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good night SparkFriends! Spring weather is coming to NH soon! JSTETSER 39 SPARKLE1908
4/15/18 10:27 P
I drink a green smoothie every morning for breakfast. It gets me through the day! JSTETSER 13 LIS193
4/16/18 12:15 P
Show how you feel today with an emotican ---- MSTEETEE 16043 CIERAPOET
4/18/18 1:06 A
This app is wonderful, I've lost over 55 lb in one year because of it. It is very important to count ARWISCH 176 UMUCGRAD
4/15/18 11:29 P
-50 pounds !!! Started in January. I have a long way to go, but this just gave me motivation. I real IMAROLEMODEL 140 MYTIMEAW8Z
4/16/18 10:43 A
A little hard to tell since it's not all fat loss GABY9327 30 GABY9327
4/15/18 3:18 P
Have a happy and healthy weekend! TEAGIRL49X2 14 ZRIE014
4/14/18 1:09 A
Today is my 3 month change-a-versary. Down 35 pounds and I'm so excited!! Only five more pounds to m PAMMIESUE81 111 TCANNO
4/14/18 4:10 A
Bought new pants today in a smaller size 😊 ROLLTIDE8586 28 CSROBERTSON621
4/12/18 11:13 P
4/13/18 12:51 A
My 1st time ever to have 100K steps in a week. Big achievement for me. JMSCHEM 16 KAREN_EDMONDS
4/11/18 11:14 P
Woohoo! Dinner after a full day of helping friend pack & load. Garage day. Garlic, rosemary stuffed LRJUSTUS1 15 I_GET_BY
4/12/18 4:57 P
Posted a photo MARIAK88 46 ADRIENALINE
4/12/18 12:13 P
So proud of me went from size 17 to size 5 😁 CRISTALO321 180 ADRIENALINE
4/12/18 12:12 P
motivation moment... RHOOK20047 18 PICKIE98
4/10/18 9:15 A
Over 2 miles and over 200 calories. I am proud of me. 😊 SASRA1 6 CMBMARIE
4/9/18 11:44 P
I've had this dress for 9 years. When I bought it, I needed to lose a couple pounds. Then a couple t NAQ2229 109 MICHAELPACH
4/10/18 6:08 A
Number of steps at work today BRITNEYF07 8 MUSTANGMOM6
4/9/18 2:09 A
Sunday surmise.... RHOOK20047 14 MUSTANGMOM6
4/9/18 2:07 A
Starting over again. Not at my all time high but pretty close to it. Here’s to getting on track and HOLLY_171984 148 ROX525
4/9/18 5:21 A
#superachiever Reached my Step Goal and Over an hour of activity today 😄 Now I don't usually work o COMEBACKKID12 22 MPLSKEN
4/9/18 9:38 P
I'm a Believer! ;) LOL GERRTIE 19 LUZMARIA2683
4/8/18 9:06 P
Am on track to hit 500,000 points tomorrow! SISSYFEB48 19 CLO333
4/9/18 1:53 P
🏃‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🧘‍♀️ LALAP1012 14 LAH1222
4/8/18 11:44 P
Down 55 pounds, another 20 to go till goal. ISLANDGIRL49 125 TEXASHSMOMOF3
4/5/18 11:43 A
Posted a goal FITFORME17 15 SPARKLE1908
4/4/18 10:51 P
I'm done eating for today Now I'm trying to decide 20 more minutes on the treadmill or not?? Love CINDY247 10 PATRICIA-CR
4/5/18 12:48 P
BOSU BALL Jump Squat I Did IT, 1st time ever I wasn't scared. I was wobbly, but I was able to do PELESJEWEL 26 SOUTHTXXRNNR
4/9/18 1:28 P
Phew I’m one tired pup! 67CHARTS 9 SPARKLE1908
4/4/18 10:49 P
Lost 165 lbs since my heaviest 4 years ago. From a size 30 to a size 14. Still have a ways to go, b MANDA2091 288 PATSYGO
4/5/18 5:10 A
Happy Birthday to me! I turn 32 today and I am the healthiest I have EVER been in my entire adult li KERRIBERRI86 302 CHADZBINDEN
4/4/18 4:27 P
3/21/18 10:00 P
3/22/18 11:51 P
When you are on a diet and drop the last bite you will go to extreme measures to get it and then loo KORNY14 17 MIYAMO
3/21/18 10:15 P
Here I am sitting at work (McDonalds) on my lunch break.. thinking about all the unhealthy food that 21SPONGEBOB21 43 BILLTHOMSON
3/22/18 8:54 A
Lost 6 lbs. Today. Yay! Had an awesome hike at school GRACIE6121 9 MANONAMISSION73
4/5/18 6:58 A
Today I weighed in at 268.8, omg!!! Wow ! Down fro CYMBULIZUM 247 POUNCEQUIK
3/22/18 8:53 A
3/19/18 3:59 P
Tonights dinner- 6oz country spare ribs...1 cup peas...3/4 cup pineapple. CAROLJORDAN49 12 EVIE4NOW
3/18/18 9:56 P
I am down 19 lbs since November! It doesn’t feel like much, but it is a step in the right direction. MAKEITCOUNT87 131 JENNIFERQUINLAN
3/19/18 5:38 P
Tiptoe through the tulips with me!! I really needed a break this weekend, and here it is! Walking th JESSICA_G23 124 KMILLER31
3/19/18 12:04 A
My health coach is in Women’sHealth magazine this month! She lost 185 pounds naturally! HHOLT6 14 SPARKLE1908
3/16/18 11:55 P
3/17/18 4:53 A
This Gurl is on "Fire" did treadmill again, did some weights ,and yoga High 5 to me. Thanks for like OLDSKOOL556 18 TOUGHLIKEOX
3/17/18 12:09 P
Group training class had a new trainer— he kicked my butt. 75 y o woman in class not breaking a swea DRMOM4U2 21 MDOWER1
3/17/18 9:29 A
This BMI chart says I'm too short. 😂😂 #gottalaugh #funnyfriday CHRISSYMACD66 12 -POOKIE-
3/17/18 5:02 A
Me at 243.3. I am ready for change... Day two no binge eating!!!!!!!!! I thought about eating my emo SWEET_SHAN2003 108 SHELLEYMCELROY6
3/17/18 2:11 A
Hit and surpassed my first major goal!!!! 53 pounds down since January 15. I picked up a 50 pound we LINZY7 203 PBVHCCVH
3/17/18 3:22 P
I have been to the gym every day for the past ten PASTORVIC 4 VIKINGGIRL73
3/10/18 6:37 P
A sunny day in the yard but lets go for walk instead of working in the yard off we go the w SPARKFRAN514 26 NANHBH
3/11/18 10:40 A
Doing yoga with my boys. CHEETARA79 16 CHERRYZMB60
3/11/18 12:41 A
Saturday morning hike because of Friday night drinks/eats! 820 calories burned and I feel less guilt AELICIAJEAN 9 NOCALORIES
3/10/18 11:57 P
Sometimes getting started is the hardest thing to do....totally wasn’t feeling it today...but I got SUMWITCH 16 MIRAGE727
3/11/18 5:45 P
3/10/18 10:10 P
Walked 4 miles today. Feeling good! DJJSTONE 25 JJP0389
3/10/18 8:22 P
I crushed the Sit To Stands this past week!!! BOOHOOBEAR 250 GODSCHILD2_2011
3/11/18 1:28 A
Down 29lbs in 63 days and I’m excited about it. BERGEN127 11 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/10/18 7:38 A
Wake up determined. Good to bed satisfied. SCOTT_A460 2 SPARKLE1908
3/9/18 9:09 P
Music makes it go by so fast! LEXITHELUTHOR 3 SISTERPRETTY
3/9/18 9:11 P
Almost 7 years ALCOHOL FREE!!!!! I Used To Have A Pretty BIG THIRST Though!!!!! F5-FURY 87 CHEIVOUS
3/10/18 10:48 A
Early to bed for this girly... Its my weekend to work so off to bed I go....................... Than GYPSYMOTHER76 14 GETULLY
3/9/18 10:41 P
Spent a good amount of my workday outside with the kids! Was sunny and 36 degrees! Glad it's Frida KENNYBARBIE12 13 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/10/18 9:55 A
55 lbs ago - seems like a lifetime ago. 20 more to go also seems like it will take a lifetime. But o BEVERLY1501 123 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/10/18 9:54 A
Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit tonight!!! DANILEANNC 8 TMP0418
3/6/18 7:42 A
I wanna lose wieght so i can have better confidence in my self and I wanna be more healthier I wann CHACHAPARTIDA03 4 HOTPINKCAMARO49
3/5/18 8:38 P
Always a good reminder for eating out. KILTORE 17 1CRAZYDOG
3/6/18 11:24 A
This was dinner tonight. First day on Spark,tracking food.hoping to do well tomorrow. VULCAN0619 20 JO88BAKO
3/5/18 9:33 P
Today was a great day walking EVANS1848 13 FITPT4LIFE
3/5/18 9:31 P
100 Pounds Gone!! To all my 300+ lbs, Sista's & Brutha's who are feeling Hopeless & Lost. Don't Give ALOFA0509 259 DIALYSISCHIC1
3/8/18 3:40 P
Nailed it! 101 active minutes today, mainly from playing soccer with my Pre-K class. My goal for tom BUTTERNUTTS 10 FITPT4LIFE
3/5/18 9:28 P
Cold beautiful walk this evening along Lake Erie. MONICA1259 23 MONICA1259
3/4/18 8:45 A
After four days of being sedentary, I finally got myself out for an 8.5 mile hike today. Having to R GILLIEGRL4 27 TCANNO
3/4/18 4:44 A
I am down a size smaller. I haven't been a size 16W since my senior year of high school (1997) It ma SKINNYHRT 64 MEEMERS2010
3/4/18 1:36 P
I had one goal today, to hit 15000 steps! Goal met!! JESSICA_G23 22 AGEE1944
2/28/18 10:59 P
Meal prep complete for the next few days. I must say this journey is very challenging sometimes more CRAIGWHITEHEAD4 22 ROSEANNECARLSON
2/28/18 7:10 P