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Just a poll.... What kind of fitness trackers do you all have? Do you like it? AMY_MOMMY2 12 AMY_MOMMY2
8/1/17 7:37 P
Progress! 3 hours yesterday and 2 hours today. Sadly I won't be able to work on it tomorrow but will ZUNKLES 10 AULAURUS
8/1/17 6:20 P
Day 5 no soda, no carbs, no sugar. Feeling great, not hungry all day like I thought I would be, and GIRL*IN*MOTION 6 GIRL*IN*MOTION
8/17/17 5:59 P
Who climbed this? ME!!! Who's hanging around the house today whimpering? ME!! Worth it, totally wort TIKITAMI 20 SUE5007
7/24/17 11:40 A
Question for women who run with a CHEST STRAP heart rate monitor: how do you prevent the strap from ADARKARA 4 BOGUSANNIE
7/25/17 10:20 P
What are some exercises that I can do when I have sore muscles?? #coach MRSMARSH12 9 SUE5007
4/26/17 12:03 P
Gym shoes officially out of the box! Did 1.5 miles on the treadmill then I went home. I was the fat ALIVIA17 36 MAGLITE7
4/26/17 2:02 P
Ok I am going on almost a 2 month plateau... I have 15 more pounds to lose to reach my goal weight.. NBULLARD15 6 DIANALAZZELL
4/19/17 12:28 P
Ok all this is my first day here. I'm starting off at any 205. I want to lose weight for health reas C19336 4 FITNESS447
3/24/17 12:40 P
Okay so yesterday was day one. Went good I think. Worked out and ate what i was supposed to eat. I c EMILYNICOLE2010 7 BEXTERMINATOR
3/24/17 12:59 P
Dont really drink water but gonna go back at it and do it the healthy way for a better me . gotta ge CARLAV07 7 71PAMMY
3/24/17 12:55 P
I'm new at spark people with no friends to ask, so I'll just ask here. I do fine all day staying on GINERDEE 7 DEBBIE1993
3/10/17 12:08 P
So my doctor just put me on a steroid for an intense eye infection. 4x a day with food. HOW AM I GON AMBERR_77 5 JET444
3/10/17 11:55 A
School already? JANDIDEAN 2 SUE5007
8/18/11 5:19 P
Hobbler Half, 5k and Relay this July! SUE5007 1 SUE5007
6/3/11 4:21 P
What's your best workout bra? YDURAS 7 FINDINGBOBBIE
6/25/10 10:14 A
What is your dogs favorite food? PANCAKE732006 41 JUSTINE338
7/29/09 12:36 A
home made pure beef dog treat cheap NYAYNE 14 YELLOWDAHLIA
7/17/09 3:52 P
7/16/09 9:09 P
Nails and the quick DUMBELLE 14 SHELLYHICKEY
7/19/09 11:23 P
Weekend-non scheduled eating-any advice? ALMSTMORGAN 10 STACYR31
7/15/09 3:55 P