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69lbs lost since October. Happy my hard work is showing. Still have a ways to go but I know I will g TIFFANI260554 283 MELISSASPARK727
4/19/17 10:12 P
96 lbs down yall😯 34 more to go!! CWEST4973 303 KATJENKI
4/4/17 9:34 P
Made it six months smoke free! Pushing forward to the 1 year mark now. AMANDADAWN1982 255 CTYONIT
4/4/17 3:48 A
Tried Spark recipe, low fat whole wheat pancakes. I substituted water instead of milk and added fre SRENATA 16 CMRKSU12
4/3/17 10:47 A
Ran my first 10k in 10+ years yesterday! RVASARAH 133 FLOUNDER1323
4/2/17 3:23 P
A new month to keep moving forward. Sometimes leaps other timed in a slow shuffle. HUSKERGIRL72 7 EVILCECIL
4/1/17 8:20 A
Mother Nature's April Fool's Day Joke: Over a foot of snow at my house. JSTETSER 30 HEALTH_NOW
4/3/17 10:12 P
Love this! #youareamazing #youhaveapurpose #youarebeautiful #youareenough #todayistheday #ilovequote SARASMILING 8 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/15/17 6:57 A
So I had a tooth pulled and now have to eat soft food. When it come to eating soft food that are hea ELENABIS 11 -POOKIE-
4/1/17 7:53 A
Preparing meals and snacks for work today. FITWITHIN 7 BONNIEMARGAY
3/30/17 2:55 P
good morning everyone KOOKI140 11 TRUDYANNSIGLER
3/29/17 8:08 A
Stay encouraged throughout your weight loss journey! LPORTER2015 29 MAYIE53
3/29/17 1:54 P
I am ridiculously happy that it's Friday! Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone! MARATHON_MOM 3 DORHYGT
3/17/17 7:57 A
3/17/17 8:53 A
Find the beauty in your surroundings today! TWEETIEBIRDIE 3 PENOWOK
3/17/17 6:58 A
Sunsets are a time to reflect on all the good in our lives today! TWEETIEBIRDIE 6 FISHGUT3
3/16/17 1:55 P
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 15 RAZZOOZLE
3/17/17 12:02 P
Happy Year of the Rooster! I am woken up by them daily in Vietnam! TWEETIEBIRDIE 2 DGRIFFITH51
3/14/17 7:11 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 15 MERILEE4
3/13/17 10:04 A
always a work in progress... LTPONCE6 11 ROCKGREATHEALTH
3/13/17 9:59 A
Started the day at the gym followed by a rhymes! TWEETIEBIRDIE 6 KOOLPOPS35
3/12/17 12:00 A
I want the return of the bonus points for the teams. It was a lot of fun the pennant points ANACORAZON 30 GREYTDOLPHIN
3/14/17 12:13 A
My dinner! Doing my best MISSME2731 12 RIVERSONG39
3/11/17 11:08 P
Plant city strawberries. Yum! NEWSHAREN 17 97MONTY
3/11/17 10:32 A
2/28/17 7:06 A
Where do you live and how old or young are you? 1958TMC 13 DEEDOW17
3/4/17 7:45 P
2/27/17 7:06 A
2/27/17 7:05 A
Starting and then Keeping going SHAKTI101 6 TWEETIEBIRDIE
2/27/17 7:04 A
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 102605 ROBBIEY
4/24/17 11:29 P
Do you exercise on a stationary bike? MARLENE140 412 TGAIL62
4/24/17 2:12 P
Poll: Today I feel.. LIANNALIANNA 50684 MAYIE53
4/25/17 12:18 A
How often do you weigh yourself? AV_MOM2 18736 SUITABLE
4/24/17 6:55 P
Did you walk today? RICK1947 115007 MAYIE53
4/25/17 12:15 A
Is it even worth going to the movies now? EOWYN2424 41 RO2BENT
3/20/17 7:02 A
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 138334 SUNSHINE99999
4/24/17 10:12 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 136480 MAYIE53
4/25/17 12:17 A
Proud of new habits LLCARTY 119 HARRIETT14
4/20/17 10:12 A
What do you eat on rest days? MAGNOLIA93 29 FULLQUIVERDAD
1/16/17 12:55 A
cleaning up the diet...suggestions? ALASKINI 47 CHEYENNE78
2/14/17 8:20 A
how to like veggies TLMARANDA 62 IRISHEI
2/20/17 3:28 P
Belly Fat - Same Girl, Different Angle ARCHIMEDESII 53 STREAM26
1/28/17 12:10 P
Simple Changes NSKYLINE115 39 GERRTIE
1/18/17 5:33 P
the holidays are a sugar magnet HAWTGRANNY2014 10 TWEETIEBIRDIE
1/14/17 11:31 P
This time last year I couldn't even think about ru TRINA0TRUDEAU 10 HEALTH_NOW
10/14/16 5:26 A
Tomorrow I have chemo. They always weigh me before I go in. Let's hope there has been a small drop. HOKIENCLT 10 MRSOLIVER455
10/15/16 8:14 A
Hello Everyone !! I'm starting out at 157 pounds, PRINCESSKAT430 17 EAGLETHREE1
10/14/16 6:10 A
Mustard is my new choice of sauce...low calorie lo JACQUIEB75 43 IVONNE218
10/15/16 10:29 P
I am officially the smallest I have ever been in m KORRILCONGDON 662 SPARTANJAI
1/21/17 5:43 P
Hello everyone DIPESH46 27 ACEHOLE023
10/14/16 4:29 A
Hi! My goal is to reach my goal 140 lbs :). I curr MOONQUEEN16 31 M57229
10/14/16 5:39 A
So, i eat too much fat and not enough protein. Wha MFITZPATANDMAG1 45 DENA2017
10/12/16 10:30 P
It's my anniversary! I'm having steak, cabbage, an SHERRYS76201 22 SHERA241
10/12/16 8:34 P
Got a lot of the cleanup done today after the stor TAMMYWEINSTEIN 8 WALTS-GIRL
10/12/16 10:33 P
Time to go spend time with my family. Talk to ya'l 74JACKI74 6 DENA2017
10/12/16 10:10 P
Starting tomorrow I've been so off track and just GREEN99EYEZ 11 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/13/16 10:51 A
I'm officially on a holiday. I hope I wont gain we ANNAGUIAMGILO 9 LOVIE1212
10/12/16 8:27 P
Today I took 4034 steps. I have downloaded a app o 74JACKI74 10 MAMIOF4BONITOS
10/12/16 8:22 P
Anyone here done an egg fast? I'm on Day 2 and fee AMBERTEMERITY 22 CRAFTYMRSG87
10/12/16 10:36 A
I don't understand why my weight goes up and down JACKI74 8 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/12/16 7:57 A
So I started feeling really yucky. I wonder if my blood sugar was just really low because of keto? D THEEMMYPIRE 48 DYNAMICGIRL18
11/2/16 7:57 A
Woo-hoo, weighed myself this morning since I've b SSMITH762 84 MAMIOF4BONITOS
10/24/16 11:13 A
Back on track today. YAY!! Stayed within my calori JULIEFROMWV 28 RO2BENT
10/12/16 6:37 A
Good Morning All! Another Day To Be Great👏✊ðŸ ROBBY89 17 S_MHANCOCK
10/12/16 7:55 A
Officially down 12.4 pounds! Almost out of the 170 BLESSFULLMOON 34 MCCAREFUL
10/12/16 5:54 P
#weightcheck I was 248lbs now 226lbs #yessss KAYCEE195 18 HOLLDOLL78
10/11/16 3:59 A
57lbs to lose by June 2017...seems almost impossib SUZIEDOLLFACE 54 OVERCOMER87
10/11/16 7:16 P
I have really fallen off of my diet and excercise RMARIEJ31 11 RMARIEJ31
10/11/16 2:02 P
I was away from home for few weeks, and was staying with mom and sis, which means CARBS OVERLOAD! LO MSFIGGY 17 TWEETIEBIRDIE
10/11/16 3:43 A
Loosing weight in Nigeria is difficult, everyone gives you a thousand reasons to add or maintain you OMOKHAFE 4 FOLAKUNMI
10/11/16 4:44 A
Oh-kay! I need my motivation back. After emotional MSFIGGY 24 TWEETIEBIRDIE
10/11/16 3:43 A
I feel good about myself knowing I lost 8 lbs, but then I see myself in a full body mirror or any t LAM200514 11 LAM200514
10/9/16 7:04 P
It's not many days you can say "I ran a marathon t BARBARAS21 21 PICKLEFISH7
10/9/16 7:43 P
How do you cope with family members who aren't res REBECCAKAT1983 19 MCCAREFUL
10/10/16 2:11 P
At the point of being borderline diabetic and gain ANDREA888CDA 11 JAYISOLDEM2
10/9/16 7:01 P

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