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Playing 90mins squash with my husband later. Would've been done with our session already if I didn' WANNATHIN 5 MLR_00
4/21/18 7:56 A
Satisfying delicious cauliflower fried rice side....definitely fools the taste buds ZINASP1 18 WANNATHIN
4/20/18 3:29 A
Walked with my daughters to a book store. Nice Treat and came home with 5 books. :) I've been tryin SUSANSKI 7 BONNIE1552
4/20/18 7:35 A
Fell asleep on the couch last night with a crooked neck and woke up in SERIOUS agony with a muscle s WANNATHIN 3 JANIEWWJD
4/20/18 3:26 A
4/20/18 6:08 A
My husband took a video of me this past Sunday and I looked at it for the first time yesterday. The WANNATHIN 2 ZELDA13
4/19/18 2:46 A
First cut of the grass and at last some sunshine instead of rain and cold ANNEMAC5 6 ALLYLIZZY
4/17/18 2:20 P
For a website that's suppose to encourage support and community, I have on more than one occasion fe WANNATHIN 4 MADDIEBSMAMA
4/17/18 12:40 P
I work in a car dealership that occupies three floors and a very large footprint. I walk all day lo WANNATHIN 9 LUANN_IN_PA
4/17/18 1:21 P
Reward for my first stone lost (which was a while ago, but I’ve wavered a bit since then) - behold t BLEARY 23 DIXIE-LUSH
4/17/18 8:21 A
Posted a photo IAN2409 17 DALID414
4/18/18 1:26 A
Good morning 😘😘😘😘 KEENA47 33 EVANS1848
4/17/18 3:21 P
Was awake from 03:00 until 04:00 thanks to my toddler wanting to check for monsters under his bed... WANNATHIN 3 MARINEMAMA
4/16/18 4:14 A
Got some half decent sleep last night and my son slept 8 hours straight without wetting the bed! #w WANNATHIN 6 JEWELZEE-
4/14/18 6:10 A
Even though I'm sure I'm clinically sleep deprived from waking up every 2hrs for the last 2 weeks to WANNATHIN 7 LITTLEREDHEN8
4/13/18 6:06 A
So those Manmakers..... Oh. My. Word!!! My plan was to do 3 sets of 8 reps, but BOY HOWDY! That WANNATHIN 3 LULUDOG3
4/11/18 10:10 A
Okay, so the "Manmaker".... I'll be trying this tomorrow morning.... Watch this space! Or maybe d WANNATHIN 1 WANNATHIN
4/10/18 11:09 A
4/10/18 12:38 P
After a difficult night with our toddler (both emotionally and sleep-related), as well as an unexpec WANNATHIN 42 DCWILLIAMS831
4/9/18 2:52 P
Posted a photo WANNATHIN 14 GEORGE815
4/7/18 10:34 A
Posted a photo WANNATHIN 11 GEORGE815
4/7/18 10:35 A
After losing around 100 pounds and now, after losing 220. No surgery. All SparkPeople. ~INDYGIRL 321 CSRICHMOND
4/12/18 6:55 A
Just had the most delicious dark chocolate lined sugar cone with a shot of espresso inside! Way few WANNATHIN 4 _LINDA
4/6/18 12:35 P
Great music can make a huge difference in your workout! DANNI3EE 3 WANNATHIN
4/6/18 8:25 A
I have really felt almost instant benefit from stretching on the Powerplate this morning! My aching WANNATHIN 1 WANNATHIN
4/6/18 6:05 A
Oy, my legs are hurting today! As uncomfortable as it is, it's a good sign since I haven't had achi WANNATHIN 6 TESSWILDFLOWER
4/5/18 5:30 A
I think I may have OP'd...., as in over-protein'd. Had a protein shake (mass builder) yesterday for WANNATHIN 6 URBANREDNEK
4/4/18 10:54 A
It was LEG DAY this morning.... Ouch.... WANNATHIN 7 SHELLLEY2
4/4/18 7:38 A
So a rather young and attractive muscle man at the gym enlightened me to the fact that the "cage" on WANNATHIN 9 MORNINGGLORY481
4/3/18 8:27 A
I absolutely LOVE these 60g packets of Simba Salted Peanuts and Raisins. They are reasonably priced WANNATHIN 5 SEBARTLETT1
3/27/18 6:56 A
Oh my goodness, I am so busy at work I haven't even had time to spin the login wheel for days and da WANNATHIN 3 LITTLEREDHEN8
3/27/18 6:06 A
In Dec 2017 I bought a pair of skinny jeans that were meant to have an "uplift effect" on the bootie WANNATHIN 4 MLR_00
3/21/18 6:48 A
I have decided that I have been stuck in a rut with my fitness (it's hard to admit that, but it's tr WANNATHIN 6 SUSIEMT
3/19/18 2:44 P
After a very relaxing, fun weekend with my family, I REALLY wasn't feeling my workout this morning. WANNATHIN 6 CHADZBINDEN
3/19/18 7:59 A
If your first instinct is to post a negative comment, please keep scrolling. I want to buy some USN WANNATHIN 3 YOGIOFFMAT
3/17/18 6:24 A
Looking forward to finishing work at 13:00 and going to meet my husband and son on the beach for som WANNATHIN 3 ETHELMERZ
3/17/18 4:59 A
Woke up at 3am convinced it was Friday morning. First thought was that I hadn't laid out my gym stuf WANNATHIN 4 ETHELMERZ
3/17/18 5:00 A
Just putting it out there that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my son! He really is my sunshine and his gorgeous s WANNATHIN 9 CHADZBINDEN
3/16/18 7:18 A
I started 4 months ago at 259 im now 240. Im still going i wont give up! KLOVETJ17 9 LEDIRETSE
3/16/18 7:44 A
#motivate DIVAGLOW 12 PAULA3420
3/16/18 9:11 P
Need some advice. It's my 6yr wedding anniv on 31 March and I would really like to surprise my husb WANNATHIN 12 WANNATHIN
3/14/18 7:47 A
too much snow! can not get any walks in with Buster! FOOTTREKKER 7 FOOTTREKKER
3/14/18 6:35 A
Feeling pretty deppresed..starting to turn to food again. Any tip? 620STECHERMYA 12 TESSWILDFLOWER
3/14/18 6:12 A
3/14/18 5:23 A
The leg press machine is my new best friend and my new worst enemy! I love how I can actually SEE m WANNATHIN 4 PLCHAPPELL
3/14/18 5:25 A
Had such a nice, relaxing day off yesterday for my 40th birthday. Started off with a treadmill 4km WANNATHIN 89 WANNATHIN
3/14/18 2:07 A
I have discovered the miracle of MICROWAVE EGGS! Oh my word, so quick and easy and I eat out the sa WANNATHIN 6 ORTATK
3/13/18 9:39 A
My weight does not seem to be moving :( feeling discouraged today. It dropped dropped dropped. I tra SAMK1981 11 MSMITCHELL2696
3/13/18 9:42 A
Mm this is how I do my overnight oats! And I eat them cold. Oats, chia seeds, banana (I throw the fr ZIGGYSTARSHAY 11 WANNATHIN
3/9/18 1:13 A
I'm so darn bleak! Took my hip measurement again yesterday and it's 2cm HIGHER than it was in Dec! WANNATHIN 5 URBANREDNEK
3/8/18 11:26 A
So annoyed! I specifically remember taking my hip measurement a few months back and logging it "som WANNATHIN 3 WANNATHIN
3/7/18 10:17 A
Looks like the battery on my scale is dying, it's not working the same as when I first got it. It's PEREZJPRZ19 6 PEREZJPRZ19
3/7/18 10:53 A
Working 8-8 today and got up at 5 to go to the gym! I’m tired but it was so worth it!! GETTINLEANIN18 15 JTHEALTHY1
3/7/18 12:32 P
I lost my first pound! 29 to go. I'm doing this - one pound at a time! MEKNAPPSACK 164 LYNMEINDERS
3/7/18 2:48 P
Everyone needs an adorable cow to cheer up their day ♡ PIXIEDEATHXIUNI 30 LOUISE979
3/6/18 8:14 A
My son is really starting to enjoy the music of MOANA and I personally am a big fan of the song, SHI WANNATHIN 3 WANNATHIN
3/6/18 12:42 A
I've downloaded some great new tunes for my workouts. Some oldies but goodies, some classics, some WANNATHIN 3 INSIGHT62
3/5/18 9:47 A
At the beginning of Feb, I was able to do one set of 8 x 30kg squats and the last rep was TOUGH. Th WANNATHIN 6 WANNATHIN
3/2/18 7:03 A
So so so so so so THRILLED to be OFF this weekend! I have worked the last FOUR Saturdays in a row a WANNATHIN 11 CIERAPOET
3/2/18 7:09 A
Not sure if HERBALIFE is an international brand, but I am considering using their meal replacement s WANNATHIN 3 FIREBRTHR
2/28/18 11:38 A
In less than 2 weeks, I'll be 40 years old. And I didn't go to the gym on Monday coz I just didn't WANNATHIN 3 WANNATHIN
2/28/18 2:36 A
Last night my son, with a huge smile said to me, your the fattest. I said nothing just went and chan PJACKSON1986 28 WANNATHIN
2/28/18 2:36 A
When someone at work offers you unsolicited advice about your diet or exercise plans.... WANNATHIN 6 FIREBRTHR
2/27/18 3:18 P
So I know this is a spoiled first-world problem, but yesterday was day 3 for me and I already gave i TESSWILDFLOWER 9 TESSWILDFLOWER
2/27/18 2:14 P
2/24/18 4:34 A
2/23/18 10:48 A
One of our supplier reps came to visit us today and brought along her manager to meet us. Said mana WANNATHIN 3 MYTIMEOK
2/22/18 10:29 A
I sell new cars for a living and have for years, but you still get men who assume that I'm an admini WANNATHIN 12 PREMAMEHROTRA
2/21/18 3:41 A
Or maybe I'll go very grown up and do this instead? Chocolate has always been my favourite, so mayb WANNATHIN 10 WANNATHIN
2/19/18 8:35 A
What I'm thinking about having for my 40th birthday! I will feel like a kid again and I'm sure my 4 WANNATHIN 10 ORTATK
2/19/18 7:35 A
Made it to my PUMP class yesterday morning after two weeks of not attending. Squats weren't as bad WANNATHIN 2 MLR_00
2/19/18 6:44 A
Did my planned 5km HIIT Treadmill Cardio in 40mins this morning, after feeling like hitting the snoo WANNATHIN 7 GAOUDI
2/16/18 4:19 A
Have a happy day! 2 hard boiled eggs with everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s & a b JBALL21 38 MUSTANGMOM6
2/15/18 11:13 A
Saw the most gorgeous Adidas trainers on an advert on Facebook last night. I must have them!! Thin WANNATHIN 4 LAURAFOOTE
2/15/18 8:43 A
I've been barely hanging in for the last week. Managing to log in, but not much else. At least I've JESS0000 18 VIRGINIAGIRL
2/15/18 2:38 P