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Positive and negative..... I feel like I have passed a mini quiz.. I have a slice of pizza for dinne ROBINFITZWATER_ 31 GAYLLYNNE
7/22/17 9:13 P
To celebrate my return to losing weight I started the day with a power smoothie. Normally include b TACOMALO 11 MISSDORKNESS
7/22/17 10:37 P
Ok I have a question for everyone. Yesterday I weighed myself and it was 199.6lbs and today I weighe SEXYMAMA3617 6 LRJUSTUS1
7/22/17 7:34 P
Are you following a plant based diet? NANCYWRUSSELL 25 QUEEN-EYDIE
7/23/17 5:13 P
Getting back into the game! TACOMALO 2 RDCAGAIN10
7/22/17 3:45 P
OMG i did my first 10 min walk today and heaven help me 😭😥 i hurt so bad but im doing 3. 10 min wa DOINITNOTGONNAS 308 BELLACUDDLES
7/23/17 9:14 A
Been on board but progress much too slow. Time to get disciplined. TACOMALO 3 MIRAGE727
6/26/17 8:52 A
5/17/17 6:24 A
Pro tip: Don't go hiking wearing dress socks. Ahh mah feet!!! TACOMALO 2 IVANHOE64
5/16/17 7:39 A
It's so crazy looking at old photos and then seeing what I look like now. Sometimes I get down on my KENZIE8438 67 N70091
5/12/17 2:20 A
Haven't had a cheat "anything" in 13 days. Boyfriend just brought this home. Chocolate mouse w/ Ore LAURENPAYNE1978 25 SILENTJANE
5/12/17 1:10 A
Posted a photo GAINSJAY1 73 MOTIVATED36732
5/12/17 5:21 A
That kickboxing gym I've been eyeing for a month or so yeah I stopped thinking about it and signed u CHANCE04 12 KENDRACARROLL
5/12/17 9:57 A
Went off track today 😔 CINCYMOMMA21 6 7STIGGYMT
5/11/17 11:15 P
Need to get back on the wagon. Haven't cheated, but haven't moved forward either. Feeling super do TACOMALO 2 JALEX8888
5/11/17 10:04 P
Anyone else lose their appetite after dieting for 2-3 weeks??? I don't even like the thought of eati PINKPIXY22 13 DEBIMDZA
5/8/17 12:46 A
....I am freaking tired. TACOMALO 7 NOCALORIES
5/7/17 11:52 P
4 Weeks into the new wellness plan. 10lbs down FITBISH1 160 DOCTORWHONERD
6/4/17 4:54 P
After 7 weeks healthy snacks are starting to unconsciously creep into my kitchen. TACOMALO 3 TACOMALO
5/6/17 8:24 P
Big shout out to all the people who got outside on this great spring weekend. Snake I spotted in a TACOMALO 4 CHRIS3874
5/6/17 9:28 P
Meal prep Saturday. Sriracha Potatoes. Ingredients: Potatoes. Sriracha. TACOMALO 7 FATBUSTER2017
5/6/17 10:09 P
After having a heart attack 3 weeks ago I saw my cardiologist yesterday and he says he wants me to w JESSEZALESKI84 14 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
5/3/17 3:36 A
2 weeks without dairy after talking with my esthetician. Battling acne and rosacea. I see a differe KYOCAT 149 KYOCAT
5/3/17 11:03 A
I'm usually motivated first thing in the morning but all I wanted to do is sleep in today, it's goin REMMYJ02 12 LEEWORD
5/2/17 9:52 A
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? Here is today's Commitmen SPARKGUY 69 MPLSKEN
5/2/17 1:23 P
How many others calculate their basal metabolic rate before coming up with a diet plan??? HEALTHBUILD3R 4 HEALTHBUILD3R
5/1/17 11:38 P
Was ready to cheese off the gym...then came on here and now you all have me motivated. Thanks a lot TACOMALO 1 TACOMALO
5/1/17 10:16 P
I began my weightloss journey almost three years a N24658 85 LOVEHEARTS441
5/2/17 4:25 A
So beyond lost right now.... i have no friends.... i need someone to help me through this! MROWE46 9 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/1/17 1:19 A
Figured I'd post this one more time before it starts. If anyone is looking for extra motivation to l ALRICHIE 3 ALRICHIE
4/30/17 11:51 P
Not everyone loses a ton of weight out of the gate. Those are the sexy stories. Ignore them. TACOMALO 5 PINKPIXY22
4/29/17 10:51 P
Before...just getting started NUME55 7 SARBEAR126
4/29/17 2:57 P
Starting MOONIE85 9 I_ROBOT
4/29/17 6:38 P
Ran my first 5k this morning and I wasn't last. 1:02:35.3. MOMMYRE 49 I_ROBOT
4/29/17 6:37 P
Meal prep done. 2/3 cup each of black beans, red quinoa, brown rice and khorasan wheat. Had to tuc TACOMALO 4 DIATATREAUX
4/29/17 3:38 P
Five weeks ago I began my journey. I haven't lost much in pounds but I feel better. These photos are I34121 303 I34121
4/29/17 8:14 P
Meal prep in progress. Happy at this perfectly cooked red quinoa. Practice makes perfect. TACOMALO 3 LOUISE979
4/29/17 1:23 P
When you throw away a pint of uneaten icecream because you know you shouldn't have gotten it in the DAWN1830 21 ROCKGREATHEALTH
4/22/17 11:13 A
How I felt over Easter. DEMETERJAMES 18 MISSA526
4/22/17 11:06 A
Small victories. Weighed in at 268.6 this morning. First time out of the 270s in years. TACOMALO 4 CHERYLSCOTT54
4/22/17 10:57 A
Went for a walk tonight. Said to myself, "something is better than nothing." TACOMALO 12 TACOMALO
4/17/17 10:24 P
Did greatly increasing my water consumption affect my weight, even if temporarily? I only lost about AIMLESS07 3 TACOMALO
4/16/17 8:59 P
Why can't I stop overeating? I'm not hungry. I just start thinking about something and have to have MOM3GRAN654 8 TACOMALO
4/16/17 8:56 P
Anyone know of any cool weight loss/body transformation contests? I feel like I could use the incen TACOMALO 2 CYMBULIZUM
4/16/17 9:26 P
Got to get back at it - slipped up this week...gained a pound and a quarter inch. TACOMALO 3 NEVERORNOW
4/8/17 3:42 P
Not eating full meals, not sleeping full nights, and drinking alcohol limit your food control. Case TACOMALO 5 RAERAERAE62
4/7/17 1:02 A
Coming up on three weeks....feels like three months. Lord give me the strength! TACOMALO 4 WALTSGIRL74
4/6/17 8:47 A prep. Haha planning on the fly. Now to figure out the second half. TACOMALO 5 TACOMALO
4/4/17 2:49 P
96 lbs down yall😯 34 more to go!! CWEST4973 306 RUSSELLFORD
4/30/17 12:02 A
Worked out for the first time today in over a year. Felt good, but I'm pretty sure I'll be walking ENLIGHTENME3 5 TRUGIANTSFAN15
4/4/17 1:02 A
Today my goal was 1550 and I tracked 2756!!!😲 Thi FIGHTINGBABYWEI 11 IMADOLL19802
4/4/17 7:46 P
I can't believe I actually did it! I actually completed a real workout tonight! Cardio, toning, and THISISFORME143 8 THISISFORME143
4/4/17 7:38 P
At O'Hare in Chicago. Just had an awesome, filling soba noodle with peanut sauce meal out of this c TACOMALO 7 FOREVERGEMINI
4/3/17 7:57 P
Lol, thanks everyone,I found my new morning cup of joe, no sugar no carbs. problem!! Party on JUSTSTICKWITHIT 7 MWARNER211
4/3/17 9:05 P
So I'm tracking my food and I'm at 119 carbs and 1880 calories and do you know that between the crea JUSTSTICKWITHIT 37 SRENATA
4/4/17 5:46 A
4/2/17 11:59 P
Is there a way to track measurements on the app? SARAHANN1021 4 TACOMALO
4/2/17 11:59 P
I may not have gotten much done around the house today, but, I did get off my ass and did my cardio! SLIMKARRIE 5 A77362
4/13/17 9:54 A
Weather today was beautiful at times and ugly at others... Did get some work outside done at least! TAYLMIC1 10 TACOMALO
4/2/17 11:56 P
Not a great past few days, calorie-wise. Have been distracted and on a funky work schedule. Back to SHIMMYSHAKER 3 TACOMALO
4/2/17 11:55 P
I am wore out, 24days consistent and I need a rest day KYAUTHOR 5 TACOMALO
4/2/17 11:54 P
3 days of wearing my new Fitbit and I hit 11,454 steps today. So proud of myself! I will start worki GRAMTAM3 3 MASRITE
4/2/17 11:59 P
Thank you fellow Sparkers for the daily inspiration and motivation from your feeds. This has become CYUZYK 3 JENNIFERBR51
4/2/17 11:55 P
Made it through the weekend sticking to my nutrition goals and also had absolutely zero alcohol. A FITGIRLLIFE 10 JAVNMICH1969
4/3/17 1:11 A
Good chest and shoulders workout today...but super stoked to have found Vega vegan protein powder at TACOMALO 2 SKAELIN7
4/3/17 2:54 A
I need help to get motivated to go to the gym AFORD75 10 TIME4ME2017
4/2/17 9:47 A
Oh.. gained 2 pounds, now I feel miserable TANDERSON2575 6 TANDERSON2575
4/2/17 7:44 P
As much as I don't want to, I HAVE to take a break from strength training for a while longer. The w LIZSPRINGSTEEN 4 SHESMITH75
4/2/17 9:43 A
Good morning all! I am new to this calorie counting world. I have been facing a mix of frustration, LYOAK 11 SHIPANG
4/2/17 11:53 A
Only a down 1.5 lbs for March, but I'm down 3 inch SNOWKC 8 LIZZIE138
4/2/17 10:20 A
90 minute walk today. Super compelling interview on Rich Roll podcast with a guy who overcame drug TACOMALO 4 TACOMALO
4/2/17 9:23 A
What is a good diet and diet plan to go on I need to lose over 75 pounds and keep it off BABY4320 10 TIME4ME2017
4/2/17 9:43 A
I'm stuck. I'm sooo stuck. I'm eating well within my calorie range (usually on the lower end), I d HEALTHYV2015 13 CHKCHNC
4/2/17 12:19 P
Feeling so down. I can't seem to get my eating habits under control. No weight loss, having a hard LAURENGOODHEART 9 SHESMITH75
4/2/17 9:38 A
Almost exactly one year ago. Down 121 lbs since starting my program in July. And 131 for the year. JATOMIC 65 CAJUNGAL328
5/17/17 1:58 P

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