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"Iowa chops", asparagus and chicken flavored rice & orzo. Under 700 calories, low fat, low sodium, h MWUBBENA 4 SPARKLE1908
2/21/18 9:37 P
#foodprep !!! Breakfast and dinners for the next 3-4 days :-) STARGAZER838 14 MARSHASHADOW
2/22/18 12:01 A
And, I'm up to 300 miles walked this year! ELF41978 12 LADYCASTANEDA
2/22/18 8:01 A
Doesn't look it, but have lost 20 lbs so far, no choice in the matter, I have been diagnosed with t MKMPB463 78 LEAHLED
2/22/18 12:54 A
Made my step goal! ELF41978 7 FROSTY99
2/21/18 10:20 P
Posted a photo TWINZ_LOCZ 18 MJ7DM33
2/20/18 10:49 P
I lost 5 lbs this week. 1949MOLLY29 23 TCANNO
2/21/18 4:26 A
I made it to day 3. May not seem like a lot, but you have to start somewhere. BSWIFE01 15 LAH1222
2/20/18 11:45 P
2/21/18 6:34 A
Not the normal progress photo on here, but thought I'd share my pictures from recovering from an eat LITTLEEMI2 245 RAMONA1885
2/21/18 11:56 A
Still have a ways to go!! But not giving up! Thank C36782 92 GETTO140
2/21/18 12:47 P
I have reached my goal. Now I need to make sure I maintain it. 175 lbs. #BeforeAndAfter HOLLYWOODCORKER 306 JACQUELYNUNIS77
2/22/18 9:29 P
#fitbit So I was tired from yesterday and I didn'tโ€‹ want to do any exercise to be honest with you.๐Ÿ˜“ COMEBACKKID12 13 DGRIFFITH51
2/20/18 9:44 P
Made some time for what matters today ๐Ÿ™‚ SWOODALL14 3 SPARKLE1908
2/19/18 10:30 P
2/20/18 10:21 A
Itโ€™s snowing and cold. Iโ€™m tired and stressed out from work. But I got my tail into the gym and was JLB2109 22 SASSYBLONDE69
2/19/18 11:41 P
2/19/18 11:12 P
I have added a jog to my walk and getting better, i couldn't jog and now its smooth and not exhausti MONIQUE402012 11 LADYRSMITH
2/20/18 10:41 P
Posted a photo ARISISHELLE 17 JVANAM
2/18/18 10:42 P
Posted a photo TFOSTER1978 8 LAH1222
2/18/18 11:57 P
My dinner! Yep! I made it myself! All healthy. Proud of me, woo-hoo! SEASHRIMP 33 SEASHRIMP
2/19/18 6:36 A
Stared dieting Jan 3rd was 195 now 186 today,super excited! #Goals ๐Ÿ˜Š 22REDBULL 60 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
2/19/18 10:23 P
Oh Yes FINALLY under 200... Feels so good all the hard work is paying off. #thatmuchcloser LUVNBUDZ 131 YMWONG22
2/19/18 11:51 A
I just finished a 2 mile walk. I know it's not far, but it's a start. Feeling good. BEVERLY1501 173 JAZZEJR
2/20/18 8:10 A
#BeforeAndAfter 42 more pounds to my goal. Never LUVNBUDZ 128 NVRGIVINGUP
2/19/18 1:53 A
In 2014 I was 268 lbs and diagnosed with onset diabetes. I was taking three insulin shots a day to c LISA_KYLE682 249 DINZEL
2/15/18 6:12 P
#BeforeAndAfter It's official!! Today I am now 101.2 pounds lighter! Finally lost over 100 pounds! S ORIGINALGDP 259 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
2/14/18 8:14 A
FINALLY hit the 130s! SASRA1 23 SASRA1
2/13/18 11:46 P
Did you have a Terrific Tuesday? We can do it working together! My highlight was sprints. How abo SPARKGUY 42 DEB-DA
2/15/18 2:00 P
Made my weigh in tonight!!!! 10+ pounds down!!! THECOZE 4 SPARKLE1908
2/13/18 11:05 P
Tonights dinner-parmesan crusted pork chop...3/4 cup steamed peas...5 blackberries...4 raspberries a CAROLJORDAN49 17 MIYAMO
2/14/18 12:20 A
Down 7 lbs! BLKSISTA 29 TASHAV73
2/14/18 7:36 A
I had a good stepping day SHARONFINNEY69 12 ZRIE014
2/14/18 12:56 A
2/17/18 12:59 A
Show how you feel today with an emotican ---- MSTEETEE 16007 CIERAPOET
2/22/18 1:36 A
Women of Color Unite Group Forum CYIPRA 7147 SPARKLE1908
2/12/18 10:27 P
Emoticon your Mood for Today! MZ.THICKUMS 4373 SPARKLE1908
2/12/18 10:25 P
Day 1, I did Zumba Core on my Xbox Kinect ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿพ It was an exhilarating 32 min custom session!!! DEBORAHLEE82 6 EO4WELLNESS
2/13/18 2:12 P
Upped my weights on my leg m9ves today. Feeling pretty good. Also 4.5 miles on treadmill. FROMNOWONFIT 14 MOGLO61
2/12/18 11:41 P
Got to lose this weight DIANE0125 64 BELBINA123
2/13/18 3:23 A
Night time snack-peach greek yogurt...4 strawberries...5 blackberries and 5 raspberries blended into CAROLJORDAN49 10 DJ4HEALTH
2/13/18 1:59 A
40 lb loss since Oct. 128 lbs total since June 2016. Feeling great SHESACOUNTRYSWE 39 CHERYLHURT
2/13/18 4:47 A
Tomorrow will be better, today can be forgotten. RED1172 21 CHERYLHURT
2/13/18 4:46 A
Did you have a good Monday? Keep taking one small positive step to reach your goals! My highlight wa SPARKGUY 79 FRANZEN21
2/13/18 8:49 P
I impressed myself today. Rocked it with getting my steps in today and all the snow โ„๏ธ we got helped MYDIETINFO1 25 BILLTHOMSON
2/11/18 8:05 A
What's For Dinner? TAYLORLIV31 951 TWINZ_LOCZ
2/12/18 9:54 A
What Was For Breakfast? TAYLORLIV31 5571 TWINZ_LOCZ
2/11/18 9:38 P
My son is home. He got tested for the flu, and they said it's too early to tell. The Dr was supposed AMYMBUNCH 18 JULZ09
2/10/18 11:25 P
I may look like a "CHUMP" but, today folks, ......... I feel like a "CHAMP"!!!! F5-FURY 17 RUSSELLFORD
2/11/18 2:34 A
It is cold but I had get it in one way or the other. Almost a mile. Have a good weekend Spark family E69711 7 E69711
2/10/18 9:16 P
Guess who ran a solid mile without stopping? I've always done a walk /run combo, but today I did a m LYONSFARM 106 DOLPH79
2/11/18 7:52 P
Dinner tonight. Mexican chicken with slits stuffed with bell peppers and onions, dusted with Mexican CLMEEDER 15 LRJUSTUS1
2/6/18 10:15 P
Still here my baby being admitted. Trying to figure out whatโ€™s going on. Never felt more helpless. P NATASHA_D1 244 KERRYG155
2/7/18 10:31 A
Went to the gym for an hour and this is what I saw on the way home!! Holy red sky!! NANCIE223 60 CELESTESAUERMAM
2/7/18 9:58 A
#BeforeAndAfter omg i feel so much better but my journey is not even close to being over!!! I'm goin DOINITNOTGONNAS 268 BMGH85
2/7/18 2:55 A
400lbs to 239lbs in less then a year! I am still f MANDARI87 261 CFRAPPE
2/7/18 10:25 A
Fried chicken and onion rings!! Giving myself the day off from dieting... .I still got over 2 hours KAKONOLADY 8 KAKONOLADY
2/5/18 6:53 A
#BeforeAndAfter Not real sure of my weight in the 2014 pic, but started this journey at 264. Now 180 JAY61 60 DGRIFFITH51
2/5/18 9:18 P
Yes, my lovely Sparkies, that is a cheesesteak. 'Cause I'm from Philly and that's how we do! SCAREDOFSCALE 40 VICTUSGIRL
2/4/18 10:00 P
I finally did it! I hiked Mt. Rubidoux yesterday. Took forever but I did it. Also, the tail end of FIREBRTHR 301 NEWGIRL125
2/4/18 10:08 P
2/3/18 8:56 P
Posted a photo SANDYGG75 17 LAH1222
2/3/18 11:13 P
I came across this on the net today. I printed it out for me & then I thought maybe there are sparke RONDAJO56 11 2AWESOME4U
2/3/18 8:46 P
Baby Spinach Salad w avocado, raspberries, blueberries, turkey w white wine peppercorn mustard dress SUZ1MCD 17 MIRAGE727
2/3/18 7:00 P
Proud of the progress I have made. I feel so happy with myself. I still have a long ways to go but I DHARRIS200 47 MEHRUU
2/9/18 3:43 P
Hit a milestone today! I can't even believe I was carrying that around. It just doesn't seem real so AIMZY72 304 FLUTTERFLI
2/3/18 7:25 P
Progress ELF41978 143 ZRIE014
2/4/18 1:01 A
As the sun lowers itself over my snow covered yard, I hope all my Spark friends have had a good day. 1958TMC 15 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/18/18 8:32 A
Practicing my toe stand!! I learned itโ€™s all about perspective in life... I find my balance and slow JESSICA_G23 23 DAIZYSTARLITE
1/17/18 10:24 P
1/17/18 10:22 P
Loaded salad with raspberry poppyseed dressing & spaghetti squash with ground chicken & tomato basil THATGIRL254 21 DAIZYSTARLITE
1/17/18 10:21 P
Almost made it to 15,000 & I just might. SHANTRA7 20 SHANTRA7
1/22/18 11:19 A
1/17/18 10:23 P
My view this afternoon #mobilechat 7STIGGYMT 41 JOHANNA1020
2/11/18 12:38 A
Started out 303 Friday today weight in at 293 100 more to go.. KOREANHOWARD18 174 MLR_00
1/18/18 6:45 A