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Billboard Hot 100 Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 637 GLORIAMAJDI
3/26/17 1:23 P
Day 479: Biggest thing learned: Track it! It doesn't matter if you go over on your log. Not writing CHELERY1 3 SUSIEMT
3/23/17 9:07 A
went to drs today i have ear infection strep throat and sinus infection. i am not eating or drinking MOCNVW23 3 SUSIEMT
3/21/17 5:49 P
Any exercise ideas for someone with breathing issues who uses a cane? I use a resistance band while DREAMERMS 5 SUSIEMT
3/21/17 5:47 P
Down 37# this morning. Changed my way of eating in November. I'm so happy with my results. 23 lbs to M54708 122 2BDYNAMIC
3/20/17 5:41 P
Today I hit a milestone! I'm down to 193lbs that's ONE HUNDRED less than my highest weight of 293lbs JEMMSIE 303 MALISSAPOLK
3/20/17 11:19 P
Healthy dinner -- homemade burrito with rice and beans. Getting ready to watch my alma mater in the SPARKGUY 14 EJOY-EVELYN
3/20/17 11:41 P
Thoughts on late night snacks if it's fresh fruit or veggies?? MOCNVW23 5 SUSIEMT
3/20/17 1:26 P
Got my first Stitch Fix and it was wonderful! 88 days till my next fix and going to work hard to rea CIARAMBLECKA 8 SUSIEMT
3/20/17 1:23 P
I'm here. I'm on day 3 of tracking. This is me, at a wedding I officiated at in October, about 10 lb MAGDALENE6127 86 LOULOU1709
3/18/17 7:18 P
50lbs...bye...bye.. RODUKES 77 IVANHOE64
3/18/17 2:11 P
There's been ups and downs. But 41 lbs down in a year!! SUNGIRL822 248 FBAILEY24X
3/19/17 8:12 A
I'm still getting used to this type of posting so all of my strength exercises are not in one post. SUSIEMT 2 SHOAPIE
3/18/17 2:15 P
Posted a goal SUSIEMT 1 SUSIEMT
3/18/17 12:34 P
Ive been using this for 1 1/2 weeks now. Gained 2 lbs??? ALYSSAADAMSSSS 3 SUSIEMT
3/18/17 10:49 A
Another 3 km walk in this morning! Feeling pretty INVISIBLEGIRL06 4 INVISIBLEGIRL06
3/18/17 5:49 P
Just finished a half an hour brisk walk! Felt great! Have a great day everybody! SHALOMFROMWOO 4 SPARKGUY
3/18/17 11:34 A
I did it, I did it ... I'm in ONEderland!!!!! Down 61 pounds ... and counting. Come do the happy, ha MTN_KITTEN 286 FOCUSONME57
3/20/17 10:05 A
Posted a goal SUSIEMT 1 SUSIEMT
3/18/17 10:37 A
Happy ST Patty's Day! JSTETSER 19 HMBROWN1
3/18/17 9:06 A
Good sleep last night. Have a great Friday reaching goals, everyone! SPARKGUY 17 MNABOY
3/18/17 6:59 P
Walked in a St Patrick's Day Parade! Not much exercise but had a great time! I wouldn't have been a SUSIEMT 5 SHOAPIE
3/17/17 10:37 P
All SparkPeople, no surgery, crazy diets, or extreme exercise. Have faith! You can do this if I ca ~INDYGIRL 240 CHUBICHICK
3/26/17 6:05 P
Be happy, but never satisfied. On my way to 10% body fat PABLO12689 131 JMELVIN4
3/16/17 6:22 P
I am new, and am really wanting to change my lifestyle, and lose weight, this is a before picture, t MKDS312 192 ANDANTE379
3/16/17 11:37 P
So where did my photo go to? HOLDINGMYOWN 4 SUSIEMT
3/16/17 4:08 P
I know I need to reduce my sodium at some point but it's so hard for me. Is it going to slow down my MRSADONIS 5 MRSADONIS
3/16/17 4:54 P
Hi all! I'm new here. Just starting this journey. I figured I should try something new because prev ANGEL99KISS 4 BOOPSTER69
3/16/17 4:13 P
The Dance of the Scales SLASALLE 72 KHALIA2
3/24/17 9:37 A
Alright....I cannot believe I am posting this....but I am making a commitment to change. I have lost FAITHNLOVE3 193 MARILYNRINGO
3/15/17 7:39 P
Starting my weight loss journey. 2 weeks ago I quit drinking soda and substitute it with water. I ha TBOOGIE341 153 MOMMY2MADILYN
3/15/17 8:05 P
Tried to take my picture but it didn't work out. so, I will try it once more. Today marks 59 days of LOVESWEETS2 209 EGGBASKET1
3/15/17 11:59 P
Got a not so great report from the doctor... it's time to stop being lazy, and take care of myself!! STACEYLD 13 LOVEHEARTS5
3/15/17 5:36 P
Made breakfasts for the rest of the week- Eating Well muffin tin quiches with smoked cheddar & potat SONTENN 15 SONTENN
3/15/17 8:24 P
3/15/17 5:41 P
Braved the weight room today!!! DRUCELLAJOHNSON 166 KHALIA2
3/26/17 4:39 P
Hi all, I'm sort of new here. Returning after years of absence. I don't usually post on any sites. L MARIESMOM45 26 USMAWIFE
3/9/17 1:45 P
On Vacation in FL! Maintaining within my +/- 3% of my Center weight! Woo Hoo me! SUSIEMT 1 SUSIEMT
3/9/17 12:47 P
Posted a goal SUSIEMT 2 SPARKGUY
3/9/17 12:46 P
MADE MY FIRST GOAL!!! Lost 8 pounds since Dec! NICCIMC 12 SUSIEMT
3/9/17 12:43 P
3/7/17 7:40 P
Sneak Peak: New Community Goal Feed JEANKNEE 10 SUNNYBEACHGIRL
3/9/17 12:46 P
3/22/17 11:20 A
My first #nsv 4 miles is 90 minutes! Didn't set out for 4 miles, I lost track of time and distance. SUMMERFODRIE 6 LISAMARIE2015
2/28/17 9:55 A
I picked up a pair of size 12 jeans today during a thrift store shopping spree. Omg, they actually SSMITH762 438 KANHIOTE
3/8/17 1:40 P
Went clothes shopping with my daughter yesterday and bought several skirts and shirts in, now get th MRSONAMISSION 10 CASTALLCARES1
2/28/17 10:22 A
If my fitbit says i did 2 hrs of cardio at work, can i log it here? Im in fat burn zone most of the KBOOSE99 5 KBOOSE99
3/11/17 2:51 P
Trying real bad to get back in the swing of things. Fell off big time!! ASHLEYN2813 10 SUSIEMT
2/28/17 9:45 A
In the month of February I've worked out 19 out of 28 days. That's the most commitment I've ever pu HEALTHYV2015 29 SPARKINGMEGHNA
2/28/17 10:05 A
I did it!!! I FINALLY did it!!! This week I reac BABYGURL45 1131 ANUTKIN703
3/7/17 11:24 A
Fear of gaining the weight back NMORIARTY8024 23 NMORIARTY8024
2/28/17 12:35 P
I started out at 345 pounds - and now I'm only 4.5 pounds away from breaking into ONEderland!!!!!! SKINNYERIN5 106 TYNITERRAPIN
2/24/17 10:34 P
Would you rather?.... NMORIARTY8024 14 JEANKNEE
2/19/17 6:35 P
Getting back "on the wagon" and regaining control LLTHOMAS1117 13 JEANKNEE
2/6/17 12:02 A
OED Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 755 GABY1948
2/2/17 8:11 A
Proud of new habits LLCARTY 106 HARRIETT14
3/21/17 7:35 P
DENISEFULLER has maintained for SIX YEARS!!! LAURIE5658 8 THOMS1
1/15/17 11:54 A
Motivation Ideas TIME_LADY89 14 JEANKNEE
1/22/17 2:29 P
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 46431 PREMAMEHROTRA
3/26/17 5:54 A
I didn't do well yesterday. I still wrote everything I ate down, but none of it was good. Didn't exe JENSTORM99 17 CURLIECOO
1/3/17 7:46 P
_JODI404 has maintained for FIVE YEARS!!! LAURIE5658 6 IAMAGEMLOVER
1/2/17 1:33 P
Help Us Spotlight the Blogs of Maintainers. BROOKLYN_BORN 141 BROOKLYN_BORN
3/26/17 1:06 P
So I threw out my scale because it made me crazy. ERIN2016 6 DIAMONDVALGAL
12/24/16 10:38 A
Christmas Eve getting ladies manicures and pedicur AOKDIET21 7 LADYARTIST41
12/24/16 10:47 A
I did it! Bye bye, first 20! #20bychristmas SMB1980 70 DRBARNETT
3/1/17 3:40 P
Sat weigh-in..a 2.2 lb loss and surpassed my 2ND m 1ARTVANDERLAY 8 DIAMONDVALGAL
12/24/16 10:37 A
First 10 Pounds Gone! UNDEFEATED1 238 KHALIA2
3/11/17 9:31 A
Declaring maintenance NMORIARTY8024 12 OOLALA53
1/3/17 6:26 A
I can't stop taking naps... I work and i get home SIERRALUVLEE 9 PURPLEONPOINTE
12/8/16 7:34 P
PRESBESS has maintained for FIVE YEARS!!! LAURIE5658 7 THOMS1
12/2/16 8:31 P
November 2016 - NovemBURN Challenge JEANKNEE 192 PANDABEAR42
12/1/16 11:28 P
Square Dance Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 659 GABY1948
12/1/16 8:14 A
My aunt passed away early this morning. We were so ANTHROPOLOGY1 42 COLORADOBUMKIN
11/6/16 7:58 P
Advice on FitBit or similar gadget.... DAWNFIRE72 8 GABY1948
11/5/16 8:03 A
How do you measure??? DJUMP1126 33 MARYJOANNA
12/10/16 5:40 A

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