm so mad at myself, I smoked a cigarette 🚭😞 GLENDAK72 4 WALKZWDOGZ
3/26/17 6:03 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 2 SPARKGUY
3/26/17 5:36 P
"Before the deed comes the thought. Before the achievement comes the dream. Every mountain we climb, LIFEFOUNDONARUN 3 SPARKGUY
3/26/17 5:35 P
Guys I'm so excited to tell you this. My mom, who I've been trying to motivate to get healthy for ye MUGGLEPUFF 3 SPARKGUY
3/26/17 5:32 P
Joined here to track my nutrition and get me motivated. Weight-loss will only be a side effect for BIANCA1616 5 BIANCA1616
3/26/17 11:31 P
First ever post! Spent three hours today scraping, sanding, and painting the wood railing on my porc HMS2270 7 KIKIE1973
3/26/17 6:37 P
Have a great week! JUDY1676 3 JAMER123
3/26/17 11:36 P
Bones FINALLY going in to roast for my bone broth. Should have been hours ago. My day went from He ROLLIN76 6 KIKIE1973
3/26/17 6:39 P
Exercise bike for 20 minutes on a dreary Sunday. I hope you are having a great day and weekend! SPARKGUY 11 LIS193
3/27/17 12:29 P
Posted a photo AMBERR708 11 LPORTER2015
3/25/17 5:28 P
Beets taste like dirt! #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 12 IVANHOE64
3/26/17 7:55 A
3/25/17 2:06 P
Having a healthy day..because I choose it KITT52 7 RAINBOWMF
3/27/17 10:48 A
Focusing on changing habits in very tiny baby steps. It's working! 15MINUTES 8 _LINDA
3/25/17 7:38 P
This may seem crazy but it is actually starting to warm up! Going to go for a nice long walk later t BECKAXOBEE 9 _LINDA
3/25/17 7:34 P
while reading an article here it says to reward yourself when you reach certain goals, but not with DAWNING_TAROT 2 SPARKGUY
3/25/17 12:16 P
Exercise today is killing two birds with one stone - running 3.5 miles to the store, walking back. I SPICUZZAC 3 LIS193
3/25/17 12:23 P
Some of you may know this but I consume 850 calories a day ( 1 month 1/2 ) . I know it's low and I GXNXSIIS 8 VIOLINCAT
3/25/17 1:41 P
Happy Saturday! Weekend Check-in: what's one thing you will do this weekend to reach your goals? SPARKGUY 65 MPLSKEN
3/26/17 11:17 P
#mobilechat Hope everyone has a great Saturday 😆 MWARNER211 11 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/26/17 7:28 A

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