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Weigh everyday or not?? RJS12078 12 MOLOVEBERMEL
1/15/17 1:20 P
Is there a way to include walking by the number of AEGRANT13 9 J06516
9/23/16 10:44 A
Can we track sugars and fiber? #techsupport ZEBRALADY7575 11 SPARK_MERLE
8/10/16 9:31 A
Hello! Just got out of a six year relationship and NOPEVILLE 14 AUTIEJ
6/18/16 12:48 A
Has anyone tried the recipes from spark's own food KTERHUNE0509 5 TAMALASPARK
4/17/16 11:45 P
I am shocked at how sensitive my body is to what I OVERCOMER15 7 LOVEANDYCOOK2
2/17/16 9:39 A
1.6 pounds down this Weigh-In Wednesday. #FiveYear DIZZYBRITCHES 28 AP17182
2/17/16 10:44 A
I exercise 6/7 days a week. I prefer workout video UNIQUESTARQUEB 8 DYANNE4293
2/17/16 8:27 A
So anytime i do an intense workout, be it super fa APRILCAONEIL 7 STRETCHYGIRL83
2/16/16 4:43 P
I've gotta see someone I haven't seen in a long ti STACKED14 8 TAMALASPARK
2/11/16 2:34 A
Does anyone reach 10,000 steps? l do good to get 1 CHUI58 13 MYNTKAT
2/11/16 5:06 A
How does everybody get there workout in with 2 kid CPATRICK78 22 HER775
2/9/16 4:17 P
Anyone have some workout suggestions MANNY2OI5 10 MPISENA
2/9/16 3:04 P
So many smoothie, and protein shakes recipes. Wher SIB1974 14 SIB1974
2/6/16 2:02 P
Am I the only one who gets upset by people's user JILLY814 18 JILLY814
2/6/16 1:29 P
Has anyone else become more regular since they beg NATURALPOETESS 4 NATURALPOETESS
2/6/16 9:31 A
I weigh myself on Friday! I'm afraid to be excited AFLOWERS_79 68 SERENITYATLAST
2/4/16 10:01 A
Iam starting my egg diet today so I'll keep you po SEPTEMBERS 19 KATHYNBARB
2/4/16 8:34 A
Hi everyone. I'm have good success losing weight w UNCANNY18 12 UNCANNY18
2/12/16 10:09 A
3rd day into this app. I've set my calorie intake SAMMIE_BAKER 7 TAMALASPARK
2/3/16 10:46 P
Anyone on here use Beachbody DVDs or drink Shakeol STEPHANIEM43 2 TAMALASPARK
2/3/16 10:45 P
I used to use my fitness pal and got so annoyed tr AWHITING8 7 KAREBEAR-329
2/1/16 1:00 P
On and off dieting !!! I know for sure now that I OCTTOBER 22 OCTTOBER
2/2/16 3:39 A
I've lost 5 lbs this week! MAKENNAHMILLS 26 DIZZYBRITCHES
2/1/16 2:10 P
Hi - just wanted to say hello! New here & I just i JANABOBANNA 11 BABYSWEET1982
2/1/16 12:08 P
Wine cleanse: Has anyone here abstained from wine FITLEAN1 10 CDINGESS
2/1/16 8:46 A
Is there an easier way to track a homemade recipes TBEALL7315 10 TBEALL7315
2/1/16 8:01 P
Started working out at the beginning of the month. DAYTONAIS1 13 SONIA_THORNTON
2/1/16 8:29 A
Hi, I'm trying to loose 25lbs. Not getting far. Ge DEBOVALENCIA 20 SERENITYATLAST
2/1/16 8:06 A
Today's a good day. I lost 5.6 pounds!!!! ASKAGGS5 44 LOVEANDYCOOK2
2/16/16 7:34 A
Love the new features. TAMALASPARK 1 TAMALASPARK
1/31/16 9:11 A
Shout it from the rooftops!! Week 1 and I am down JESI4104 17 BKWRM2277
1/29/16 9:11 A
I didn't have time to eat breakfast but did eat lu LMCDANIEL88 6 DONMERRI
1/29/16 1:33 A
It's been very hard for me to get up in the mornin ROOTBEERKID 29 ROOTBEERKID
2/24/16 8:53 P
I am just starting tjis program today and I put in HVIRDEN1 5 HVIRDEN1
1/29/16 12:24 P
How did you start to eat healthier? I keep going b HALOFRISBEE16 30 DGASSAWAY5
1/28/16 3:06 P
Question? How can you add the different exercises JCJAXEL 7 TAMALASPARK
1/28/16 2:09 P
Notes: is there a place on the daily log where we K1BURTON 2 TAMALASPARK
1/28/16 2:08 P
Sugar: is there any way to track sugar LTR2013 5 SPARK_MERLE
1/28/16 2:15 P
Hey everyone! I just started today, does anyone kn BLACKLACIE07 18 COLORADOKARIN
1/28/16 2:58 P
How is everyone feeling about the "Fitbit"? I am l TASH37 17 DIZZYBRITCHES
1/28/16 2:55 P
What are some good diet plans? DMCMILLEN8 2 TAMALASPARK
1/28/16 2:01 P
How do you get that weight tracker thing on the we SQUIGGMOOCOW 3 SQUIGGMOOCOW
1/28/16 2:01 P
Who takes a rest day and when? MONTFORDSGIRL 8 JIMMYRJONES89
1/28/16 2:01 P
I love a cup of coffee each day (yes cream & sugar MWARNER211 44 KATIEGODDARD3
1/28/16 3:13 P
What is the 'Calorie Differential Report'? CHUBBARD300 3 CHUBBARD300
1/28/16 1:54 P
No scale! Trying to lose weight but i know from ex TGULLETT1 10 DIZZYBRITCHES
2/2/16 11:45 A
How much is a fit bit? And what exactly do they do MISS1528 7 MISS1528
1/28/16 2:05 P
Cheat days or cheat meal. Do u guys believe in thi ATASHA73 17 SHAWNPATRICE23
1/28/16 2:00 P
Does anyone do spark on the computer?? They have CAROLANN1170 4 SOTEIRA75
1/28/16 1:52 P
Artificial Sweeteners? I use Splenda in coffee,oa SANDIE3155 45 MYJENNI1984
1/28/16 9:49 A
I am a server, so does my walking at work count as EEARHART1 6 SPARKINGMEGHNA
1/28/16 9:40 A
I wish the chat feature would let us like posts an FATMOMRUN 2 TAMALASPARK
1/28/16 9:20 A
Everyone keeps telling me to eat this or that. Dri JROMANDET 9 CHARTMAN1112
1/27/16 11:07 P
Having a really hard time sticking with exercise! LISALOULOU77 54 MARIAN326
2/4/16 9:56 P
Gained .5 today. Ugh! Need to work harder!!! ALLISON0927 6 ALLISON0927
1/27/16 11:01 P
Can anyone recommend a free google app for beginni CRYSTALKOM925 4 TAMALASPARK
1/27/16 10:52 P
How many times should you eat a day to stay health DONYA266 12 DONYA266
1/28/16 6:34 A
Hmm. I'm only 957 calories for the day. I even had DALESLOVINGWIFE 13 DALESLOVINGWIFE
1/27/16 11:03 P
I checked out for a while, but I'm back full force KBILLS78 7 MMILLER516
1/27/16 11:09 P
Just started using this! I'm training for some big HLAKE2 2 TAMALASPARK
1/27/16 10:42 P
I am trying to find a Fitbit or some of the then I BLUE-ROSE 14 TAMALASPARK
1/27/16 10:41 P
Sick and tired of people I know saying I'm anorexi LUCKYLISA12002 28 LADYMAGDALENE
1/28/16 7:57 P
Lynette Cullins and Jennifer Lopez YVETTEESCALERA1 7 TAMALASPARK
1/27/16 3:48 P
Any ideas what to do if the exercises you did aren LSCHREINE 5 SPARKINGMEGHNA
1/27/16 3:51 P
Can i change my nutritional needs for the day? Lik GYPSYRAIN43 3 GYPSYRAIN43
1/27/16 8:48 P
How do I set new start date in my weight section s APPLE1971 3 APPLE1971
1/27/16 3:50 P
How do you add a food manually ? STARLA1414 9 CSTUART76
1/27/16 3:44 P
How do i delete food from my favorites?? SYMONLA 2 TAMALASPARK
1/27/16 11:35 A
Is anyone doing weight watchers and getting very f JCKC1977 12 CSTUART76
1/27/16 4:02 P
Hi. Sorry to be a bother. I do my cooking at home. PERRYWEIGHTLOSS 9 PERRYWEIGHTLOSS
1/25/16 11:06 P
I didn't even realize this...but I'm past 11 weeks GSABASS 11 GSABASS
1/25/16 12:43 P
Is it strange to travel overseas alone? LOVECRITIC 8 LOVECRITIC
1/25/16 1:05 P
How do I curb night cravings..I always want someth LATOYAA26 33 KGREGERSON
1/26/16 12:48 A
Database accurate? Do you guys find the food datab KMURADIAN 6 TAMALASPARK
1/25/16 12:16 P

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