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Had a dream that I was sitting on the floor with my legs out in front of me and stretching my torso WANNATHIN 14 WANNATHIN
12/13/17 6:04 A
Decided that I had to go to gym on the day I've had as a rest day for the last 3 weeks (Wednesday) t WANNATHIN 9 PATSYGO
12/13/17 4:28 A
12/13/17 6:06 A
I always gain weight this time of year but this year I have lost weight , Thank you SP GLENNA36121 7 WANNATHIN
12/12/17 6:52 A
Week 13 down another 1.6 this week total 28.2 😊 TMP0418 79 _LINDA
12/13/17 12:01 A
Hit my Goal weight.....😁 SANTS77 37 _LINDA
12/13/17 12:02 A
Stay focused. Have the eye of the Tiger! Complete what you have set your heart upon. Be patient and BOOHOOBEAR 11 IAMAGEMLOVER
12/12/17 7:58 A
Did a strong treadmill cardio workout this morning, followed by 3 x 30 second tricep dips and pushup WANNATHIN 13 WANNATHIN
12/12/17 4:27 A
What is wrong with me? I did so bad today. Went over my calories by a billion it seems. What's worst JOANNARIOS88 15 MSMITCHELL2696
12/12/17 9:51 A
OK, I know I work for a gym. I know I'm a little biased. But why is it always "Ditch the gym" and do LYONSFARM 15 -POOKIE-
12/12/17 4:17 A
Gotta admit, I'm a little down. I was 276 pounds on my birthday 1st June; I am down to 215 last week M_CAVANAGH 22 MSMITCHELL2696
12/12/17 10:10 A
Click the heart button if you survived without sweets and junk food today. ALLYLIZZY 26 CBASS30
12/12/17 2:01 A
I feel like a traitor. For several years now, my pepper fudge has been a staple at Christmas parties LKMANNING7 33 CONSTANCE067
12/12/17 11:03 P
This week, name 5 things you will do to stay on track!! Here are mine! 1. Track ALL food. (the good, LOSING150JILLI 7 FRISKYCRITTER
12/11/17 6:33 A
This is my first time ever posting. I have been using this amazing all for a year now so I figured I MOCHICAKE81 39 PATJOONWW
12/11/17 11:18 A
After yet again weighing in on a Monday to find I'm heavier than I was on the Friday, I have decided WANNATHIN 5 MDOWER1
12/11/17 7:50 A
After another weekend of NOT sticking to plan.... I can at least say that I have now gotten out of WANNATHIN 5 NITEMAN3D
12/12/17 12:58 A
I promise, this is the last one, for today folks! It Just Makes Me So Proud! F5-FURY 24 WANNATHIN
12/8/17 3:27 A
Note to self... RHOOK20047 12 MBPP50
12/8/17 10:44 A
Salad and wine in front of a cozy fireplace! #hyggelig GRATTECIELLA 28 LIVEDAILY
12/8/17 3:33 P
Thought I'd share this picture of my grandson. He saw the fish at the grocery store and was in awe. LYONSFARM 46 ZOOMTHOM
12/8/17 4:36 A
I am so excited and proud of myself, after kidney surgury 1 year ago I finally built up my strength JUDITH316 25 IMPROVINGME
12/9/17 1:38 A
These are so enjoyable and seeing results. Glad I decided to do this 30-day arm challenge. EO4WELLNESS 11 YMWONG22
12/8/17 5:15 A
Oh golly gosh! Today I broke my streak of sticking to my workout commitment :( Feeling a little bi WANNATHIN 13 ORTATK
12/8/17 6:11 A
I had to put my precious beagle Bella down yesterday. GLAMNGLOWDIVA 22 1CRAZYDOG
12/7/17 3:14 P
Trying to take a #selfie just makes me look like a crazy person.... WANNATHIN 18 WANNATHIN
12/6/17 8:43 A
When I got to work this morning, our receptionist said "You're looking very slender this morning!" WANNATHIN 8 EMIG96
12/6/17 8:24 A
I'm obsessed with weighing myself. I need to weigh a minimum of twice a day, and all day I constant TIGERSEYEHEART 25 KOKONA
12/5/17 2:02 P
And don't y'all forget it! WANNATHIN 10 52114ME
12/5/17 10:16 A
I really am finding weekends so tough! We always have wine (and I have too many glasses), I don't g WANNATHIN 8 LILYSTARTSOVER
12/4/17 11:14 P
Down 140 lbs need to lose those last 23 lbs to get to goal 😀 KCUEVAS83 46 ALLYLIZZY
12/4/17 4:03 P
December 1, 2017 is the first day of the squat challenge. I have had 6 people join my challenge. I h SONYA2575 7 MAGGIESUE2016
12/2/17 12:36 P
Joined to try and gain weight. ADVICE IS WELCOME. 5"2 100lbs, I'd like to gain about 20lbs. TIFFANY0123 5 HAWKTHREE
12/2/17 6:49 A
I found out yesterday my asshole husband is having an affier. Possible a women 20 years younger t SACHARYA123 23 SACHARYA123
12/6/17 8:52 P
The sound of doubt and disbelief from the lips of a loved one. Leads to the internal dialog and se RN42MORROW 16 HAWKTHREE
12/2/17 6:51 A
My cat is sick. I am stressed I am so glad I don't have bad stuff in the house I think I would be ea PANDAJOY 5 ALICIA363
12/2/17 11:58 A
Just got to work (Saturday, yay...) and I'm heading to the kitchen for the healthy breakfast I left WANNATHIN 5 B_RAZORSHARP
12/2/17 7:07 A
What are you looking forward to? GBOOMER 9550 KBEHNKE81
12/13/17 5:16 A
How to deal with the "You'll be too thin" Brigade? WANNATHIN 13 LADYSTARWIND
12/9/17 12:48 A
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? TWININGS12 10174 QUAIL75
12/12/17 6:12 P
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 13560 NYARAMULA
12/13/17 5:19 A
Lost 38 lbs so far, still going at it! I feel great! #BeforeAndAfter MKDREW38 170 NOCALORIES
12/1/17 8:04 P
Since I went shopping for a few things and then discovered a stash of long-forgotten, used-to-be-too LKMANNING7 111 YAYOZHIK
12/1/17 8:33 P
Hello towel holder It has been long time... Everyone Tell me 1 reason to use it Please! I need motiv MSFIGGY 35 MSFIGGY
12/2/17 8:25 A
After another crazy busy day at work and a night of not sleeping well again since my son was constan WANNATHIN 10 REEDSKI
12/1/17 7:27 A
I really think I could eat an entire mountain of sweet potato fries right now! Haven't had time for WANNATHIN 3 WANNATHIN
12/1/17 6:54 A
The answer to this today was Yes!!! I also took a before pic that I will post later as I am still mo LYNLE0423 12 WANNATHIN
12/1/17 2:14 A
Been in a funk since thanksgiving. I was called fat the whole day by my grandmother. Whom I brought SHESACOUNTRYSWE 19 WLHOPE
12/9/17 10:24 P
Have to cut out trail mix with chocolate nuts. I also need to buy 1 serving bags so I won't be tempt MUSICLADY923 6 RUSSELLFORD
12/1/17 2:45 A
Finally put up this in my vanity room/walk in closet lol I've had it about a year lol MRSWEAVER2 8 MRSWEAVER2
12/1/17 8:25 A
12/1/17 3:30 A
I am trying to find out if you can eat what you wa CACTUSMAN10 10 CACTUSMAN10
12/6/17 10:00 P
After my hectic busy workday yesterday and not sleeping well (brain wouldn't shut off, son wanted to WANNATHIN 7 REEDSKI
11/30/17 5:07 A
I really wish I had a pedometer / step counter to know for sure how many steps I took today!!! Neve WANNATHIN 5 WANNATHIN
11/29/17 11:03 A
"While aesthetic goals like weight loss and toning up are fun and healthy, we need to remember to ap WANNATHIN 8 REEDSKI
11/28/17 7:22 A
Yet again crushed my 4km time on the treadmill this morning! Improved my last best time by TWO minu WANNATHIN 14 YMWONG22
11/28/17 7:32 A
Rewarded myself for having lost 18kg by buying my first ever pair of skinny jeans and a sleeveless t WANNATHIN 22 WANNATHIN
11/27/17 1:39 A
❤ How do people drink up to 8 glasses? I drink up to four or 6 a day and wouldn't get to sleep at ni SANAABUBACKER 19 RO2BENT
11/25/17 7:24 A
Had so much fun at the staff party last night! I ate a little bit of everything, had dessert and a WANNATHIN 11 ORTATK
11/25/17 6:50 A
So proud of myself for everything I've achieved this week! I have completed the four early morning WANNATHIN 17 PLCHAPPELL
11/24/17 6:15 A
Does anybody have a crush on a guy at gym? Edit: Thank you for your response, guys. While there are SSUSMITA 12 SSUSMITA
12/6/17 12:01 A
Tips to get to the gym after work? COONSY 23 MRSJEFFL
12/12/17 9:33 A
How many of my Sparklers are going to eat the high calorie food tomorrow? How many are sticking to y UTAHCOUNTRYGIRL 7 GOODGETNBETR
11/23/17 2:58 A
I am so tired of watching my hair fall out in clumps because of my hashimotos. So... I shaved it. A BARBEDWIREKITTY 28 KSTEVERSON
11/23/17 8:04 P
I am proud to announce that I have now lost 39.7lbs! I also kicked my last 4km time's butt and impr WANNATHIN 7 SUZENNA
11/23/17 2:58 A
After dropping my son at school this morning, I stopped at a traffic light. Directly in front of me WANNATHIN 13 CDS427
11/22/17 7:18 A
Having SUCH a stressful day and wishing I had something other than two boiled eggs for lunch!!! WANNATHIN 7 CATHYRAEDAVIS2
11/21/17 7:34 A
Our annual work year-end function is this coming Friday. It's a spit-braai (rotisserie BBQ?) and th WANNATHIN 8 WANNATHIN
11/20/17 7:15 A
The big baggy shirts I used to wear to the gym, so I could hide in them and pretend I wasn't enormou WANNATHIN 13 LINDASOUTHER
11/20/17 11:31 A
This might be TMI, but started "the monthlies" this morning before going to gym. BUT since I am in WANNATHIN 6 REEDSKI
11/20/17 4:22 A
11/22/17 7:59 P
Made iced s'mores for my son yesterday and I'm very proud to say that after having a carb-free dinne WANNATHIN 5 PEARL79
11/20/17 2:10 A
So I DID go to gym after work on a Friday afternoon (like a BOSS) and BLASTED through leg, butt and WANNATHIN 11 PLCHAPPELL
11/18/17 6:01 A
My son decided that he wanted NOT to sleep between 01:30 and 03:30 this morning.... and we had an a WANNATHIN 6 CATHYRAEDAVIS2
11/17/17 5:06 A
Where was the first place you saw weight lost on your body? For me it's my butt and my top the two p ALLENLISA5357 13 TMP0418
11/17/17 4:22 P