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Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? SPARKGUY 24 GGRSPARK
7/25/17 10:50 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a sunny bike ride. How about you? SPARKGUY 42 SHOAPIE
7/25/17 6:44 P
Made some fried rice today. (brown rice, carrots, celery, onions, green pepper, scrambled egg, and GREEN-EYED-LADY 22 MARYJOANNA
7/24/17 5:37 A
We are all inspirations! ;) CUIS1NE 3 SPARKGUY
7/23/17 5:53 P
Lost 9 lbs! Feels good. I haven't boarded the exercise train yet though.... DAISYPOWER2 9 NEWME
7/23/17 6:27 P
It sure feels like a good thing not being on facebook at all anymore and instead coming to sparkpeop KEISHACARVER 8 SUEKIMMY
7/23/17 9:53 P
Swam in the pool with my daughter for 1.5 hours. #deliciousdailymoment 5901HEIDI 6 JEANNETTE59
7/23/17 5:48 P
My sister just got a fitbit. Can you say healthy sister competition. My steps are about to skyrock MISHKA1212 9 ZELDA13
7/23/17 7:06 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was sprints! How about you? SPARKGUY 30 LORNE67
7/24/17 5:05 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a bike ride in the sun. How about you? SPARKGUY 34 DANCINGFEM1952
7/19/17 6:58 P
Did you have a good weekend? My highlight today was a bike ride with my son. How about you? SPARKGUY 29 4CONNIESHEALTH
7/17/17 8:17 P
Hit like if you commit to reach at least one small goal today! I just did a quick morning hike while SPARKGUY 19 1CRAZYDOG
7/16/17 12:25 P
going to stay on plan this weekend TOMSTUMP 6 HAILEYELISABETH
7/15/17 10:13 A
Any advice for "stress eating"? I had a really emotionally bad day yesterday.....kept it together th SBURNEY789 7 SBURNEY789
7/15/17 2:52 P
Latest project. I haven't finished but what it should look like one done. Now too figure out the pat MSWEEZER 12 SHOAPIE
7/15/17 12:00 P
Down 2 pounds this week, for a total of 6 pounds with Project Healthy Household! How are YOU doing! DAWNSUCCESS 14 ANNDANDY
7/20/17 1:46 A
8 ounces lost!! BREEZYBOO79 6 ORTATK
7/15/17 10:15 A
Wow! I did this. Never thought I would see this. Did my normal walk and then went to the fair last n JHONNMIDWAY 22 RDHDINWV
7/15/17 10:53 A
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was a quick swim in the ocean in Carlsbad, CA on a busine SPARKGUY 47 JEANETTE404356
7/16/17 5:40 A
Giving up all pop. I am a big Mt. Dew drinker. It's so bad. Hoping it yields some weight loss with e SPICUZZAC 6 SPICUZZAC
7/10/17 8:31 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a morning hike. How about you? SPARKGUY 29 ZERIYA
7/13/17 12:09 A
Starting over. Want to be at least 20 pounds lighter by the end of Oct. End of the beach vacation an GARDENGAL41 4 YMWONG22
7/10/17 10:27 A
This morning I noticed that my face is getting thinner! It's especially noticeable around my chin. I WITBEYONDMEASUR 5 YMWONG22
7/10/17 10:32 A
When I started a month ago, I struggled to walk two miles. Today, 10 pounds lighter, I briskly walke LKMANNING7 111 JOEBIRD01
7/10/17 7:27 P
Yesterdays bowl of yumm A04175 9 JANTHEBLONDE
7/10/17 10:15 A
Did you have a good weekend? My highlight today was a bike ride. How about you? SPARKGUY 78 LISABL09
7/10/17 5:45 P
New Lesson: Streaks (10+ fitness minutes & more) SPARKGUY 26 2BDYNAMIC
7/23/17 10:24 A
Thanks to Jan/2BDynamic SPARKGUY 28 14JESUSGIRL
7/19/17 8:01 P
My weight loss is starting to slow down. I knew this would happen and I have been working on prepari EMMY135 3 OBIESMOM2
7/8/17 11:58 A
Hit like if you are painting a beautiful day! Morning all. I've done two 10-minute hikes this mornin SPARKGUY 27 CHRISQ3
7/11/17 7:47 A
Having trouble getting back motivated. Did really well to begin and now I can't get back at it. Rea RMA2887 2 SPARKGUY
7/8/17 8:50 A
Started a new Sparkpeople 30 Day Challenge - Plateau Buster. Sparkers - what's your best trick when ASF220 5 ASF220
7/8/17 12:45 P
7/8/17 8:48 A
7/8/17 11:51 A
Had a little fun yesterday at the gym. Finally getting body weight headed down. Using this app ins JERRY_S 7 ORTATK
7/8/17 9:29 A
I've tried WW, and Fooducate and bombed... So I fo ST3PH 4 RYCGIRL
7/8/17 9:17 A
7/8/17 11:50 A
I've decided to start with small changes, and first workout more so i don't obsess about food like I KINYA4571 5 JULIENSMITH
7/6/17 10:08 A
I have a long term goal. Now I am setting weekly weight goals for my self. I am hoping that my wee JIMBEATY33 4 DIANALAZZELL
7/6/17 11:55 A
I don't understand how motivation works. One day I will want to conquer the world. Next I don't even STUFFY864 9 FRUSTRATEDAMI
7/6/17 3:22 P
Stuck at 200 now for 2 months... Grrrrrr STORM5920 5 NEEDBU66
7/6/17 9:34 A
First light of day on the beach - it's hard to get up and out when sunrise is at 5:12! INITFORLIFE3 67 SOULFISH80
7/6/17 1:04 P
Did you have a good Wednesday? My highlight was exercise bike while listening to music. How about yo SPARKGUY 38 STAR135000
7/8/17 9:40 P
27 lbs later... I'm wearing a MEDIUM!!! A-A2008 134 MDOWER1
7/5/17 6:06 P
Great day yesterday - going to duplicate it today!!!! TOMSTUMP 3 JULIENSMITH
7/5/17 8:39 A
Yessss I did it I can handle anything today throws at me! PLAINJANEDOE 127 PLAINJANEDOE
7/5/17 8:04 P
I just started doing this app a few days ago. I have come to realize that I am not just an overeater LALA2308 6 LINDSEYCHANDLER
7/5/17 11:03 A
This morning I'm dragging a little thanks to last night's fireworks, but I will overcome KS_JULYBABY 2 SPARKGUY
7/5/17 8:23 A
Happy 4th to my US SparkFriends! SPARKGUY 40 LORNE67
7/23/17 3:27 P
7/4/17 2:08 P
Happy 4th of July! As I remind my classes at the Y--make today's meal a one hour meal, not an all d DINKER0798 10 BOB5148
7/4/17 9:17 A
7/4/17 9:27 A
Have an amazing 4th of July!!!! I've learned that drinking plenty of water at barbecues and stuff wo THEJACKIEDEAN12 8 LEDOORMAT530
7/4/17 10:20 A
Blessings to USA as we celebrate the 4th of July holiday. Energy sent to surround us all as a Commu FIINALEE 2 SPARKGUY
7/4/17 8:30 A
Happy Fourth of July to all my American Spark friends! Couldn't ask for better neighbours! JOANNEJI 3 BANEWLAND
7/4/17 8:35 A
Happy Independence Day! Enjoy your day everyone! MRSTABER 5 ALICIAMAG
7/4/17 8:43 A
Headed out for my first 5k, feeling excited about checking it off my summer goal list. THEBRENTS 5 MLR_00
7/4/17 8:59 A
Is it easier to set a small go and go from there? Or just your ultimate goal? SHAUNALVAUGHN 6 *GINA*
7/3/17 10:50 A
Healthy eating habits start early! QURANIZLAR 140 ROCKYCPA
7/3/17 3:49 P
Posted a photo OOKLATHEMOK 9 JANETTE90F1
7/3/17 10:19 A
Happy Monday #Sparks 😘😊 I refuse to have the Monday blues lol MEANDGOD82 2 SPARKGUY
7/3/17 9:40 A
Posted a photo KINDGIRL56 55 JTHEALTHY1
7/3/17 12:10 P
I was going to figure out how to run off all these notice, but now I think I want these reminder. I DEBYDOINGIT 3 SPARKGUY
7/3/17 9:38 A
Planning on a walk to the woods and I can enjoy Nature, get exercise in refocus and recharge my self DEERLADY45 8 REGILIEH
7/3/17 8:44 P
Have you ever wondered why I constantly ask if you have done at least 10 minutes of exercise? Here i SPARKGUY 50 HOLLYM48
7/4/17 9:25 A
I'm feeling so positive about succeeding in the Summer 5% challenge SHOCOSS 15 4CONNIESHEALTH
7/3/17 4:49 P
Important note for mobile users: how to track SPARKGUY 6 KMC7313
7/10/17 2:14 A
New Lesson: Why 10+ Fitness Minutes Works SPARKGUY 30 CARMACHAMELEON
7/6/17 4:08 P
SparkPeople Fuel for Improvement System Diagram SPARKGUY 35 2BDYNAMIC
7/23/17 10:28 A
Hit like if you are ready to make this a great Sunday! Here is my new SparkTeam for the small goals SPARKGUY 19 HERBKAT
7/2/17 9:24 P
All set up and ready to walk the beach. Happy SUNday everyone! OUTSIDEJOJO 17 USMAWIFE
7/2/17 11:32 A
Posted a photo JAYDENR21417 5 HEATHER736
7/2/17 9:53 A
Starting each morning and each week with purpose! ONEKIDSMOM 10 REGILIEH
7/2/17 7:14 P
Today is weigh-in day. After staying the same last week, I'm down three pounds this week! KNITTINGKITTY 4 ANNIE1114
7/2/17 9:14 A
I'm still at 201 pounds. But I did get in a lot of exercising in yesterday. 138 minutes worth yester AUNTRENEE 6 PICKIE98
7/2/17 2:33 P

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