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Tried something new today. I went for a short BRISK walk around my hilly neighborhood this morning. WALKIN4JEANIE 17 ROCKYCPA
8/21/17 12:35 P
I love my mini-tramp sessions on the back deck. Got in my workout before the temperatures started to WALKIN4JEANIE 3 LKMANNING7
8/20/17 5:38 P
Terrible storm ruin your grilling out plans? Pull out the InstaPot!! There seems to be no break in t WALKIN4JEANIE 3 GARDENCHRIS
8/18/17 7:31 A
FINALLY back on my minitramp this morning!! WALKIN4JEANIE 9 WALKIN4JEANIE
8/17/17 4:44 P
This is my first week back. I am still having trouble getting back into my workout routine. My goal WALKIN4JEANIE 14 ROCKYCPA
8/15/17 1:56 P
Today was ROUGH. Everything and then some got in my way, so that I feel less ready than I ever have LKMANNING7 8 LKMANNING7
8/15/17 10:21 P
Heaven has gained an angel with the passing of my beloved father. 1CRAZYDOG 24 JEANKNEE
8/15/17 1:34 A
Wonderful weekend in WV full of festivals, family and fun. WALKIN4JEANIE 6 ROCKYCPA
8/13/17 1:16 P
Help! Good Morning... I am afraid i might quit. I am scared. This weekend is my first anniversary we MSUNEK 307 SPARKLE1908
8/13/17 3:49 P
Went out to dinner and a movie last night. I hate what the sodium does to me when I eat out. But I s WALKIN4JEANIE 10 PICKIE98
8/10/17 12:39 P
1st early morning workout of the week. Nice thing about my mini-tramp, I can bring it inside from th WALKIN4JEANIE 8 ELJAYBOLAY
8/7/17 11:12 A
FINALLY got to the grocery store. Expensive restocking trip but now there are no excuses to eat take WALKIN4JEANIE 5 PICKIE98
8/6/17 12:46 P
I had planned a major restocking trip to the grocery store. For that, I needed help from either my h WALKIN4JEANIE 5 PICKIE98
8/8/17 7:18 A
First workout since getting sick and then going back to school. 5:15 AM sure did seem early! Felt go WALKIN4JEANIE 15 TIGERSPEECH
8/5/17 8:16 A
First day back to school. My classroom has now been cleaned from stem to stern. I am exhausted. The WALKIN4JEANIE 5 TIGERSPEECH
8/3/17 7:28 A
Did you have a good Sunday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? SPARKGUY 35 MORGANALEFAE
8/3/17 11:11 P
Tried surfing πŸ„ today a stingray got me BIGRENTMAN 28 CGARR442
7/31/17 10:14 P
Had a great time at the Beach Boys Concert last night!! WALKIN4JEANIE 16 PICKIE98
8/1/17 8:31 A
Headed to the Biltmore today to see the Beach Boys. I will get in some activity today for the first WALKIN4JEANIE 13 _LINDA
7/30/17 8:14 P
I really thought that I would be able to work out today. Just doing normal human and mom activity ha WALKIN4JEANIE 5 WALKIN4JEANIE
7/29/17 2:00 P
Really bad night last night with poison ivy or something like it! GABY1948 10 IUHRYTR
7/30/17 9:35 P
This is the last of my doctors 2 days of rest. I want to start back slowly tomorrow. I am thinking I WALKIN4JEANIE 3 1CRAZYDOG
7/29/17 10:52 A
Feeling much better today! I actually look more human because the swelling in face has gone way down WALKIN4JEANIE 9 GARDENCHRIS
7/29/17 8:20 A
Just to compare devices and their stats, today I used my TomTomRunner watch and MapMyWalk on my phon LKMANNING7 7 LKMANNING7
7/28/17 9:09 P
I gained 2 pounds. I was at 195 pounds for a good majority of the week. Now I'm back up to 197 pound AUNTRENEE 6 KOHLRABIGIRL
7/28/17 9:45 A
Down 70 lbs, making a small reminder of how far i' SPARKE77 308 MKPARKE77
8/21/17 12:05 P
I bought some Bing Cherries and have been snacking on them. Guess what? I am allergic to them. I end WALKIN4JEANIE 7 1958TMC
7/28/17 6:45 A
Going to the history museum today. I hit the hotel WALKIN4JEANIE 3 GARDENCHRIS
7/25/17 8:48 P
Photos from the same sky last night, north, south, east, west. Then skies darkened, wind picked up. REEDSKI 8 MPLSKEN
7/25/17 12:22 P
I am responsive to change. Thanks, Sparkpeople! Finally down a pound! πŸ˜„. I thought I gained 10 REEDSKI 6 MPLSKEN
7/25/17 12:22 P
Took advantage of the break in temperatures to get a walk in this morning. WALKIN4JEANIE 3 PICKIE98
7/24/17 3:48 P
I didn't get to run this morning, but this afternoon I burned off a bunch by finishing up this proje LKMANNING7 19 KOHLRABIGIRL
7/24/17 1:45 A
BAM ... another 1 1/2 pounds kicked to the curb for a total of 96 pounds GONE FOREVER. MTN_KITTEN 98 _RAMONA
7/24/17 2:29 P
Added a couple of minutes to my rebounding workout. WALKIN4JEANIE 2 GARDENCHRIS
7/23/17 11:11 A
Today's SparkCoach challenge: Don't pick up the salt shaker...Ok...Let's see how I do! WALKIN4JEANIE 12 GARDENCHRIS
7/23/17 11:22 A
Code Orange Day today. I couldn't workout outside. We laid floor in the upstairs bathroom to stay a WALKIN4JEANIE 11 GARDENCHRIS
7/23/17 11:14 A
Was feeling so good after running 50 minutes of hills that I kept on running and made it 60 minutes. JEANKNEE 21 SUSE17
7/24/17 6:49 A
OMG i did my first 10 min walk today and heaven help me 😭πŸ˜₯ i hurt so bad but im doing 3. 10 min wa DOINITNOTGONNAS 308 BELLACUDDLES
7/23/17 9:14 A
First time EVER in my life that I got a GOOD REPORT from the dentist!! YAY ME!!! WALKIN4JEANIE 8 GARDENCHRIS
7/22/17 7:47 A
NSV... The other day my husband shared a memory on Facebook from our 25th anniversary trip. My daugh WALKIN4JEANIE 9 TIGERSPEECH
7/22/17 8:38 A
Now that I am up to 20 minutes on my rebounder, I am holding some Zumba toning sticks (The 1 pound o WALKIN4JEANIE 4 GABY1948
7/20/17 11:04 A
I am exhausted after two days of Freshman Orientation I did NOT want to workout today. I decided to WALKIN4JEANIE 4 TIGERSPEECH
7/22/17 8:42 A
First try at cauliflower pepperoni pizza... Total failure. I misread the recipe and added way to muc GIGIUS 19 WALKIN4JEANIE
7/19/17 7:38 A
Been awake over 24 hours. 3 more hours before i ge GIGIUS 5 WALKIN4JEANIE
7/19/17 7:00 A
I set a goal to workout at least 10 minutes a day, with my busy schedule sometimes that seems hard t TMOODY84 35 PATJOONWW
7/18/17 11:19 A
Morning hill work complete. WALKIN4JEANIE 13 GARDENCHRIS
7/19/17 7:27 A
Day TWO of freshman orienation today! I met 15 freshman yesterday and will meet 15 more today! WALKIN4JEANIE 3 1CRAZYDOG
7/18/17 12:58 P
Family Reunion at the lake in just a few hours! Have a great weekend everyone! WALKIN4JEANIE 8 HARROWJET
7/14/17 10:31 A
Boy I have a lot on my mind today! Probably should blog, but no one reads them. Since I started this LYONSFARM 15 KELLIEBEAN
7/14/17 8:05 A
Met the SparkCoach challenge with a nice healthy salad for lunch! WALKIN4JEANIE 3 GARDENCHRIS
7/14/17 7:15 A
Tried a new recipe tonight. It tasted as good as it looks! LKMANNING7 22 WALKIN4JEANIE
7/13/17 8:57 A
Added 1 pound weights to my rebounding workout and met my first goal of 20 minutes!! WALKIN4JEANIE 4 GARDENCHRIS
7/14/17 7:15 A
Today's SparkCoach challenge is to have a healthy salad. I guess my lunch plans have been made for m WALKIN4JEANIE 4 GARDENCHRIS
7/14/17 7:15 A
Maybe not the right place for this but this community is like family. My sweet girl Spawt passed awa LADYTARLTON 216 KSTEVERSON
7/13/17 8:53 P
Good morning everyone! Headed to school today to get ready for Freshman Orientation. I packed a "wal WALKIN4JEANIE 6 GARDENCHRIS
7/13/17 7:22 A
My family really likes roasted green beans now. This is a food that we had never tried before we ch WALKIN4JEANIE 11 GARDENCHRIS
7/12/17 7:34 A
So far so good. Eating when I get hungry, and just until I'm satisfied. Evening is coming though... TWEDEE777 9 SPARTANJAI
7/11/17 8:51 P
This week's outdoor gardening chore is complete! I trying to grow baby spinach in a shallow containe WALKIN4JEANIE 6 PICKIE98
7/12/17 8:15 A
7/11/17 10:27 P
Its 59 degrees headed to 92 NEPTUNE1939 3 WALKIN4JEANIE
7/11/17 9:29 A
No change in my weight. Still at 200 pounds. I can't go out for a walk this morning due to a storm g AUNTRENEE 5 PICKIE98
7/11/17 2:37 P
A little shorter time on the rebounder is sooo hot out there! Being consistent is the imp WALKIN4JEANIE 3 GARDENCHRIS
7/12/17 7:38 A
Spark coach just asked me: "What goal would you go for if anything was possible?" And I actually hav THAHEDER 5 GIGIUS
7/11/17 8:16 A
Nice walk this morning. Not too hot yet. WALKIN4JEANIE 12 PICKIE98
7/10/17 12:56 P
How often do weigh yourself? Daily? Once per week? MONIKH 10 CINDY-O
7/10/17 8:11 A
I went on a bike ride this morning! I was gone an hour but stopped to speak with my aunt and uncle REEDSKI 21 DESERTDREAMERS
7/10/17 7:37 P
I upped my game on the mini-tramp today. Workout is now up to 20 minutes. AND, it is weigh in day... WALKIN4JEANIE 6 LKMANNING7
7/9/17 4:14 P
Quick hill work before the rain. Check out my walking buddies! WALKIN4JEANIE 15 GARDENCHRIS
7/8/17 11:29 A
Well, took me 8 months to lose 10 lbs and 4 weeks to gain 6. I feel defeated. I don't know what to ADYTHIA 12 ADYTHIA
7/7/17 6:57 A
It's getting hot out there already! Got my bouncing in.ALMOST up to 18 minutes today. A long way fro WALKIN4JEANIE 3 GARDENCHRIS
7/6/17 6:49 A
First week of working out in the yard I ended up with poison ivy! Fiesdt time I've ever had it. WALKIN4JEANIE 7 WALKIN4JEANIE
7/4/17 6:27 P
Happy Independence Day!! WALKIN4JEANIE 15 PICKIE98
7/5/17 7:00 A
Happy 4th of July πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†Spark friends!! MBLANKFORD 15 STARFISH1961
7/5/17 3:03 P
So I'm trying to figure out how to record my food today since we're having homemade chicken salad an ST3PH 4 SILVERSPARROW04
7/4/17 11:38 A
Back on the mini tramp this morning!! WALKIN4JEANIE 5 HOLLYM48
7/4/17 9:24 A