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New low today! Down 10.6 after 6 weeks! #weighin JANEEZ4 16 SARAWALL2013
1/20/17 8:53 A
The first two weeks of any diet are the easiest to lose weight. I started this weight lost roller c MANDM156 2 WHYTEBROWN
1/20/17 7:28 A
5 down over 2 weeks! That's 1/9 of my safe goal and 1/13 of my reach JJMARTINEZ 10 WHYTEBROWN
1/20/17 7:27 A
First week down lost 5.5 lbs and back under 300! So happy 75 more lbs to go ☺ MMMZZZKKK 7 MRSMBURLEY
1/20/17 9:13 A
Baby steps...I had my ultimate weight loss goal wrote down on here and it really made me want to cry MANDM156 4 PROUDMOM04
1/20/17 7:33 A
I am officially 14lbs down since Jan 9! CPTHEGENIUS1 8 PROUDMOM04
1/20/17 7:32 A
First week....down 4 lbs. I will take it! MSSHUTTS4 14 WHYTEBROWN
1/20/17 7:25 A
20mins on the elliptical ALVEENA123 6 RONDABUCKMASTER
1/20/17 5:09 A
Why is the last stone the hardest. Decided to start tracking everything and this app seems great. Ha TASMANIA5 14 K85566
1/20/17 7:05 A
Down seven pounds! Think I finally got the balance right FILORD 17 HLANIER4
1/20/17 5:24 A
Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. Prove LINDAMOHON 2 WHYTEBROWN
1/19/17 8:21 A
I swear the hardest part about getting started again after being gone for so long, is not getting pi LADYRHEES 11 RYANCLAYTON
1/19/17 8:39 A
My workout regimen at the moment, Netflix and treadmill. 30 minutes every morning. #itsastart #wor HEALTHYV2015 22 SOUTHERNPRINCEZ
1/19/17 9:42 A
Stress relieved, and not hungry! Today we had a major goal reached at my work, and I can't help but NANCYJG 14 DRBARNETT
1/19/17 8:24 A
Goodmorning everyone. Wishing you a great day. We are 1 day closer to our goal. The hard work we pu JUSTSTICKWITHIT 2 WHYTEBROWN
1/19/17 8:20 A
Heavenly father I see people hurting for different reasons. I pray for the Holy Spirit to anoint the LINDAMOHON 12 WOBALLYBITTS
1/19/17 8:47 A
Wow down 4.6lbs started tracking my meals and just walking and being a lil more active BEAUTYSPICE 9 RYANCLAYTON
1/19/17 8:38 A
167.4!!!! Finally broke the 168 after a month and a half!!! MAMABEARLORI 21 S_MHANCOCK
1/20/17 9:02 A
Good Morning to all you sparkers. I hope your day is full of blessings with strength and motivation HLOPEZ84 2 WHYTEBROWN
1/19/17 8:18 A
Morning to all I have hit another plateau and I'm struggling to stay on track but I just wanted to s DAVISGONZALEZ90 2 WHYTEBROWN
1/19/17 8:18 A
Happy Thursday my friends!! Make it a marvelous day!!😊👍🏽 S_MHANCOCK 3 WHYTEBROWN
1/19/17 8:17 A
I have been struggling for a few months but today is the day everything starts fresh. My goal for th ACSWARTZ 5 WHYTEBROWN
1/19/17 8:14 A
Didn't lose, didn't gain. I just stayed the same. Could have been worse. EVAOLIVER 15 WHYTEBROWN
1/18/17 4:34 P
Lost a pound it might be slow but it is shifting J96361 8 SURFGRL
1/18/17 4:49 P
I have had a hard time tracking my food and exercise this past week. But I am trying to get back on EGUEST 4 WHYTEBROWN
1/18/17 4:33 P
My 1st week at this and I am already down 8.2 pounds in just 1 week!!! I think I've got this!!! Onl MOMMYLULU2 30 J38850
1/18/17 8:25 P
Just really starting sparkpeople but I'm happy that I've lost five pounds since Christmas! This i DAVIDBULLOCK2 12 333108
1/18/17 6:21 P
Back to boxing training today... Two months till weigh ins...#firstpost JRREBEL53 6 333108
1/18/17 4:24 P
YES!!! I lost 2lbs this week!!! Glad to see my work is paying off #goals #wontstop #determined HOOPALINA 50 ANGELAJANEDOE
1/19/17 11:24 P
Having a much needed rest day! After a week full of exercise, & dancing for hrs last night, I'm sore HOOPALINA 2 WHYTEBROWN
1/17/17 5:04 P
Day 2. Snacking like crazy. Blah!! MAMA1791 4 DORHYGT
1/17/17 6:10 P
Question, how do you weigh your self? My weight within a week can move two to three pounds if I weig JENIA127 24 CHEETAHRITA
1/17/17 6:10 P
#20byeaster New week. Super excited to weight in tomorrow. Going to look and feel healthier by east JACKLYNLT 6 SISSY2979
1/17/17 5:42 P
So close to being ten pounds down since the first of January 🙌 CAPREE92 17 MISSHARTUNG1
1/17/17 7:07 P
So long 200's - Hello ONEDERLAND. Starting weight: 305 Oct '15. Jan '17 - 199.6. Victory is so swee JJOHNSON5416 35 CHEECHMCPETE
1/20/17 5:54 A
I'm below my prepregnancy weight! Thank goodness. Now to start working on my goal weight. #momfitne HOPEFUL50LB 28 JUGGALETT
1/17/17 5:54 P
Where is everyone from! I'm from Ireland. ANNULALA 30 AISHAHA
1/17/17 5:07 P
I made my water goal today. OPTIMISTIC2017 15 HLANIER4
1/17/17 5:37 A
Tried cauliflower mashed potatoes tonight! Awesome... totally fooled my mind thinking I was eating t ANN_72758 16 HMELLOTT4
1/17/17 12:03 P
Very busy weekend. Did a lot of deep cleaning around the house. Drank more water, eat less food. LOS ALJ1276 12 FLOUNDER1323
1/17/17 12:12 A
Down 22 lbs in 3 weeks. I have to say most of it is due to eating healthy and drinking water. I do t COOKN5036 35 PRESTORJON
1/20/17 2:09 A
It's a Marvelous Monday! Let's hear your successes! GO! If you are just starting today, that's a JOANHAGEMIER 5 ELIZABETHANS
1/17/17 12:23 A
Down another 3lbs this week awesome #byebye300 FULLMETALBLUNT 8 SERENITYCAT
1/17/17 1:25 A
After dinner headed to the gym FULLMETALBLUNT 4 WHYTEBROWN
1/16/17 11:38 P
#weightcheck I lost 2lbs. OPTIMISTIC2017 10 CHEIVOUS
1/17/17 12:42 P
If you have a cheat day do you still track what you eat? #advice. IIZOMBIEE 36 RALPHDB
1/15/17 6:00 P
Last night my husband ate something that looked and smelled delicious. I knew it had too many calori WALDROPMK 6 WHYTEBROWN
1/15/17 4:32 P
#motivated Back on track with my eating and am now restarting my exercises. Need to do this for me a CHEETAHRITA 9 CHEETAHRITA
1/16/17 9:17 P
30 min walk with Leslie Samson on this chilly frosty morning feeling good#motivated KDDLMT71 6 WHYTEBROWN
1/15/17 4:31 P
Short walk with Leslie Sansone before picking up my daughter from a friend's. #motivated VYMOLA 4 WHYTEBROWN
1/15/17 4:31 P
The good news is I've been here for 2 weeks and lost 3!lbs. the bad news is that's the weight I gain CAROLEINHOLLAND 6 WHYTEBROWN
1/15/17 4:28 P
Day 2 10 minutes of cardio done!!! I did have a bad day yesterday and slipped up and ate somethings HEREWEGOAGAIN23 3 WHYTEBROWN
1/15/17 4:27 P
Good afternoon Sparkies! Its Sunday & I FEEL. I N C R E D I B L E!! After being sick for what seeme MRSSTEGALL 6 WHYTEBROWN
1/15/17 4:26 P
Week 3 of the insanity workout and healthy eating has passed! 7 pounds down 40 to go! SAMMYBOY1994 2 WHYTEBROWN
1/15/17 4:26 P
I hope everyone is having a good and productive Sunday , continue to keep pushing you can do this ! UNIQUES0BADD 8 GOODGETNBETR
1/15/17 6:42 P
Just finished my first work out at my new gym, Fit4Less 😍 They have everything I need and then some BRITTANYJ_88 6 BRITTANYJ_88
1/15/17 4:37 P
Having a good day! AMEHUNT 3 WHYTEBROWN
1/15/17 4:23 P
I've now lost 14 pounds let's goooooo E53607 9 WHYTEBROWN
1/15/17 4:22 P
Frustrating.... Just started up after a long time. This app is not letting me add my food. I go t J75263 4 J75263
1/15/17 9:58 P
I have lost 63 pounds lots more to go KRISIE73 18 LOU2727
1/15/17 5:02 P
When your doing really well and then girl scout cookie season is at hand oh lord help me lol NIKLVCAR1991 19 LITTLEBITOFSUNS
1/15/17 6:30 P
Do you eat the lower end of the calories or the higher end LENDONK 14 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/15/17 4:18 P
"There'll be days I lose the battle, grace says that it doesn't matter cause the cross already won t NETTIESARAH 2 WHYTEBROWN
1/14/17 10:52 A
I'm so excited. I'm down 15 pounds since November! I'm officially the lightest my husband has ever s TIADANIELLE81 22 CRICKUS
1/14/17 11:37 A
I am back folks. I was really successful using this app this summer but fell off the wagon. This is SPURTLE1 3 HENDRICKSSHEREE
1/14/17 11:04 A
My Nuband fitness tracker arrived yesterday. I hope this motivates me to move more. LJBOWSER1 3 WHYTEBROWN
1/14/17 10:50 A
Day 2. Tracking everything I eat is tedious. I've never done it before. I keep gaining weight so I n GODDESSBELLA77 36 QUINNY2016
1/14/17 11:04 A
Breakfast was 484 calories. Had rice crispy cereal whole milk and Splenda it was really good. I'm ma CGANOE1 3 WHYTEBROWN
1/14/17 10:48 A
Under calorie intake all week. Tomorrow is CHEAT MEAL! *chants BREAD BREAD BREAD while fist bumping* LMCOLLINS91 7 LAURALYNGARLAND
1/14/17 12:42 P
My Fitbit bit the dust, so I replaced it last night, and to my chagrin, brand new Fitbit also a no g LAURCAM13 9 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/16/17 10:26 A
I stopped weight watchers for spark. I struggled to stay on plan. With spark I just met my goals and BLAPPLETON 17 WHYTEBROWN
1/14/17 10:46 A
300lbs in August and today 258lbs HHHGAME1 50 INAMINIT
1/14/17 10:51 A
The journey is real...keep starting and stopping because of personal issues in my life..but i won't N77513 5 INAMINIT
1/14/17 10:54 A
Trying to lose 15 pounds. Wish me luck! SEAWARM855 24 JONIBUSHELL
1/14/17 11:05 A
Felt hungrier today after work, but managed to stay within calorie range. Tried a 30 sec protein coo TABBIE28 2 WHYTEBROWN
1/13/17 9:43 P

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