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Finally got up ran my 3.1 miles and was able to enjoy my breakfast on my deck before the baby woke u MANDAWOLFEY 12 RETAT60
5/24/17 11:36 A
Wake up this morning feeling really good I made it out the 380s HENNYFLOW29 122 FITME2017
5/24/17 6:57 P
Posted a photo LALAP1012 30 IAN2409
5/25/17 7:15 A
5/24/17 3:19 P
Down 53lbs in 3 months. WOOHOO! Finally feeling like I'm accomplishing something. SPARKE77 266 GORDONED
5/24/17 6:04 P
Woo-hoo!! First goal met of 15 pds. Starting the next. Thanks everyone for sharing and caring๐Ÿ˜„ KINDGIRL56 187 SCOTTDEAN
5/24/17 2:25 P
Posted a photo JUDITH316 15 JAMER123
5/24/17 11:09 P
I didn't feel like working out. Knees hurt. But, I set out to power walk 1 mile & did 3.2 miles. #ti SUGAR0814 100 KELLIEBEAN
5/24/17 8:04 A
Today was dynamic strength.....I am JELLO! H47863 4 H47863
5/23/17 12:35 P
For the first time ever, I jogged the entire trail 4 times around with only very few stops. Im impro ERIKAM1027 67 MERRILYLIFE
5/23/17 4:12 P
Ahh! I haven't seen the 180s in over eight years!! Almost 30 lb down! MAGLITE7 251 MIRAGE727
5/25/17 6:34 A
Weigh in day!! Woo!! Lost exactly 30 pounds in 9 w DOLLIPS 112 AURORA91
5/23/17 5:59 P
Work hard, stay committed, but take time to pamper yourself too ... You are worth it! 2BDYNAMIC 29 SUEARNOLD1
5/24/17 8:13 A
Went on a hike Last weekend! JENN53888 5 WHYTEBROWN
5/23/17 12:22 P
This is so amazing to me as I have breathing issues and use a cane to walk yet I've walked 26 miles DREAMERMS 20 BRENDA_77039
5/22/17 3:48 P
Happy Monday indeed!!!! SUMWITCH 185 TIBURONA
5/22/17 4:37 P
March 27 and today May 22 8 weeks difference and in the first picture I was a month into the new lif PHOXYM 306 GOLFGMA
5/23/17 7:06 A
Started on this site with diabetes, with an A1C of 8.7 5.5 months later I'm down 115lbs and have an TITANC911 165 J38850
5/22/17 7:46 P
The mightiest oak in the forest is ust a little nut that held its ground. PDSLIM 10 KITT52
5/22/17 5:20 P
Beautiful weather is the perfect encouragement to be active all day. Lots of walking, swimming, jogg JENNYSAUFL 8 WHYTEBROWN
5/22/17 2:04 P
Tomorrow is my day at the gym with a personal trainer. GARDENSFORLIFE 14 WHYTEBROWN
5/22/17 2:03 P
Going t to have a great day. Heading to gym after 65 minutes on elliptical TOMSTUMP 2 WHYTEBROWN
5/21/17 9:18 A
Scale moved in the right direction two weeks in a row. Slow progress is better than no progress ERAY00 5 SPARTANJAI
5/21/17 9:23 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 25 BRIAR150
5/21/17 9:22 A
I did it! I broke my plateau and weighed in at 199.6 this morning. I've lost 50.4lbs! SCEEJAYE 10 QSHEPP
5/21/17 1:47 P
So proud of what I accomplished yesterday. Honestly never expected to see over 10 miles on my pedome ANNIM80 21 -SHOREIDO-
5/21/17 10:06 A
Posted a photo BANANA1122 22 SHARONKHARTER
5/21/17 10:19 A
Lost 5lb my first week. ๐Ÿ˜€. Love tracking my food JOG321 46 LGAUTREAU3
5/23/17 8:00 P
338.8 to 331... Down 7.8 lbs this week since starting on Tuesday! Feel great!! BLVING_IN_ME 114 SUSIEMT
5/21/17 5:03 P
Posted a photo GOLFGMA 16 -SHOREIDO-
5/21/17 10:03 A
Had a special event at work yesterday! Got over 24,000 steps!!!!! JOESANGEL79 82 JOESANGEL79
5/21/17 10:19 P
Posted a photo JUDITH316 22 MCJULIEO
5/21/17 11:56 P
So proud of myself yesterday! I felt horrible and still managed to keep it on track. KJUNGLEKITTY76 11 SASSYSAX
5/20/17 10:39 A
Well first week in and it wasn't perfect but I tracked every day and tried the best I could. I am h SHARILYNN-5 5 -JAMES-
5/20/17 9:12 A
My family took me out last night for thai food. I didn't stuff myself like I did last time and I onl KAYABOBB 4 LADYTARLTON
5/20/17 9:10 A
This is my first week. I'm doing okay but I think the weekends are going to be difficult. Anything TTHRASHER2 5 BECKY_US
5/20/17 9:03 A
5/20/17 8:58 A
All day baby! QUIRINO17 8 WHYTEBROWN
5/20/17 8:57 A
65.4 today. Targeting 61.5 IMRAN99 11 WHYTEBROWN
5/20/17 8:56 A
Made homemade pizza on multigrain naan with my niece and husband last night. So simple, healthy, and DREAMGIRLCITYC 11 SUNWARDWINE
5/20/17 10:16 A
Spinach and Cheese Omelette on a slice of whole wheat bread w/margarine. 320 calories of goodness. GATORCHAIDEN13 7 SUNWARDWINE
5/20/17 10:17 A
5/22/17 9:59 A
Before 212 and current 179. Still have forty pounds to go but love the new me KLIVELY7 185 RAYMOSSISTER
5/20/17 5:59 P
Breakfast: cucumber and baby lettuce sushi with light sodium soy sauce and a dot of sriracha! 264 ca STUFFY864 7 WHYTEBROWN
5/20/17 8:50 A
Perspective. I've come so far. Found this pic on my SparkPage. I look so sad. Working hard towards m SARAOMG13 19 WHYTEBROWN
5/20/17 8:50 A
Alittle snack: baby lettuce w/grape tomatoes, cucumber, orange bell pepper, and two tbsp of home mad STUFFY864 13 RAERAERAE62
5/20/17 5:20 P
I have been struggling the last 3 weeks.. I have not lost a pound :. (. I have increased my cardio e MBLANKFORD 11 MBLANKFORD
5/19/17 10:57 A
My morning inspiration! LISA1065 11 JAZZEJR
5/23/17 7:24 A
241.6 lbs feel good...I don't remember the last ti THEJACKIEDEAN12 172 PREJEANR13
5/20/17 12:05 P
I broke the 250 mark. Been working hard to break that. I'm so excited! MISHKA1212 85 KIMYTIME4CHANGE
5/20/17 1:26 P
A cucumber from my garden, 0.8 lbs! WHYNOTSOON 28 GORDONED
5/19/17 2:20 P
The view on this morning's walk in Malaga, Spain, where I live. This is taken from the center of to TIGERSEYEHEART 57 CFITZ1
5/19/17 9:09 P
Enjoying my birthday breakfast and coffee on my balcony before it gets too hot. ADARKARA 191 BLISSFULMOMENTS
5/20/17 6:59 A
I am happy to celebrate today my 30 pound weight loss. I am about 10 pounds from my goal and it has JENNIE_LEIGH 217 JENNIE_LEIGH
5/20/17 8:16 A
Little by little, I can see the change. I'm still a long way from my goal, but at least I know I'm o HMARIE1983 297 MSCANDI_99
5/19/17 6:53 P
My glucose levels are lowering! JSTETSER 18 LESSOFMOORE
5/20/17 7:44 P
After 3 weeks of INCREDIBLE effort but little movement on the scale, just reminding myself of this t WHYTEBROWN 12 PHATPAT18
5/18/17 6:46 A
Parents visiting me in Honolulu. We went out to dinner, and I ordered the chicken and veggie skewers GREENSUBMARINE 10 WHYTEBROWN
5/18/17 5:09 A
27 pounds in 2017... I can see it now! Can u??? RUTHSOTOP 21 RUTHSOTOP
5/18/17 8:50 A
Managed to go the gym last night. First time in a long time and guess what - I loved it. Feeling hop APPLEADAY2010 7 RO2BENT
5/18/17 5:36 A
I lost 2 lbs since my weigh in at my accountability meeting last week! Woohoo! SRENATA 12 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/19/17 6:50 P
2 mile jog, step aerobics & tracked food in my planner! Today was a good day! SUGAR0814 5 WHYTEBROWN
5/18/17 5:03 A
Still awake hopingvsleeps finds me soon lol my son graduates 5th grade tomorrow technically today ca CHRISTINA332017 2 WHYTEBROWN
5/18/17 5:02 A
I had a nice big salad for dinner!! It's amazing that I was craving something healthy instead of hig NANCYANND55 7 DINZEL
5/17/17 6:45 P
I think it's time for me to start challenging myself more KAYABOBB 8 KAYABOBB
5/17/17 6:35 P
I'm a day late for Taco Tuesday, but this was great! The "taco shell" made entirely of cheese. #ke GWEN4REAL 11 ING2FIT
5/18/17 4:56 P
This is ONLY 240 calories! 1 SimpleTruth CageFree egg omelette cooked on 1 tbsp of margerine. I scra MRS_SHOCKJAY 14 JUSTDEBC
5/17/17 6:28 P
Size 22 to size 10 KATIEPROULX8 266 ELLEYANNA
5/18/17 1:18 A
I will focus on my goals. I know I can do this. GARDENSFORLIFE 12 JOANNS4
5/17/17 9:32 P
I finally did it! Hit another one of my mini goals. I am officially no longer considered obese by my STUFFY864 27 CONNIET88
5/17/17 7:05 P
Attempted to make a "chocolate ice cream" substitute. Really been wanting some. Stuck all this in a STUFFY864 18 WHYTEBROWN
5/17/17 5:59 P
Posted a photo I2BZ2W8 5 WHYTEBROWN
5/17/17 5:59 P
Down 28.6 lbs!! ROX5CAR 7 DANCIN2ANEWME
5/18/17 12:08 P
Another breakfast wrap for lunch with greek yogurt sriacha cream and cilantro with a side salad. CHANGEOLA 11 WHYTEBROWN
5/17/17 5:58 P
Started at 210 in February. So chuffed today! ๐Ÿ˜ NAZYTEACH 133 TIME4ME2017
5/16/17 5:05 P

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