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ACTIVE TODAY w/ or without dog? Minutes, miles? WALKZWDOGZ 268 WALKZWDOGZ
4/29/17 1:20 A
since I logged in last I have lost so far 26lbs. I am bound and determined to prove to my doctors t SOCCERBEARU10B 8 OMAJ1953
4/29/17 2:32 A
Posted a photo MISSYSMOM61 8 OMAJ1953
4/29/17 2:32 A
One way I stay in shape that's easiest for me is biking with my best friend Taco! ASHNIC56 52 MARIANAD2
4/28/17 2:28 P
THIRD letter starts new word WALKZWDOGZ 238 WALKZWDOGZ
4/28/17 4:53 A
4/28/17 1:06 P
keep the dog on the 1st page EVELYNIA 2976 WALKZWDOGZ
4/28/17 4:50 A
How Are You Feeling? (with emoticon) -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 4872 PAULALALALA
4/28/17 7:44 P
Keep the doggie walking ! KAYWEB555 7985 FITWITHIN
4/28/17 5:21 A
Use emoticon to show your feelings today SYEATS618 20402 ARTJAC
4/28/17 10:51 P
Did you get some excercise in today? JANEYINMADTOWN 3565 WALKZWDOGZ
4/28/17 4:46 A
4/28/17 10:40 A
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 125481 HEDSTS58
4/28/17 8:53 P
Emoticon fun--How do you feel today? ENUFF81020 1898 DETERMINEDJANET
4/27/17 10:11 P
4/27/17 10:11 P
4/27/17 10:08 P
4/27/17 7:45 P
What is the weather like outside where you are? FATROCKSTAR 585 ROTTIELOVE
4/27/17 11:35 A
Emoticon check-in: how you're feeling or say HI! WALKZWDOGZ 1899 ROTTIELOVE
4/24/17 3:18 P
I've made the decision, I'm going to be getting a vertical sleeve gasectromy. A lot of people say it FOXYNOODLESOUP 7 FOXYNOODLESOUP
4/23/17 7:06 P
Question? I am newbie. Where do I find the info where exercise is subtracted from calories WAYTOOKETO 3 RAINYN2004
4/23/17 4:58 P
Yum!! Made my breakfast for the next couple days. It is egg substitute​, red/yellow peppers, turkey DOLLIPS 23 LAAMONICA
4/23/17 5:30 P
trying to think of low to no cost, low impact exercise activities that I can do with my dogs in addi CHRISBEM 4 WALKZWDOGZ
4/22/17 10:05 P
Glad to have our Little Friend "Archie" back for a weekend Visit!!! He is so Smart & FUN to be with FLASUN 17 MSLZZY
4/22/17 6:14 A
How many login points today? ZEE1960 1099 ROTTIELOVE
4/24/17 12:18 P
Took the pooches out for morning walk before my 12 hr ER shift - they were in heaven. Doing ketogeni SWEETSULLY 5 SWEETSULLY
4/21/17 9:07 A
4/19/17 8:59 P
DAILY BARK: CHAT, discuss, whine, share, support! WALKZWDOGZ 211 HICKOK-HALEY
4/28/17 12:46 A
Stopping By To Say Hi - 2017 EDWARDS1411 30 EDWARDS1411
4/22/17 6:59 P
4/20/17 10:42 A
4/19/17 8:34 P
New to tracking and keeping myself accountable. I'm not perfect but im trying hard. Need to lose 20 ANGMARIE89 6 WALKZWDOGZ
4/19/17 3:27 P
Beautiful day here in GA I think i"ll soak up the sun and work in my veggie garden. All the squattin BUGZYBEAR 10 BUGZYBEAR
4/19/17 6:25 P
This PB&J sandwich was tempting! But I made it through the temptation and gave it to my brother. Ins CANDYCANVAS 12 LADYREDCOMET
4/17/17 2:17 P
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!! The weight is off and you and healthier.. keeping it that SJJOY84 8 SJJOY84
4/18/17 7:34 A
Feeling skinny today! Clothes fitting nicely, sun is shining, and I'm walking easy! Here's a pretty BJK1961 15 WALKZWDOGZ
4/13/17 7:46 P
Just wanted to share a pic of my blooming hibiscus. Pretty cloudy and dreary here today. This makes NETTIE722 15 BECCABOO127
4/13/17 7:58 P
I don't care if I'm out of style, I'm celebrating the fact that I am able to wear the bling jeans my DREAMGIRLCITYC 165 PLCHAPPELL
4/14/17 5:39 A
4 years ago today I found our sweet little Omar on my morning walk. He is definitely my BEST find!!! OBIESMOM2 15 JANCARD
4/14/17 10:31 A
Bunny hat greets visitors at my apartment door. I like to have a door decoration . What follows thi TUBLADY 10 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/14/17 2:04 P
How do you find friends? DOLPHINFREAK_73 6 DOLPHINFREAK_73
4/13/17 2:23 P
I'm a old turtle but I'll finish the race MAGDAVIS4458 2772 NASFKAB
4/28/17 5:52 A
I feel defeated. I am back to where I started NINE years ago. :( RUMBLETIGER 8 RUMBLETIGER
4/12/17 10:38 P
Deer waiting for breakfast this morning. Snow overnight #mobilechat ACTIVEGRANDMAP 30 SANDEN2006
4/11/17 10:56 A
Second eye surgery today. Thoughts and prayers appreciated.💕 Marti MARTI1957 10 FLASUN
4/12/17 3:36 A
Gonna be 75 here in Rhode Island. Enjoy the day! I will take my girl Shadow for a nice walk. GEMINIM 14 BELLAFAUCH
4/11/17 8:17 A
I did am and pm workout today. 20 mins in am. 45 mins pm total steps for day 14454 ...proud of me my MIMIGEE2 82 RAPUNZEL53
4/11/17 3:53 A
It is tulip time in Topeka. Ron and Omo. JAMIES 22 WALKZWDOGZ
4/10/17 8:35 P
I am having such an issue keeping up with eating healthy. Life has been so stressful that it makes m E83872 7 LUANN_IN_PA
4/10/17 4:30 P
I know not good, but cute. JGRAINGER4 10 ADRIENALINE
4/10/17 4:23 P
Lunch time walk...enjoyed this beautiful sunny day! DAWN1830 6 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/10/17 2:14 P
Hi I am new to this so any pointers, would greatly be appreciated! JOESANGEL79 6 JOESANGEL79
4/11/17 6:34 A
Posted a photo SOOKIE 4 WALKZWDOGZ
4/10/17 12:20 P
I just finished cleaning my fridge. It felt like intense cardio. (Yes, I am out of shape.) MARIAJESTRADA 4 CHAIRBERRY
4/10/17 12:07 P
My 15 minute project was... ? CHRISTINEBWD 50 CHRISTINEBWD
4/26/17 4:15 P
Team mascot for the week is... HICKOK-HALEY 66 HICKOK-HALEY
4/10/17 11:14 P
I understand about advertising to keep the site free for those of us who utilize it in this manner, TIBURONA 2 WALKZWDOGZ
4/9/17 1:18 A
Does doing your taxes burn calories? TLN-NOW 6 PRESTORJON
4/9/17 2:48 A
Got a good walk in today with my boyfriend and his dog. Love spring in Michigan! KAY-SUPREME 16 KAY-SUPREME
4/9/17 11:54 A
Someone's worn out after I walk. I think our training might just help with my weight loss. COLLIE31 12 RUTHSJOURNEY
4/8/17 8:20 P
Couple hours out hiking. Was little cold once i got up on the mountain. Oh well pushed out about 6 m TYPAR82 6 TYPAR82
4/8/17 6:14 P
I can't believe what a difference 10 lbs off makes. I feel more comfortable with myself already... f LUVOFME 6 LUVOFME
4/9/17 10:32 A
walking with my dog is a great way to start my day AZMOMXTWO 4 WALKZWDOGZ
4/8/17 5:26 P
Yesterday had huge wind storm knocked out electricity for about 6 hours. Some went longer. Today it' TUBLADY 4 JAMER123
4/8/17 9:03 P
I am new here. Its my firat day. I need friends and help staying accountable. Maybe someone i can ch JAMIEHILLMAN 9 CORINNERN
4/8/17 5:03 P
Veggie Frittata for Lunch 😍 GSANGHERA 24 CHKCHNC
4/8/17 5:15 P
At 11:20pm Monday night Pacific Time my beloved Cousin's Father-in-law passed away in his sleep, was JUDITH316 24 WHOIAM3
4/5/17 8:09 P
I'm taking a painting class in our retirement community. I couldn't do it without our instructor he 45AQUA-MAN 13 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/4/17 7:27 A
How I'm feeling this AM..soo sleep.. CONNIELLT 17 PLCHAPPELL
4/3/17 6:23 A
Im so excited i cant wait to see how much more i can lose before Apr 21st. Why Apr 21st you ask? ☺ GDFOOD 4 JAYISOLDEM2
4/3/17 4:25 A
Multiple Pig ears recall HICKOK-HALEY 4 HICKOK-HALEY
4/3/17 1:47 A
My Tiger BigPaw who I've loved for all his 17 yrs on this good earth, our Mother, who went to be wit RAVEN2FEATHERS 10 WALKZWDOGZ
4/2/17 6:54 P
Walked 7 miles today and 3 miles yesterday! Down 40 lbs since last April and only 8 to go! I feel DUWAHDOO 18 BERLYSUE49
4/2/17 9:40 P
6 days of working out in a row and I think my body hates me for it. But it will thank me later! 77PINKLADY 3 WALKZWDOGZ
4/1/17 4:29 P
Not doing so hot this week. I've been trying, but overindulgence is a hard resist. I also think, gro GNOVINGER1 5 GNOVINGER1
4/1/17 4:54 P

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