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good topic 2BDYNAMIC 3 2BDYNAMIC
3/27/17 6:01 P
Forums oldest posts on top? XUCAEN 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/27/17 4:11 P
I'm​ wondering how the calories burned for each exercise is calculated? I just did 75 mins of vigour ANDREAYH 4 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/27/17 3:49 P
I have never done a fast before. I've heard it can be good for your body. I have to be NPO after mid ANNIM80 3 ANNIM80
3/27/17 5:18 P
I am trying to get my 'health app to work with spark people. I found the directions on here but I c DEVANNHOFFMAN 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/27/17 3:41 P
'like' not working for me on Community Feed RAWCOOKIE 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/27/17 3:03 P
I saw somewhere where you could add your measurements in and now I can't find it does anybody know w MIGHTYMAC73 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/27/17 11:39 A
Blog that sparked 2BDYNAMIC 3 2BDYNAMIC
3/27/17 11:59 A
Can we please be able to have it so we can put pic DIANEDOESSMILES 3 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/27/17 11:37 A
Samsung S health app SUNGIRL822 17 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/27/17 11:28 A
Not getting points for spark mail. SHERRY666 10 SHERRY666
3/27/17 11:56 A
Android app not synching from Google fit BILLDREW4 14 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/27/17 11:05 A
How do I /is there a way I can go back to and reread the articles I've already earned points for?? C61144 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/26/17 3:02 P
Want to Revive an Old Spark Team VEGGIEPAT 3 VEGGIEPAT
3/26/17 4:10 P
#coach..I purchased the premium membership....its a great low price forever...anyhow, i SONGAHOLIC 3 SONGAHOLIC
3/27/17 3:40 A
How to remove a topic COOLMAMA11 3 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/25/17 5:06 P
#techsupport #coach my sparkpeople acct isn't syncing my Fitbit for the last 2 days. GROOMS74 12 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/24/17 6:22 P
My daughter is trying to reset her password, but the reset button won't work. She's already had to c HAPPYPEGGYP 5 HAPPYPEGGYP
3/24/17 12:46 P
points for the team OOLALA53 45 BROOKLYN_BORN
3/23/17 11:19 P
Here's a question we've been wondering about...if your weight changes, do your caloric requirements GREENEYESKIGIRL 6 GREENEYESKIGIRL
3/24/17 3:34 P
100 lbs down since August 2016!!!!! Got to keep moving 50 more to go. AK1961 50 L_DROUIN
3/24/17 2:36 A
So iv been on this app since nov. Tracking my intake and up until the new year i stopped working out VDELR004 3 VDELR004
3/23/17 10:14 P
I have not felt like working out in 2weeks. I have not really watched my food. I'm just in funk. Can LHARRIS34 7 BJMS502RUTH
3/23/17 10:18 P
Burned 900 calories at the gym this morning, and only took in 1000 calories. Still got the gym tonig DAWN_BRITT 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/23/17 8:43 P
Does anyone see the images in this feed shifting (pics don't load at same time as text). It is annoy SPARKARINA 8 SPARKARINA
3/23/17 8:39 P
This site is getting really annoying! LOUIE-LILY 12 LOUIE-LILY
3/25/17 5:19 P
Why is that I crave salt. I have a real craving for salt, especially after my workout? #coach #can DJAY1972 10 LOSINGIT86
3/23/17 4:13 P
New mobile app for android I did have a few issues & learning curve. I finally just now went into ap MMWUSA 3 MMWUSA
3/23/17 3:33 P
Is there a place to log body measurements? I thought there was but I can't find it in the app. #te KRISTEN0729 4 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/23/17 3:09 P
Nutrients to track MOMMYRE 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/23/17 3:05 P
Link re: spark coach 2BDYNAMIC 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/23/17 3:04 P
3/23/17 3:03 P
Had some fun sharing my love of exercise with my daughter's preschool class this morning. They got t SP_COACH_DENISE 5 DEE107
3/24/17 12:38 A
Getting frequent, invasive & incredibly annoying hijacks when I attempt to view the articles feature MINMAX2K 5 MINMAX2K
3/26/17 3:36 P
First time trying a Spark Video to go with my exercise ball. So much fun, very easy and effective! SCHNOOTIE 5 JANPER1
3/24/17 3:07 P
Anyone have suggestions for exercises that aren't super weight bearing? With flairing plantar fascii LADY_JOSIELOT 6 HIS_SWEETHEART
3/22/17 10:00 P
I've gotten to this point where going out to eat isn't enjoyable anymore. It's just a pain. The food PUPPYBUG 7 JLCDCAR
3/24/17 9:48 A
How do you find the weight graph? BOYMOM93 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/22/17 3:28 P
Is there a way to search for members on the mobile app (Android version)? #coach I have a friend on SPARR0W____ 3 SPARR0W____
3/22/17 5:00 P
3/23/17 12:36 A
Still chasing potassium. 2 bananas today which makes me over my breakfast budget of calories. I sh NEEDBU66 3 ARGYLEMYSTERY
3/22/17 10:58 A
First week weigh in, up 1.3 lbs! Agh! Better get myself in check! Although, it's "that time" and GNATILLY050505 3 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/22/17 10:51 A
Hit 20 pounds lost now, 4 inches from waist and 3 inches from hips, For my reward I will by myself a MAMMYSHER 8 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/22/17 10:51 A
So I know the bra doesn't help but I am hoping to lose that stubborn back boob as I call it. So far ACDC52017 19 SOPHIEDO13
3/22/17 11:48 A
I regards to my last post: I exercise (am active) TORRIESJOURNEY 7 CSTUART76
3/22/17 10:57 A
Suggestion for the Community Post CANNINGNANNY 16 CANNINGNANNY
3/22/17 10:05 A
#coach I'm sorry but are we allowed to advertise for AOL on here? Is this going to be a junk site be BRENDA_77039 5 BRENDA_77039
3/21/17 11:04 P
#coach There's a bunch of blogs that are coming up as company advertisements . MWARNER211 3 MWARNER211
3/21/17 11:05 P
Weight loss plateau after starting to workout SPARTY17 4 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/21/17 10:57 P
Fitness Leaderboards SWILSON2347 3 SWILSON2347
3/22/17 5:28 P
Thank you #techsupport SUMMERFODRIE 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/21/17 3:27 P
So according to the health BMI calculators, I need to lose another 75+ pounds. On the 15th I weighed MSCOTT138 10 MSCOTT138
3/26/17 9:27 P
#coach #techsupport why are there AOL ads? The blog feed is full of them! SUMMERFODRIE 6 7STIGGYMT
3/21/17 3:27 P
What's up with all the spam posts lately - both in mobile chat and blogs? #techsupport TENZCOMPANION 7 IRELANDSLADY
3/21/17 5:24 P
How do we report spam on feed? SIMPLYABUNDANT 5 SIMPLYABUNDANT
3/21/17 2:41 P
Down 8 lbs.. oh yes.. I can do this.. track-drink WENDEKARE1 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/21/17 11:59 A
3/21/17 11:05 A
3/21/17 10:56 A
I did a 20min workout vid, but Im not sure what to add it as under my exercise tracker (not a spark HOOPALINA 5 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/20/17 10:57 P
Anyone else having trouble getting in to Exercise log? When I try to get there, I just get a spinnin BGOEBEL2 7 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/20/17 10:55 P
3/20/17 10:48 P
This morning I did an intermittent fast... Then I had shake (195 cal) at 11:30AM but at 2:30 pm when YELIAB21 5 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/20/17 10:42 P
Did my third CIZE workout! Wow does that feel like the calories are literally melting off me! #mobil LEBRIST 4 ANNIEONLI
3/20/17 8:40 P
Dear notifier: I don't mind occasional nudges, but today I've had two sets of messages... repeats. P GGRSPARK 3 GGRSPARK
3/21/17 4:39 P
New, useless "Favorites" arrangement SYLPHINPROGRESS 6 SIMPLYABUNDANT
3/21/17 12:14 P
None of my profile page statistics appear, number of friends, number of blog posts, etc. #coach BJK1961 3 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/20/17 11:57 A
Technical Issues on Mobile TIRZAHLOU 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/19/17 6:47 P
How to circumnavigate 2 new site changes???? SYLPHINPROGRESS 11 CAPTAINMORGAN2
3/23/17 11:53 A
Meal pictures. ELBOURDO 6 ELBOURDO
3/21/17 8:13 P
Start Page & Jump to team list 75HEALTHYME 2 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/19/17 6:22 P
Is the default option on app going to change? -POOKIE- 3 -POOKIE-
3/20/17 4:21 A
3/17/17 5:27 P
3/17/17 7:17 P
How so I link fitbit to sparkpeople? Does it need to be sparkpeople premium? BERTWARD59 3 TIBURONA
3/17/17 3:40 P
Have you guys had any problems connecting your App LEXYLOU2000 9 SP_COACH_DENISE
3/17/17 2:35 P

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