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Poinsettia Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 81 PEZMOM1
10/16/17 11:21 P
My 6th month 🗓📆mark and so far ⚖️41 lbs less⬇️ i AMERICALDS 48 CHERYLHAGEL9
10/12/17 12:11 P
The picture on the right was taken back in March, I was 300 pounds, I started my weight loss back in PHYLLISHODGES23 102 NYLAURA1
10/8/17 8:32 P
Hi everyone. I'm new to the party. 30 years old, 400 lbs, ready to change. BLAKE87 237 SARAHNRICKY1
10/9/17 9:27 A
Me at 248...10/16 Yesterday 120.... 10/17 DIANEPAG 296 GOIN4IT233
10/9/17 2:45 A
32 lbs down a lot more to go ..feeling positive🏋 KATELYNN6304 25 THOMS1
10/4/17 4:15 P
I got my haircut today.Oddly it felt good to cut so much off. CDS427 10 MOMMACASSEY
10/4/17 6:25 P
Down 23lbs, wearing clothes I haven't worn in a while. My goal is between 140 - 150lbs. #BeforeandA ERICKA142 25 MILLJE02
10/4/17 10:34 P
Guys 30 lbs down and 30 more to go. If i can do this so can you. KLIVELY7 47 TMP0418
10/4/17 7:12 P
38lbs lost to date!! I am only 4lbs from my first goal!! Next week :) NIKKIE430 185 SUSIEMT
10/4/17 5:52 P
Started my journey at almost 400lbs. After getting my mind straight, i'm today at 278! Have my ups BECCA_73 158 DENITA721
10/5/17 7:28 A
National Fossil Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 673 POINDEXTRA
10/11/17 8:37 A
Do you call it Fall or Autumn? .DUSTY. 9 JOYLARK
10/12/17 10:26 P
Touchdown Cowboys!.. TOMBENAVIDEZ 19 CHRISTOPHER63
10/1/17 6:54 P
22 weeks with baby 5, trying my best to eat healthy and keep active (with 4 other kids that I homesc LEEANNPW85 5 ALALADY
10/1/17 4:29 P
Never did I think I would see the 140s again. If you would have asked me at the beginning of this ye KBEGEY 128 THOMS1
10/1/17 3:39 P
Breakfast today. Apple, chunky peanut butter, and 2 babybel cheeses (gouda and white cheddar) GREENSUBMARINE 11 THOMS1
10/1/17 3:38 P
I need more weekend in my weekend. 4CONNIESHEALTH 12 AMYBRO1
10/2/17 9:30 A
So this is it. In order to reach my healthy weight, I have to loose 48 pounds. This is gonna be a lo TYLER-LAOS 19 JOANNA7072
10/1/17 8:15 P
Church fellowship dinner today served food that was delicious but definitely not on my healthful lis LKMANNING7 29 BLUEBIRDMAMA
10/5/17 11:39 A
Good afternoon from Disney's Hollywood Studios. I walked 9.5 miles yesterday. Surprisingly, my legs BIKEORAMA 19 MPLSKEN
10/1/17 11:24 P
25.8 lbs lost forever! That's the average size of a two year old! LAFRENAIS5 81 REBECCAM17
10/1/17 9:37 P
Down 7 pounds so far! TLSUMRALL 49 CSROBERTSON621
10/1/17 6:06 P
Which little black dress do you like more? 1, 2, 3, or 4? ALLYLIZZY 303 SUSIEMT
10/1/17 11:50 P
I set a goal months ago to fit in a little black dress for my dh's reunion. Praise God! I did! HEALTHYME98 197 2BDYNAMIC
10/1/17 9:12 P
Its been a really long time since ive been active on here and have ballooned up to 250lbs. Here is t SAVVYTURN 22 BRITTANYASHER35
9/28/17 2:33 P
Beef patty with tomato with lettuce as a bun👌🏻💓 MWELTON7 18 SAMUELSM
9/28/17 2:18 P
75 pounds lost since January. Only 5 more to go for my first goal, and 25 pounds to go to lose the CNESBITT36 146 CNESBITT36
9/29/17 7:34 A
62 lbs gone AND only 6 left to get to my goal!!! MOMS3KIDS 162 GOODGETNBETR
9/30/17 8:16 P
I said I wanted to be 130 anything by my birthday, I did it! Total overall loss of 121 lbs. I'm gonn BOSSLADY90 303 HEALTH_NOW
9/28/17 7:02 P
It's my birthday today! I want thank God for life! 14lbs lost - closer to my goal! RAUNESCA 305 SMYLES5376
9/28/17 12:39 P
I'm 249 today.. That's nearly 100lbs gone in 10 months! FITMOMMY2416 55 DININA48MN
9/27/17 8:48 P
First week in doing keto. Down 5.6 pounds, 1.5" off waist. 2 mile walks every day with my fiancee. M MADMOOSEBAITS 10 MADMOOSEBAITS
9/27/17 5:38 P
So embarrassing to post this, but these are 5 weeks apart. Seeing a difference is motivating me!! M86265 32 M86265
9/29/17 4:02 P
I am so embarrassed to post this but i feel like i am not making progress!! Trying to be more positi CITRUSLOSER 302 KWYUNNY47
9/27/17 11:19 P
Soooooo, this is the mess I'm working on trying desperately to regain my health back. I always avoid BOOHOOBEAR 286 KATHRYNGC
10/5/17 6:38 P
When I was heavier nobody ever told me to stop eating, they thought my weight and my eating habits w THEJACKIEDEAN12 306 COURTENAYE
9/28/17 9:45 P
Happy Sunday! 7000+ steps accomplished and it is time for bed. Enjoy the beautiful day, everyone, SBHUBERT3 12 THOMS1
9/24/17 10:34 A
Happy 29th. Anniversary today DEBSANKS 13 RAUNESCA
9/24/17 10:59 A
Never made a goal when I started running Half Marathons 5 years ago at 238lbs. Through highs and low RENZRYD 10 RETAT60
9/24/17 12:23 P
3 mile walk today included 2 quarter-mile jogs for the first time - yay! Goal is to get to a full mi KKILBURN 17 MNMSSS333
9/24/17 11:14 A
Wish me luck...I am doing my first 5K with my yellow lab Suzi CHERYL4846 15 CHERYL4846
9/25/17 9:08 P
My daughter decided to be my workout trainer yesterday for the weekends. Didn't feel it yesterday bu JUJULEMKE 6 JUJULEMKE
9/24/17 1:40 P
I now weigh 214.6 pounds. Super proud of myself :) MOMMABEAR225 89 AJAYZCHAOS
9/24/17 4:46 P
Heading out to walk KEENA47 15 _LINDA
9/24/17 11:37 A
This shirt was tight on me. Yesterday I had a person say to me they couldn't believe that a woman of CDS427 194 JTHEALTHY1
9/24/17 7:55 P
I keep looking at my race photos from my 5K last Sunday, and I admit, the first thing I see are my f MAGLITE7 270 CSROBERTSON621
9/24/17 6:02 P
Down 30 pounds 😀Twenty Two More until my goal weight 😍 SHELLTON7 18 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
9/20/17 3:20 P
I started this Journey Jan 3, 2017 weighing 247 lbs my goal was to get down to 190 lbs for my Consul MILKATRENA 14 ZORO22
9/21/17 1:26 P
9/20/17 2:58 P
I left my money and debit card home so I would eat my healthy food I brought for lunch. URBANBANJOGAL 10 HPOFBC
9/21/17 10:39 A
Photos talking by themselves!!! I have been mainta VSOLIS73 95 ROCKS8ROX
10/6/17 4:20 P
This is my before and after.. -96lbs 😀 SABRENA1232009 151 SABRENA1232009
9/20/17 9:58 P
So proud of myself DIANAGARAY 160 BIKE4HEALTH
9/20/17 5:30 P
Ok.... HUGE scale day for me!! I am down 32lbs!!!! Started at 341... I can do this!! NIKKIE430 302 SUSANSKI
9/20/17 10:01 P
Interview went very well, I am the new lab technician working on cancer research and in charge of 4 PINKIGLOO 126 THOMS1
9/20/17 10:41 A
Was craving breakfast for lunch after my workout t HOOSIERMOM33 13 CARTOON3
9/18/17 2:32 P
Good Monday Sparky's, hope everybody's having a wonderful day, getting your exercise in, moving arou GPALMER29 29 DIALYSISCHIC1
9/19/17 3:54 A
I been working out since March and changing my eating habits. I lost 30 so far and still got plenty CAROLINAGIRLJNT 223 STORCH2000
9/18/17 11:03 P
a sunny day--great day for a walk! LEANJEAN6 158 NEWNANCY2012
9/20/17 10:26 P
I was over 238 lbs starting this year and not exercising at all. Now I am exercising 5 -7 days week NEONGHOST21 220 BETTERLIFE12
9/18/17 7:38 P
Posted a photo LEANJEAN6 27 GRACED777
9/12/17 8:41 A
9/10/17 2:59 P
Happy Hump Day...also it is national read a book day. So pick up your favorite book and enjoy! CHRISSYWILSON80 4 ANDREWMOM
9/6/17 9:23 A
So smokey you can't see the mountains. Air quality is rated unhealthy for sensitive groups. Do I sti FULLERFARMS 22 LIVEDAILY
9/6/17 8:42 P
Good morning! Healthy breakfast to start me on my way! Whole grain wrap with flax stuffed with egg s HERNEENEE 7 KINDGIRL56
9/6/17 10:37 A
9/6/17 10:02 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 16 PATRICIA-CR
9/6/17 12:25 P
Don't let people discourage you...Sept.6th HOMEBODY4EVER 27 MSLOUIE3
9/9/17 6:49 A
Breakfast!! Yum! STARRYEYES1985 34 ALALADY
9/6/17 12:41 P
Hi Spark Friends, prayers for those in the path of Hurricane Iran. My mother lives in South Florida AOKDIET21 62 FLASUN
9/7/17 4:17 A
Finally finished the dining room floor over the weekend! Im so happy its done 😆 here's a before & a MWARNER211 152 BRENDA_77039
9/11/17 7:38 A
Labor Day...It’s Unofficially the End of Summer! .DUSTY. 13 CAJUNBUCKEYE59
9/4/17 9:17 P
9/3/17 11:00 A
Last night's dinner yum yum SOFLOKITTY 9 YMWONG22
9/3/17 11:57 A