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Woo hoo! I'm down a little over 10 pounds for the beginning of this year. And now I get to reward my ZUMBANERD 17 SPARKISBACK17
2/23/17 9:06 A
After losing 14 pounds I gained 5 back.... I been slacking this month time to get back on track 😩😩 KATRINAMALCOM 7 S_MHANCOCK
2/23/17 7:39 A
2/23/17 7:21 A
I weighed in yesterday and reached my first goal weight of 150. I'm also in the 140's again and in t POPCORNADDICT1 35 CREGAN2013
2/23/17 8:40 A
Good morning Everyone started my day with the gym that stair climber is a beast for me but I Did FEALSTON 13 DGIGGLES3
2/23/17 7:50 A
Right when I decide to stop trying to lose weight and just focus on fitness and eating more protein NAOMI_ACOSTA 17 SPARKISBACK17
2/23/17 9:07 A
I've made up my mind that I will lose 40 pounds before my wedding in September. Worked out for the 1 HUNTERLIBEASLEY 19 LBANDY1
2/22/17 8:22 P
Relapsed and gained the weight back. I need to get back on track SRIGHTMEIER 4 WHYTEBROWN
2/22/17 4:57 P
I lost 1lb in a week and its all thanks to this app and exercising at home 😁 JESSICALYNNA 22 WIGHTSE
2/22/17 6:25 P
I started off weighing 165lbs, currently 161lbs. thank you JESUS! CHEYENNE9714 6 MZCHIEFBOO53
2/22/17 5:56 P
I'm back home from my mini vacation. To my surprise I am down 2lbs since last weigh in. I tried to TSTEPHERS 6 WHYTEBROWN
2/22/17 4:54 P
Went back to the gym today... JMSTURDY 9 JMSTURDY
2/23/17 4:28 A
Down #9 pounds. J27750 10 WHYTEBROWN
2/22/17 4:51 P
For Dinner; cabbage and smoked sausage with onions. J38850 9 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/22/17 5:31 P
23 days no soda !! 🙅🏽 #healthy FUNFITMOM2688 6 WHYTEBROWN
2/22/17 4:49 P
Beautiful day today! I feel so motivated and so far, doing great with my food intake! ROBRIBRI 5 WHYTEBROWN
2/22/17 4:49 P
Still on track after a few bumps..... But cheering for myself this morning as I weighted in at 158. APRIL003 30 LOOKBETTA15
2/22/17 5:50 P
I lost two pounds !! Yay #weightloss FUNFITMOM2688 12 MRSLIONESS17
2/22/17 6:58 P
Down exactly 2 pounds today at weigh-in. My goal is 2 lbs/week so that's right on track! 😊 HUMMINBIRRRD 28 QSHEPP06
2/22/17 6:53 P
NSV...went to the grocery store today and didn't break out in the "fat sweat"! Win for me today! JOANHAGEMIER 4 CARTAY25
2/22/17 4:49 P
I've been doing a healthier life style for almost 13 months. I have lost 80#. I have set 10# goals. PAFEES 10 LOOKBETTA15
2/22/17 5:50 P
I'm a girl scout leader for my daughter's troop. I can not wait to get these cookies out of my house TINK8432 39 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/22/17 8:40 P
Does it really matter how late you eat dinner at night? I got out of work late, then went to the gym LUNA 9 LUNA
2/21/17 11:30 P
Do you count veggies towards your calories? Like green beans and mushrooms ect. Obviously not avocad ESTI770 42 JAYISOLDEM2
2/22/17 1:27 A
Fiber. I'm not getting enough of it and it's kind of frustrating. I've cut out processed foods; all HUMMINBIRRRD 23 CONSECRATED2GOD
2/23/17 12:42 A
I've lost 110 lbs and fell off the wagon, enjoying life. Gained about 5 lbs and tomorrow I'm back on GAILIEBEE69 42 KINYETTAG
2/22/17 7:06 A
After changing my lifestyle, losing weight, gaining strength and muscles, dropping my body fat below PATOUED1 25 STORM5920
2/21/17 11:10 P
Well spent the day with my husband shopping no work out in today and had 1400 calories but for going JOYLYNNFRANK 5 WHYTEBROWN
2/21/17 10:41 P
Finally #10000 steps for today. I really want to make it a habit. JUSTLOCKET 8 JKL219
2/21/17 10:57 P
Major breakthrough! I took one bite of a brownie, decided I didn't really like it that much, and put SATURNPOET 14 CARTAY25
2/21/17 11:02 P
There was delicious Italian food at a work meeting today.. It was delicious. Normally I would go bac LOVELYMONI15 7 CARTAY25
2/21/17 11:01 P
OMG, avacado on toast-my new fav thing ever! DHARRY52180 22 MSWITZER
2/20/17 9:37 A
Yay! After 7 months using sp everyday finaly reached goal of 205 pounds. Proof this does work with DANMCCONNELL 8 WHYTEBROWN
2/19/17 9:11 A
There's a #fitness app called 30 days. You choose some, or even just one challenge and log progressi KERANCE 23 DGIGGLES3
2/19/17 2:06 P
Down 15 lbs since 1/1/17! Just when you think you'll never lose another pound, step in tbe scale an CLBEME 45 GLIDINGIN
2/21/17 2:03 P
What's for breakfast? SOOKIE 46 NEVER2LATEKATE
2/19/17 11:34 A
Walked 2.38 miles today !🤗 CHEYENNE9714 14 122772
2/18/17 7:09 P
#help. How do I turn off the meal plan suggestions on my food log in page. XENAPAWN 3 CINDY4JOY
2/18/17 11:02 A
Good Morning my spark friends. BIGRENTMAN 17 CHEIVOUS
2/18/17 12:11 P
I am down 25 pounds!! Woo hoo! MARCHAPRILEMAY 44 GMUSGRAVE
2/18/17 3:50 P
Starting my day with some protein, I'm not a big straight egg eater, usually like lots of cheese, eg LIVEDRAGON 6 LOULOU1709
2/18/17 11:22 A
I have improved on my water challenge. Now let's get a exercise challenge going. A 100 squats S37463 6 LARAYEH
2/18/17 10:52 A
I tried something..everyday I weighed myself this week and it was 129.6 every morning, didn't budge LILWAKO478 10 ONESTEPUP
2/18/17 12:56 P
Been making a lot of changes in my lifestyle lately and enjoying it LISAANND81 16 LISAANND81
2/18/17 11:32 A
I binged so bad. How do I recover? BILLIEK17 18 LTRINH9
2/18/17 10:55 A
I was "bad" these past 2 days, eating things I shouldn't have. Normally I'd get mad and go on a all NOMOREXCUSES17 17 LTRINH9
2/18/17 11:01 A
How is everyone this morning? I'm trying to get back in the game again today! SLJMOORE 11 LARAYEH
2/18/17 10:53 A
Success I put on a pair of jeans that I have not worn in 2 years!! The fit was GREAT!!! # firstpost MYCHANGE2O17 59 BLUEEAGLEME
2/16/17 7:54 A
I lost 4.6 pounds on my first week of intermittent fasting ! PRINCESSKIANE 3 WHYTEBROWN
2/16/17 6:36 A
Not only am I 1 lb away from my first goal, and 9 lbs away from my ultimate goal, I am now officiall EMMAYBEE 45 SHARON.LELA
2/16/17 5:38 P
I told all my loved ones I did not want candy for Valentines day or any sweets of any kind, and to m LILWAKO478 20 QUINNY2016
2/15/17 12:44 P
#weighin I am down 15! 47 more to go! This actually seems doable. POKEMON44778 57 MRSCRICKET79
2/18/17 3:48 P
Breakfast: Ground elk, bacon, and asparagus. What are you eating this morning? #breakfast #food ARMADILLOJEN 37 HARDYFOR2
2/19/17 11:18 A
Will power is: only eating(and weighing) ONE of the homemade heart shaped shortbread cookies your ma MALIRL420 7 INPRAYER
2/15/17 1:32 P
Does anyone keep starting over and over again? On one hand I'm proud I've kept of 20lbs for the past MZTRUFFLE 10 CRAFTYRU
2/15/17 2:06 P
Always looking for recipes. Tired of CHICKEN LSCHAEFER21 12 DRAWINGMYSWORD
2/15/17 12:16 P
Oh ya. Trying for 25 gm of fiber. It's not that easy. FUNNYFACE101002 3 WHYTEBROWN
2/15/17 12:04 P
2/15/17 12:04 P
Day 3 here. Focusing on low carb and adding in exercise. Already down 4.2!! #lowcarb #fitbit POOHMINT 25 JONIBUSHELL
2/18/17 10:19 P
Crawling out of this funk! Now to get back on track! DOTCHILATHAM 18 INAMINIT
2/15/17 10:34 A
So the setting add calories when you burn calories gonna be bad for me? It says I should only eat 15 KITTYLOVERAJA 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
2/15/17 8:33 A
A co-worker just gave me a large box of Valentine's chocolates. I have to get through my shift and n LADYTARLTON 9 FSAMUEL6
2/21/17 5:04 A
Haven't posted anything lately, so here's my current numbers.....Starting weight was 240 lbs. ..curr FRANKWHITAKER 25 RUSSELLFORD
2/15/17 9:44 A
My coworker bought pizza and my aunt bought rally's today i turned them both down, im proud. THEJACKIEDEAN12 18 WHYTEBROWN
2/15/17 7:40 A
Hit my goal of 8 cups of water again!! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 9 WHYTEBROWN
2/15/17 7:39 A
Down 12 more lbs since my last post 33 days ago total of 272lbs starting at 524 today 252!! God is G GPALMER29 47 WHYTEBROWN
2/15/17 7:38 A
How did everyone do with vday? I made an indulgent dinner but did not go over board. Lamb, zucchin CASEYGRANT14 5 WHYTEBROWN
2/15/17 7:37 A
Weighed in today expecting a gain, & I'm down 2 pounds & 2 inches! I hit my 1st goal!!!! I realize NOMOREXCUSES17 22 MONICA092168
2/16/17 10:27 A
Valentine's Day Donut cheat :( who knew a Krispy Kreme had so many calories MDAMERMAN 19 122772
2/15/17 9:33 A
Goodmorning friends, I hope you had a restful night and have a wonderful wenesday! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 3 WALLYHEIDI
2/15/17 7:35 A
Someone said they were embarrassed to put a picture of themselves up on this site. This is the one CASEYGRANT14 14 CASEYGRANT14
2/15/17 10:33 A
Good morning off to a great start hit the gym and jogged on the treadmill for 25 minutes at 5mph. FEALSTON 9 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/15/17 7:38 A
Haven't been too active on here the last few days. Went to the doctor yesterday and I have strep thr APARIS0720 11 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/15/17 7:37 A
3 pounds away from my goal weight that I'm supposed to meet in 2 days. I think I'm holding water wei SHELLYSTURGIS 19 FRANKBELLOFAN
2/14/17 7:33 P
Oh the little things that excite me. My Kroger had the bag chicken breast on clearance for 2.99 (reg TEXASGAL76 19 CINDY247
2/14/17 7:40 P

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