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Hi I seem to be falling short of my nutrient daily goal. The number seems to fluctuate everyday. Wh SMILILY 9 BRIAN3618
1/19/17 11:13 P
Re: Problem solving 2BDYNAMIC 3 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/19/17 10:53 P
exercise and fun videos not working JWRFLINT 7 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/19/17 3:57 P
Today is My 8th day on my new healthy life style. I weigh 216 pounds & I'm 5'4. I'm having a hard ti AYYO_CUBANITA 15 333108
1/19/17 11:08 A
Weekend With Friends and Staying Healthy SOMETIMEISNOW 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/18/17 11:25 P
Hi. I have rheumatoid arthritis and was wanting to know if any of you know a good exercise video/pla ANDREAGAGNE16 14 S44711
1/19/17 12:42 A
#coach If you do 5-10min arms. 5-10 legs. 5-10 abs. Every day twice a day with eating better will y MSCASPER10 6 MSCASPER10
1/19/17 10:18 A
Need assistance with meal prep plans for muscle gain and fat loss. #coach FILA009 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/18/17 10:55 P
HELP!!!What are some exercises I can do at home without equipment? #coach #motivation MSCASPER10 19 TAQUINAW
1/19/17 9:34 P
#coach what are good meals and tips to gain weight? GONZZ530 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/18/17 10:48 P
So my doctor wants me to get checked for low blood sugar? Can that be caused by yo-yo dieting? I als CREWBN27 24 LOU2727
1/18/17 10:48 P
Anyone know some low impact exercises or exercises that I can do that won't put a lot of pressure on ANGEL2GOOD31 11 MRSFELI
1/19/17 8:38 P
#coach leg exercises for bad knees? At home no equipment. MSCASPER10 3 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/18/17 10:38 P
This is my 2nd week working out everyday and eating healthy, I want to lose 45 lbs by November 2017, LAGOY77008 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/18/17 10:35 P
Just downladed this app and it's really helpful already. My weight goal is 185. Currently 140. #firs GONZZ530 4 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/18/17 10:32 P
#coach how do you figure calories burned during a workout? a lot of the exercises I try to look up a J34594 15 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/18/17 7:46 P
Signing on OYVEY12341 5 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/18/17 7:45 P
How do I connect my activity tracker to my SP acct SONFLOWER_TX 3 SONFLOWER_TX
1/18/17 2:55 P
Notifications on phone not working as they did -POOKIE- 3 -POOKIE-
1/18/17 4:20 A
I am looking for a way to migrate my S health app information into my Spark People stuff. I really l KILLERGUMBY 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/17/17 3:35 P
#coach I started on January 3 at 221 pounds and I am down to 214.2 but spark says only 3.8 pounds lo JROSS375 12 MYJERR4ME
1/17/17 4:42 P
#coach I paid for a premium membership during the holidays but am not getting the full premium pkg. CHOWLETT3 4 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/17/17 11:52 A
Any Way to Edit or change 2BDYNAMIC 3 2BDYNAMIC
1/17/17 1:47 P
Trying to put down a breakfast food GLOSPARKGLO 6 GLOSPARKGLO
1/17/17 12:40 P
Questions about the challenge? Ask here! SPARK_COACH_JEN 15 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/16/17 9:56 P
App not uploading on my Kindle Fire HD7 5th gen. CINDILP 6 CINDILP
1/16/17 9:59 P
When doing weights is it better to lift moderate weights to your body and more reps, or heavier weig BL182NK 7 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/16/17 5:33 P
1/16/17 5:18 P
So frustrated. I have really been working hard. The weight loss is painfully slow. I have lost co M18847 11 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/16/17 5:16 P
So I've lost 122 pounds and have only been doing cardio. I've lost some muscle mass and now I feel i D4RKLYNOON 31 NICKILOFTIN
1/17/17 12:24 P
#coach....Good morning!!! I've been doing this for almost a week and I'm having a hard time consumin TINK0425 13 FSAMUEL6
1/17/17 7:50 P
Q. Re team threads 2BDYNAMIC 3 2BDYNAMIC
1/16/17 8:01 P
distance tracking for swimmers GREBJACK 3 GREBJACK
1/16/17 9:21 P
Nutrition Reports JVANAM 3 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/15/17 11:08 P
creating recipes TUTONE69 4 TUKARAMA
1/18/17 1:41 A
Anybody else taking vitamin supplements. Should I take a break from them #coach M18847 4 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/15/17 3:41 P
1/15/17 3:38 P
#coach some articles give me an error message when I click on them & the recipes want me to sign in GODDESSBELLA77 4 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/15/17 3:38 P
#coach Ready for the next step KSUE33 3 KSUE33
1/15/17 3:29 P
1/16/17 6:19 P
Spark Activity Tracker CKEYES1 5 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/15/17 3:23 P
Abou team bonus Points... 2BDYNAMIC 3 2BDYNAMIC
1/15/17 4:01 P
How to delete my fav food on the list ? NATURE1968 3 NATURE1968
1/15/17 6:21 P
database errors KGANNON9 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/15/17 2:57 P
Today is the first day for a new me. I have been having stomach issues and want to know where to sta MSDETERMINED88 10 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/15/17 2:48 P
My goal is 12.000 fitness minutes LOOTJE69 6 LOOTJE69
1/14/17 9:12 A
Hey everyone. New to sparkpeople. Any tips on how to tweak this app for weight gaining goals? I'm mo CASEYBENNER 8 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/13/17 9:32 P
Can your metabolism just be like on a rampage one day so you constantly feel hungry? #coach #metabol MSCOTT138 5 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/13/17 5:32 P
Are u supposed eat the calories burned? Since it adds on ur daily calorie intake ? Can I get it to s NIKLVCAR1991 8 PROUDMOM04
1/13/17 9:25 P
iPad app issue ROBININJAX 6 TORNADO40
1/14/17 8:02 A
I have been slacking for two days what should do?? #coach JULZEDNEY89 7 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/12/17 10:55 P
#coach would like some tips to choosing a personal trainer. DEBJANES 3 DEBJANES
1/13/17 10:42 A
#coach #firstpost ...I was reminded that I haven't weighed in yet but I can't see how to do it. Als JKR092755 4 JKR092755
1/13/17 1:34 P
Day 9 Cravings are bad today. Think it has to do with my lack of water intake. I'm trying to liste CATEG2017 3 CATEG2017
1/12/17 11:32 P
Having the hardest time the last 2 days with motivation!!! I've been sick, 4 kids are sick and a sic LITTLEBITOFSUNS 3 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/12/17 10:40 P
1/12/17 10:37 P
Food tracker display HHARFST2 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/12/17 2:53 P
Can my mistake with food tracker be fixed? SYLPHINPROGRESS 3 SYLPHINPROGRESS
1/12/17 5:54 P
Please Help! How to recover from a sugar binge? #coach plus how to avoid a binge? SARAHANGELS 4 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/11/17 10:28 P
Anyone play pickleball? FLORADITA 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/11/17 10:11 P
Anyone still using the Spark Activity Tracker? CMRKSU12 15 ELBOURDO
1/11/17 5:07 P
Runkeeper is no longer synched to Spark and has disappeared from the apps under settings so that I d TRACYK4659 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/11/17 4:33 P
1/11/17 3:32 P
No notice for Sparkmail OYVEY1234 3 OYVEY1234
1/12/17 10:22 A
1/11/17 2:20 P
I was looking through the recipes ,and I noticed that when I go to click on it it doesn't list the i BOT2823WADLEY 6 BOT2823WADLEY
1/11/17 10:09 A
Is there a such things as too much too quickly? I live Zumba and I want to lift weights so I want to NIKILISTICK 6 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/10/17 11:07 P
I need help getting physically motivated. I get up at 5am to go to work. By the time I get home, I a PAMIAM2016 4 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/10/17 11:04 P
#coach #workout #advice Ahhhh between the snow and winter storms I'm stuck inside at home. I can't d CASSANDI1428 17 KDDLMT71
1/13/17 8:27 P
#coach#food#diet which fruits are diet killers? MH2218 11 MH2218
1/11/17 10:30 A
I've been eating 1500 calories or less and doing cardio and weights 3-4x a week for the past week an AMAZINGALEXIS 12 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/10/17 10:55 P
I'm not sure how to track my fitness. My trainer said it was a "full body workout" and I don't remem ASHLEIEIO 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/10/17 10:47 P
Turn off mobile chats LILYOFVALEE 7 LILYOFVALEE
1/10/17 4:08 P
Fitbit not syncing correctly w/ nutrition tracker JOYFULME01 62 BMO1963
1/10/17 4:09 P
Apple Health Not Syncing Correctly DOING-IT-4ME 19 DOING-IT-4ME
1/10/17 4:00 P

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