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Question. How many calories should we have left ov MSGRUMPY2015 14 BTINCHER2001
8/26/16 10:45 P
Started out at 196 on July 1st and today I weigh 1 PUREAWESOMEMESS 16 TWEETIEBIRDIE
8/26/16 9:47 P
A mile and a half in the sun on hilly terrain and I'm spent! I think I'll keep my jogs to early mor CINNAMONSPARKLE 10 COCOAGOAL
8/27/16 1:55 A
I am just starting out on my journey to #weightlos R55385 20 DRAPOSA-H
8/27/16 6:24 A
Newbie. Need motivational help!! And dont kill me GAYLE82 69 HATCHET7
8/27/16 3:46 A
Just found out today that gym where I work and wor CTEA88 4 TWEETIEBIRDIE
8/26/16 9:34 P
#plateau# frustrated can't seem to get past a cert ADVENTURE_65 5 AMBJD01
8/26/16 9:36 P
I'm ready to give up VARIEL1998 36 LANAELAINE
8/24/16 6:36 A
I'm the featured motivator today! ZORBS13 10 MISSA526
8/24/16 8:33 A
Good morning everyone. It's going to b an awesome NACHOCOSMO 9 FREEDOM339
8/24/16 6:42 A
Feeling good today. Still have more weight to lose DIVAOF321 7 LANAELAINE
8/24/16 6:27 A
Yay for Yoga! Was a little stuffy last night, but decided to do a little yoga anyway. 5 minutes in a DHARRY52180 2 TWEETIEBIRDIE
8/24/16 6:12 A
Really need to start eating breakfast again. TOYAHANN 14 AMALLOY6
8/24/16 8:02 A
Am in for a rough ride today. Am tired from so lit LADYPETERBILT 6 LANAELAINE
8/24/16 6:38 A
Hello Everyone, My name is Candace and I just star C93483 22 GEAUXN
8/24/16 7:39 A
Guess who's in the 350s and down over 86lbs, total JUSTSIMPLYQ 173 FAITHSTORY
8/26/16 3:01 A
not only am I trying to lose weight I'm also quitt QUEENSTEPHX24 13 CLARADAY
8/22/16 9:40 A
Well, a two week vacation where I only gained a pound even though I indulged in any and everything I HAUNANI44 2 TWEETIEBIRDIE
8/22/16 7:55 A
New to this site/app. I really need to lose some w JLW9305 19 WNTMYPREBBYBDY
8/25/16 6:20 A
Went rock climbing again, such an awesome workout! LITTLECR 15 LITTLECR
8/20/16 12:56 P
Hi friends... I just started this app like 2 days L76617 20 L76617
8/20/16 9:15 A
Question: Is a rest day, a day of not exercising, VINTAGEGNOME159 8 TWEETIEBIRDIE
8/20/16 2:37 A
Binged on junk food after doing so well all day SHU370 48 FARCO151
8/21/16 4:48 P
My son is going to be gone all weekend! Tonight ov KTERHUNE0509 3 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
8/20/16 3:20 A
had my first appointment with a nutritional therap MARKSDIETPLAN 6 BANANASLOUIE7
8/20/16 3:00 A
Struggling to get started again. Good 75% of day t CATH005 11 CLALORIE
8/20/16 6:39 A
The early bird! 4:12 here and up and at em! New be PYROMANIA 15 DBAILEY518
8/19/16 7:32 A
Has anyone ever experienced a fatigue that doesn't VIVI65 22 JUDEDEL
8/20/16 8:26 A
I had a big Mac today felt guilty the whole time b ANGELDELINKWENT 6 WKINGUP
8/19/16 6:05 A
BMI is now below 30- I'm no longer obese! Feels gr HYCHUB 73 KFSTAAB
8/19/16 10:27 P
Very encouraging words from my mum. I told her I MIRIKAM 83 CBJEAN
8/20/16 5:00 P
My OTR truck driver husband will be home next week GRAMMYDEER52 13 PJE777
8/19/16 6:20 A
Weighed in today at 179.6! Said So Long to the 190 LAHOFFMANN 37 TWEETIEBIRDIE
8/19/16 5:52 A
How often should you be weighing yourself? I was MSTANDIFE 28 GEAUXN
8/20/16 9:51 A
Still trying to get the hang of this app any help GONNELLYM 4 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
8/19/16 8:29 A
Think I'm the only person who still doesn't have a JLYNN559 104 KKJUNE14
8/20/16 8:39 P
My chiropractor and my doc I can run again KTERHUNE0509 16 GMBOMG
8/14/16 6:48 A
I am starting Monday! Wish me luck. CHELSEAMAXON 28 JUDEDEL
8/14/16 6:13 A
Only made 900 calories today and had to eat 1 oz o JLYNN559 15 MOJAVEHIKER
8/15/16 12:11 A
Not sure why but I fall off wagon on weekends. Ate SHU370 23 NBIEVER
8/14/16 3:24 P
Ugh I fell off the horse. I over ate by like 500 c KARINAW27 6 KARINAW27
8/16/16 3:30 A
Goodnight everyone DANAPASSAGE 5 RALPHDB
8/14/16 2:24 A
Down 5 lbs. My boss and my husband both told me I look slimmer! I feel so energized. I know its not MIRIKAM 49 KFSTAAB
8/20/16 10:05 A
Sore today strong tomorrow! Starting my workouts s NICANN07 3 WILLOWSMOM14
8/13/16 6:24 A
I'm at 164 pounds today. I started at 329 pounds o AUTIEJ 2386 LACEYLOUHOO
8/26/16 9:55 P
I had the best time yesterday, talking to a great guy. I don't think I could have found the confiden MARMILIE 7 DOLLYMELISSA
8/13/16 6:14 A
What is your favorite fruit? 🍒🍌🍇🍍🍓🍐🍊🍉 Mine is mango! I never get sick of th NINEVEHTHECAT 32 OLYMUM
8/16/16 3:16 P
I have been on here since July.2nd and today I was FINALLY able to get my 8 glasses of water in! #fo MIRIKAM 26 BOOTYLICIOUS83
8/13/16 6:03 P
4 weeks today we go on holiday!! #motivation SHAPEUPCHELLE 7 WILLOWSMOM14
8/13/16 6:25 A
Let's do this Friday!!! ACHERRY5 5 TWEETIEBIRDIE
8/12/16 7:47 A
TGIF. Well it's here. DENEEN37 11 RO2BENT
8/12/16 7:47 A
Hi everyone I just started today. So far so good MRSCAT19 16 HAMMETT2016
8/12/16 8:25 A
Feeling so motivated! Hope it continues! GMBOMG 7 SFSTERLING2
8/12/16 8:02 A
This morning I'm down 10lbs in 2 weeks. I started VAX-11 10 BHARRISONO
8/12/16 8:55 A
Well I made it to the halfway point to my goal! I lost nearly 30 pounds in almost four months, and LITTLESAPPHIRE 21 JUDEDEL
8/12/16 5:59 P
I don't understand the competition urge between fe MSFIGGY 27 MSFIGGY
8/13/16 12:56 A
This Week I lost 3lbs. I am so close to my first MITTSMOMOF3 20 LAURIE28079
8/14/16 8:15 A
Just out of moving this morning. I've been sick ov LANAELAINE 2 TWEETIEBIRDIE
8/12/16 7:43 A
Weighed on Sunday and was at 177 yesterday I weigh SHANNONSBLAKE 19 SHELTERPET11
8/11/16 7:12 A
Starting my morning with exercising and off to my NICANN07 6 LTRINH9
8/11/16 6:49 A
Every time my 4:30 am alarm rings, I kick myself f SATURNPOET 3 TWEETIEBIRDIE
8/11/16 5:56 A
A family member noticed my out of shape stomach and laughed n my face. I had a c cection and my abs ZEBRALADY7575 32 HEATHERSCOTTTN
8/11/16 10:05 A
Well I got on my scale this morning for weigh n. A QUEENCANCER76 11 TWEETIEBIRDIE
8/11/16 5:55 A
Ran 3 miles in 34 minutes. Next challenge in the GRACEE1972 19 RENEWEDM
8/11/16 8:42 P
Went to the gym today. First day had session with coach explaining how everything was done, i think DBRAMMER 7 JANGREEN69
8/10/16 7:00 A
Does anyone else feel like their meal isn't comple UPMOM70 11 BAYERNBABE
8/10/16 7:02 A
I need some positive feedback on how to stay at my BAY1982 6 JANGREEN69
8/10/16 7:05 A
Okay ready to get this deal started back again. La BIGDSGIRL 8 KS_JULYBABY
8/10/16 7:25 A
Despite my emotional crap, I pushed through my pla GAILIEBEE69 145 HEALTH_NOW
8/18/16 8:27 P
What will you do after you reach your weight loss SPORTY2016 41 SSMITH762
8/10/16 11:16 P
I woke up truly exhausted. Still dragged myself to ZIDORMI 8 GEAUXN
8/10/16 7:11 A
I can start being healthy, but always end up losing track after a week...anyone have some advice on SARAWARD34 17 RGBONNER1
8/7/16 10:26 A
I just realized I'm 27 pounds away from my goal! REFUSETOSINK146 24 CHEIVOUS
8/7/16 9:15 A
Hi, I'm about to drive a moving truck cross countr ANNEB87 11 SNAPPYSHEARS
8/7/16 9:40 A
My first week has been a successful week. I'm do JANEA39 44 TONYALADO
8/7/16 7:59 P

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