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8 months, 60 lbs, and I am no longer obese according to my BMI. Its been a long road. I swim an iron DESFLURANE1033 239 MIRAGE727
4/15/17 4:54 P
Happy Friday everybody! VLRPRKS 7 P61763
3/10/17 12:16 P
Just wanting to praise spark people app! So glad it's full of info, social and logs and blogs. And i NETTERS_2015 14 DRBARNETT
3/9/17 6:35 A
Well, I went way over my calories. My boyfriend took me Wendy's and I though the Cod sandwich would M61947 9 VLRPRKS
2/20/17 9:47 P
I've lost 10lbs! WORKOUTGIRL58 24 MAMI249
2/21/17 12:37 A
Uhh I caved I was doing so good all day :( COLLIE31 4 STAYSTRONGX0
2/20/17 9:55 P
I'm spending the weekend with family and it's superbowl weekend. 😟 This is going to be a challenge, HUMMINBIRRRD 25 VLRPRKS
2/7/17 11:51 A
Have been stuffy headed not feeling up to par feel bad about not exercising but trying to eat well KDDLMT71 6 WOMANOFLOVE
2/7/17 9:24 A
Third day of tracking calories. I cannot believe how quickly i get to my calorie limit each day. Fee DCRIST73 32 DCRIST73
2/7/17 6:43 P
Anybod else here suffer with anxiety? I have panic disorder.. my panic attacks sometimes keep me fro PUGHMOMMYX3 11 PUGHMOMMYX3
2/7/17 8:19 A
Y'all I have been so sick just eating whatever. I tried to track most days before I coughed up a lun VLRPRKS 1 VLRPRKS
2/3/17 2:52 P
I'm am proud of my self. I have lost a total of 31 pounds. Yes it's hard work but I feel good. No we LHARRIS34 10 VLRPRKS
1/31/17 11:56 A
Hi all!! Today is a wonderful day. Dont let anything get in your way. Find motivation in the smalle KRISTYNGESSNER 6 DAWNIEHEATHER78
1/29/17 10:38 A
Note to self:Eating doesn't take away the pain , it only tastes good for a moment. Gather the courag VLRPRKS 3 HLANIER4
1/27/17 5:43 A
Well yesterday morning I finally went with a friend and signed up for planet fitness and I'm still w LAD2015 20 PANHEAD75
1/27/17 7:23 A
So I've tried losing weight before. It always ends the same. Plateau or train wreck off the diet. I RAENBR 8 OTGIRLSARA
1/26/17 5:06 P
One small positive thought can change your whole day NOLIMITS7 4 ADREA1026
1/26/17 4:59 P
I had Chipotle AND Brusters last night and enjoyed every bite. I've been eating clean for 3 months s VLRPRKS 9 MSMAKEOVER
1/15/17 11:41 A
Today instead of sitting and watching my daughter play at the park, I got up and ran around playing CARRIEGLINES16 6 NCLAUSON1
1/8/17 7:14 P
Hi I'm new to Spark . MRLOONEY 10 GRAMMICHELLE
1/6/17 1:37 P
Very longggggg day! Still came home and meal prepped. Hey this healthy eating is becoming a good h VLRPRKS 4 VLRPRKS
1/3/17 10:48 P
I am so overweight and unhappy with myself. But I have no idea how to change it without getting so d CONK217 12 SMB1980
1/3/17 8:55 A
How does everyone eat healthy on a budget?! I'm a single mother and find a box of Little Debbie cake WWIESKAMP1 12 SKYDRAKE
1/2/17 8:11 P
I'm new to Spark. Any good info to know when first starting? Also is it good to weigh daily or weekl MOBEGIRL 16 SUSAN727
1/1/17 1:21 P
For all those feeling overwhelmed by the length of the journey ahead of them, remember that in 2016 NAOMI_ACOSTA 21 QUINNY2016
1/1/17 11:35 A
Happy New Year everybody! No one else is you. That's your super power. Go you! Happy 2017! VLRPRKS 16 HENDRICKSSHEREE
1/1/17 10:54 A
#motIvation I view the new year as a fresh start. But some friends of mine have said its really stu SARAHANGELS 26 PAULAJANE607
1/2/17 6:24 A
I am a cokeaholic. And I know I need to quit but I crave the fizzy sweetness and can't stand the car ERICLEWIS1977 23 ASH0LYY
1/1/17 12:15 P
All I eat is instant food. Stuff in boxes, frozen meals, canned food just not healthy food. I want t BOOTYLICIOUS83 23 T23269
1/5/17 2:03 A
Heads are starting to turn. Not used to that. Whatch out y'all! Lol. #NSV VLRPRKS 21 TORRIESJOURNEY
3/9/17 6:11 P
How important is it for me to drink water? EMMA7868 12 7STIGGYMT
12/28/16 8:46 P
Feeling a little sad today. Still ate right all day. Old me would have pigged out. New me says I wil VLRPRKS 3 EMMA7868
12/28/16 8:06 P
Feeling discouraged thought I'd be losing faster feeling like giving up today :( TWINKER82 18 CARTAY25
12/28/16 12:28 A
Feeling pretty good only went over by 25 calories VLRPRKS 14 RHIO3TRE
12/26/16 9:43 A
Merry Christmas Everybody!!!! I'm a runner ( not y VLRPRKS 4 VLRPRKS
12/25/16 9:15 A
#healthy 😔 have a cold and everything hurts. No LTM234 19 MSMAKEOVER
12/24/16 2:34 P
Merry Christmas to me! I've lost 30 lbs!!! Hoping ZDUNIK 22 MSMAKEOVER
12/30/16 3:51 P
Anyone have any suggestions on a good support Bra? LAURENPAYNE1978 14 NITWITTY11
12/24/16 2:02 P
Anyone else spending Christmas alone and strugglin LORIBEK 23 DOROTHY592
12/25/16 9:39 A
Marry Christmas to all WHITEDIXIE2003 8 D32773
12/24/16 1:42 P
This is another go around for me. I'm at my heavie MAMIELAMBE 36 ROMI1984
12/24/16 9:37 P
Christmas is almost here... do you plan on cheating or just doing smaller potions or eating a salad ASHL3IKRA3M3R90 44 J38850
12/24/16 3:26 P
Yesterday my son looked at me and he sees me every VLRPRKS 38 DAWN1830
12/23/16 5:52 P
Good morning everybody!!!! You rock! You're awesom VLRPRKS 5 ZOEYBRATZ
12/21/16 6:34 A
how do you satisfy the sweet craving because I'm d STE0415 69 WASTEOFMYTUME
12/30/16 6:49 A
Proud of me had a long Monday, instead of emotiona VLRPRKS 14 L86157
12/19/16 9:54 P
The things that your body can do are incredible! W VLRPRKS 4 WHYTEBROWN
12/19/16 6:43 A
POOPING PROBLEMS? Seriously, is anyone else having FATSQUIRRELMAMA 61 GGRSPARK
3/14/17 12:48 P
Woohoo down 66 lbs! LOLAHH 41 BBBABEE73
12/18/16 10:54 P
All day I thought I put on the wrong pants .They'r VLRPRKS 13 ERIKAWI
12/18/16 10:45 P
I'm planning on going to this cardo dance class at SEC394 22 ERIKAWI
12/16/16 10:16 P
I am curious who else struggles with #bingeating o LDITUCCI1106 86 MELITTA61
1/26/17 6:19 A
I'm in an emotionally bad place. Trying to improve SHAPEUPCHELLE 15 HEALTH_NOW
12/17/16 11:37 A
Been having such wonderful success with myself, re MORGANDIVINE 14 HEALTH_NOW
12/16/16 10:59 P
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania here! Hoping for support MIZZKRIZ 12 RO2BENT
12/17/16 9:05 A
Anybody have any good smoothie recommendations? #f MRSBALESTRACCI 7 TYLAMILIAN
12/16/16 9:00 P
Having trouble hitting my calorie intake.. i eat a BIGBABU91 7 VLRPRKS
12/16/16 8:54 P
#food I'm in desperate need of healthy lunches! I' SHEENALAMBERT91 16 MISSJAKE
12/17/16 1:59 A
Where is everybody from? OKAYPAIJ 95 GOODLANDGAL4
1/18/17 5:57 P
Do you do cheat days? VLRPRKS 16 LINDSYWHEATON
12/13/16 10:19 P
Donuts in the kitchen at work. Must not go in th HMBROWN1 12 MBPOPOCA
12/13/16 5:18 P
First day how exciting. 341 going to 200. Can't wait for the results. Wish me luck fellow losers. JOSEFLORESCAN 45 RITA1956
12/13/16 4:00 P
I love how I'm only craving healthy food now clean D17444 2 VLRPRKS
12/12/16 10:03 P
Having a really tough time, my head is telling me SMB1980 24 VLRPRKS
12/12/16 9:55 P
#depression #stress I've been really depressed and stressed out for 3 months now I've been stress ea SWEETSWTHRT4 20 SHEENALAMBERT91
12/14/16 11:54 A
Took couple of days off to celebrate my birthday a ADORABLE4 22 FLOUNDER1323
12/16/16 12:31 A
I lost 2 pounds this week!! 21STRIDEE 15 VLRPRKS
12/12/16 9:38 P
What's your biggest #food temptation ? The thing t YAMS2510 176 KDDLMT71
1/10/17 2:41 P
90 lbs gone as of today. Started at 305 (scary). JJOHNSON5416 721 LONGTALLSLENDER
1/18/17 8:13 A
Goodnight 🌙💤😴 my spark friends BIGRENTMAN 4 L2LLOGAN
12/12/16 9:39 P
It's official - weighed in this morning and I've o JJOHNSON5416 339 AIMEEZ21
2/23/17 11:53 P
I'm so bummed. I'm up 10 pounds, I feel like crap, no motivation. I had lost 30 lbs. I feel like I BWIERENGA 8 HEALTH_NOW
12/12/16 9:41 P
Starting Week 4 of my 12 Week Challenge and the sc MRSTHOMAS8314 7 TRICIARICE
12/13/16 2:54 P
What do you guys eat for a healthy breakfast? #foo ANDREZ132 153 TDBECKER
1/9/17 2:55 P
Christmas seems like a sucky time to start a new d SISKADE 9 L2LLOGAN
12/12/16 9:43 P

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