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Meet my new walking buddy! This is Morty, a 2 year old min pin. We adopted him 12/3. He and I go on LINDZZ3 75 BILLTHOMSON
12/13/17 8:02 A
Friday Night/Saturday we actually got a little snow and still went for walks with these cuties right FIERCEBAMAWOMAN 8 GEORGE815
12/10/17 1:19 P
Fitbit cheaters are the worst. I busted my butt this week to earn my steps, and currently, as we spe ELF41978 12 WALKN4WARD
12/9/17 12:41 A
Hi guys i took a huge ass break from my diet now i gained 30 pounds :/ im back from where i started GXNXSIIS 13 SUSANMCDONOUGH
12/8/17 6:44 A
Did you get some excercise in today? JANEYINMADTOWN 3573 HICKOK-HALEY
12/8/17 3:52 P
12/12/17 7:53 P
Use emoticon to show your feelings today SYEATS618 21141 ARTJAC
12/13/17 11:08 P
What is the weather like outside where you are? FATROCKSTAR 602 WALKZWDOGZ
12/8/17 2:51 A
12/8/17 11:04 A
Happy Thanksgiving Eve y'all!!! CROD1830 18 PRAIRIEOMA
11/22/17 10:43 A
Team Bonus Points Are Back!!! EDWARDS1411 2 WALKZWDOGZ
11/20/17 2:37 A
November 2017 Miles Challenge EDWARDS1411 2 WALKZWDOGZ
11/20/17 2:33 A
Winter has just kept coming _BABE_ 18 CHERIRIDDELL
11/17/17 1:26 A
What is the weather in your neck of the woods? CHRISTINEBWD 438 PAULALALALA
11/27/17 9:23 P
my plan is to lose weight by Tuesday = which means I need to walk the treadmill today MARILYNS69 11 KURTZIE1998
11/15/17 7:12 P
Well. I tried Keto and Temptation for sweets and c CATHERINE5300 26 KIMBERLY925
11/28/17 7:40 P
Breakfast. This is so good!! BOLTHOUSE FARMS Green Goodness Good morning ANOJAG 6 --CHERYL--
11/11/17 3:06 P
My walking partners helped me make my first mile in over 7 years. Weight loss sure helps arthritic APS0928 14 BELLSH1BELL
10/25/17 12:00 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 4 KATHYJO56
10/11/17 12:54 A
I'm starting all over again. I just got the diabetic pod pump and have to really watch my carbs. I r LJS6882 4 RALEIGHGURL
10/4/17 3:08 P
Twelve years ago today, my everything arrived on this planet. "Fawn boy pug #2" was born in the smal VEG_GIRL04 6 WALKZWDOGZ
10/3/17 1:53 P
#BeforeAndAfter. Still on my journey. I want to lose 70 more pounds. I’ve lost 200 so far thanks t ~INDYGIRL 272 NEWBARBARA2017
10/8/17 9:59 P
I just started Sparkpeople today. I have 51 pounds to loose and very little will power. My husband i CRHONDADITTMAN 7 CRHONDADITTMAN
10/2/17 8:58 P
My snack is bell peppers and cucumbers with ranch dressing KJOSEY4 3 NERDMUFFIN
10/2/17 4:08 P
27lb journey. I mainly see the loss in my face. Still have a long way to go. ARTASONG 43 LKMANNING7
9/29/17 8:40 P
Smile EDWARDS1411 1061 PICKIE98
12/13/17 6:12 P
Starting today REEMHA277 3 GEORGE815
9/26/17 7:26 P
Has anyone ever felt like ur stuck at at the same weight and cant just seem to shed off anymore lbs ROMELOKZ 16 ETHELMERZ
9/26/17 5:34 A
Giving God thanks for the blessing of another year added to this blessing of life he has given me. H PUMPKINPIE36 7 PUMPKINPIE36
9/26/17 7:33 A
I hate dealing with palmetto cockroaches. There's one in my room so I used the disinfecting spray to DEEKELLYE 4 DEEKELLYE
9/29/17 7:49 P
Been craving spaghetti lately so that's what's for dinner .... spaghetti ... SQUASH .... with turkey SOUTHTXXRNNR 23 METALMOMMA25
9/22/17 4:07 P
I forgot to take a picture of it but today i try for the first time Spegetti Quash and never cooked MIOSOTIS3KIDS 7 MIRAGE727
9/18/17 10:39 A
Good morning! Let's lick this day! KKILBURN 12 AUNTRENEE
9/14/17 8:48 A
New workout buddy. OKIE728 36 OKIE728
9/12/17 3:53 P
Getting to know the pack:(Re) Introduce you & dogs WALKZWDOGZ 75 WALKZWDOGZ
9/8/17 10:10 P
For those of you who enjoy Pumpkin! HICKOK-HALEY 4 JANET552
9/4/17 10:30 A
Posted a photo SLVRMANE 9 UMUCGRAD
9/3/17 9:48 P
The kids enjoying vacationing 😊 RUTHSJOURNEY 17 WALKZWDOGZ
9/2/17 5:19 A
Follow me.... come with me... :) lets do this together. RUTHSJOURNEY 13 WALKZWDOGZ
9/2/17 5:18 A
I'm fighting a snack attack! It's 3:00 in the morning and the kitchen is closed (my rule). I'm going POPIRED 19 ILARIAMARCUCCI
9/22/17 11:49 P
8/30/17 11:02 P
My treat for the week came with an awesome saying everyone should take to heart today! #awesome #ra KTERHUNE09 6 FOXYHOGG
8/30/17 9:20 P
How can you keep mobile when you have a torn meniscus? I'm staying under my calorie limit. I'm havin AMYMBUNCH 12 BLUESOX4113
9/9/17 9:29 A
My first attempt at cloud bread and oh my days thi RATATOUILLETTE 23 RATATOUILLETTE
8/28/17 10:13 P
Here's how much weight I've lost since starting over in June - 20 pounds, the equivalent of four rea KNITTINGKITTY 22 CHAIRMASTER
9/2/17 10:53 A
Grateful for a walk with my sweet Lab after another very sweaty day of moving. BONNIEMARGAY 11 CKOUDSI617
8/28/17 7:12 P
Hello once again, I've been trying to think of a way to make my eating as automatic as possible to k JUSTSTICKWITHIT 20 CINDY247
8/28/17 1:52 P
Posted a photo JAMER123 9 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/30/17 6:20 P
DAILY BARK: CHAT, discuss, whine, share, support! WALKZWDOGZ 226 OKBACK2MEAGAIN
9/25/17 11:03 P
August 2017 Miles Challenge EDWARDS1411 6 EDWARDS1411
8/25/17 10:01 P
8/19/17 11:34 P
8/16/17 11:50 A
mhhh... I don't know. I tracked my dogwalk today and I think the burned calories are way too high! i RAYCHEN 3 BOOKNUT52
8/14/17 4:18 A
So this is my first post. I have been actively try DRASWEET 5 DRASWEET
8/12/17 8:50 P
ACTIVE TODAY w/ or without dog? Minutes, miles? WALKZWDOGZ 288 AMYLFA
10/8/17 9:46 P
Can someone please clarify? Amongst all the diet products and peddlers wanting the public to buy ce RUBYREDIVY1 8 LRJUSTUS1
8/13/17 5:23 A
shoveled out a pickup truck filled with dirt for garden. would that classify as heavy digging? LOL! JAZZTIC 5 KINDGIRL56
8/11/17 8:14 P
Sorry this is so long lol..I weighed 213#s in the photo, yes it was in 2015....I had lost a bunch of LLR630 6 WALKZWDOGZ
8/11/17 1:04 A
Posted a photo ZOMBIE23 11 FRAN0426
8/10/17 1:32 P
Affordable headphones AMCCMA05 27 SIMPLYKESSHIA
8/30/17 2:27 P
Mascot of the Week HICKOK-HALEY 364 RONDARC
9/16/17 2:41 P
I hope August is a fantastic month for everyone. I am so proud of the newbee's here. You have done a HICKOK-HALEY 12 BERRY4
8/4/17 11:13 P
You know your weight has gotten WAY out of hand when u won't even consider dating or even going to c BUTTERFLY55102 8 SARAHNRICKY1
7/22/17 10:24 A
11/17/17 11:41 A
How Are You Feeling? (with emoticon) -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 5142 CHRISTINEBWD
11/30/17 11:02 P
What are you putting off doing today? CHRISTINEBWD 51 CHRISTINEBWD
11/27/17 12:44 P
What is the link to spin for sparkpoints for group SONFLOWER_TX 7 LUANN_IN_PA
7/16/17 4:54 P
Did You Gazelle Today - 2017 EDWARDS1411 16 EDWARDS1411
7/7/17 11:15 P
7/4/17 11:20 P
I hate it when all the weight you loss comes back. Had a rough week and gained it all back. Dang it. MAIKANOE 9 JAJABEE1717
6/22/17 7:50 P
The only reason I exercise is my dog. Other than that I hate exercising as much as a I hate people. MISTYLISOUS01 22 NANCYANND55
6/22/17 8:52 P
It's sad when your coach gets old and infirm...Daisy is my personal trainer. Over the 13 years we've ANITAJJ 15 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/20/17 11:36 A
Been Really depressed this week, because my Mom di KINYA4571 9 JULIENSMITH
6/20/17 12:49 P
6/20/17 1:34 A
RAWHIDE RECALL--I ndustrial cleaner-not salmonella WALKZWDOGZ 3 WALKZWDOGZ
6/20/17 12:56 A