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Put on an outfit I haven't worn for a month - and its loose in the waist! Woot Woot! STARSUB99 2 MIRAGE727
12/13/17 10:48 A
Treated myself to a massage after work. Feeling great STARSUB99 2 7STIGGYMT
12/11/17 8:33 P
Finally brave enough to take a before picture...down 15 lbs do far...226 lbs. STARSUB99 14 BESSHAILE
12/10/17 7:12 A
I just got back from a 2-hour walk along the beach and was thinking of you guys buried in the snow, TIGERSEYEHEART 22 RETAT60
12/9/17 2:28 P
Today vs. A year ago! Not at goal yet but I will g NAOMIRUNS 189 SYLBA61
12/9/17 10:09 P
Woot woot... i got in gear and did leslie sansome 1 mile happy walk this morning...back to exercisin STARSUB99 1 STARSUB99
12/5/17 7:41 A
Down another pound this week... Total lost 13 lbs... Today I know I can drop87 more lbs.. Focus!!!!! STARSUB99 7 FISHGUT3
12/4/17 9:07 A
Having a happy Thursday - it's been a good week for staying on track for me. STARSUB99 1 STARSUB99
11/30/17 12:22 P
Starting this journey today at 250.4 Highest weight was 278 a few years ago...lowest was this Feb. MONEYTOTES 27 INSPIRED26
11/27/17 2:25 P
#BeforeAndAfter I haven't done the before and after yet but I've hit a plateau and I've noticed some CATKEMPTON 151 NOTASTATISTIC
11/27/17 8:31 P
Came home to beautiful bouquet of flowers from my husband for our 16th Anniversary. STARSUB99 20 333HONEYBABE333
11/25/17 1:08 A
Havibg a strawberry blueberry and banana protein shake to start my workday STARSUB99 17 SEXYMOMMOM1
11/24/17 11:34 A
Happy Thanksgiving to all American Sparkers celebrating today STARSUB99 1 STARSUB99
11/23/17 9:56 A
#BeforeAndAfter feeling great! 1HOTGRANNY 140 MAWMAW101
11/24/17 12:59 P
On track with 1500 cal today...right mix for proteins carbs etc. Proud of myself. Going to make some STARSUB99 2 MBLANKFORD
11/21/17 8:18 P
Any tips for major weight loss? What helped you? ALLISONWILLI1 8 TMP0418
11/21/17 10:02 P
Down 2 lbs this week...12 lbs gone!!! STARSUB99 6 ALLYLIZZY
11/17/17 12:37 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 141605 LOUIE-LILY
12/14/17 7:05 P
Going to focus...six weeks...track portions...workout 4 x week. Goal is to drop first 1 STARSUB99 4 YMWONG22
11/12/17 10:38 A
Having a healthy fresh salad for lunch... no drive thru ...staying on track STARSUB99 7 JULLIE4
8/23/17 2:25 P
Today I started walking.....with Leslie Sansone....2 miles...phew!! Did it°°!!! STARSUB99 6 JOCELYNH711
8/21/17 7:27 A
Happy today..down 2 lbs this week. Focus is working for me! STARSUB99 5 CHELZANNE
8/3/17 8:55 A
Got 30 min of swimming in today..starting back with exercise again STARSUB99 1 STARSUB99
7/30/17 5:23 P
First small goal reached: 15 pounds gone in 7 weeks, down to wedding weight! Reward: a pedicure. I'm LKMANNING7 233 SUNQUEE
7/27/17 2:23 P
Down 10 lbs 230...happy day STARSUB99 3 KPARISE2
7/26/17 8:40 A
8/18/17 4:50 P
Working hard to stay on track....down 9 lbs in 7 weeks....woot proud of myself. STARSUB99 8 YMWONG22
7/19/17 10:04 A
Making a pot of italian vegetable lentil soup....smells delicious and so healthy. STARSUB99 2 GIGIUS
7/11/17 8:01 P
Down another pound this 234....breaking the plateau of 6 weeks STARSUB99 1 STARSUB99
7/11/17 8:12 A
Morning walk on the beach? Yes, please. 2.2 miles with an ocean breeze! LKMANNING7 15 LKMANNING7
6/27/17 12:33 P
Does anyone else splurge on the weekends and then BECCA 5 STARSUB99
6/19/17 7:19 P
Posted a photo EMMY135 37 9CRYSTALEE21
6/19/17 9:24 P
Having a low carb dinner...I love steamed green beans and baked chicken.... STARSUB99 6 CAROL494
6/19/17 7:22 P
Help! What are some high protein , low carb snacks I can eat during the day? I am in my calorie rang BETHVAUG3 21 LSTONESTREET1
1/27/17 2:10 P
Fell off the wagon for 3 days. Got back on today. Did 30 mins on the treadmill LOVE-YOURSELF 9 SPARKINGMEGHNA
1/18/17 7:32 P
Last week it was easy to stay motivated because I was using a free pass to the gym. I'm on my own th MRSMBURLEY 13 BOT2823WADLEY
1/23/17 6:39 P
I walked and steped so far to day 3879 just by going to go see a friend. What is a good dance ALLIEWM8 5 SANDSERAPH
1/13/17 7:07 P
I have been unable to exercise for the past 6 months due to problems with my legs and I put on so mu ROSASI 18 CGANOE1
1/14/17 8:25 A
Day 6! Friday is my "im not cooking day" and I normally just pick something up on the way home. Im REKAISLOSINGIT 12 REKAISLOSINGIT
1/14/17 2:00 P
166.5 GW 145 How do I keep from pigging out on the weekends???? #weightcheck BLG1961 8 BLG1961
1/10/17 11:09 A
Need more protein in my diet! Not a big meat fan. Suggestions? JENNGFUR 5 STARSUB99
1/8/17 2:02 P
Despite all the work I have put in this week I have gained 3 pounds and gained an inch all over. I'v AWOLFE14 12 MWARNER211
1/8/17 2:30 P
Who would have thought that Sauerkraut has sooooo many carbs:-( PEGGYLEIN 22 TLT_CAT
1/26/17 3:57 P
Ok, my husband went to the store and low and behold he brought a box of Krispy Cream jelly filled do KGPRISCILLA 14 VANILLASKY15
1/8/17 2:45 P
So I have a baby shower coming up that I'm attending there will be unhealthy foods that I don't want NIKIJACKSON32 5 NUTSABOUTMINIS
1/8/17 2:13 P
My weight loss "journey" has been going on for years with limited success. I have turned into a couc DEBJES 7 DEBJES
1/8/17 8:26 P
I haven't been under 200 lbs for about 2-3 years. ELAVOIE7 398 JENNIE_LEIGH
1/26/17 5:29 A
Easy chicken dinner ideas? What's your favorite!?! #food WALLBRIG22 10 TMALOY22
1/17/17 8:40 P
#happy Made first goal. One week late but still HAPPY. Forty pounds since Aug 5th. Next goal five p MEANBIRCH 32 CRICKUS
1/7/17 12:21 P
#needadvice Question, so yesterday I hit my calorie intake but also worked out. This put me at a 60 TERICKSON9666 5 TERICKSON9666
1/7/17 1:14 P
I keep hearing that this app gives you healthy recipes however i can't find them. Where are they ple XXJUSTME90XX 3 LILBITSASSYL
1/5/17 9:57 A
Whoever has severe lower back pain/injury, and what do you do for cardio, other than swimming, bikin S15248 6 LILBITSASSYL
1/5/17 10:02 A
Day 3 So far so good. Need to improve water intake. Is anyone trying a low carb diet? What are you FERDIEVAZ 5 FERDIEVAZ
1/5/17 10:52 A
#rediculous Decided to make my own healthy turkey low calorie wrap today..go to giant eagle..they wa PANDABEAR62215 12 STARSUB99
1/5/17 9:47 A
Time to get back on the wagon. I feel like such a failure. I've lost track of how many times I've we MIRROR_IMAGE 16 ERIN2016
1/5/17 11:48 A
Hi I do not eat any fruits or vegetable or cheese or pastas or fish or sea food. I only like meat STEPHME1 17 ESKIDTC
1/3/17 9:04 P
1 mile walk with leslie sansone this was fun...glad i tried on youtube! STARSUB99 3 DS9KIE
3/9/17 8:36 P
Hey All! - I Live work and play north of Winnipeg STARSUB99 6 DJC2021
12/3/16 12:46 A
What is your UNIQUE go to snack??? #food #goal #sp MAMAGIDGETJ 155 MAMAGIDGETJ
3/30/17 12:36 P
Got weighed at dr office today. I am finally below P7058PGA 192 NIKKII19
5/17/17 9:32 P
I'm at 164 pounds today. I started at 329 pounds o AUTIEJ 3056 CHLOE0044
6/5/17 3:43 P
I did it!!! I FINALLY did it!!! This week I reac BABYGURL45 1132 TB_SHUGAPIE
6/5/17 12:50 P
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 1316 TACONIC1
7/16/17 8:21 P
95 lbs down and wearing size 10 dresses today! Sta AJ0708 3083 TACONIC1
7/16/17 8:20 P
Welcome, come on in and introduce yourself! AUDIE40220 10896 1HAPPYSPIRIT
12/9/17 6:15 A
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 4849 COVEGIRL1
12/14/17 6:48 A
What's your emoticon today? MARLY53 18696 RKOTTEK
12/14/17 5:51 P
Starting Over is not hard, it's getting Started. TAGSUIT2 12 SHAPNUP
8/24/15 2:36 P
Transition back into ETL what inspires you... DS9KIE 14 DS9KIE
7/17/15 10:12 A
3/24/14 12:21 A
How do YOU Eat to Live? MINTYFRESH303 19 STARSUB99
5/13/13 8:58 P
12/13/17 2:52 P
5/2/13 10:48 P
Woohoo 68ANNE 11 STARSUB99
4/4/13 9:44 P
Emoticon your mood today BEACHMOMMA 25609 1HAPPYSPIRIT
12/14/17 5:31 A