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What's your all time favorite "go to" workout DVD? AUDREYINSPIRED 290 SOMAR12570
5/30/14 7:18 P
Does it bother anyone else when they can't track.. JRSONE 202 KANESHIGE1
6/1/14 8:15 P
What to do if you don't like a lot of vegetables? JMLOU67 141 HADAMIREYA
4/24/14 2:59 P
Do you like to eat fresh or canned fruit? TWININGS12 114 MOTHERBOARDER
2/15/14 10:42 A
Anyone else have problems eating breakfast? SWIMMERGIRL0222 220 DEATHLILLY11
2/13/14 10:04 A
No money for a gym. What videos are best for home? QUINSMUM 206 RUMBLESEAT
10/9/13 10:22 P
How Do You start for the last time FITBY15 167 JOYCECAIN
2/13/14 6:43 P
Is Obesity Caused by Lifestyle or Disease? SHERYLDS 347 JOSEPINAD
10/18/13 5:32 P
recommended 1200 calories a day by my fitness pal BLUE_NOSE_GIRL 20 RAYLINSTEPHENS
6/2/14 6:37 P
do you use ALL your daily calories? BITHOO 32 MOTHERBOARDER
9/18/13 10:25 A
How many calories do YOU eat per day? SKINNYCHICKPEA 69 HOUNDLOVER1
11/20/13 1:04 A
If you had dessert today, what was it? PRINCESSJESSICA 12571 DEE107
9/16/14 11:10 P
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 83540 SHOTOKIDO
9/16/14 11:32 P
Change: Do It Out of Desperation or An Epiphany ? SHERYLDS 175 KNEEMAKER
1/24/14 9:41 P
When did you start losing? ASANCHEZ56 210 LILSPARKGIRL
4/29/14 11:58 A
What's one go-to food item you're never without? ZIGGYSTARSHAY 949 MCITIZEN8
5/16/14 10:51 P
What Exercise Did You Do For 10 Minutes Today? EARTHSEAME 22886 MERRYMARY42
9/16/14 10:52 P